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Code LYOKO: The New Virus



OK, I have currently 1 RPG running, and it's not even mine. That's it. It hasn't even started in the RP section yet. But that's beside the point.

This RP will be kind of like Code LYOKO. So here's the story:

He ran as fast as he could. He couldn't keep up with the rapidly increasing numbers of them. They were gaining on him. They were small, but powerful.

They were Frelions, transferred over from the world of LYOKO. LYOKO was a parallel universe to the human world, and there was a virus named Xana running loose. This virus was a direct threat to the virtual world.

The human running from the Frelions was named Odd. Having cat instincts and cat body parts such as a tail and paw-like gloves. He had been trying to protect LYOKO from Xana. The one thing about Xana was that it could take control of Earth devices from the 40 towers in LYOKO, injecting the viruses into the real world.

Odd ran with Aelita, who was a part of LYOKO. She didn't have many powers, but she was able to feel what would happen because of the tie she had with LYOKO, and had the ability to raise things out of nothing.

"Odd, what do we do?" she asked as she ran from the Frelions. Odd thought...the Frelions each had around twenty life points, and Odd could kill one easily the way he had grown.

That's when the big leader came up...the leader of the Frelion group. He had fifty life points instead of just twenty, and Odd couldn't get close enough without the Frelion attacking him directly.

The Frelion fired a stream of acid at Odd, and he got knocked back into one of the icicles in the Ice Barrier, where there was lots of snow and ice breaking through water that had come from melted icicles.

"Odd!" Aelita yelled. She ran to her friend and looked madly at the Frelion. Taking Odd by his cat paw, she dragged him toward an ice cave, she started to treat him. She at least needed to get a fire going. Waving her hands she created a small campfire.

Odd's eyes flickered open, and he looked sadly at Aelita. "I'm going to have to go back to real life. That Frelion blast and the icicle combined really hurt. But I'll get my friends and come right back."

Aelita nodded as Odd disappeared and reappeared into the real world. Jeremy was waiting at the computer. "Well, Odd? How'd it go?"

Odd staggered around in the circular room and finally slumped down against the wall. He held one hand to his head, and shook his head.

"Look Jeremy, if you wanted to scope out LYOKO, can't we do it without huge Frelions all killing you?"

"You didn't hit it at all!" Jeremy said madly.

"If I had, it would have hit me directly, and I would've been toast and some butter for that Frelion! Jeremy, we have to find some other way."

Jeremy nodded. "But we can't just leave Aelita there!"

Odd ran to get each of his friends. Ulrick and Yumi were at home, studying. It suprised Odd that they would even consider doing that; most of their time was dedicated to protecting LYOKO.

"Ulrick, it's time to go!" Odd yelled at the teenage boy sitting on his bed. Ulrick nodded, stood up and raced to Yumi's house to get her. She agreed also and they raced to Jeremy and the scanner.

"Begin transfer. Transfer Odd. Transfer Yumi. Transfer Ulrick."

The three humans became the virtual warriors they had known for so long, and greeted Aelita.

"So...we're supposed to scope out the Ice Barrier and defeat those Frelions?" Ulrick asked as he twirled his staff and smiled.

Aelita nodded. "Jeremy has told me there are an unusual number of Frelions in the Ice Barrier, and he wants us to defeat them for complete studies. But Xana isn't making this easy."

Odd and friends nodded, and set out to scope out the virtual world. Attacking the Frelions at once gave them ultimate victory, but Xana kept at it, throwing all their enemies at them.

But they always prevailed. Xana had always been designed to create and control LYOKO, but had gone mad with power in the process.

After five years, they conquered LYOKO and exited it, knowing that Xana would no longer be a problem. Jeremy worked on a new program that wouldn't control LYOKO, but it hasn't been going too well. Odd and his friends can't enter LYOKO yet, because the scanner is needed to build the program.

Meanwhile, in your world:

You are a normal kid, going to school and hoping that you will pass that test or at least get into the football team or such. One day you go home and hop onto your computer, and you see a strange blinking light. The rest of the screen is blinking green, and a strange symbol is in the middle. It looks almost like a circle but with two small probes sticking out of the bottom and two sticking out of the sides. There is a small dot in the center, and you decide maybe it is something major.

When you touch the mouse, a window pops up and an emergency message comes up. A kid with blonde hair straightened out except for one strand over his forehead and black glasses is talking.

"I've tried to program this right, but I just can't seem to work the bugs out of Xana. It's too powerful...the program has been overcoming everything I've tried to work out. I'm not sure who will recieve the message, but it should be five people that have the closest DNA match to LYOKO's programming. Aelita will meet you when you make it inside LYOKO, but until then you should be able to use a standard Internet program to get inside LYOKO. Just type in this URL: http://www.codelyoko.com and you should be inside LYOKO. Aelita will help you. Goodbye."

The screen winks out and you slowly obey what the kid says. Opening Internet Explorer, you access the URL and see what this kid has to say. A flash of light, and you go unconscious.
That took a long time to write. *pants* Here are the sign-ups. Meet you in LYOKO!

LYOKO appearance:
Life Points:
A Little History:
Preferred Enemy:

The esplanations for the things above.
Name: what you call yourself.
Nickname: what you would like to be called in LYOKO (optional):
Gender: what gender you are.
Age: What age? Keep between 10 to 13.
Appearance: the way you look.
LYOKO Appearance: The way you look transferred into LYOKO.
Weapon: what weapon you have and how you use it.
Life Points: how many life points. Keep between 10 and 30.
Personality: how you act both before and after you enter LYOKO.
A little history: A bit of background information about yourself.
Preferred Enemy: The enemy that you find the easiest to destroy: Frelion, Blok, Krabe, Kanakrat, Megatank.
Speed: on a scale of 1 to 10, how fast are you?
Strengths: what your character is strong against.
Weaknesses: Your character must be weak against something.
Likes + Dislikes: Self-explanatory.

Some Pointers:

For your speed, if you have just entered LYOKO, it starts out at the appropriate speed for your type of character. For instance, if you were a fast animal hybrid like Odd, you would have a speed of around 8. No 10s allowed for slower characters like samurais.

Life Points are not something to choose the highest for. Like your speed, deal it out with your character's characteristics. If the defense is the highest stat of your character, Life Points would be from 15 to 25 or such. Stats will increase as you master more enemies and such.

Appearance in LYOKO must be different than your current appearance. You cannot stay the same both in and out of LYOKO. Changes include putting the small weapons in your outfit, and certain colored clothes. Like Ulrick, if you are a samurai, use a sword that you can put into your outfit and wear a certain color. In Ulrick's case it is yellow. Yellow bandana, yellow and green mixed clothes, and such.

You cannot be too strong, killing everything in your path like Frelions and Bloks. That's just unfair. Every character has their own weaknesses and strengths.

Oh yeah, and the new virus's name is Xeana.

My sign up:
Name: Nara Senfore
Nickname: Skye
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Nara is not as over-obsessed about makeup and accesories as some girls are, but she instead spends all her time outside. Because of this, she gets grass stains a lot :p She wears long blue navy jeans that, as I said, have grass stains on them from her falling off trees and such. She wears a purple shirt with white hearts echoing inside themselves, in a total of three hearts altogether. The background is splotched with dark purples and light purples. Her hair is black and hangs shortly around her neck, short-cropped. She wears a pair of white and bleu striped shoes.
LYOKO Appearance: When Nara enters LYOKO, she almost completely changes. Her jeans are still the same, and her shirt has transformed from purple to blue, but still has the hearts. Basically she is the same as Odd, having the same abilities, except for the fact that she's blue instead of purple. But the lightning bolt is the same and all. She can see a small bit into the future and uses this to help her friends.
Weapons: Transformer (does a variety of things), mountain cat abilities.
Life Points: 14
Personality: Nara isn't very nice in the real world. In fact she will turn on anybody who dare mock her or hurt her. She uses her high knowledge of the highest places in the schoolyard to do acrobatics and knock her opponents off their feet, However this sometimes gets her in trouble with them and they often come back prepared for her. However, when Nara transfers to LYOKO form, she has gained a sort of caring personality, and will do anything to protect her friends from being hurt. She hates Xeana because it is evil, and anything evil should be kiled in her opinion. This aspect makes her a bit uncontrollable in a fight, and often has to be talked out of it by her friends. The only person she will listen to fully is Aelita.
A Little History: Nara hasn't had much of a great life. At age three her parents divorced. Her mother is now living with her and her father has been in and out of jail. She likes being in LYOKO however and spends most of her time there. Because of this she helps out Aelita and when not in LYOKO runs the new scanner that Jeremy is working on. Mostly because she knows a lot about computers, when she is not in LYOKO she is helping him.
Preferred Enemy: She likes defeatign Frelions and Bloks, mostly because she can point out their weaknesses (the new Xeana symbol on their bodies).
Speed: 9/10 only because she's a mountain cat
Strengths: Like I said, she likes defeating easily pointed out enemies because of their great weakness.
Weaknesses: However, when she is fighting she might not find a weakness in her opponent, and during this breakdown she will slowly be robbed of her Life Points. Because of her low Life Points, she can't withstand even one Frelion attack, but when she finds their weakness she can bring it out.
Likes+Dislikes: Likes going to LYOKO and becoming her warrior form; dislikes when her plans don't work and when she can't point out a weakness. She also dislikes when people hurt Aelita or any of her close friends.

Five people for the RP, including myself. So 4 more to go. When we start the RP you will start from when you come home from school and see the message.

Have fun!

One more thing, don't rush me. It's 8:30 now...I'm very tired and must go to bed soon. And I will decline people who's signups don't seem good to me.

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Xeno Metal Knuckles

Looks like fun....mind if I joined...Iam the one that helped you understand Code:LYOKO after all ^_^;;

Name: Tyler (I really don't like picking a different name)

Nickname: none....

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearance: Tyler has Black hair,brown eyes,and brown eyebrows. He wears a Black sleeveless shirt,Navy blue pants with barely visible green stains on them,and Black shoes that have some stains on them from walking in the dirt. Below his dark appearance,however, is a nice kid who is very friendly and is willing to help his friends whenever they are in danger.

LYOKO appearance: In LYOKO he looks like Odd's LYOKO Cat Hybird form but he has several differences. The big difference is that he doesn't have the same colors as Odd's LYOKO form. Tyler's feet have black marks on them and the claws on his hands are much sharper. And instead of the colors of his body being Orange and Purple the colors are Black and Blue. His hair stays the same color as in the real world and his personality stays the same.

Weapon: Laser Arrow(The same as Odd's weapon...from my lack of creativity-_-)

Life Points: 20

Personality: Tyler is a very friendly boy once you get to know him. He doesn't get angered easily but when he is angered it takes a long while for him to calm down. But due to him being shy he doesn't have many friends. Therefore he is usually the outcast in his classes and is often made fun of when he makes mistakes.

A Little History: Tyler has always been a shy boy when it comes to talking to someone. He doesn't have any friends due to that. When he discovered LYOKO he immedately became attached to it and spent most of his time after school in the LYOKO..and due to that the only time he would be seen would be at school and when he was doing his homework and his studies.

Preferred Enemy: Megatank,because of his Long Distance advantage he can easily take them out.

Speed: 7 out of 10

Strengths: When he is angry he usually fights better than when he is calm and his usually go happy self. He is usually very good at long distance fighting but when it becomes a short distance battle he usually gets massacred even with his agility

Weaknesses: When he is made fun of he usually can't focus on anything else but what the person said.

Likes: When his not angered and when he is not made fun of and laughed at.

Dislikes: When he is made fun of he usually can't focus on anything else but what the person said.

If I need to edit this tell me Xeno...or should I call you Kaze..
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Xeno Youkai-Declined. Reason over PM.

And I edited my post.


Character Creation

Hmm... this should be fun.

Name: Chrom Olinn

Nickname: Ferus

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Appearance: Chrom is a twelve-year-old boy, rather tall for his age, with silvery-green eyes and greasy red hair that reaches to about chin level and spreads out at the bottom. In your mind's eye, you may think that this makes him look like a girl. But his young, boylike face says otherwise. Chrom's outfit of choice is a black short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and a blue vest(which he leaves unzipped to let the chest of his black shirt show). Chrom always wears black shoes, white socks and a black watch. Chrom's pants and vest have more pockets than usual, which are usually filled with various gadgets and some other trinkets he invented. His clothes are also usually a bit torn, as Chrom has to deal with bullies at school and rough terrain while camping.

LYOKO appearance: In LYOKO, even Chrom's bodily appearance changes. He is now fairly mucular and much more mature-looking, and his hair is now at normal length. Oddly, also, his ears extend more backwards than upwards, and the ears are now triangular and end in a point six inches behind his ears. In LYOKO, he wears a black vest identical to the real-life one, but with the LYOKO symbol on the back in blue, and he keeps this vest zipped up. He wears a blue long-sleeved shirt with the right sleeve burned to six inches long, worn tan pants and black boots. Most noticeable, his right arm is severed at the elbow and is mechanical from that point down. However, he can use both arms as usual, just his right arm can be used in other ways now...

Weapon: Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon.(Think Cyborg from Teen Titans, but in one short, concentrated blast.)

Life Points: 86

Personality: Chrom is a year or two younger than the rest of the graduating class that he's in, so he is naturally picked on. He has found friends, however, with other people outcast from the rest of the school society. Chrom pays the utmost attention in his classes and completes his assignments to his full potential, though that doesn't take much effort on his part. He is usually a very kind boy, though, as long as you don't come up to him with the intention of rearranging his face. If you do(Chrom can tell by now), he will quickly make himself well-hidden. Chrom prefers to nap in trees and spend time in LYOKO rather than play sports like other kids. Inside LYOKO, he is very supportive of the rest of the group, and thinks of them like a second family. Chrom usually remains calm, and doesn't panic. This doesn't mean that his abilities won't go down anyway with his lack of plans.

A Little History: Chrom was born into a middle-class family with one older brother. Chrom had started school early because of his natural intelligence. Because of this, he is a year or two younger than all of the kids in his classes. Chrom's brother Vincent knows about LYOKO because he accidentally caught Chrom crossing back over one night. Vincent, however, just covers for Chrom while he's gone and doesn't say a word about LYOKO to anyone.

Preferred Enemy: Chrom doesn't care what type of enemy he gets, quite frankly. He finds the Megatank easiest to destroy, though, because of its weakness to electricity.

Speed: 5/10

Strengths: Chrom is highly intelligent for his age, so he is able to plan out a strategy in seconds. Because of his intellect, he can also work well with computer programs, making him ideal for Lyoko.

Weaknesses: Chrom is rather weak in close-combat, so he has to basically snipe off enemies from afar. Also, when Chrom is stuck without a plan(which is rarely), his targeting becomes off and he can't fight nearly as well.

Likes: Chrom likes to relax and enjoy life without being disturbed. However, sometimes he also enjoys getting away from real life and spending some time in Lyoko.

Dislikes: Chrom dislikes being bullied. Unfortunately, he gets all too much of that. And the flash on cameras. Chrom absolutely cannot stand that.
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Oblivion-Accepted! Good signup. I liked it. I could even picture Chrom.


*wipes sweat from forehead* First good news of the day! Anyway, at what point does the RP start? Have we been involved in LYOKO for a while, or do we start when we get the message from Jeremie?


Well...I put it there...we are just coming home from school, and we see the computer flashing. At least 3 posts until we go to LYOKO or so. The RP will start once we get 3 more people.


Appearance:Maya has slightly wavy brown hair that is longer on the back of her head. She has Purple glasses and tends to look like she just got out of bed. She is wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt
LYOKO appearance:Long brown braid and purple eyes, Her shirt is now purple and she can breath underwater at will. Her jeans are now loose blue pants, light and billowy. Still looks like she just got out of bed.
Weapon: Fish like abilities, and the agity(sp?) of a dolphin. She can control water.
Life Points: 16
Personality:Loves to have fun . A bit of a bookworm back home, and will protect her friends at all costs.
A Little History: She is an average girl , but is a bit lonely. Her family doesn't pay attention to her, and she was concidering running away.
Preferred Enemy: blok, she can decimate them with her water moves.
Strengths:She is strongest against plant and water based things.
Weaknesses:Weak agains't fire, super weak against ice.
Likes:Chocolate, swimming, and sleeping in.
Dislikes:Getting up early, running and bugs


BlueAbsol-Declined. Look at everyone else's sign up and you'll see why.


Well, you can edit your signup or post a new one, just make sure you capitalize, use sentences, more description, etc. You can try 3 times if you don't get approved the first time.
Name: Damian Delgato

Nickname: n/a

Gender: male

Age: 13

Appearance: Damian is short for his age, so he is usually picked on. But, he is kinds popular with the girls for his eyes though, or at least he was told he had real pretty, blue eyes. His brown hair is spiked up most of the time. His shirt is black with orange sleeves. It buttond down the front. He also has tan shorts and a metal wristback on his right arm.

LYOKO appearance: Damian grows a bit taller, making him about 5' 5". His hair is now black, but it can't bee seen because on a black and red samurai helmet. His shirt is black with red going down the middle and down the sleves. His shorts are now long and follows the same fashion. He also has a white cloak thing over this. His headband is black and with the symbol of the Japanese flag and a few Japanese words in red.On his shoulders are a red and black armor that clomes down about as far as the arm does (Like Admitmaru on Shamen King). There is a sword at each side of his body.

Weapon: Twin Samurai Swords, Samurai Armor

Life Points: 70

Personality: Damian is usually a shy, quiet kid, even with his friends. But, thats usually just during lunch. Outside of this, he is talkitive and curious what other people think. People also think he is to smart for his own good, but he has more of an ablity to make people laugh.

A Little History: Not much to say here, Damian lived an average life. He went to school, made friends, came home,did homework, played on the computer. Being an only child, he did that alot because it was the only wat to have friends in the outside world.

Preferred Enemy: Doesn't matter, just really dislikes Megatanks.

Speed: 4/10

Strengths: He is good in close combat.

Weaknesses: He can't particpate in long range combat because of his swords, so if he is engaged in long range combat, hes is screwed.

Likes: Pizza, hanging out with his friends (which are mostly girls), and being on the internet.

Dislikes: Cats (well, he doesn't really, but is alergic to them so he acts like it), mean people, and horror films.

P.S: you frogot speed on your sign up.
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Damian the Duck-Accepted. Good signup. And I fixed mine. My speed is 9/10.


Fire and Ice Combo
Name: Kohana Light
Nickname: Flora
Gender: Female
Age: 12

Appearance: Kohana is the average height and build of other girls her age. She's light brown skinned and has long dark brown hair with pink highlights that touches her shoulders. A purple hair bow loosely wrapped on near the end of her hair. Her hazel color eyes seem to change to blue, green, and gray though they never really change. Right below her left wrist is a darker color birthmark that looks like a three petals flower. She wears a sleeveless red dress with a yellow daisy centered in the chest area that is a little below knee length, white socks that look almost brand new and shoes with a soft feel to it that matches her dress.

LYOKO appearance: Kohana look the same in Lyoko except for what she's wearing. She wearing green long sleeve top with pink flowers at the end of the sleeve. A skirt that a giant hot pink lotus flower that exactly knee length with a green thorny vine like thing that comes off and turns into a whip. There a brown bag on her side with two different color bean shape seeds. Darker green pants that go down until the meet boots of the same color. A big red rose flower smaller than the skirt rests stiffly on top of her head.

Weapons: Thorny vine whip, and bag of bean looking seeds. Green ones creates a protected wall of thick hard vines does (lasts for a short while) and the brown ones are constricting roots (only holds enemies still doesn't work on Megatanks)

Life Points: 85

Personality: Kohana is really quiet to all even her friends and she get super nervous when she around new people especially females. She rather stare out in space alone to being force to be around someone she doesn't know or trust. In early morning she doesn't say much or anything at all. She can be very grumpy, harsh and not alert around this time. Any other time of day she a little more talkative to her friends but still the really quiet person. Though she seems to like spends most of her time indoors she will gladly accept any invitation to go outside. She often switches between pessimistic and optimistic depending on her feeling and her way of thinking which changes often.

A Little History: Kohana life has been rough as long as she can remember. She has always teased and tormented by all and it was most by females but the guys were always hurt her feelings more. Her parents though they loved her were something too busy and didn't a lot of attention to her. These things extreme affected her she spend most of her time inside daydreaming or watching someone else hanging out with their friends. This also made her grateful to have a friends and also cautious who is really her friend.

Preferred Enemy: She prefers blok because they are easy to capture them in the constricting roots and the aren't as fast as the other monsters.

Speed: 3

Strengths: She has higher Life Points them other so she will be able to take more hits. She also very observe so she can notice things a little sooner.

Weaknesses: Kohana is very slow that make it really hard for her to evaded attacks. When she see something usual she more than likely investigate herself without telling anyone.

Likes: Flowers and other plants, having friends and animals.

Dislikes: Being alone even though she spend most of her by herself, thunderstorms, spiders, insects and of course bullies.
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InnerFlame-Accepted! Very creative. I wouldn't have thought of a plant person...wow. Cool.

Just remember you guys, for each enemy you defeat you get 5 more LP.


Fire and Ice Combo
Wow, thanks its weird because I made up many Code Lyoko people in my mind before and they all had bow and arrows. But when I saw this RPG the thought flower girl. I'm Glad you like it, I put a lot of hard work into it and my two favorite little sayings are "Think outside of the box" and "Anything is worth trying" though I try not to get too carry away with the second one.

Jon Jen

Super Coordinator
Is there still space open? I'd love to join.

Name: Jonathan Shepard
Nickname: Jon
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Appearance: Jon(athan) is rather short, with pink tinted hair at a rather normal length, to a bit above his neck. He's usually grinning madly, with his green eyes closed. Jonathan wears casual clothes, a blue vest and shirt with a star, and shorts. Jonathan is a dance wiz, and such is reflected when he is in LYOKO.
LYOKO Appearance: In LYOKO, Jon's overzelous additude can be seen glaringly in his costume. It's a puffy mariachi-ish getup with a sombrero and fake mustache. Pink topped, and black pants, and armed to the teeth with maracas to boot. His hair is slightly different, now much longer and held back in a ponytail, and slightly more pink. His eyes are blue now, it's always been a pet peeve of his.
Weapon: Maracas, as well as a pair of castonets. He uses these mostly to distract monsters, either from the others or so that they can be ambushed. The maracas can also be thrown at the enemy, similar to Yumi's fans, but deal very little damage. While Jon plays his instruments, he cannot defend himself, or move very much, so he is relatively a sitting duck.
Life Points: 65
Personality: Jon is just about always silly. There's no time he's not, unless someone makes him angry or teases him. He has an easy going personality that seems to clear the air around him. In LYOKO, Jon is slightly more serious, although, being a mariachi, that isn't very possible. He's often seen belting out a tune to martyr himself, so the others can get to saftey.
A little history: Jon is the child of wealthy parents. But, he disliked the way his parents coddled him, to become a famous and respected classical musician. For his entire life, his parents had disciplined him heavily so that he would some day become a fine musician. He was drilled for hours, and through this has become quite skilled, however, he never really wanted to be a musician. After a heavy argument, Jon fled to his uncle's house, where he has lived ever since he was 6. Since it is no longer a strict requirement, Jon has returned to music, but, in his own way, prefering his own zany style to the tight-lipped form his parents forced him to abide by.
Preferred Enemy: Jon prefers the Blok, as they are the easiest enemy for him to distract with his abilities.
Speed: In order to avoid strikes, most of which are near fatal for Jon, he has built up a rather high speed, of 7.
Strengths: None at all. He has no noticable advantages over anyone else.
Weaknesses: His songs cannot reach far away, so he must be nearby an enemy. By this means, it also puts him in a direct line of fire when doing so.
Likes: Poetry, writing music, the "clicky-clack of castonets", and tofu
Dislikes: Stuffy people, Ettiquette, Things that Remind him of his Parents.
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Barely made it, Jon Jen. It was very creative though. I've extended the life points, since Odd and his friends have an average 100 points. Add 50 life points to your originals. And Odd and his friends WILL find us and help us somehow...anyway the RP will start in about two hours, after I'm at my mommy's computer. K?
Hey X, save me a spot please.