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Collecting all pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Indiladhar, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    Hi there!

    I'm new to the forums (signed up to ask this! Apologies if its in the wrong forum section!) I haven't played pokemon since diamond/pearl- and on that gen I kinda just stopped. I haven't played any of them since (though I've seen my nephew play black/white, and just realized yet another set is to be released soon (x/y).

    It seems you'll need to buy so many different sets of games to catch them all, I was thinking about starting to play again, but how many different games would I need to buy to get most of the pokemon? I know some versions have additional pokemon when you beat the elite four and go to a new continent, so I'm hoping somebody would know the easiest way to catch them all with the minimum number if different games bought.

    I *think* there's an in game online trading built it so I would happily miss out on a game if it meant collecting a few unpopular pokemon that nobody cares about, and then trade for them, but from what I remember, asking for, say a bulbasaur meant you needed to give a shiny mew or something absurd!

    Thanks for reading the wall of text, and to anyone that can help a former pokemaniac get back to the games!
  2. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Factoring online trading, you can need as little as one. If you only use the GTS for trading, you'll need more as you have to see them to request them.

    The things you will have the most difficulty is the legends, most other pokemon are easily obtained, especially via the dream world.
    You definitely do not need more then Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black 1 and White 1, but you can probably manage with less.
  3. halloweenghost

    halloweenghost Well-Known Member

    it can be done thoguh I'n fourth gen i completed the national dex legit. then fifth gen came still workin on that lol
  4. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    I was thinking of getting either pearl or diamond, and the same with HG/SS and black/white, and try to trade for the rest.

    Btw what is dream world? I know I've heard of it before but I can't remember anything about it!
  5. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    Another quick question... If I bought SS and pearl and white, could I start a file with SS and trade the beginner to one of the other games ASAP or must I complete one/both games to unlock this feature? It's been so long, I don't remember!
  6. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    The only one that is compatible with those 3 games is White.
  7. rridgway

    rridgway Member

    In my HG save, I have one of every Pokemon (save Deoxys) sitting in order in my PC. All legit.

    So, yeah.

    I really need to continue playing W2, in order to continue and complete this for Gen V.
  8. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Dream World is basically an online minigame to go with BW1/2. It lets you find a wide variety of pokemon with special abilities, although only one a day and getting specific ones is infuriating. It's free.

    Trading from 4th gen to 5th gen requires the 5th gen game to be complete, but I don't think how far you are through the 4th gen one matters.
  9. voninator

    voninator VONINATOR

    The 4th gen games you have to have beaten at least I believe the first gym so you can start trading, white must be complete. I would do Platinum, one of HG/SS, and B1+2 or W1+2. This way you get one of each story and therefor each set of starters. HG/SS you get gen 1+2+3 starters. Also I like Platinum a lot better than DP because of rebottling gym leaders and also Platinum has a lot more legendries available in it so you could try and offer the three birds from gen 1 for any other legends (you get Gen 1 birds in HG/SS and platinum).
  10. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    So here's my pokemon plan to try and collect as many pokemon as I can! I doubt I'll get them all but I'm hoping to be able to trade online for a few unpopular ones:

    Games purchasing: emerald, Soulsilver, platinum, either black or white (haven't decided as I know nothing about them yet!)

    I'll complete a file in emerald (and the others) and transfer/migrate pokemon over, and then restart emerald until I have all the starters sent. The same goes for Soulsilver & platinum, passing pokemon up to the next gen so I can start over, until I've got most of them (catching on the way, but not evolving anything). Eventually transfer them to B/W and have a pokemon file with many pokemon. When the new games come I'll move them along. Does anyone see a flaw in this? I've got 2 DS and an older console with a GBA slot at the bottom so I can do the pal park thing (I think that's what it's called?)
  11. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    Continued from above...

    I found a list of pokemon not available in platinum, the letters beside the pokemon represent the version they can be found that I'll purchase.

    Pokemon NOT available in platinum:

    -list excludes evolutions of the below, and trade evolutions.

    Bulbasaur- SS
    Charmander- SS
    Squirtle- SS
    Mewtwo- SS
    Mew- event only
    Chikorita- SS
    Cindaquil- SS
    Totodile- SS
    Murkrow- SS
    Misdreavus- SS
    3 legendary dogs- SS
    Lugia- SS
    Hooh- SS
    Celebi- event only

    Treecko- E
    Torchic- E
    Mudkip- E
    Trapinch- E
    Clamperl- E
    Lati@s- E
    Kyogre- E
    Groudon- E
    Rayquaza- E
    Jirachi- event only
    Deoxys- event only
    Glameow & Stunky- either in D/P or B2/W2
    Regis- E

    As mentioned I'm sure I'll be missing a number that I haven't found online through researching, but I'll get whatever I can!

    Thanks for reading the wall of text!
  12. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Good luck with that.

    Im still waiting for Meleotta to be available thru wifi event.
    Maybe I might try to complete the dex at least once as I have all the games.
  13. Koinu

    Koinu Master of Stuff

    The dream world is on pokemon-gl.com where you can sync your pokemon game to the site with an account, tuck in one of your pokemon in your game via the game sync and it will dream and thats where the dream world comes into play. you can go in there and befriend different kinds of pokemon by playing games with them (the more you use the dream world the more pokemon will eventually become available to befriend) and you can take just one pokemon back with you to your game. you can even obtain various items there. lots of berries. its good for obtaining pokemon to fill your dex. and its fun too. but you can only use the dream world once every 24 hours.
  14. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    It is worth mentioning that in no way, shape, or form are you required to complete the Pokedex, nor is it the primary goal or point of Pokemon. Even the regional Pokedex in Gen 5 doesn't need to be completed for you to get the National Pokedex.

    It really is something you only do if you want to do it. I did it twice in Gen 4 and honestly, it was more work than it was fun.

    If you do want to complete the dex, I'd highly suggest utilizing trading instead of trying to catch everything yourself. The typical game takes 20 or so hours just to get to the E4, and you might need several more to get to other points in the games to get certain held items or whatever for some evolutions and whatnot.
  15. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    Is dream world played on your DS or online on the pc?

    I'm aware it'll take time to complete the poked ex and it isn't the primary goal, but it'll be something enjoyable for me to aim for (or get as far as I can) :) Pokemon is a great game that you can just pick up and play for 15 mins, or for several hours, and brings back nostalgic memories :)
  16. General_Ridley

    General_Ridley Palace Maven Spenser

    Dream world is on the pc.
  17. afronaut81

    afronaut81 Member

    I must have spent hours playing Pokemon to complete national dex's. It's quite good to do this whilst watching TV or something. Good luck dude as it's not a light challenge you're starting
  18. Indiladhar

    Indiladhar Member

    It will definitely be a good challenge. I'm aiming more to have all the pokemon in black/white, not necessarily evolving them. EG: if I can move bulbasaur there, I'll be fine because I know I can evolve him at a later time to complete the pokedex :)

    I've no idea on the time it'll take but I'm in no hurry and want to enjoy playing these games, but once I have everything in black/white, I'll be more than happy to trade anything breedable to anyone here for free/ something I need to further my quest.
  19. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    This could really fit into any Pokemon related questions thread. Also, don't double post. Use the edit button.
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