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Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Scriptor Scorpio, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    I'm just going to post the sign-ups I thought up and liked, describe them in more detail like the one below being the second and hey who knows, maybe someone will join... or it will get near 1000 views but with very few if any replies.

    With that out of the way, let's get on with the sign-up of this little idea of mine;)

    Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces

    It's quite probable that fans as well as non-fans of Code Lyoko have wondered why the Garage kids never expanded their numbers to more efficiently combat Xana, the mastermind virus trying to destroy the world? And it would be interesting to expand the varieties of monsters, threats and their numbers.

    So I came to the idea of an alternate universe where figures similar to Aelita and a mission control like Jeremy would probably still be necessary for a Xana fighting team, but we could make our own storylines, enemies and characters. It would still be heavily inspired by the show, naturally.

    All the joining members, except the bare starters (3 people or something) would be introduced through a threat they unexpectedly help combat and the group decides to let the individual in on their secret and virtualizes the person in Lyoko.

    This isn't to say that perhaps Xana does some recruiting of his own.

    That reminds me, I was thinking of reversing Jeremy and Aelita. Thus a new boy being the one trapped in Lyoko with virtual powers and a girl being the smart hacker and programmer trying to free him. In case anyone would like to be either one, I'm gonna hold off on my sheet; if most people prefer to be a fighter completely, I'll take care of the mission control if people agree with it. If not, I can be another fighter, but that would require a vastly different sign-up.

    Here is the sign-up sheet.

    Name: First and last name; nicknames are allowed. If it's an unusual name, which you should avoid, at least try to justify it like with Yumi.
    Age: preferably in the high-schooler range.
    Gender: Male or female; no robots as of yet.
    Description and skills: Both regular clothes and in-game avatar, along with your skills both in real life and in Lyoko. Some details are optimal, preferably no lengthy paragraphs. Describing skills with not too many specifics can set it up as handy things to use without it being too obvious and expected.
    Personality: It's specifically important in how you fight in Lyoko and how hesitant you are to fight threats and join the Garage kids , or Xana, and so on. If your character is very eager, provide the appropiate personality for him/her acting so impulsive or yearning for adventure.
    History: Not too long, but also not too short.

    - Scriptor Scorpio

    Sign-up coming soon:D

    Any questions or ideas are much appreciated, but not demanded. I like the concept for the moment as it is and it's intentionally not set in stone so it can shift with the actions of the characters and all of our imagination to expand the Code Lyoko alternate universe. And it resembles the original one pretty closely.
  2. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Oh my gosh, I love Code Lyoko! If this gets picked up off the ground, I'd definitely sign up; in fact, I'll write one now just in case! ^_^
  3. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    MUST JOIN. My friend got me into Code Lyoko, and now I have a perfect idea for my character based on my OC! Sign me up!
  4. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Eh, Zekshirom will like me more if I do... Sign me up?
  5. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    You don't HAVE to. I would still like u either way. But if u wanna join, go ahead.

    Anyway, SU!

    Name: Taiyo Kosen (Means sun/light beam, she's from japan like Yumi)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Description and Skills:

    Appearance (Real World)- In the real world, Taiyo has shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. Her usual outfit is an orange tank top with frills and gold colored shorts. On her feet are orange sandles. In the winter, she replaces the tank top with a long sleeved ruffled shirt, the shorts with long gold colored pants, and the sandles with orange boots.

    Appearance (Lyoko)- In Lyoko, Taiyo has fox ears and nine fox tails. She wears a golden ninja suit with white stripes and markings, and has a large sword with a golden handle and a pure white blade on her back. She also has crimson gloves on her hands.

    Skills (Real World)- In the real world, Taiyo is able to do amazing athletics, so she is very good at sports.

    Skills (Lyoko)- In Lyoko, Taiyo is once again athletic, and can use her sword to make beams or slash enemies. Her gloves allow her to make fire, and sometimes Taiyo can se this in conjunction with her sword. She can also make a sort of illusion, making her seem like something else (enemy, person etc.)

    Personality: Taiyo is a tomboy girl who plays sports a lot, mainly soccer. However, she is very loyal and kind, and will attack anyone who tries to hurt her friends. She also is very interested in Japanese mythology, especially about the kitsune, a nine tailed fox said to be able to shapeshift, inspiring her lyoko form. After school everyday, Taiyo goes to the library to study on myths.

    Strong-hearted, Taiyo is always training to make sure she doesn't fall into Xana's clutches. She cannot be easily possessed, due to her strong loyalty to the light.

    History: Taiyo was born in Japan, and her mother ran a shrine. She studied mythology, and was mostly interested in the kitsune. A fox lived at the shrine, and the two were good friends. Taiyo liked to pretend that the fox was a kitsune, and played with it everyday.

    Eventually, the family had to move to France due to her father finding another job there. Taiyo convinced them to take the fox with them, and they moved into a house very near her new school. Taiyo now just waits for excitement to happen. Boy, will she get her wish.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  6. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Construction noises* Drill* Backing up*

    Name: Joaquin Perez
    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Description and Skills: Joaquin is an incredibly good reader and is assumed to be very smart and almost a goody. (goody two shoes.) But he is also good with technology if you need him he can do any technological or scientific thing! He also is good at building things and is very creative. His hair is Auburn with Blonde faded streaks in it. He wears a necklace with a Ruby on it. He usually wears a green vest with A Purple scratch like design through it. Under it he has a plain white T-Shirt with in black font: :3 and under that face it says kitteh face. Some people think it's tacky but he doesn't care. He has a ruby piercing on his right ear and also wears rust red Skinny jeans. His skills that he has is the ability of Ice. He can shoot shards of ice that stab people through their bodies. (6 shards at a time.) He also can make winds that are ice cold and freeze people with a single touch.
    Personality: Joaquin is very smart and sophisticated among his fellow mates who are very bad typers. He is very friendly to all and helpful. What he hides is, well he tries too but he is extremely clumsy. Thus, making him unlikable. He is somewhat quiet, but start a conversation, and you have a spicy conversation with a talkative boy!

    History: Joaquin may seem like a pretty normal nerdy kid but he had some troubles in his life. He was bullied through out his whole life and tried to ignore it but it built up inside of him until he couldn't take it anymore and attacked the bully. He was expelled from his old school and sent to (Wherever Zekshirom is going.) He had to start a new life there, try to make friends. When he got to his new town he was given a parting gift from his only friend in the mail, A ruby necklace. He wears it all the time now. Soon he became in love with Rubies. He was also given a Ruby Piercing for his 15th birthday.

    EDIT: Construction ended, I got so into typing!
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  7. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Oh, I should probably get to that too. ^_^


    Name: Beatrice "Bea" Éclat
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Regular: In contrast to her general demeanor, Beatrice stands at a rather imposing 6-foot 3. Her pale-blonde hair is almost as long, but to keep it from flowing all over the place she commonly keeps it tied up with a scrunchie. Her bangs are luckily kept as they are, and for a bit of pizzazz they go "all zigg-zaggy" all the way to her ankles. Because her eyes are usually closed, one might miss out on the fact that they're a shade of chestnut-brown. Her normal attire doesn't attract too much attention; she usually sports a plain one-piece dress with rather large frills, and occasionally an oversized bow on her chest (Mainly to cover up her rather average breasts. >.<). Her brown flats are probably the most insignificant part of her outfit; her dresses tend to be long enough to touch the floor, so her shoes are out of sight most of the time.
    Lyoko: Bea's Lyoko attire is surprisingly brazen in contrast. Her hair is a more flashy shade of platinum-blonde, and it seems to spiral upward and around her head, creating a sort of upside-down drill. Her outfit seems to be some sort of lightweight silver battle armor with sharp shoulder-blades and emphasis on her breasts. Looooots of emphasis; wait, are they a couple of sizes bigger than usual? Bea's weapon is just as outspoken; she wields a giant battle hammer. While not being as heavy as one would think, it isn't the lightest weapon in the shed. Nonetheless, Bea is able to carry it ease. Almost.
    Regular: Bea doesn't like to think she has any special talents, and that's only half-right. She does seem to have a certain knack for storytelling, and frequently writes ideas for stories on her spare time. Right now, a lot of her ideas don't really tie together, so don't expect her to share anything with you. Her grades are also fairly reasonable for her age; she once tried setting up a tutoring service for the kids in her neighborhood, but this didn't skyrocket like she had hoped. Anything else...
    Lyoko: Even though wielding a giant hammer does make Bea's movement slower than the others, it's sheer force opens up a lot of possibilities for her. She can slam it into the ground and create cracks in the ground, or even cause rocks to spike up from the ground (varies by force). Supposedly, she can also spin it around with great agility, although this seems to disorient her heavily afterwards. Maybe she can use it... to fly?!
    Personality: Despite her rather menacing height, Beatrice is a rather soft-spoken person who can easily be missed. Her confidence issues are a major factor of her personality; that is, while in the real world. She often feels that she has nothing to contribute to Kadic, and is perfectly fine with blending in with the crowd. However, that isn't to say she isn't a caring and honest person. If she had friends, she would most certainly treat them like they were her own children... in the sense that she'd constantly put them first without thinking about her own well-being. When it comes to helping others out, normally one has to ask her directly for help; asking others if they need help doesn't fare too well for her, it seems. In fact, talking with her in general is like playing catch with a peach; anything that can be taken the wrong way will be taken the wrong way, and you'll soon find her sulking about it for the next few days.

    Perhaps her time in Lyoko gives us a glimpse of her true desires. In contrast to her "fragile flower" personality, she gladly takes the role of the resident powerhouse and charges through all her battles, despite being the slowest of the team. To her, the virtual world is a "mentally-stimulating distraction", and she commonly uses it to vent up bottled stress and expectations. Not letting her enormous weapon to slow her down, she's bound to find some way to utilize it from a distance. That isn't to say her worries from the human world don't conflict with her performance; I wouldn't be surprised if she was among the first to be possessed by XANA.

    Any glaring quirks... the only thing I can say is that she gets "a little upset" when you call her Bee-triss (aka Country Bumpkin) instead of Bay-a-trees (aka her actual name), to the point where she'll make sure to drill it into your memory. Of course, she'll use her usual soft tone when trying to do such.
    History: Bea was actually born in Scotland. Her dad unfortunately didn't have any luck with women, and as such Bea's mom skipped out on the both of them when she was a week old. This made her dad the unwilling black sheep of the family, to the point where talking about anyone's love-life around him was insanely taboo. In his quest for a stable relationship, he had gone through 9 relationships by the time Bea graduated elementary school, having rather awkward relationships with each one. Her dad's constant dating didn't get her any bonus points throughout middle school; in fact, and small cliques would occasionally spread rumors about Bea's family life (one notable example being that he was a "pimp"). When she was almost 14, her dad's sister called him up and offered him a room at her place in France (because "she felt lonely", apparently). Hoping he could rekindle his faith in love, he took Bea to France to live with her aunt. Too bad for him, this seemed to have the opposite effect; his sister had a tendency to drive away anyone he dated. Currently, he is still single, and despite not having a new "mom" Bea is still as awkward as ever.
    Additional: I'm using the French pronunciation of Beatrice, "Bay-a-trees". "Bea" also follows the french pronunciation of "Bay".
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  8. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Love the name! How does mine look?
  9. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Cute, in that nerdy way. =3

    Of course, this post needs to have a point, so I'll ask Mr. Scriptor Scorpio a question; what about people who haven't watched Code Lyoko? Is this simply not for them ir is there a way to introduce newcomers to the universe?
  10. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    Well first of all, wow at this sudden activity here after the sudden rush with Pokémon Castaways.

    I'll be seeing how your sign-ups play out, as they're still a work in progress. For Chili as well as the others, please do include your Lyoko form's descriptions and skills.

    For example, Ulrich and his quite specific samurai design, his sword and his ability to duplicate; Odd as some weird purple cat-thing, his arrows and his varying powers such as climbing, a future flash and an energy shield, but he's after all an oddball; then we have Yumi with her geisha outfit, her metal fans and her telekinesis.

    And I'd like to stress that the important thing is to have fun, but also to make and have a decent story, because that's fun too and kinda the point. I don't want to get picky about details and reject sign-ups because they don't correspond with high standards, but I don't want to make this RP seem like you don't have to put in much effort in both your sign-up and the RP if and when I start it.

    I suppose people who haven't watched Code Lyoko are more than welcome if we're going to make an alternate, more detailed universe with more monsters, locations and so on. Still, it wouldn't hurt to get a basic idea of what the show was like;) I'll be sure to mention that we all properly explain both new things made by us as well as existing monsters and procedures like virtualisation so anyone can read the RP if they're interested.

    I'll be looking forward to the completed sign-ups when they're done. And yeah, Chili still needs to create the Lyoko form part, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

    Also, gotta check, nobody's interested in the Jeremy and Aelita counterpart position? Otherwise, I'd be glad to create one or both alternate versions of them with the ideas I mentioned in the first post.

    Edit: Just found out there's a new fifth season for Code Lyoko called Code Lyoko: Evolution:DDD I'd like to see it someday xD It might influence this RP or it might not;) We'll see.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  11. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Could I have a link to an episode?
  12. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    This looks like fun. I didn't see much of Code Lyoko, but I know the gist of it from the handful of episodes I watched. For the counterparts, are they still allowed to go into Lyoko, or be stuck on Earth with the super computer?
  13. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    Their counterparts are actually their virtual form inside Lyoko; so when they switch from the virtual world to the real world (Lyoko, which is on the super computer) and back, they switch between their Lyoko forms with their abilities and their normal human forms, respectively. Or as I see now, do you mean that Aelita and Jeremy's alternate universe counterparts stay in one world each like in the show?

    @Chili: For a link to an episode, I don't know if that's allowed on here:s Is it? If yes, sure, I'll post one. And otherwise, I'd refer to wikipedia and whatever specific wiki code lyoko probably has for more info:) There are also teasers for the new season, so I'm guessing youtube will have plenty of material for the old series as well^^ And of course for the abilities, keep them balanced:)
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  14. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Yay! I have been needing more posts.
  15. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Name: Diego Vendrix
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Description: He stands at five foot, 6 inches. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, slight stubble, and wears a pair of glasses that darken themselves in bright sunlight. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. His skin is a pale shade of olive skin that could be seen from his face.

    He wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants and black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He completes the ensemble with a gray fleece "M-44 Jacket". He also has on a digital watch with him.

    LYOKO Outfit and Skills: Diego wears a uniform similar to those worn from the movie TRON Legacy. THe suit is black with goldish colored lines. Besides the several lines are also several philosopical sayings written in either Latin, Japanese or Runic. Diego also has a gold-colored visor in front of his eyes.

    Diego has a few cool abilties. First is that he wields a large blowpipe, the type used for glass blowing. Diego is able to wield it like a staff. Secondly, Diego is able to create constructs such as walls, bridges, platforms or even certain items like keys with the blowpipe. The larger and more complicated the item, the longer it takes. He can only create a certain amount of glass so he usually sucks it back in when he is done. The glass is transparent but has a golden glowing hue.

    Personality: Diego is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing personality, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects.

    He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, picking fights, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. He may also show some malevolent intent or hold grudges for a while. He may even show cruel moments, characterized by a crazed grins and shadows under his eyes. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits so people don’t judge him on his faults and see him as a good person.

    History: He lived in the state of Georgia for a majority of his life with his family consisting of his father, mother and younger brother. He often has debated with his father, but has seen as one of his biggest inspirations in his life. He has a strong relationship with his mom, though he being a nerd and otaku confuses her often. He has a complex relationship with his brother. They argue a lot and often though see eye to eye. Although they look similar, they are nearly opposites in personality, with his brother having charisma, charm and good strength on him. However, his slothfulness is in school, resulting in debates with their dad. His favorite activity is being in the drumline of their old school.

    His memories in elementary are not well remembered, besides some bad events and a few good events. This trend grew worse in middle school where he was in the deepest of his misery in middle school. He had fallen in love only to be heartbroken 2 years later. His relationship with girls was not a happy one. Despite these troubles with his peers, he had formed a decent bond with them in high school. However, he still felt in heart a solitude he feared will never end.

    Near the holidays, his brother’s attitude, stubbornness and nonchalance about school finally reached peak with their father. After a good deal of arguing, his brother left home, only to come back because their mom. However, after a good deal of thinking, he decided to join a military school. This was at suggestion of a military teacher who was surveying students at the time. The expenses would be paid minimally over time and Diego’s brother would remain there until he graduated before moving onto the computing wing of the military. Diego then got invited to participate in a transfer student program. While someone goes to his home in the United States, he is going to a boarding school in France, Kadic Junior High School. Besides classwork, he practices kung-fu and staff fighting as a means to vent out frustration.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  16. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'll reserve a spot please. I'll start my app in no time.
  17. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl


  18. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    I have no idea what that was about. You're accepted; I'm wondering how Taiyo has blond hair and blue eyes if she's from Japan. I reckon her father was an American or someone from Europe?

    @ Raiden193: Your sign-up hasn't been edited yet it seems?

    @ DVB: You're accepted, great sign-up.

    @ Chili: your sign-up still misses the Lyoko parts and please don't spam to get posts.

    @ deltakurumirua4: Can't wait for your character:D

    @ Samantha Sparks: sure, I'll reserve a spot, but if you can, sign-up as soon as possible so we can start:p Maybe;)
  19. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    I am not trying to get posts, but I am pretty sure you can put the link to the episodes here.
  20. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Chili, u can find them on YouTube. That's where I usually watch them.
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