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Code Lyoko

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X and Y Versions?!
Welcome maxelle!!!

What code lyoko sector did you like?
Hmm.... I liked the forest sector and Sector 5. Sector 5 because it was so different, and so much happens there, and the forest sector because it kinda felt relaxing for some reason.


Funniest thing in the show had to be Odd's break break break dance video. *lol*


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Thanks the blue kid.

My favorite sector is The Arctic sector. Its peaceful and so quaint. Plus it gives this ominous feeling, that creeps me out. It is awesome.
Can I join?

I've recently seen Code Lyoko again and I still like it very much.

To the one asking for the full ending them, you can find it here.

Anyway, someone should really put every episode on YouTube.


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sorry but everone after thebluekid has got a warning for one liner (execpt Maxelle who seem to be following the rules sorta so I let you off this time but next time make your post longer)

Master Blastoise, you didn't follow the rules, SPPF rules say no linking to stuff. sorry but I not allow you to join. same with SoulSilverMstr411 what dose your post have anything to do with this club?

anyway my favorite sector was sector five, just look well done imo.


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My favorite thing about Code Lyoko is how Aelita was revealed to be a human all along in Season two. The writers knew from the beginning of the season and they knew how to foreshadow it in the series. Though it was pretty obvious to me that Aelita wasn't an AI and that Franz Hopper was her father. I loved how when they showed her memories she wore the same clothes she was materialized in when she first got virtualized.

I like Code Lyoko so much that I'm writing my own adaptation of the series featuring different characters from other cartoons, a new story for the first half of the series and more. It'll be featured in the "Non-Pokemon Fics" section of the Fanfiction forums of Serebii in a month or two. Don't read the Code Lyoko fic that's already there as it's the old version. If you have any question on my fanfic, feel free.


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Guys stop bumping threads that have been inactive for over a month. It's in the forum rules. Read, learn, and follow them please...

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