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Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Scriptor Scorpio, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    It's quite probable that fans as well as non-fans of Code Lyoko have wondered why the Garage kids never expanded their numbers to more efficiently combat Xana, the mastermind virus trying to destroy the world? And it would be interesting to expand the varieties of monsters, threats and their numbers.

    So I came to the idea of an alternate universe where figures similar to Aelita and a mission control like Jeremy would probably still be necessary for a Xana fighting team, but we could make our own storylines, enemies and characters. It would still be heavily inspired by the show, naturally.

    All the joining members, except the bare starters (3 people or something) would be introduced through a threat they unexpectedly help combat and the group decides to let the individual in on their secret and virtualizes the person in Lyoko.

    This isn't to say that perhaps Xana does some recruiting of his own.

    And with that, this RP begins with a great number of RPers;) Let's how that goes.

    Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces

    The screen lit up. Finally, she'd got it working again. On the screen her detection programs showed that this monstrosity could attack at any moment and when it did, toasters chasing people and trying to fry them would be the least of their problems. When this malevolent entity gathered his power and concentrated it in the nearest power outlet, strange and dangerous things happened. It could no longer be stopped and the young girl sitting in the big chair had her own reasons for not simply shutting down the supercomputer. She needed to find people to help her fight this... XANA, as time was running out.

    Using the local sewer system, the young girl arrived at her high school, Kadic Academy located in a suburb of Paris. Her name was Gabrielle Lafleur, she was 17 years old and nobody really knew a lot about her. At first glance seeing her blonde hair and high stature, you'd think she was a slightly intimidating angel, perhaps a bit dumb-witted one. She wasn't scary at all though once you tried sitting next to her in class. She always got good grades, which earned her a lot of jealousy, so she kept to herself a lot. She used to have friends, put people couldn't remember where they'd gone and left her behind, alone studying and sitting behind a computer almost all day.

    When you asked her for something however, she reacted quite cheery and she always seemed to be optimistic. Still, she tried not to show her intelligence for fear of remarks about a smart towering blonde girl. All in all, she'd stand out a lot when she would start her search. Her search for warriors in the fight against XANA... and other threats. As she put a lock of her hair behind her right ear, she looked around for people. She'd pick them out soon enough with her uncanny ability to recognize incredible depth and skill. Putting all those individuals together and getting them to get along with each other, that would be much harder.

    - The usual RP rules apply
    - There is no posting order, but there is a posting limit; only one post per 'row'; in other words, if you have posted, you may not post untill all others have posted again. To simplify things, I begin and end each row with my new post. After that, any order of the previous row is shuffled and people can post in any order they like... but don't wait on other people unless you've consulted with them on your plot idea.
    - Gabrielle will pick out the original fighters after they have introduced themselves. To be clear: they do not introduce themselves directly to her, but they display their behavior and quirks with her happening to see it. In my next post, Gabrielle will invite them to go to the abandoned factory and they meet in the shed. The story goes from there;) Anything you'd like to remark or disagree with, feel free to put it in your post, a PM or a visitor message. Silence Dogood's the only non-original fighter (besides the D-reaper) and can introduce herself as well, just not in sight of Gabrielle. Possibly she could say no to Gabrielle's invitation and only join a few 'back to the pasts' later. We can brainstorm about it, though preferably not in the RP itself.
    - New rules and notes will be added when I think of them
    - Have fun RPing!


    - Zekshirom's profile

    Name: Taiyo Kosen (Means sun/light beam, she's from japan like Yumi)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Description and Skills:

    Appearance (Real World)- In the real world, Taiyo has shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. Her usual outfit is an orange tank top with frills and gold colored shorts. On her feet are orange sandles. In the winter, she replaces the tank top with a long sleeved ruffled shirt, the shorts with long gold colored pants, and the sandles with orange boots.

    Appearance (Lyoko)- In Lyoko, Taiyo has fox ears and nine fox tails. She wears a golden ninja suit with white stripes and markings, and has a large sword with a golden handle and a pure white blade on her back. She also has crimson gloves on her hands.

    Skills (Real World)- In the real world, Taiyo is able to do amazing athletics, so she is very good at sports.

    Skills (Lyoko)- In Lyoko, Taiyo is once again athletic, and can use her sword to make beams or slash enemies. Her gloves allow her to make fire, and sometimes Taiyo can se this in conjunction with her sword. She can also make a sort of illusion, making her seem like something else (enemy, person etc.)

    Personality: Taiyo is a tomboy girl who plays sports a lot, mainly soccer. However, she is very loyal and kind, and will attack anyone who tries to hurt her friends. She also is very interested in Japanese mythology, especially about the kitsune, a nine tailed fox said to be able to shapeshift, inspiring her lyoko form. After school everyday, Taiyo goes to the library to study on myths.

    Strong-hearted, Taiyo is always training to make sure she doesn't fall into Xana's clutches. She cannot be easily possessed, due to her strong loyalty to the light.

    History: Taiyo was born in Japan, and her mother ran a shrine. She studied mythology, and was mostly interested in the kitsune. A fox lived at the shrine, and the two were good friends. Taiyo liked to pretend that the fox was a kitsune, and played with it everyday.

    Eventually, the family had to move to France due to her father finding another job there. Taiyo convinced them to take the fox with them, and they moved into a house very near her new school. Taiyo now just waits for excitement to happen. Boy, will she get her wish.

    - Chili's profile

    Name: Joaquin Perez
    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Description and Skills: Joaquin is an incredibly good reader and is assumed to be very smart and almost a goody. (goody two shoes.) But he is also good with technology if you need him he can do any technological or scientific thing! He also is good at building things and is very creative. His hair is Auburn with Blonde faded streaks in it. He wears a necklace with a Ruby on it. He usually wears a green vest with A Purple scratch like design through it. Under it he has a plain white T-Shirt with in black font: :3 and under that face it says kitteh face. Some people think it's tacky but he doesn't care. He has a ruby piercing on his right ear and also wears rust red Skinny jeans. His skills that he has is the ability of Ice. He can shoot shards of ice that stab people through their bodies. (6 shards at a time.) He also can make winds that are ice cold and freeze people with a single touch.
    Personality: Joaquin is very smart and sophisticated among his fellow mates who are very bad typers. He is very friendly to all and helpful. What he hides is, well he tries too but he is extremely clumsy. Thus, making him unlikable. He is somewhat quiet, but start a conversation, and you have a spicy conversation with a talkative boy!

    History: Joaquin may seem like a pretty normal nerdy kid but he had some troubles in his life. He was bullied through out his whole life and tried to ignore it but it built up inside of him until he couldn't take it anymore and attacked the bully. He was expelled from his old school and sent to (Wherever Zekshirom is going.) He had to start a new life there, try to make friends. When he got to his new town he was given a parting gift from his only friend in the mail, A ruby necklace. He wears it all the time now. Soon he became in love with Rubies. He was also given a Ruby Piercing for his 15th birthday.
    - Raiden193's profile

    Name: Beatrice "Bea" Éclat
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Regular: In contrast to her general demeanor, Beatrice stands at a rather imposing 6-foot 3. Her pale-blonde hair is almost as long, but to keep it from flowing all over the place she commonly keeps it tied up with a scrunchie. Her bangs are luckily kept as they are, and for a bit of pizzazz they go "all zigg-zaggy" all the way to her ankles. Because her eyes are usually closed, one might miss out on the fact that they're a shade of chestnut-brown. Her normal attire doesn't attract too much attention; she usually sports a plain one-piece dress with rather large frills, and occasionally an oversized bow on her chest (Mainly to cover up her rather average breasts. >.<). Her brown flats are probably the most insignificant part of her outfit; her dresses tend to be long enough to touch the floor, so her shoes are out of sight most of the time.
    Lyoko: Bea's Lyoko attire is surprisingly brazen in contrast. Her hair is a more flashy shade of platinum-blonde, and it seems to spiral upward and around her head, creating a sort of upside-down drill. Her outfit seems to be some sort of lightweight silver battle armor with sharp shoulder-blades and emphasis on her breasts. Looooots of emphasis; wait, are they a couple of sizes bigger than usual? Bea's weapon is just as outspoken; she wields a giant battle hammer. While not being as heavy as one would think, it isn't the lightest weapon in the shed. Nonetheless, Bea is able to carry it ease. Almost.
    Regular: Bea doesn't like to think she has any special talents, and that's only half-right. She does seem to have a certain knack for storytelling, and frequently writes ideas for stories on her spare time. Right now, a lot of her ideas don't really tie together, so don't expect her to share anything with you. Her grades are also fairly reasonable for her age; she once tried setting up a tutoring service for the kids in her neighborhood, but this didn't skyrocket like she had hoped. Anything else...
    Lyoko: Even though wielding a giant hammer does make Bea's movement slower than the others, it's sheer force opens up a lot of possibilities for her. She can slam it into the ground and create cracks in the ground, or even cause rocks to spike up from the ground (varies by force). Supposedly, she can also spin it around with great agility, although this seems to disorient her heavily afterwards. Maybe she can use it... to fly?!
    Personality: Despite her rather menacing height, Beatrice is a rather soft-spoken person who can easily be missed. Her confidence issues are a major factor of her personality; that is, while in the real world. She often feels that she has nothing to contribute to Kadic, and is perfectly fine with blending in with the crowd. However, that isn't to say she isn't a caring and honest person. If she had friends, she would most certainly treat them like they were her own children... in the sense that she'd constantly put them first without thinking about her own well-being. When it comes to helping others out, normally one has to ask her directly for help; asking others if they need help doesn't fare too well for her, it seems. In fact, talking with her in general is like playing catch with a peach; anything that can be taken the wrong way will be taken the wrong way, and you'll soon find her sulking about it for the next few days.

    Perhaps her time in Lyoko gives us a glimpse of her true desires. In contrast to her "fragile flower" personality, she gladly takes the role of the resident powerhouse and charges through all her battles, despite being the slowest of the team. To her, the virtual world is a "mentally-stimulating distraction", and she commonly uses it to vent up bottled stress and expectations. Not letting her enormous weapon to slow her down, she's bound to find some way to utilize it from a distance. That isn't to say her worries from the human world don't conflict with her performance; I wouldn't be surprised if she was among the first to be possessed by XANA.

    Any glaring quirks... the only thing I can say is that she gets "a little upset" when you call her Bee-triss (aka Country Bumpkin) instead of Bay-a-trees (aka her actual name), to the point where she'll make sure to drill it into your memory. Of course, she'll use her usual soft tone when trying to do such.
    History: Bea was actually born in Scotland. Her dad unfortunately didn't have any luck with women, and as such Bea's mom skipped out on the both of them when she was a week old. This made her dad the unwilling black sheep of the family, to the point where talking about anyone's love-life around him was insanely taboo. In his quest for a stable relationship, he had gone through 9 relationships by the time Bea graduated elementary school, having rather awkward relationships with each one. Her dad's constant dating didn't get her any bonus points throughout middle school; in fact, and small cliques would occasionally spread rumors about Bea's family life (one notable example being that he was a "pimp"). When she was almost 14, her dad's sister called him up and offered him a room at her place in France (because "she felt lonely", apparently). Hoping he could rekindle his faith in love, he took Bea to France to live with her aunt. Too bad for him, this seemed to have the opposite effect; his sister had a tendency to drive away anyone he dated. Currently, he is still single, and despite not having a new "mom" Bea is still as awkward as ever.
    Additional: I'm using the French pronunciation of Beatrice, "Bay-a-trees". "Bea" also follows the french pronunciation of "Bay".

    - DVB's profile

    Name: Diego Vendrix
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Description: He stands at five foot, 6 inches. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, slight stubble, and wears a pair of glasses that darken themselves in bright sunlight. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. His skin is a pale shade of olive skin that could be seen from his face.

    He wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants and black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He completes the ensemble with a gray fleece "M-44 Jacket". He also has on a digital watch with him.

    LYOKO Outfit and Skills: Diego wears a uniform similar to those worn from the movie TRON Legacy. THe suit is black with goldish colored lines. Besides the several lines are also several philosopical sayings written in either Latin, Japanese or Runic. Diego also has a gold-colored visor in front of his eyes.

    Diego has a few cool abilties. First is that he wields a large blowpipe, the type used for glass blowing. Diego is able to wield it like a staff. Secondly, Diego is able to create constructs such as walls, bridges, platforms or even certain items like keys with the blowpipe. The larger and more complicated the item, the longer it takes. He can only create a certain amount of glass so he usually sucks it back in when he is done. The glass is transparent but has a golden glowing hue.

    Personality: Diego is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing personality, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects.

    He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, picking fights, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. He may also show some malevolent intent or hold grudges for a while. He may even show cruel moments, characterized by a crazed grins and shadows under his eyes. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits so people don’t judge him on his faults and see him as a good person.

    History: He lived in the state of Georgia for a majority of his life with his family consisting of his father, mother and younger brother. He often has debated with his father, but has seen as one of his biggest inspirations in his life. He has a strong relationship with his mom, though he being a nerd and otaku confuses her often. He has a complex relationship with his brother. They argue a lot and often though see eye to eye. Although they look similar, they are nearly opposites in personality, with his brother having charisma, charm and good strength on him. However, his slothfulness is in school, resulting in debates with their dad. His favorite activity is being in the drumline of their old school.

    His memories in elementary are not well remembered, besides some bad events and a few good events. This trend grew worse in middle school where he was in the deepest of his misery in middle school. He had fallen in love only to be heartbroken 2 years later. His relationship with girls was not a happy one. Despite these troubles with his peers, he had formed a decent bond with them in high school. However, he still felt in heart a solitude he feared will never end.

    Near the holidays, his brother’s attitude, stubbornness and nonchalance about school finally reached peak with their father. After a good deal of arguing, his brother left home, only to come back because their mom. However, after a good deal of thinking, he decided to join a military school. This was at suggestion of a military teacher who was surveying students at the time. The expenses would be paid minimally over time and Diego’s brother would remain there until he graduated before moving onto the computing wing of the military. Diego then got invited to participate in a transfer student program. While someone goes to his home in the United States, he is going to a boarding school in France, Kadic Junior High School. Besides classwork, he practices kung-fu and staff fighting as a means to vent out frustration.

    - Samantha Sparks' profile

    Name: Silence Dogood
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Description and skills: Silence has a petite figure of height 1.46 metres. Her flat-chested yet curvacious body shape is feminine at first glance. Her left eye is a shining blue, whereas her right is hidden by a medical eyepatch. She has long, straight golden locks reaching down to her butt, styled in a well-maintained hime-cut. Her skin is white like snow, and is quite smooth as well. Her outfit consists of a jet black woolen turtleneck sweater and a checkered skirt with thigh-high translucent black stockings and black shoes.
    Her Lyoko avatar looks quite different. Her Lyoko avatar's appearance body-wise is almost the same, with the exception of having pure white instead of golden hair, and her eyepatch remains. She now has a tiny black tophat on his head, decorated with a white ribbon. This avatar is adorned with a black gothic-styled dress, ornamented with white ribbons all over and a rose on each sleeve. A big white ribbon can be seen at the back of the dress, along the waistline. She now wears black high-heels and black thigh-highs, along with long gloves. She can be seen carrying an umbrella.
    Silence is able to utilise both melee and ranged offenses. Melee offense is Silence's primary method. She is able to use his umbrella for offense, such as stabbing or slamming down on foes, or even hurling it like a lance. It can also be opened for defensive purposes, although the umbrella's offensive properties cannot be fully utilised in this state. In its defensive state, it can be utilised as a parachute.
    When his umbrella is lost through destruction or another method, Silence is able to unveil her eyepatch, revealing a demonic red eye. She can fire powerful demonic optic blasts from his eye in this state, although this demonic state is very hard to control and Silence might go berserk.
    Personality: Silence, as her name suggests, is absurdly silent. She is a lady of few words, and often shies away from those who question her too much. She is extremely ladylike, and treats people with respect when they deserve it. Despite having such a kind nature, she will not hesitate to resort to offense whenever necessary. She does not trust strangers at all. However, if you befriend him and get close to her, he will start to accept you as a close friend and trust anything you say. Silence is extremely brittle in reality. When he finds out that one of his friends have hurt her deeply, she will easily burst into tears. Silence is willing to help her allies in any way she can. It is rumoured that she has Asperger's syndrome.
    History: Silence was raised in a well-to-do family in England. Ever since she was but a child, she was extremely silent and rarely spoke a single word. She merely showed interest and curiousity of the things around her, just like a little child. Her parents were extremely worried about her future, judging from such behaviour. Thus, they eventually moved to France.
    Silence's personality changed to be less curious and more self-centred, keeping to herself very often. One thing that never changed was that Silence was quiet as ever. This lack of social skills caused her to remain lonely for a very long time. Little does she know, she is never, ever alone...

    - deltakurumiru4's profile

    Name: Halt, which is all he remembers at this point. He calls himself D-Reaper now.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Description and skills: Halt, back when he was part of the human world, wasn't the most impressive person to see. He was tall, reaching about six feet without trouble, and he was a little pudgy, about 156 pounds. He wasn't muscular, not was he thin. He was average, though his clothes beg to differ. For one, he dyed his hair neon green to make himself more noticeable as well as provide a beacon at night. It was that bright, though it was only a little joke that he and his only and very close friend friend often stated. His face was round, and his ears and nose looked a little small for his body, though again a joke his close friend often stated. His eyes were a deep emerald green. His normal clothes for school were a dark blue pair of pants with a black belt. The belt's buckle was a silver sun with a crescent moon along one side of it. His shoes were standard sneakers, being white with black stripes running down the outside of both sneakers. His usual shirt is a black t shirt, with the design of an angel lifting off on the front and an angel plummeting to its death on the back. Along the sleeves of his shirt are flat metal pins that he feels ads to his overall design of the shirt.

    After his accident in entering Lyoko for the first time, Halt no longer resembles his old self in mind, body, and appearance. His Lyoko form is heavily based from the grim reaper, but it was degenerated into this form, as did his mind from the constant exposer to Lyoko as well as the coding in such a universe. His body is covered in a black armor that while thin, can still provide mild protection. Along the armor are white raised decorations that are shaped like bones. This gives Halt a skeletal looks, and again improves along the grim reaper motif. His face is covered by a black mask, leaving holes open for his eyes. Speaking of his eyes, Halt’s eyes have been degraded, and are now bone white, with no pupils or iris in them. In order to be able to see, Halt has learned to see the coding inside of Lyoko. Xana troops are seen as red coding, Garage Kids have green coding, and normal zones and terrain are blue coding. He can’t see the Data Sea at all while a data grim reaper. His abilities stem from his scythe with a four foot long hilt that resembles black bones. The blade is silver, about a foot and half long, with the etching of an angel’s wing along it, the last piece of his original mind and body left. His abilities involve codes and the scythe. The scythe is able to ‘cut’ through certain codes and programs inside the beings of Lyoko. For example, Halt is able to reap the aggressive coding from a Xana bot, and from this, the bot is unable to be aggressive. Halt can take this one step further though, and reap the data from an entire zone. Halt has created a code that acts like LYOKO and XANA. Called REAPER, Halt is able to enter it into a zone’s tower and enter the code, and cause the zone to be deleted. It isn’t permanent, and the zone reloads after three days, clean and pure of outside influence. He can also fight with the scythe, and tends to aim for either cutting the legs out or tearing out entrails, something that will deal damage and inflict pain on those who register as ‘evil’ in the codes.

    Personality: Halt was a friendly kid back when he was a high school student. He liked to be a friend to others, and constantly strives to be a pillar or strength for others to lean on if they need help. He’s a nice guy, and never sees anything wrong with the world as long as he’s with his close friend. However, once they separate, Halt becomes very closed in and distant. It’s a bad habit of his, and he’s often called a baby because of it. Given his round face and large size, it makes sense, though it doesn’t make that any easier for him. He’s smart though, incredible smart, smart enough to be able to code himself into Lyoko with the help of the supercomputer. He and his best friend were the first two to every find the supercomputer, and while he doesn’t have the biggest sense of adventure, Halt is willing to do anything for his best friend.

    However, after a full year of being in Lyoko, Halt’s entire personality degraded. He’s become sadistic, enjoying the pain he causes those in Lyoko with his ever present scythe. If something living or a machine appears in his zone, the desert zone, he will find them, and he will take his time is harming them. He is in pain though, and when alone or deep in thought, he looks at his scythe, the angel wing etching specifically, and tries to think about….something. He no longer remembers what happened before first going into Lyoko, and all of his feelings kept pointing to a face. A face which he no longer remembers a name to. Who was she? Why did he feel so much yerning for her?

    History: Halt was born in Paris to two loving parents. From birth, Halt wasn’t the most popular kid. He had an older sister that often overshadowed him, a younger brother that demanded more attention, and he was just the modest middle child. For a while, about four years, Halt tried to get along with his siblings, but his sister, older by five years, was more occupied by her school and friends while his younger brother could barely talk. Halt, lonely, tried to talk to other kids at school, but again he failed. He was growing sadder when his now best friend decided to choose him as a friend. Halt would grow to enjoy her company, and even began to fall in love with her.

    During high school, Halt and his friend decided to skip school for a day in order to explore an abandoned factory which had more rumors surrounding it than the Slender myth that they bother enjoyed hearing about. While going through the sewer entrance, the two popped up into a large room with a large computer like structure. It took a few days, but they both figured out how to run the super computer, becoming the first two to discover it and Lyoko. Over the course of their freshmen year, they took turns sneaking out of the school, heading to the computer and working on special codes in order to enter the world of Lyoko. On the first day of sophomore year, Halt tested the code for entering Lyoko alone while his friend covered for him on the first day of school. Something went haywire, and he became stuck in Lyoko. Over the course of one year, Halt slowly became deranged and insane, losing his sight as well. He went dark in junior year, with a message being sent to his friend once a day at noon. A skull with a scythe behind it, and the word ‘REAPER’ tattooed across its head. It was a warning. Don’t enter Lyoko. Or the reaper will come for you.

    -Scriptor Scorpio's sign-up

    Name: Gabrielle Lafleur.
    Age: 17.
    Gender: Female (as I wanted a female Jeremy, nuff said)

    Description and skills: She has long dark blonde hair from which shorter locks on her forehead spike in every direction. She has typical French features like thin arching eyebrows, an oval face, intriguing blue yes and a pale skin with a healthy blush. She has a grey warm woolen sweater that hides her thin build and keeps her warm, a modest long blue skirt and comfortable shoes. Her feeble frame isn't athletic at all, but her nimble build and tactics allow her to be quite evasive and swift when she needs to. She stands at a bit less than six feet tall, which makes her stand out among most of her female classmates, though her gentle nature doesn't make her intimidating at all. She usually wears lenses to appear less nerdy, but it also makes her seem less intelligent, making people underestimate her both intellectually and in terms of her seemingly hollow and cheery personality. She has incredible skills in programming and is quite the tactician and multitasker. It could prove to be limited and she'll have to evolve her skills, knowledge and strategies as XANA does too. She'll be the operator, so no Lyoko form... for now

    Personality: She has a remarkable ability to pick out people with incredible depth or skill and always finds a way to cheer them up or motivate them, even when she suddenly uses sesquipedalian loqaciousness, like so. Upbeat and optimistic at most times, she gets very serious whenever she does something involving Lyoko, be it programming and developing the virtualisation process or upgrades, working as an operator to the other Garage kids or being anywhere near the abandoned factory with the supercomputer. It's quite a sudden change and nobody quite knows how to react to it. It suggest she has a deeper, silent side she doesn't usually show to people. On the other hand, she can get quite distracted with seemingly trivial things.

    History: She's been living in France since birth and going to Kadic for as long as anyone can remember. Her cheery, then suddenly silent demeanor along with her 'uncool' programming skills and high grades hasn't earned her many friends, so nobody knows a lot about her. She's quite secretive about it too and it takes all her usual tricks to get the Garage kids together, a very odd mix of people, at first.

    - Cometstarlight's sign-up

    Name: Nancy Stone

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Description: Nancy has shoulder length chestnut brown hair and parts it to her left side. She usually wears it down but she wears it up in a ponytail when she needs to. Her skin isn't very tan, but isn't pale either, so its a bit in the middle. She has mossy green eyes and is 5'5 and tends to wear jeans and a T-shirt, but she's not against dressing in a nicer shirt. Nancy also likes wearing her forest green jacket over a brown collared/non collared (it doesn't matter) shirt along with her tennis shoes. Although she may not be against dressing in fancy dress shirts, she often chooses comfort over outfits that are a pain in the neck to try and actually wear. If anything else, she carries around her backpack which has just about anything she could ever need in it. (i.e. power bars, water bottles, gum, flashlights, etc.)

    Lyoko: If you have ever seen the overcoats that the members of Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts wear, than you know exactly how her appearance is. (I'll put a quick description of it anyway). A total black trench coat with black gloves and running boots to match. The coat has a hood that veils the owner's entire face unless otherwise stated and around the collar there are silver metal pieces that make a sort of necklace that lie above the zipper to the cloak. She'll wear the hood down, but will tend to pull it up when danger comes around. Her hair, although, is a braided bun unless pulled down otherwise and has reddish streaks going through her hair.

    Skills (real world): She is very good with technology but no where as skilled as Jeremie is. She is also an able bodied runner and is good with solving puzzles, although she may get a bit frustrated if she can't figure it out in the time she wants. She isn't the strongest in terms of lifting and strength, but she has enough to keep her going and tries to think outside of the box. She is also quite good at stealth, since for the longest time she was an introvert and tried to sneak around people to get where she was going to without conflict.

    Skills (Lyoko): Her weapons are fire Chakrams (again, see Organization XIII, but more specifically, Axel's weapon). They are kind of like wind and fire Chinese wheels, except larger than what actual people are used to. She has two and can throw them, summon fire from them, create a fire storm with their speed, and throw them hard enough to eventually turn and come back to her. Like in the real world, she is good at stealth, except this time, she goes straight to the conflict.
    Since she can create and control fire, she can also create short-term fire shields using her chakrams and can also use one of her special abilities: Dancing Dragon. Dancing Dragon essentially allows her to use her agility and fire chakrams to try and avoid attacks all the while bringing a current of flame that gradually takes the appearance of a dragon. She could use this to surround and protect others if necessary, and eventually the dragon-esque fire will charge foward and consume the enemy in a final burst of flame.
    Maybe she has other abilites....maybe she has some that I can't think of right now...

    Personality: Nancy has had a difficult time trying to figure out who she is. Although she is kind and sweet, she is very indecisive at times and finds it difficult to choose something and be happy with it if others around her are not happy with it. She is, however, unrelenting in keeping her moral standards, but other than that, she is pretty shy. She loves making new friends, but the problem is that later these new 'friends' later begin to ignore her and move on, only adding to her self confidence issues.
    In Lyoko, though, its like something totally changes. She may be conflicted with finding who she really wants to be, but she likes being underestimated so she can wipe the floor with any threat in the computer world. She will also try her best to deal with these threats in the real world as she grows and begins to feel comfortable in her own skin. She has always dreamed of adventure despite her usually quiet self and yearns to one day be someone who is happy go lucky but serious at the same time. She might just grow into this.....
    With her moral standard she would be most hesitant in anything Xana has to offer. She is also warry of the Garage kids at first, but if they ask her to join, she is more than sure enough to accept and pledge her allegiance to the cause.

    History: Nancy was born in the US, but moved to Europe when she was 10. Her father's job required a lot of moving, so they hopped around from Britain to Germany, Italy, back to Britain, and now France! In the course of the moving around for the past 7 years, she has come to hate change, as it happens so often to her now. She hopes that her father's job has settled down and now maybe she can actually try to make some long term friends and stay at a school longer than a year and some change.

    Nancy has grown very stubborn over these years since she's been mainly a book worm kind of person and no one else was really around to have an arguement with her and say that she may've been wrong. She tries to keep a positive outlook though, seeing that life may just get better after all. Not long after moving to France, she was enrolled in Kadic Junior High School. She doesn't think much of her past since its not very dark and there wasn't really much to remember, jumping from country to country like she did.

    - InnerFlame's sign-up

    Name: Aim
    Age: Unknown but looks 15-16
    Gender: Male

    Description and skills: Aim’s in-game avatar is currently all he has, though he on the short side he built well though a little on the skinny looking side. His skin is light but has a little color and it lack blemishes. Glowing neon lights run across his body though it mostly hidden under his clothing one can sometimes see a faint glow from it. The most visible are two pair of lines on his face: two goes down from right under his blood red, slit pupil eyes and the other two goes up his cheeks toward his ears hidden under his long light brown bangs that frame his face. The other visible ones are on his arms going down toward his elbow and forming a little box just above his wrist. Other than the bangs mention the rest of his hair is short all around.

    From his back are six black feathery wings, the rest stationary and doesn’t move even an inch. A tight black and red top is buckled around his stomach and has no sleeve leaving his arms expose black pant are worn tight as well and has several red belts going around his legs and hip. Black and red boots on his feet reaches up is leg under the pants and the same color fingerless are just above his wrist. The finally parts of his outfit are a pair of goggles worn on his head and a long tatter red scarf that actually drags on the ground when he walks; he tends to hid half his face under it.

    Some of his skills include archery for offense in which he is an expert at sniping things from afar which is good since he has no close offensive skills. The six black wings on his back is actually his bow mounted on his back; it shoots laser arrows that seem to materialize when he pulls the string back. And if his archery is shutdown he has to use his other ability to hide himself. This ability works best when he is completely still, as his coding matching the surrounding making him invisible. He is less visible when moving but can be seen. He’s really knowledgeable when it is Lyoko involved but anything outside of that is a lost cause to ask him.

    Personality: Aim is quiet and cautious boy at first meeting. It’s rare for him to let anything get close to him until he is sure it’s not dangerous to him. He is actually quick to trust another person that is able and willing to talk to him. An innocent and puppy like personality come out from him once he trusts a person; he gullibly believe anything told to him and he will loyal stand by and help that person. His curiosity of things he does not understand lead to the infamous wave of questions; half the time he doesn’t even understand it when it’s answered. When alone Aim goes into a serious, survival mode in which he focus on nothing else but watching out for danger. He is willing to attack something from a distance though he flees once it comes in too close. If he feels he is in serious danger without chance of escape he will attempt to hide from the enemy as he tries to get to the tower.

    History: Aim doesn’t really remember much other than roaming the world of Lyoko. It really seems like the only thing he has ever done. Things as of recently has been quite active there since the arrival of the D-Reaper quite awhile ago. Xana has become more active and began pursuing him and he is unable to enter the desert area out of fear that he would have to fight the Reaper if he does. All he really does these days is goes from area to area, fend off some of Xana’s minions and hide in the towers when he need to; trying to remember his purpose.

    - ansem the wise's sign-up

    Name: Seth Fey
    Age: 16
    Gender: male

    Description and skills: IRL he wears black pants and an orange shirt, with a black jacket over it. He has brown hair that is short cropped. He is very disorganized and owns a large number of books. He also has a birthmark on the back of his hand but he doesnt like the way it looks so he usually wears gloves.

    In lyoko he has 6 spears as his weapons, his powers help him to use them. His powers include causing gale force winds and smaller, more delicate winds that allow him to just levitate certain objects, such as his spears. He can use his wind to lift himself for a while but it greatly wears him out. He mainly uses his wind to throw his spears with deadly accureacy or to cause wind storms that affect the entire sector. As to his appearance he has long spiky brown hair, and wears a black jumpsuit. The jimpsuit has a few noteworthy features : it has orange "wings " underneath the arms to help him catch the wind easier, it has a red stripe going down the lenght of his back and the whole thing is covered in small scales that can open up to help catch the wind.

    Personality: Seth is a bookworm but is studying archeology and longs to go and explore ancient ruins. He is usually very careful but will get excited when he is close to is target. He loves to read sci-fi books and is always looking for a way to have adventures like the ones that he reads about. He also thinks that strange ruins might point twards extraterrestrial life. He is vary calm but will get excited about the prospect of adventure. His weakness's include: His fear of scorpoins, he is very trusting of everything and he will put himself in danger to prove a point.

    History: After His best friend died while Exploreing ancient ruins Seth, dedicated his life to archeology. His parents sent him away to school, and he didnt want to go, so there is some strain between them. His girlfriend recently left him for a football player and he thinks that if she left him then she didnt deserve him anyway. And he has a pet iguana, named Rolo, that he takes with him almost everywhere, but recently people have expressed dislike to the creature so he has been leaving it at his room more and more. He also has an older sister named Susan, but she recently vanished, the police gave up looking for her.
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  2. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Taiyo Kosen

    Taiyo was in the main outside area of the school. The fox had accompanied her there. The girl knelt down and pet it's head. "Ok, Kitsune. Can you find your way home?" Kitsune yipped and nodded happily.

    "We DID come here together, so just go back. Remember, since I taught you how to read time, just come when school is gonna be over, ok?" Kitsune yipped again. "Ok, then! Goodbye, Kitsune!" The fox 'smiled' before it started it's way home.

    Taiyo smiled as she watched the fox make it's way home. Little guy is so protective of me. He's so sweet. She then decided to let people come to her so she didn't bother anyone. Taiyo sat down on a bench and hummed a bit.
  3. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Joaquin Perez

    Joaquin approached school slowly. He wasn't feeling too well. He saw a girl on a bench. Joaquin's eyes twinkled. "Hello there!" Joaquin waved. She looked startled.

    "I'm Joaquin!" He was trying to be friendly, but he had quite a shocking appearance. "Hi there... I'm Taiyo." She answered. "Coolio. Maybe we can hang out sometime?" Joaquin asked shyly. "Sure!" She answered nicely.

    Joaquin waved goodbye. He turned around. Taiyo watched his piercing closely. What kind of parent get's their kid that kind of earing? Joaquin stepped into the school.
  4. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Desert Zone

    Everything is normal. Everything is fine. D-Reaper remembered those thoughts faintly. It was when he decided to enter this world for the first, and last, time. He kept saying it would work, that he'll see his...who? D-Reaper looked over the vast blue coding. It was all numbers and letters. Nothing more, anything but less. It was the lifeblood of Lyoko: the coding was near infinite for each zone. D-Reaper preferred to roam the desert zone. It lacked trees and rocks that he might have difficulty seeing. With this new way of seeing the world, he could find ways to hurt it. Hurting the world was what gave him the most joy, and even then it faded like the XANA bots that tried to fight him. They would always try to stop his reaping, but it always ended with them dead, lying on the ground. Sometimes he would have fun, and reap the coding in them that intiated their agreesive proticals. In other words, they lacked the ability to fight back. They would stand there, unable to fight or move, and let him crush with his scythe. D-Reaper grined at the thought.

    He looked around the landscape again. Nothing different here. After the last reaping of the zone, XANA got wise and left it alone for the most part. D-Reaper lept off the rock, landing perfectly with his black armor catching the last rays of the sun. THe white embossed bones along the armor looked eye catching, but nothing that gave him an edge. It was the scythe that D-Reaper carried that gave him his name. It was four feet long at the shaft, designed to appear like black bones. More for the image, he liked to say. The blade though was no show and all damage. It was a foot and a half of silver steel, curved slightly and prepared to reap anything that crossed the D-Reaper's path. He cut the air before him, and a hole tore itself in the fabric of the coding. He walked in. He had a forest to inspect.
  5. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Silence Dogood

    The silent beauty waltzed through the outer area of the school. Her petite figure and oriental hairstyle stuck out like a sore thumb. Skilled in the art of umbrella-based combat, she was not one to be picked on. This individual was known as Silence Dogood.

    Silence Dogood was a socially awkward individual who so far had no friends in this school. She had no interest in any individual, and so far, no individual had interest in her either. She was all alone in her own little silent world. She looked like she was in a complete daydream, although she actually knew what surrounded her. The woman of few words entered the school like nothing ever happened outside.
  6. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix

    Diego had been reading his manga like any other idea. However, he was using his smartphone instead of an actual book. Waiting for the manga to come out in official translation was annoying. This was faster he figured.

    He was looking around his new boarding school. He figured it would be all right.

    No idea on who the roommate was.

    He absentmindely walked into the class though he bumped into someone.

    When he realized this, he panicked as he put his phone away.

    "Ah, sorry, didn't mean to bump into you," Diego told Silence Dogood.
  7. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Silence Dogood

    "Au..." Silence made a tiny sound as her petite, brittle body fell in a sitting position, legs wide open. She looked up, and noted a young boy in front of her. A new face, looks perfect for making friends, although her social awkwardness may ruin the situation. She simply nodded without saying a single word. She truly was the silent type, not to be mistaken for a mute.

    Silence then looked down, noting that her skirt was exposed. She began to blush until her face turned red. With great agility, she used her parasol to help herself up before placing her palms in front of her skirt, pouting. She simply muttered under her breath, 'did you... see...'
    She could also be seen gripping onto her parasol. Her umbrella was a primary form of combat, and no one wants to get hit by it.
  8. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix

    Diego realized the girl had fallen over and was about to help her before realizing she was wearing a skirt. He shut his eyes tight to avoid seeing anything and leaned back.

    His eyes closed, he was better able to hear her ask if he saw? Diego shook his head rapidly.

    "I'm sorry," Diego said as he cautiously opened one eye to see if she was up. When he saw she was up, he opened both eyes and couldn't help but become red faced also.

    He found her to be pretty.

    "Uh... my name is Diego... Diego Vendrix, what's yours?" Diego asked a bit quietly, still a bit off-kilter from the whole ordeal. He began analyzing her. She seemed to be the silent type and rather frail as well. One could describe her as Moe using manga terms. Diego admitted that was one of his weaknesses. He waited to see if she would respond.
  9. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Silence Dogood

    Silence loosened her grip on her umbrella, before smiling. Her left eye blinked. Whether her eyepatch-hidden right eye blinked wasn't really the point here. To Silence, such situations only occurred once in a blue moon. She finally got to make a friend and she didn't want to screw this one up.

    "Silence. Silence Dogood," the petite lady replied, still smiling. Being a lady of few words, she said nothing more. It was clear from her smile that she truly was pleased to meet him.
  10. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix

    Diego looked at her smile. He felt himself melt into a pile of goo. She had a shy and silent demeanor, but when she smiled, Diego felt a powerful sense of comfort and joy. Diego could not help but smile back as well as become elated.

    Silence Dogood, huh?

    Wasn't that the letter alias of Ben Franklin?

    That's cool.

    "Pleasure to meet you," Diego told her with own smile. She was not much of a talker, so he didn't want to pressure her. "Uhh... do you want to have lunch together or something?" Diego said as he rubbed the back of his head embrassingly. He didn't know what to say, always having trouble making friends himself.
  11. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Taiyo Kosen

    Taiyo watched Joaquin leave, then noticed Deigo and Silence. She walked over. "Yo! I'm Taiyo, and you two are?"

    She felt that something was gonna happen later, but didn't pay attention to the feeling much. "I'm new here. What about you two?"
  12. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Silence Dogood

    Silence would generally not trust someone she had met for the first time. However, she wasn't at all paranoid, so she thought lunch with a new friend wouldn't hurt a bit.

    Silence's smile remained as her cheeks started to become red once more. While she was generally silent, it was in no way true that she was never nervous. She simply nodded as a way of saying 'yes'.
    Silence looked at her watch for a short while, noting that there was class to attend. "Are you... in this class too?" Silence questioned quietly as she pointed to the classroom Diego was about to enter. That was probably the longest sentence she had spoken.

    Suddenly, A young woman of Asian origin appeared out of the blue, scaring Silence's timid heart, causing her to squeal. "Silence... Silence Dogood..." she replied, still shivering from fear.
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  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix

    Diego simply smiled some more at her. "Yeah, I'm in this class too," Diego told her before both were startled by a newcomer. Diego looked to Silence and then Taiyo. "It's all right, Silence," Diego told her as he smiled at her reassuringly. Part of him wanted to hold her hand, but that would shock her some and he didn't want to scare her.

    "My name is Diego Vendrix," Diego told Taiyu. "Yeah, I am an exchange student from the U.S." he told her.
  14. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Taiyo Kosen

    Taiyo smiled at Silence. "Sorry." She then nodded to Deigo. "Nice to meet you! I'm from Japan, though my father is American."

    She smiled. "Do you have any myths from the USA?" Taiyo was always interested in myths, no matter what culture they came from.
  15. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Nancy Stone

    Nancy straightened her covers on her new bed as she finished unpacking into her small dorm room. It wasn't too terribly small, but it certiantly wasn't huge and Nancy didn't seem to have a problem getting everything unpacked.

    "Just hope I won't have to pack this up again any time soon," she murmured as she checked in the mirror. Her chestnut brown hair was a bit messy and could use the aid of a brush, but other than that, everything else seemed normal. Same sparkling green eyes, same smile, same height...something she once wished she could change, but has come to embrace it. 5'5 isn't bad.
    Nancy dug through her purse and pulled out a brush before fixing her hair and after that she looked over her clothes: forest green jacket, brown shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Everything seemed in order.

    With that, Nancy looked down to her watch and gasped.
    "Shoot, class is getting ready to start!" She shot up and burst through the door and into the hallway before taking off towards the main building. "Where is this classroom, anyway?" She panted, desperate not to start off a new school with tardies on the first day. It wasn't much longer before she saw an open door with the identical numbers of the one on her schedule. She didn't even bother trying to read what the class was, she just slowed to a normal walking pace and made it through the door. She saw several other kids standing up out of their seats. Looks like class hasn't really started yet. One girl was all up in another guy's face, what was she saying? Something about American myths? Bigfoot came to mind in an instant since she once lived in the country that now seemed so far away. She couldn't help but chuckle a little. Bigfoot, the first thing that jumped into her mind.

    Nancy then made her way over to her desk but continued to stand by it and look at the group of kids over by the door again. They seemed to be having a good time, maybe she could get some friends like that this year. Nancy smiled while she ransacked her backpack in search of a notebook before placing it on her desk.
  16. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    I didn't want to spoil your fun, as you seem to like having your characters talk to each other and get to know one another,
    but some of your posts are way too short. If anyone wants to get technical, 200 words is a minimum.

    In order to avoid people getting ahead of other RPers by posting a lot and the quality of posts possibly deteriorating due to the rate, only one post per 'row' is allowed by me from now on.

    Well, it's enforced from now on, as I've said before, because I didn't want to spoil your fun. Don't feel 'warned' or 'reprimanded' or even think I'm talking about every RPer, just saying it in general.

    Now, I know dialogue between the team members is important and I know it's hard to do that in a post of 200 words or more without controlling the other character too much.

    However, you can PM each other on 1. if you can control their character meaning if they give you their permission 2. what you want to do with that character and for how many lines (estimate; how long you want to control it basically, how many actions, that kind of stuff) 3. how their post can complement yours, without any of the posts being less than 200 words in itself. Check the RP forum rules for more information. If you break them while full having read them as you should've, I'll have to kick you out as to prevent the RP from being closed because it broke too many rules. Next time, I give a warning. The time after that, you're kicked out. Harsh, but fair.

    Any questions, PM or post a visitor message on my profile please as to keep OOC posts to a minimum, including posts like this one.

    I know I can seem strict with rules and control or something, but I guarantee it's to uphold quality, the neatness to read every part of our story and to allow slower RPers to post at a normal pace. And to make sure this RP doesn't get closed down, I sure am liking it^^
  17. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Joaquin walked in the school and saw a vending machine. He put in 1.50$ and a soda came out and he went to another machine and got a bag of chips. He began to eat them as he walked upstairs. "Strange, that girl, I know she was staring at this earing but it's not that interesting." "Oh well shrugged and walked on and he saw a teacher. "Shouldn't you be somewhere else, not lounging about in the school?" He said strictly. "Honestly I could care less." Joaquin shrugged with a hand motion. The teacher grabbed his hand and began to take him to the office. "This child has been very rude! Take care of him!" Joaquin fell into a chair. He looked fro side to side. "Sup?" After a long talk he was given his punishment. "As punishment for disrespect to an adult, you must clean up outside our school." Joaquin nodded and left. He moaned. As he stepped outside he saw the other kids socializing. "No time for that for me, I got to do trash work." He mumbled to himself as he picked up trash. A gang of children seemed to be snickering. He paid no attention. "I'm in enough trouble already."

    OOC: Is this okay?
  18. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Forest Zone

    The buzzing of wings zoom through the forest air, there was an explosion of activity around. Patrolling back and forth the flying creatures were obviously searching for something as they flew in groups of three. Suddenly one exploded as an arrow stuck it dead center in the circular mark on its head. The other two looked around for the source before quickly being taken down themselves. From behind a tree Aim came out and glanced around with the black winged bow in his hand ready to attack if needed. Surveying the area only for a moment he place the bow on his back and took off running through the grassy path of the forest zone. The light brown haired boy knew he couldn’t linger there long as Xana would soon send more after him. Xana persistence to get him was still the same. He had yet to know of the why, but he knew in his very being that he mustn’t be caught.

    The sound of reinforcement came from behind but it was a little too late as Aim entered the tower. This was the only place Xana and his minions couldn’t touch him. If needed, he could go off to another area through it. As of now he was going to rest. He had been hit earlier going through the forest area; probably because he was trying to slowly sneak through it when it was best to keep still when he hides. He was going to wait until his energy returned before he ventured out again. He looked around at the light blue windows on the inside wall of the tower as he sat in the center of the platform inside. If he never left this place he probably wouldn’t have to worry about being attack yet it seem like he had to. If he wanted to learn his reason for being here he needed to risk exploring. So he would resume his search for his purpose after resting in the silence of the tower.
  19. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Sorry for taking a bit.

    Béatrice Éclat
    Morning, before school
    A fountain

    It was an unusual day; Béatrice Éclat went outside. For no reason whatsoever.

    Setting aside school, of course. Still, there was no reason for her to leave the dormitories 15 minutes before school's inevitable start. She wasn't even doing much; Bea serenely stared at the flow of water as it traced a gentle arc in the air and created small ripples as it landed. Despite her rather towering height of 6-foot 4 (which she thought was 6-foot 3), her presence went unnoticed as younger students passed by on their way to school.

    Perhaps it was because she already knew her way around Kadic Academy pretty well; she had been enrolled here since freshman year, after all. It wasn't too wrong of her to spend some time somewhere else, was it? The most she did with her free time was write in her story journal, or go to sleep early, or go shopping for more food so she didn't starve. Yeah, her life at the dorms was pretty routine. It was only every now and then that she tried to clear out her head like such.

    "Clear..." the word rolled off her tongue. "Clear... ...?" Soon after, she found herself digging through her bag for her story journal. She flipped to an untitled page full of random doodles and words. Bringing out a purple pen as well, she placed the tip on a doodle of a giant hammer. "Clear... clear... hammer... weapon... fight... world..." But while she was zoning out, the familiar bell rang, and whoever was left outside hurriedly skittered to the academy. As did she, putting away her journal and pen as her figure made a fidgety dash towards the academy building.

    There goes my perfect attendance record for the year, she thought.

    (OOC: Bea's birthday is in the summer, so although she's 17 she's doing her senior year. Just clarifying.)
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  20. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    Okay, so I was counting (because it's a bit hard to see if most have posted otherwise) and everyone has posted:D

    I'm thinking I'm probably going to start off the main plot. Seeing as me posting Gabrielle meeting all people that will join now or later and then expecting you to make a 200+ word post out of that meeting in some sort of one-sided dialogue is a bit weird and pointless, I'm going to give small views of Gabrielle observing her 'picks' and then skipping to them going... well, you'll find out below.

    After this post, you guys can flashback to how Gabrielle 'recruited' you or blew you off, depending on if you're part of the original four or not, but keep Gabrielle in character please. You can talk about what you think about the mysterious thing they were brought along for, how the tunnels you go through look like, how you try to talk to the others and so on. Under no circumstance will Gabrielle reveal anything about where they're going or what they're going to do. That will be full-blown revealed in my next post. Not dictating the plot, just building up the beginning, including Aim and the D-reaper's purpose. So, let's continue, shall we:p

    Gabrielle had been looking around for suitable candidates all day. She'd been observing every class at Kadic during the breaks and in the cafetaria. When she had a free hour, she'd watch one of the classes running around on the field. Some showed great athletic prowess, others were sociable and a select few were incredibly sharp on top of all that. Of the people she'd invited to join her on a 'fun trip', only four had shown up. Now they were wading through the water of the sewers. She ignored any queries the others made after why they were wading through the filth of Paris.

    A girl that had instantly drawn Gabrielle's attention had blonde hair and was quite athletic as she showed during P.E. She was in the year below Gabrielle's, but the girl seemed quite confident at everything she did. Her name was Taiyo. Gabrielle soon found out more details about the girl, but she kept it to herself in order not to come off like a crazy stalker when she approached her and talked to Taiyo about her proposal.

    In the same class, there was Diego. He was shorter than Gabrielle, but then again most people were. He had quite large eyes, but that wasn't his most noticeable feature for Gabrielle. It was his temper and stubborness. He seemed emotional, but didn't flail about when something happened, he empathised with people, perhaps even those younger than him. He could keep things together or stir up trouble. Gabrielle had called Diego along with Taiyo to discuss what she wanted to say.

    Then there was Bea, who was possibly higher than Gabrielle and it made her stand out right from when she enrolled on Kadic. The two hadn't talked yet, but when math class was about to start and the chatter of the other students made sure nobody else could hear them, Gabrielle approached Bea, whispered something to her, slipped her a note and disappeared again like a ghost. When class started, Gabrielle was seen noting some kind of code on her note block as if she'd done so the whole time. Bea seemed to be caring, honest and fine with blending in with the crowd. Her silence could be taken the wrong way, but she had great depth which people would eventually would come to know and warm up to her, as she would to them.

    The fourth and last one to arrive at the spot they'd meet at, around a hidden manhole cover in the forest, was a 15-year old called Joaquin, the 'benjamin', as he was the youngest of the group as it was. The five of them had descended and it came to Gabrielle why she'd picked this individual even though he was a bit younger and shorter: he was very smart and had a friendly disposition unlike some people that exploited their intelligence to benefit from others without treating them well. He was also an unique, odd individual who could turn out to surprise everyone, including Gabrielle. He was the wildcard.

    Slowly the four would have to bond, despite their vastly differing personalities. Two people already seemed to have made friends with each other, but as Gabrielle had predicted, some of them would argue. And one of them would start questioning her authority as the leader of this expedition. Gabrille clenched her laptop as she shone her flashlight to the road ahead. It wouldn't be long before they arrived, but she should have thought of a faster mode of transportation through the sewers. They'd have to build better walkways first. Those were worries for later. Now, she would have to ensure nobody would pass along what they would see and hear when they arrived at the factory. Or else... everything would be lost.

    Edit: Great work everyone by the way:D I haven't checked every post if it was 200+ words, but I'm gonna trust you can write as much every post from now on;) Those that had flaws are clearly working on it and everyone has strong points which I enjoyed reading in every post;) Keep up the good work!
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