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Colosseum/XD Help/FAQ Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Ask questions here about the Colosseum/XD:GoD games, and refer to the first few posts for info on various aspects.

    Below is a general FAQ for both games followed by a Colosseum guide with stuff on Purifying Pokemon, getting Ho-oh, where to find missed Shadow Pokemon, the Master Ball Glitch and so forth, followed by the XD FAQ and a XD Orre Colosseum Guide.


    3rd Generation Pokedex
    Colosseum's Page
    XD: Gale of Darkness's Page
    3rd Generation Attackdex
    3rd Gen Berrydex
    Game Mechanics
    List of Missed Colosseum Shadow Pokemon Locations
    EVing in Colosseum Guide
    XD's Orre Colosseum Guide
    General XD FAQ thread
    General Colosseum FAQ thread
    Greevil/Shadow Lugia Strategy thread
    Colosseum and XD Glitch Discussion
    Colosseum Compatability Guide
    Colosseum Walkthrough
    Colosseum's Colosseum Mode FAQ
    Colosseum Scenario Mode FAQ
    Colosseum-to-GBA Conectivity Guide

    Plus some other websites that would be useful:
    Smogon's List of 3rd Generation Tiers
    Smogon's Competitive Pokemon Movesets
    Gamefaqs's Pokemon Colosseum Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Gamefaqs's Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Psypoke's Psydex (has all the XD tutor moves)

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Which is better? Colosseum or XD?
    A: Unlike most of the other games that have been paired together, Colosseum and XD are very different.
    Colosseum is mainly an easy access to the majority of Pokemon that debuted in Johto. It is shorter than XD and has less side-quests to do afterward. It also has very easy access to all 3 of the Johto starters in the storyline, and Ho-oh is obtainable via Mt. Battle.
    XD is mainly to fill holes in your Pokemon collection. It includes some Pokemon from every region, and many of them are either hard-to-obtain (Chansey, Farfetch'd, Dragonite, Pinsir, etc.), or previously were only obtainable in one game (Zangoose in Ruby, Magmar in Leaf Green, Scyther in Fire Red, etc.). It has many things to do later (including obtaining a rare Lucky Egg), is longer, and has wild Pokemon. It also has Lugia and the 3 Johto Starters (but they are very hard and tedious to get), and nearly every single Pokemon obtained in the game comes with a special move it cannot get with any other means, and some rare Egg Moves.
    For which is better, I would say if you only have one pair of games (Ruby and Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green, or just Emerald), Colosseum would help you fill up your Pokedex better. If you have one game from each pair (Ruby and Leaf Green, Emerald and Fire Red, etc.), XD would help you fill in the holes. If you have all of the 3rd Gen GBA games.. XD would probably be better for you because of the rare moves.

    Q: What Pokemon are obtainable in Colosseum and XD?
    A: Colosseum's obtainable Pokemon can be found here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/pokemon.shtml
    XD's is more split up. These are the Shadow Pokemon you can get: http://www.serebii.net/xd/pokemon.shtml
    The Johto starters with these special movesets: http://www.serebii.net/xd/johto.shtml
    These through Pokespots: http://www.serebii.net/xd/pokespot.shtml
    And the following with ingame trades: http://www.serebii.net/xd/trade.shtml

    Q: Which Pokemon can learn Nightmare/Sky Attack/Selfdestruct (the special XD tutor moves)?
    A: Psypoke's Psydex has all the tutor moves that each Pokemon learns on its specific page. I don't believe there is a list of every Pokemon that can learn each move, but this will help if you want a specific Pokemon to have that move.

    Q: Can Pokemon be shiny in Colosseum/XD, and if so, how will I know?
    A: Yes, they can be shiny. They have slightly different colors than the GBA games for the most part (Filb.de has all of the images, but it's down right now, so if anyone has another resource for the colo/XD shiny images, please message me!), but it should be pretty obvious. Besides the color, two orange orbs should fly out of the Pokeball with it. Shadow Lugia will have the same shadow color as before, but it'll have the two orange orbs so that should tell you, but they aren't entirely obvious, so pay attention!

    Q: What is the Master Ball Glitch?
    A: It is a glitch that works only on Colosseum, in which you can reuse the Master Ball. This post describes how to do it.

    Q: Where do you get the Master Ball?
    A: For Colosseum - at a certain point when you go through Realgam Tower, you get an e-mail from Rui's dad. Go to his house in Colosseum, and he'll give you it.

    For XD, Professor Krane will tell you during the game (before you go to Citadark Isle) to come to his lab - a new set of stairs would appear. Go down and talk to him - he'll give you the Master Ball.

    Q: When can I start trading Pokemon?
    A: You can only do so when you beat the main storyline. You can trade from the basement level in the Pokemon Centre in Phenac City.

    Q: Where can I get Colognes?
    A: You can buy them from the Poke Mart in Agate Village. First however you need a Cologne Case, which you can get from a Trainer near the Pokemon Centre in Agate Village (after you deal with the trouble in Mt Battle). It helps purify your Pokemon.

    Q: How do the Random Number Generator for shiny Pokemon in Colosseum/XD work?
    A: This is unknown, due to the problems with hacking intot he coding for GCN games - nobody seems to know for sure. 'Possibly' it's the same as R/S/FR/LG as they may have reused the same system, but this is unknown and entirely unconfirmed.

    Q: Can I SR for a shiny/certain natured Ho-Oh?
    A: No, you cannot. The game automatically saves when you obtain it - before you can view it's stats. IF it is shiny it may show in the image of it that appears when you get it, but this is highly unlikely and it may save before it.

    Q: In XD, I've noticed that the trainer Zook's Zangoose chnages gender in different battles! Is there something wrong with my game?
    A: No - it is just a glitch/lazy programming that is evident in everyone's game. Link to more + explanation.

    Q: Can I trade Pokemon from Colosseum/XD if I use the Wii?
    A: Yes, you can. You still need however a GBA/GBA SP, and a GBA-GCN cable.

    Q: Can you get the Leichi Berry from Colosseum/XD?
    A: No, you cannot.

    Q: Can my Golbat evolve into a Crobat in Colo/XD by being happy enough?
    A: Yes, it can (same for the other 'happiness' Pokemon like Togepi). However it may take longer than the GBA games, due to the game's programming.

    Q: I am unable to trade from Colo/XD to my GBA game, and I'm doing/done everything right! Why is this?
    A: Your GBA game may be a fake, meaning it will not show up according to the GCN/Wii you are using to trade. Otherwise, double check that you are doing everything right, and that there is no dust in the slots/cords.

    Q: In XD, I got told by the Miror B radar that he was somewhere, went there, but only Folly/Trudly were there and he didn't show up. Is this normal?
    A: Yes, it is, but it is a rare occurance. You'll have to wait until the radar goes off again and hope he is there that time.

    Q: If I use a different Colo/XD game disk to the one I had before but still have the save data on my memory card, will it use that data?
    A: Yes, it will. This is the case for any GCN/Wii game.

    Q: How do you soft reset on XD/Colosseum on the GameCube?
    A: You can SR by pressing the reset button on your GCN, or by pressing B, X and Start buttons at the same time on the Gamecube controller for XD (not Colosseum).

    Q: How do I get certain Battle CDs? I know the location but I cannot get it...
    A: You need to have beaten certain parts of the game (or the main storyline) before you can get some Battle CDs, like number 21.

    Q: Has there ever a Jirachi Bonus Disc for Colosseum in the UK?
    A: No, it didn't. (The UK did get Jirachi via Pokemon Channel though).

    Q: If I don't catch the Shadow Pokemon in the final battle for the main storyline for both Colosseum/XD the first time round, can I go back and try again?
    A: Yes, you can. This will cause you to 're-beat' the storyline again while having another shot at those Shadow Pokemon - not that any you did get will be replaced with normal yet also powerful Pokemon the next time you go.
  2. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Colosseum FAQ

    Compiled/Partly written by bobandbill

    *Now with a Shadow Pokemon and Purification guide added, along with a Natures and how they affect the Purification methods table and the Purification glitch*

    First off the 'general' FAQ, which shall be greatly expanded upon.

    Note: The term 'Advance game' refers to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, and Leaf Green.

    Q: What is Pokemon Colosseum?
    A: Pokemon Colosseum is the first Pokemon game for the GameCube that allows you to battle in 3-D. It is also the first ever 3-D Pokemon RPG.

    Q: Will I need a memory card?
    A: Colosseum requires a memory card, same as any other GC game.

    Q: How many memory blocks do this game take?
    A: 48 blocks.

    Q: Is it possible to copy the saved data from one memory card to another?
    A: NO. You cannot copy the data from one memory card to another - this is done to prevent people from duplicating the file and hence the Pokemon and items within.

    Q: What Pokemon Gameboy games is Colosseum compatible with?
    A: Any Advance game. Colosseum will not support Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and/or Crystal. See the compatibility guide further down for more.

    Q: What can I expect from this game compared to Pokemon Stadium 1/2?
    A: Unlike the Stadium games, this is primarily an RPG. A scenario or storyline mode is playable, in which you play as a teenager in the region of Orre. All 386 Pokemon are usable, some in beautiful 3-D graphics. The environments are excellent. The music is new. Attacks look exponentially better than they did in Stadium. You can expect less in the way of Stadium-like battles, and rental Pokemon however - again, the main premise of the game is the RPG factor.

    Q: Is there a Gym Leader Castle?
    A: No, there is no Gym Leader Castle. This isn't a Stadium game.

    Q: Will I be able to play any of my Advance games on my television using Pokemon Colosseum like you were able to do in both Stadiums?
    A: No, if you wanted to play your Advance game on the television, you would need either a Gameboy Player or Pokemon Box.

    Now The Scenario Mode FAQ

    Answers to questions on Shadow Pokemon, Snagging, and Revival can be found further below.

    If you are stuck in Colosseum, check Serebii's walkthrough provided by Coronis: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/walkthrough/

    Alternatively, a more indepth one is here: Part One and Two.

    Any questions on Scenario Mode Battle Mountain can be answered here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/battle/

    Q: What is Scenario mode?
    A: Scenario mode is basically a 3-D Pokemon RPG that allows you to capture some of the G/S/C Pokemon that were unavailable in Ruby/Sapphire.

    Q: What area does the game take place?
    A: The Orre Region.

    Q: Do I get to play as Ash?
    A: No, you play as a teenage character whom is cooler than Ash. You can choose his name, but he is commonly known as Wes. Also known as Seth, and Leo in the Japanese versions.

    Q: Who is that girl?
    A: The girl plays a key role in the game. She identifies Shadow Pokemon which you can snag, and is your non-Pokemon-using sidekick. She also can be named, but is known as Rui.

    Q: I've seen pictures of Bayleef, Quilava, and Croconaw. Does that mean I get to choose between Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile when I start the game?
    A: No. Those Pokemon are snaggable, you do not start with them. You however can get one rather early on in the game. The other two can be obtained after beating the main storyline. Your starters are an Espeon and an Umbreon, both males.

    Q: I can't seem to find a save option in the menu. How do I save my progress?
    A: In various locations in the game, you'll find PCs, the only way to save the game. Use the PCs to save your progress.

    Q: I've heard that the save spots are only located in Pokemon Centers, is that true?
    A: No, there are save spots scattered around Orre. You will not always have to run to the nearest Pokemon Center - PCs can be found in other buildings as well.

    Q: Shadow Pokemon? What are those?
    A: Shadow Pokemon are a new aspect of the game - basically, normal Pokemon gone bad. They can only use the move Shadow Rush to begin with. The game revolves around them, with you able to 'snag' or steal them off other people, similar to catching wild Pokemon. You cannot trade these Shadow Pokemon however until you have purified them and they return to normal.

    Q: What is this 'Darkest Pokemon'?
    A: That would be the Tyranitar that you can snag in the 'final' battle. It supposedly cannot be revived in the normal way (although it can).

    Q: What Pokemon should I use to beat the game?
    A: That really depends on the person playing the game. As long as you level up your Pokemon, then you will be good to go - think also however about type coverage and weaknesses.

    Q: Who the heck is Mirakle B?
    A: He is a bonus character thrown into the game for the heck of it, and does not appear in XD. He claims to be Miror B's heir and has a sped-up version of Miror B's theme music. You can battle him if you head to Miror B's hideout again after dealing with the events at Mt Battle and before beating the main storyline - otherwise he will not be there.

    Q: Is Miror B awesome?
    A: Yes.

    Now The Colosseum Mode FAQ

    For questions on Colosseum mode in general, you'll find your answers here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/battle.shtml

    For questions on Colosseum mode Colosseum battles, you'll find your answers here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/colosseum/

    For questions on Colosseum mode Battle Mountain, you'll find your answers here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/battle-b/

    Q: Will there be rental Pokemon in this game?
    A: Sort of. In the battle mode under 'Battle Now', you can choose to battle the computer without using any of your own teams. There is a pool of about 6 teams in each category which one will be randomly chosen for you, and another for your opponent. The categories are divided up into 1 on 1 and 2 on 2, then by level.

    Q: When you battle using Fire Red/Leaf Green, what will the trainer look like?
    A: Colosseum has all Advance game characters programmed in it, so they'll look like the respective trainer.

    Now The 'How-to-get-Ho-oh FAQ

    So you've played the game, beaten the storyline, and now want to get that colourful flying legendary bird you've seen just before the credits. But how? This guide tells you the answers.
    Who's Ho-oh?
    Ho-oh is National Dex #250, and it is in fact one of the Uber Tier Pokemon, having the base stats all equal 680. For more stat/move/ect info, go here: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/250.shtml

    Getting Ho-oh

    There are two things you need to do in order for you to get Ho-oh, in order:

    1. Catch and Purify all 48 shadow pokemon.

    That's right, all of them. You must do this before proceeding with the next step. Purify by first emptying the Shadow Bar by walking with your Shadow Pokemon in your Party (or in the Day Care), battling with it, calling it out of Hyper State in Battles, by using Colognes, then by taking it to the Alter Stone in Agate. Or simply use one of the Time flutes, but you can only get three, so be careful.

    2. Prepare your team.

    Firstly, register your desired team, and then use that team. You can use Pokemon from games other than Colosseum, but they must be part of a registered team first.

    Now, the opposing Pokemon team shall match the highest leveled Pokemon you have. However your opponents' Pokemon level shall never be below 50 as a minimum. So make a team of six Pokemon, each of equal level and minimum level of 50.

    Who to have on your team? Well, it's up to you. Note however that the challenge in Mt Battle is not that great. You'll start off against a fearsome army of Magikarps, Feebas and Wurmple to name a few, but slowly and gradully it will get harder. At the end you may have to battle some legendaries. But Pokemon such as Quagsire will do all right on your team, if you don't have a common type weakness throughout your team and so forth. EV training is not required to to be sucessful either.

    If you're looking to do Mt Battle with legendary Pokemon you can. You will still get Ho-oh, just with a 15% decrease in tickets for each legendary you use.

    Each 'clean-sweep' win (winning without any of your Pokemon fainting) you have will get you a free Continue, so you will probably have a large number when it starts to get 'hard'.

    3. Defeat the Colosseum mode Mt. Battle, on either 1v1 or 2v2 mode.

    Begin the 100-round epic. MAKE SURE THIS IS IN COLOSSEUM MODE, NOT STORYMODE. Each battle involves four Pokemon out of six for the double battles, and three Pokemon out of six for the single. Your Pokemon get healed after each battle, and you can save after every ten battles.

    After you defeat the 100th trainer on Mt. Battle with all pokemon purified, you get your tickets, then a nice screen showing Ho-oh appears. Check your box in your Scenario game, and you will have a Ho-oh there.

    So, you want another Ho-oh? Go ahead and try again - BUT first you need to restart the Colosseum file you have and purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon again. Otherwise you won't get another Ho-Oh.

    Shadow Pokemon and Purification Methods

    Shadow Pokemon, a new type of Pokemon within Pokemon Colosseum? But what makes them so different to normal Pokemon? Well, there are a variety of additions Shadow Pokemon get, and restrictions placed on them as well. These differ from Colosseum to XD - here is the Colosseum version.

    What are they?

    Shadow Pokemon can only be found in Pokemon Colosseum, and XD: Gale of Darkness. Essentially, they are normal Pokemon turned bad, by having, as the games explain, the ‘door to its heart closed’. They can be recognized by a dark aura that surrounds them. They make up the plot in Colosseum (and XD), with the aim of the game being for you to Snag them off of trainers, and purify them.

    List of Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum - Don't include Espeon/Umbreon/Plusle/Ho-Oh and beyond

    Differences between Shadows and ye average Pokemon

    - Sorry, you can’t trade me!
    Shadow Pokemon are unable to be traded from Colosseum (or XD) to any of the 3rd generation games. It is a restriction placed on the trading areas of the game. If you want to trade a Shadow Pokemon, you’ll need to purify it.

    - I don’t like nicknames…
    Shadow Pokemon cannot be nicknamed - at least, not until you’ve purified them. Once there are you can do so.

    - Experience points? I lost mine!
    Leastways, for part of their life as a Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon for the first to ‘stages’ will not receive any experience points from battles. After that they will start gaining those experience points, albeit they don’t actually receive them until they get purified. Basically - Shadow Pokemon cannot go up in level or evolve until they are purified, when they receive any experience points that they may have earned then.

    - Don’t think about using that TM there.
    Shadow Pokemon cannot be taught any TM’s.

    - Not allowed to participate in certain Colosseums or Battle Mode
    Shadow Pokemon are banned from participating in Phenac Colosseum, or in any of the challenges in Colosseum mode.

    - I know Shadow Rush!
    All Shadow Pokemon start of with one move only - Shadow Rush. A move that relies on the Attack stat, has a base power of 90 and has no typing - in other words for Colosseum if scores no super-effective hits and nothing resists it. It also deals a small amount of recoil damage to the user. It differs from what it is like in XD: Gale of Darkness.
    Shadow Pokemon when freshly snagged only have this move - however with time one can regain other moves. Also once the Pokemon is purified it forgets Shadow Rush forever.

    - I can go into HYPER MODE!!!1!
    During battle, when Shadow Rush is used a Shadow Pokemon may go into Hyper mode. Their aura turns red, and they miss moving on that turn. Bummer. What’s more, is that one cannot use any items on it, and the Pokemon will only want to use Shadow Rush - it may disobey you if you tell it to use another move, or attack your other Pokemon.
    But it’s not all bad - if your Pokemon is in Hyper Mode, the critical hit ratio for Shadow Rush greatly increases.

    It is not a permanent effect - Hyper Mode can be dispelled if you Call your Pokemon during a Battle, use cologne on it or put it in the Day Care. Doing so also reduces its Shadow Meter - making this a method to purify a Pokemon.

    Stages of Purification

    Now, how does one know if a Pokemon is close to purification? Well, in their summery page, one can see a shadow meter. When you first Snag a Shadow Pokemon, this will be entirely filled up. However as you purify the Pokemon, it will start to decrease - the less in the Shadow Meter, the closer to purification.

    There are five bars in total.

    - Five full bars
    Simply, the first stage to overcome. Your Pokemon will not be able to receive any experience points, its Nature is unknown, and it only knows one attack - Shadow Rush.

    - Four full bars
    One bar successfully emptied - as a reward, the Shadow Pokemon ‘relearns’ one move. Unfortunately this tends to be a status-inflicting or stat-lowering move - not the most helpful thing. Better then nothing though.

    - Three full bars
    Once you empty two bars, you Pokemon will from now on gain experience points in battles. However they do not benefit from them until purification. In addition, the Pokemon’s Nature is revealed to you. This also is helpful to find out which method of Purification is best for your Pokemon - more on that later.

    - Two full bars
    Another move is relearned by the Shadow Pokemon - usually a better one then the previous.

    - One full bar
    Again - you gain another move once you get the Shadow Meter down to less than one lone bar.

    - An empty bar
    When the Shadow Meter has been completely emptied, your Pokemon can now be purified and stop being a Shadow Pokemon.

    Purification methods

    So, how does one purify them? You probably want to, even if Shadow Rush is probably the best move that Shadow Dunsparce will ever see, especially if you want that Ho-oh. So, the methods:

    - Walk the walk
    Simply having the Pokemon in your party and walking around with it will slowly diminish the Shadow Meter.

    - Battle those trainers
    Whenever a Shadow Pokemon enters a Battle, the Shadow Meter will decrease some. So the more battles it takes part in, the more you purify it.

    - Call from Hyper State
    This can be used in conjunction with battles - simply have the Shadow Pokemon continue to use Shadow Rush, until it goes into Hyper State. Then use the Call option on that Pokemon’s turn (rather than attack, change Pokemon or use an item). Doing so while bring it out of Hyper State, and diminish the Shadow bar.

    Handy Hint - Try using Helping Hand with your Partner Pokemon in conjunction with Shadow Rush. The chances that the Shadow Pokemon will enter Hyper State will increase. Thought to be an increase to 50% - testing still being continued.

    - Uses colognes
    Simply use a cologne scent on the Shadow Pokemon. First though you need a cologne case - obtainable from an NPC outside the Pokemon Centre in Agate Village. After that you can buy colognes from the shop in Agate Village. There are three types of them:

    Joy Scent - Purifies to a slight extent - $600
    Excite Scent - Purifies to a good extent - $800
    Vivid Scent - Purifies to a great extent - $1,200

    Generally - the more expensive, the better the scent, and the more it decreases the Shadow Meter. Simply use the scent on your Pokemon.

    - Use the Day Care
    Stick a Shadow Pokemon in the Day Care, then walk around. As you walk, the Shadow Meter will steadily decrease. However, beware - the price for doing so may shoot up considerably, so make sure you have some money if you do so.

    After the Shadow Meter is fully depleted, there is one final step.

    - Take the Shadow Pokemon to the Relic Stone
    It is found in Agate village and is accessible via a path down from the left of the Pokemon Centre. It features in part of the storyline as well.
    If a Pokemon is ready to be purified, the Shrine will shine brightly. Press A on it, and then choose the Pokemon you want to purify.

    Upon purification, their aura will disappear. Then they receive any experience points it may have received, and if they have gained enough they may level up. In addition, they may even evolve. Yippee. Finally, they will receive a ribbon, and you will be able to give it a nickname.
    They will also relearn one additional move, and forget Shadow Rush automatically.

    However, there is one other method to purify a Pokemon:

    - Play some music on that Time Flute.
    No, seriously. Didn’t you know music calms the soul?
    Ok, not just music - Celebi as well. If you use a key item called Time Flute on a Shadow Pokemon, Celebi will come and fly around, and suddenly - the Pokemon becomes normal again! This works regardless of how full the Shadow Meter is.

    However - one can only find three Time Flutes in the game. One gets given to you after you help out in Mt Battle in the storyline, one is found on the top of Mt Battle, and the third is found via using the U-Disk (Up disk) on the UFO in The Under.

    You can’t trade these either, as they are Key Items, so there’s no way to get more via a certain Emerald cloning trick.
    It’s recommended you save these for the harder-to-purify Pokemon, such as Tyranitar.

    How long does it take to purify a Pokemon?

    Generally, it varies, both on their level and on their nature, depending on what method of purification you use. The early ones may take an hour at max, while others may take a few hours.

    Natures and Purification

    The Nature of a Pokemon is an important aspect in purifying them - leastways, in terms of time spent in doing so. For depending on the Nature of the Pokemon, some purification methods do more then others.

    To find out the Nature of a Shadow Pokemon, stock up on Vivid scents, and save the game prior to using them. Then use as many as you need to diminish two shadow bars, when the Nature is revealed.

    Then refer to this table. Apparently these differ from the ones in XD, so do not apply this table to XD. Courtesy of ‘Shadow Frog’, and a ‘Deathborn 668’, whose FAQ also seems to agree with this data:


    The time taken varies depending on the Pokemon itself - however anything done via a ‘Very Good’ method may take you less then an hour, depending how fast you go. A ‘Very Bad’ method may take 5 hours though - certainly time-saving information here.

    The short of it - these methods work best with these natures:
    Using in battle: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Calm, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Naughty, Quirky, Sassy

    Call from Hyper Mode: Docile, Lonely, Serious, Timid.

    Walk around in Party: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Hardy, Impish, Lax, Lonely, Naive, Naughty, Sassy.

    Pokemon Day-Care: Bashful, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Mild, Modest, Quirky, Relaxed, Timid.

    Using Cologne: Bashful, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Hasty, Jolly, Lax, Lonely, Mild, Rash, Relaxed, Timid.

    The ‘Other’ Purification Method!

    Courtesy of a ‘Shadow Frog’ who has an FAQ detailing this method with links to pictures even! This is a glitch that requires you to leave your GameCube (or Wii) on, while holding a direction on the control to keep your character moving into a ‘wall’ in such a way that the shadow metre will decrease. The advantage is you don’t have to do anything but leave it on - no need to earn money or anything, albeit it can be timely. Do however if using the glitch make sure your game console won’t overheat or anything.

    To take the most advantage of this method have a party of 6 Shadow Pokemon at a time, so you can purify all 6 at once. You can have an additional one in the Day Care, only be sure to have some money handy in that case to pay for it.

    Now, you can’t simply walk into any old wall or force field for this glitch to work, for it is programmed in the game that doing so will not affect the Shadow Metre in any way. Yet there are exceptions to the rule.

    There are multiple places to perform this glitch - Agate Village offers the best locations however with a number of irregular slopes and hills. We’ll use the hill immediately visible when you first enter Agate Village to your left. Be on top of it, facing back towards you. Then hold down so your character walks into the hill edge - if done right the screen will be shaking about somewhat. As long as this continues, the game will think you are walking around normally and the Shadow Metres of your Pokemon will decrease. Then it’s a matter of holding it down for a good while until they are ready to be purified.

    Handy Hint - there’s a way around having to physically hold down on the control stick as well. When at the end of the hill, disconnect your controller while the control stick is in a neutral position. Then, plug it in WHILE holding Up on the control stick. Then release so it is in a neutral direction. The game system should read up as neutral, and neutral as down, so if done correctly your character will be running down into the hill, and the screen shaking about.

    Then it’s simply a matter of being patient, and winding down those hours by doing something else as your Pokemon purify.

    The Master Ball glitch

    This is a well-known glitch that is present only in Pokemon Colosseum (no, it is not present in XD: Gale of Darkness). Basically, it allows you to reuse the Master ball as many times as you like. This also works with any other kind of Ball - Pokeball, Great ball, etc. So essentially you only needto buy one kind of Ball.

    All you need are two Pokemon, a Shadow Pokemon that needs catching, and at least two different types of Pokeball. This has to be done within the one turn, but can be done multiple times within the one battle.

    Once you've worked your way in a battle and are up against a Shadow Pokemon, with the first Pokemon's turn, go to the items option and use the Ball that you want to use. With the second Pokemon, go back to items, and change the position of the Ball you just used with another one. Then do whatever you want if the second Pokemon's turn - attack, use another item, switch Pokemon, whatever you want.

    Afer that turn (or battle, if it ended on that turn), go and check the items pocket. You will still have the same number of Balls that you previously had. So if you used the Master ball via this glitch, you would still have it, ready for another use.

    GBA-to-GCN connection FAQ

    Credit to Fox for the original and Ellie and Big Nutter for edits.

    Q: Can I use the Gameboy Player to use my Advance game with Colosseum/XD?
    A: No. The Gameboy Player is used to play Gameboy games on the television. It cannot be used in conjunction with any Gamecube game. (The Gameboy player in a second Gamecube can be used instead of GBA.)

    Q: Can I upload my Pokemon from my Advance game to Colosseum/XD?
    Q: Can I download my Pokemon from Colosseum/XD to my Advance game?
    A: Yes, you can once you beat the final boss of Colosseum. For Fire Red/Leaf Green, you also need to obtain the National dex and get the items "Ruby" and "Sapphire" to Celio on One Island. You don't upload/download Pokemon, instead you trade as if you were trading from Gameboy to Gameboy.

    Q: Can I use my Japanese Advance game on my English Colosseum/XD?
    Q: Can I use my English Advance game on my Japanese Colosseum/XD?
    A: No. Regardless on whether or not the Japanese Advance games and the English Advance games are compatible, you cannot connect them to Colosseum of a different language.

    Q: I've heard that you can connect Pokemon Colosseum/XD with R/B/Y/G/S/C. Does that mean I can use my level 100 Lugia?
    A: No. Pokemon Colosseum/XD, as with the Advance games, are not compatible with R/B/Y/G/S/C.

    Q: I have my team ready to battle in my Advance game's PC, but I cannot find them like I could in Stadium. Why is that?
    A: In Pokemon Colosseum/XD, to trade or battle with Pokemon from your Advance game, they must be in your party, and must have the items you want attached.

    Q: When I trade a Pokemon from Colosseum or XD to an Advance game, will it show up in the Pokedex?
    A: It depends on the Pokemon, the version, and what you did with the version so far. If it is obtainable in Ruby/Sapphire, it will show up in the Pokedex. If it is not normally obtainable in Ruby/Sapphire (such as Ampharos), you need to have traded with Fire Red or Leaf Green first, then it will show up. Assuming you got to a the certain point in Fire Red/Leaf Green where you are allowed to trade with Ruby/Sapphire, all Pokemon traded to Fire Red/Leaf Green will show up. Finally, in Emerald, once you have the National Dex, you can trade with Colosseum and XD and the Pokemon will show up.

    Q: Will I be able to use hacked Pokemon in my Colosseum/XD game?
    A: Apparently, you cannot use any hacked Pokemon in Colosseum/XD, as it will not allow its use. This is similar to what happened with the Stadium games when there was something wrong with one of your Pokemon.

    Q: Can I play using the Wii?
    A: Yes. Remember the Wii will be in GameCube Mode, and you'll need GBA-GCN Cable and a GBA to trade

    Q: Can I use a DS or DSlite? Or even a DSi-Series or 3DS?
    A: No, the DS and DSlite lacks the GBA socket. The only way to trade is Via the GBA-GCN Cable and a GBA.


    Missed Colosseum Shadow Pokémon - Where to fine them!

    By kiera2

    Face it, it's very difficult to catch some Shadow Pokémon. You might accidentally faint it, or it could faint itself (stupid Shadow Rush). It's best to save before fighting a Shadow Pokémon to ensure you'll catch it the first time, but in some cases such as Mantine you may not want to go through all the trouble of fighting the trainers again. Don't worry, though!

    Most trainers that have Shadow Pokémon can be fought again. Just keep in mind that the Pokémon's nature and gender is set in stone forever once you encounter it and save.

    I'll try to list where you can fight these guys again, and how many times you can fight them again. Help on these locations and the number of times you can fight these trainers again would be much appreciated!

    Makuhita: Miror B. Peon Trudly escapes from jail with his buddy Folly after you officially "beat" the game. You can find him in Es Cade's office, hanging out.

    Bayleef/Croconaw/Quilava: I think that if you missed it the first time, the corresponding trainer (Verde/Bluno/Rosso) will have it in Realgam Tower if you fight him again.

    Misdreavus, Slugma, Noctowl, Flaaffy, Skiploom, Quagsire, Furret: You can fight their trainers again and again in Pyrite.

    Yanma: Cipher Peon Nore owns Yanma. Where does he show up later?

    Remoraid and Mantine: Miror B. Peon Reath has Remoraid, Miror B. Peon Ferma has Mantine. After you officially beat the game, Reath busts out of jail with her buddy Ferma and they go to the same room where you fought Miror B. They fight one after another with no chance to save, so if you missed them both get them NOW.

    Quilfish: Hunter Doken can be fought on the top of the Pyrite Cipher building as much as you like.

    Dunsparce: You can fight Rider Sosh as much as you like in the Pyrite Cave.

    Meditite: You can fight Rider Twan as much as you like in the Pyrite Cave.

    Swablu: You can fight Hunter Zalo as much as you like in the Pyrite Cave.

    Sudowoodo: You have a chance to recapture Sudowoodo from Cipher Admin Miror B. at Realgam Tower, and then unlimited chances in the Deep Colosseum, where he appears as a "boss".

    Hitmontop: Cipher Peon Skrub appears again in the Cipher Laboratory, and afterwards in the Snagem Hideout.

    Entei: You have a chance to recapture Entei from Cipher Dakim at Realgam Tower, and then unlimited chances in the Deep Colosseum, where he appears as a "boss".

    Ledian: Owned by Cipher Peon Kloak. She reappears once in the Snagem Hideout by dropping from the ceiling.

    Suicune: You have a chance to recapture Suicune from Cipher Venus at Realgam Tower, and then unlimited chances in the Deep Colosseum, where she appears as a "boss".

    Gligar: Hunter Frena reappears in the Snagem Hideout.

    Sneasel: Rider Nelis reappears in the Snagem Hideout.

    Piloswine: Bodybuilder Lonia reappears in the Snagem Hideout.

    Stantler: Chaser Liaks reappears in the Snagem Hideout.

    Ariados: Owned by Cipher Peon Lesar. He re-appears at the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

    Aipom: Owned by Cipher Peon Cole. He re-appears at the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

    Murkrow: Owned by Cipher Peon Lare. She re-appears at the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

    Forretress: Owned by Cipher Peon Vana. She re-appears at the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

    Granbull: Owned by Cipher Peon Tanie. She re-appears at the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

    Vibrava: Owned by Cipher Peon Remil. She re-appears at the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

    Raikou: Cipher Admin Ein shows up in Realgam Tower, then appears infinitely as a boss in the Deep Colosseum.

    Sunflora: Cipher Peon Balia re-appears at the Snagem Hideout.

    Delibird: Cipher Peon Arton re-appears at the Snagem Hideout.

    Heracross: Cipher Peon Dioge re-appears at the Snagem hideout.

    Skarmory: Snagem Head Gonzap can be fought again at the Snagem Hideout.

    Miltank, Absol, Houndoom, Tropius, Metagross, Tyranitar: These 6 Pokémon are always availible for a second try. Remember, this is a Pokémon game; when the credits finish rolling, your extraordinary deeds are undone and the world is back to the previous state it was in before challenging the final boss. You can go back up to the top of Realgam Tower and fight the final six trainers as often as you please.


    Compatibility Guide/Celebi Disc FAQ

    Credit to kiera2 for most of the original info and Ellie for edits/touch-ups/additional info. NOTE: This Guide was written prior to the "cheating devices" Rule was made. Freeloader is not a Nintendo Product, and technically a cheating Device. As a Result of this, SSP staff can not offer support. This was written by a member who is no longer part of this site.

    There always seem to be heaps of questions around here about whether such-and-such format game will be compatible with some other game.. so I typed this up in the hope that it'll help a few of you out, and maybe make the whole compatibility thing a little clearer. I've kept it fairly specific to Pokemon for the most part.
    Being from a PAL region myself, I've had quite a lot of experience importing games and experimenting with compatibility issues. With Pokemon especially I often import games from both Japan and the US. I own a PAL format GameCube, a Japanese format "Panasonic Q" which is a combination GameCube/DVD player, and a Freeloader, as well as Pokemon games for both GameCube and GBA in English and Japanese. Nearly all of this guide comes from knowledge I've gained from my own experience, some is things I've learned online. I don't mind if you use it elsewhere as long as you let me know first - it's my intellectual property, and while I'm not gonna sue anyone, it'd be a nice courtesy after the work I put in :)

    I've divided the guide into five sections. PAL and NTSC explains just what these two words mean, and why they affect video game compatibility. GBA compatibility explains the compatibility between different types of GBA Pokemon games. GameCube compatibility explains compatibility with GameCube Pokemon games. GameCube to GBA compatibility explains, you guessed it, issues with connecting GBA and GameCube Pokemon games. Finally, the Freeloader section explains what this device is, and hopefully explores the answers to some common questions about it.

    PAL and NTSC

    Firstly, a little explanation behind these two words, because I see them thrown around all the time without people knowing what they really mean. PAL and NTSC, acronyms for "Phase Alternating Line" and "National Television Standards Committee", actually refer to different formats of televisions, not video games. Basically, the USA, Canada and Japan use NTSC televisions, while most of the rest of the world (including Europe and Australia) uses PAL. The specific differences are slight. PAL televisions have a slightly higher resolution of 625 lines, compared to NTSC, which has 525 lines. NTSC has a slightly higher refresh rate of 60 times per second, compared to PAL's 50 times per second. This is where the "60Hz" and "50Hz" options some games have come from - one Hertz is a unit of measurement meaning 'once per second.'​
    Okay, technical stuff aside, the effect of this on us gamers is that slightly different versions of video game consoles are made to be compatible with the different types of televisions. Which is why a game from the US won't work on a console manufactured for use in Europe, and vice-versa. If you are thinking of importing a console of a different type to the one manufactured in your country, be aware that older televisions might not be able to display the different signal. However, nearly all televisions made these days are able to display both NTSC and PAL signals. ​

    GBA compatibility

    I'm going to talk about this in relation to Pokemon, because I figure that's what most of you will be interested in here. Firstly, it's important to note that because a GBA doesn't need to display games through a TV screen, the PAL and NTSC differences do not apply to GBA games. A GBA (or indeed a Game Boy of any sort) from anywhere in the world will happily play games from anywhere else in the world. And so the only barrier to compatibility with Pokemon Game Boy games is language. If GBA games are in the same language then they are, for all intents and purposes, identical. There is no difference whatsoever in compatibility between an English-language USA GBA cartridge, and an English-language UK GBA cartridge. Both will work in exactly the same ways.​
    In the past, the Japanese-language and English-language versions of Pokemon games were not compatible at all. You couldn't trade, battle, or anything else between them. However, this was changed with Ruby and Sapphire, and continued with Fire Red and Leaf Green and Emerald. It is now possible to trade and battle between English and Japanese Pokemon games. ​
    When you trade a Pokemon from one language to another, all the Pokemon's stats and descriptions will automatically be translated by the game. The only exceptions are the Pokemon's nickname and Original Trainer - these will stay in the original language. If you trade a Japanese Pokemon to an English game, the nickname will still appear in the original Japanese characters. If you trade an English Pokemon to a Japanese game, the name will appear in English, but be shortened to five letters, which is the maximum for Pokemon names in Japanese. (Because of the way written Japanese works, you need less characters to express sounds.. even Quilava's Japanese name, Magumarashi, fits into just five Japanese characters.)​
    Held-item and trade-induce evolution also works across languages. I've heard rumours of people having glitches with this, but have never experienced any myself after plenty of testing.​

    GameCube compatibility

    Again, I'm going to concentrate on the Pokemon GameCube games: Colosseum, Box, Channel, and the Bonus Discs available (Jirachi and Celebi). With GameCube games, the usual PAL and NTSC restrictions apply. As mentioned earlier, there are three types of GameCube games - NTSC for Japan, NTSC for the USA, and PAL. The three are not usually compatible - that is, you cannot play games of one type on a console of another type. A Freeloader will allow you to play games from different regions on your own GameCube, read the Freeloader section for more on that.​
    There are also issues of memory card compatibility with GameCubes. The main issue here, though, is one of language. You can quite happily put PAL and US NTSC saves on the same memory card. However, put a Memory Card formatted for English-language saves into a Japanese GameCube, and it will not recognise the data. It will read the data as corrupted, and try to re-format the Memory Card. The same thing will happen if you try to put a Japanese-formatted Memory Card into either a PAL or US NTSC GameCube. However, memory cards themselves are not permanently either English or Japanese. Memory Cards are all the same until they are formatted, and even then you can re-format a Memory Card to be used in another language.​
    Compatibility between two GameCube games is only relevant in one instance related to Pokemon that I'm aware of: The Colosseum Celebi Bonus Disc. The way this disc works is that it reads your memory card for your Colosseum save file. If it discovers that you've purified all 48 Pokemon, it will give you a Celebi. As the disc is a Japanese disc, it will be looking for a Japanese Colosseum save file. It will not recognise any other type of Colosseum save file. (Information on using the Celebi Disc with Freeloader is in the Freeloader section.)​

    GameCube to GBA compatibility

    As mentioned in the GBA compatibility section, there is no notable difference between a "US" and a "UK" GBA game. GBA games in the same language are exactly the same, compatibility-wise. So any English-language GBA game will quite happily connect to either a PAL or US NTSC GameCube game. ​
    Unfortunately, however, GameCube-GBA connections are not compatible across languages. This includes every GameCube Pokemon game to date, including the Bonus Discs. The US Jirachi Disc will not connect to any Japanese-language GBA game. A Japanese version of Colosseum will not recognise an English-language GBA game. Etc. So if you want to use, say, Pokemon from a Japanese GBA game on an English-language version of Colosseum, you'll first have to trade them over to an English GBA game to upload them.​

    The Freeloader is a "boot disc" made to trick a GameCube into playing games of different formats to the one it was designed to play. It does not translate games. There are three formats of games that the Freeloader works with; NTSC games from Japan, NTSC games from the USA, and PAL games, which are from Europe, Australia, and a lot of the rest of the world. Normally, these formats are not compatible, and you would not be able to play a game of a different format to the type of your GameCube. ​
    However, the Freeloader allows you to play games from any region on any region of GameCube. For example, a US game on a PAL GameCube, a PAL game on a Japanese GameCube, or any other combination you can think of. Not only this, but the signal output from your GameCube will remain in the original format. For example, if you use a Freeloader to play an NTSC game on a PAL GameCube, the output to your television will still be in PAL format. This is useful for people who have older televisions that may not be able to interpret different signals.​
    And there are complications involved, the main one being with Memory Cards and save files. As explained in the GameCube compatibility section, Memory Cards in different languages are not compatible. However, Freeloader allows you to save Japanese games on an English-language formatted memory card by making 'fake-Japanese' saves, which can be used and read by games using the Freeloader. The downside, of course, is that these are not true Japanese save files, and cannot be read by a true Japanese GameCube.​
    Let it also be said that the Freeloader is not perfect. I myself have one, and while I have had few problems with it, sometimes games do not load up on the first attempt. There is always the question of whether the Freeloader will work with newly released games - every so often a new version of Freeloader is released to keep up. But overall I have had very little trouble using one, and it's a damn sight cheaper than buying a second GameCube.​
    One question I've seen a few times is whether or not a Celebi Bonus Disc will work with a Freeloader, considering that the way it works is to search for a Colosseum save file on your Memory Card, and the fact that Freeloader does not create "true" Japanese save files. However, if you use a Freeloader to boot up the Celebi Disc, the Disc will read the 'fake-Japanese' Freeloader save file quite happily. I've done this myself.​

    Now some of you may be wondering whether it's at all worth it to get all of this stuff just for the sake of Celebi. With the 10ANIV tour in 2006, the rarity of Celebi decreased dramatically, making it much more widely available. However, the use of the bonus disc does still have some merits:
    -You can get unlimited Celebi. Sure, you'll have to do the file over and over, but it's still as many as you want.
    -You can get good IV'd or shiny Celebi. The 10ANIV ones were preset, and there were no shiny ones, and it was harder to get a good IV'd one.
    -You can get 3rd generation tutor moves on it (provided you don't already have a 10ANIV Celebi in your GBA and you only have one from wifi trading). Want a Celebi with Swift or Metronome? You can get one.

    So there are still some benefits to hunting down a bonus disc. If you wish to get one, good luck!
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    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    The XD FAQ

    The walkthrough
    The shadow pokemon list & who owns them
    The shadow attack list
    The XD exclusive move list

    Q: Does shadow Lugia regains its normal colour after purification?
    A: Yes, so please stop asking. The main site and generally everywhere else has this piece of info.

    1) Is XD a sequel to Colosseum?
    Yes, XD takes place in Orre 5 years after the plot in Colosseum.

    2) Are the old places still there?
    With the exception of the Under City and Deep Colosseum, all the old places are there, with minimal changes done such as the people living there and some overworld pokemons have evolved (eg. the Torchic in one of Agate's house is now a Combusken).

    3) What are the new places?
    See here

    4) What are the functions of P*DA in XD?
    See here. Basically the major new addition is the Pokespot checker which monitors your pokesnack at the Pokespots.

    5) Did any of the Colosseum characters return?
    The two main characters Wes and Rui, did not. Evice, Nascour, Venus, Dakim and Ein did not either, but Miror B and his two underlings did, as well as Team Snagem and its leader, Gonzap.

    All the other supporting characters mainly did, such as Eagun and his wife Beluh in Agate, Duking, the Sheriff and policeman in Pyrite, and all the Kid's Network children return as teenagers who are now in charge of the TV station, ONBS.

    6) Is the music different in XD?
    As far as I can tell, all the old places use the same theme, and of course the new places have new themes. And no, I don't think any of them are remixed of the GBA game ones. The Miror B theme seems different than in Colosseum, but exactly how I can't describe.

    7) Does the Masterball glitch still work?
    No, it doesn't anymore.

    8) When is trading possible?
    Like in Colosseum, you have to beat the boss (Greevil in this case) once and see the credits roll once first before you can trade with the GBA games. The trading is still done at the underground floor of the Phenac Pokemon Center. Like in FRLG and Emerald, you cannot trade over a Deoxys or Mew unless it is legitimately caught at the Birth Island and Faraway Island.

    Shadow pokemons, eggs, and pokemons holding either a mail or the enigma berry cannot be traded. Fainted pokemons cannot be traded either. Shadow Lugia XD001 follows this trading rule, and since it returns to its normal colour after purification, you can't trade the 'cool' looking Lugia to the GBA games.

    9) Are there single battles in XD?
    As far as I can remember, there is only 2 single battles in XD. The first one being your battle against Chobin at Dr. Kaminko's lab, and the second one being your fight against the Cipher Peon Naps who sends out the shadow Teddiursa which you couldn't actually fight but must throw a pokeball to snag. Afterwards, all battles are double ones.

    10) What does your sister, Jovi, do?
    Jovi is mainly involved in the earlier game play. You have to find her at Dr. Kaminko's lab at the beginning, and after Prof. Krane is kidnapped, she travels with you as a companion to the Gateon Port to find the machinery parts. After you go home following that part, she no longer follows you around, and stays mainly in her room. She will disappear at some point when she visits Kaminko again, but will return on her own, and it is then that you can go challenge Kaminko's Mecha Groudon.

    She owns a Plusle and Minun (they are overworld pokemons), and she doesn't battle with or against you throughout the game.

    11) Can you breed in XD?
    No, there are no breeding centers in XD. The daycare center in Agate Village is still there, but like in Colosseum, you can only place 1 pokemon at a time there, so no breeding.

    12) Are there any Kanto starters in XD?
    No, the Kanto starters are not obtainble in XD.

    13) How does Eevee's evolutions work? Will the shards work on a trade Eevee from GBA?
    When you first arrive at the Machinery Shop at the Gateon Port, a sailor will let you choose from the fire stone, water stone, thunder stone, sun shard and moon shard to evolve your Eevee.

    If you pick any of the stones, it will be placed into your normal items bagpack, and you can evolve your Eevee anytime you want to like in the GBA games. If you pick the shards however, they will be in your ket items bagpack, and will automatically evolve your Eevee when it gains another level. Since key items cannot be deposited into your PC in XD, there doesn't seem to be a way to stop their evolution (I'm not sure if pressing B works, since it doesn't for the evolutionary stones).

    Someone has tested that the shards will work on GBA traded Eevees as well, which means after you get the shard, if you deposit your Eevee into your PC and simply use the other pokemons (wild or shadow) to beat the game, then trade an Eevee from your GBA, the shards should still work on that Eevee.

    14) When are the Pokespots activated and what pokemons are there?
    After you visit the ONBS station at Pyrite, Nett will tell you about Duking's work on the Pokespots and that's when the Rockground spot will be unlocked. Follow what the walkthrough says, and you will unlock all three spots. How the pokespot works and what pokemons are available there can be found here.

    Note that Duking trades three pokemons with you, all at level 20:
    Meditite - dynamic punch, confusion, shadowball, detect
    Shuckle - toxic, substitute, sludgebomb, encore
    Larvitar - sandstorm, dragon dance, bite, outrage

    Duking will be inside the secret cave behind his house in Pyrite. Find him there.

    15) Are the 4th generation pokemons in XD?
    Learn more here. To summarize, Munchlax and Bonsly both make cameos. Munchlax belongs to an old lady selling herbs and roots at the Gateon Port, and randomly eats your pokesnack at the Pokespots. He could appear at any random spot randomly, so there's not preference in its choice of spots. In my game, he has appeared more than twice on each of the 3 locations.

    Bonsly is a lost pokemon you must find on the deserted Libra Cruise who must be approached by slow walking (move your joystick minimally). It will then appear in the Pokespots (any one of them, the probability is the same) and like the other Pokespot pokemons, you have to leave pokefood there to attract it. Remember to approach it SLOW again when you find it at the Pokespot, otherwise it will run again, which means you have to wait til it appears at another Pokespot again. You return Bonsly to its owner right away when you succeed in getting it (the screen changes back to ONBS once you've had it), so you don't really get to chance to give it back or not. It will not join your party.

    16) Are there E-cards for XD?
    From the likes of things, no. The E-reader seems to be abadoned by Nintendo sometime after Emerald's release, and there is absolutely no mentioning of E-reader compatibility in XD, unlike in Colosseum. Plus, the virtual training feature has been replaced by the Battle CD, and the E-reader room is no longer there at the Phenac Stadium.

    17) Can you save on the spot now instead of running back to a PC everytime?
    Yes, the saving function is in the start menu like in the GBA games now, thank god.

    18) Has the Fly and Bounce glitch been fixed?
    Yes, in a way. A pokemon will actually be flying or hovering while using fly or bounce. However, when it is hit by an attack while in midair (like gust), it still appears as though it is standing. But since not many attacks can hit pokemons in flight anyway, so it isn't really a big deal.

    19) Are there any bonus discs coming with the game this time?
    No, there aren't. You only get a glittering card and memo stickers for pre-ordering it in Japan, and from what I heard, a GameCube sticker for the english version.

    20) Where are the TMs in the game?
    Look here.

    21) Are there move deletors, relearners and tutors in XD?
    The deleter and relearner are both in the lobby of Mt. Battle, charging pokecoupons for what they do. The move tutor, an old lady, is in the left back cave in Agate, and teaches each move once for free. The number of moves she teaches gradually increases as you progress in the game.

    22) What does the + sign mean next to a pokemon?
    It just signifies that it is a shadow pokemon

    23) Why is there a Metang listed in the snaggable pokemon list? Where did the Pikachu, Plusle and Minun go?
    The Metang is available at the demo version of XD, and knows the move refresh. If you've played this demo at the Pokemon Fiesta in Japan, or other similar promotional events in the US, you will be able to transfer this Metang to your GBA games (yes, it will be purified already).

    For the Pikachu, Plusle and Minun, they are really demo-only shadows that you don't get to transfer to your GBA games, so they don't count officially as part of XD and have been removed from the site's shadow list.

    24) Does the level up moves follow the FRLG or RSE pattern?
    The RSE pattern.

    25) What has happened to the Battle Mode?
    The Battle Mode technically does not exist in XD since it is simply reduced to the Battle Now Feature, which uses preset teams either in the easy, medium, hard or powerful categoy, and the option to challenge your friend by connecting a GBA to it. This challenge feature works the same as in Colosseum except that the Emerald hero and heroine outfits are present in the game, and you have the option to either show or hide Deoxys's real form. If you choose to hide it, all Deoxys will appear as the normal mode, otherwise, they will be in the attack/defense or speed mode depending on which version you're uploading them from.

    26) Are there time flutes in XD?
    No, time flutes are not in XD, and since they cannot be held by pokemons in Colosseum, you cannot transfer a pokemon holding a time flute to XD either.

    27) What's the deal with Togepi?
    Togepi is the only shadow pokemon you don't have to snag because it will be given to you by its trainer Hordel at the Outskirt Stand. He expects you to return it, however, after you purify it, and offers to trade an Elekid which knows the elemental punches and crosschop for it. You don't necessarily have to trade Togepi back, but if your Togepi happens to have evolved into a Togetic (which is actually hard in XD since the developers seem to have coded its happiness level quite low), the Elekid Danny trades you will just be an ordinary one with no special moves.

    28) Are there other evolutionary stones in the game?
    Yes, apart from the ones offered by the sailor (you only get one there anyway, and none if you pick the shards), you'll find one fire stone (Deserted Cruiser Libra), water stone (empty Phenac Stadium) and leaf stone (Cipher Shadow Lab) along the game. Since more than 1 pokemon will require these to evolve, you have to make your choice whom to evolve here. No other sun/moon/thunder stones as they're not needed.

    29) Does XD have references to the GBA games?
    The only reference I can find is that on the underground floor of the Phenac Pokemon Center (where you trade with the GBA games), the bookshelf holds books which are said to be about pokemons in Hoenn.

    30) How many blocks of memory card does XD take up?

    31) What is the icon of XD on the memory card?

    32) When do you get the Masterball?
    After you beat the Cipher Admin Gorigan at the Shadow Pokemon Factory (pyramid), you should receive a mail from Prof. Krane. Head back to the Pokemon HQ Lab, and he'll give you that after taking you to a secret room Jovi has mentioned in her diaries.

    33) How much storage space is there in XD?
    8 boxes, each holding 30 pokemons

    34) Can the pokemons at the Pokespots be re-encountered once you've caught them?
    Yes, they are supposed to be wild pokemons, and not one-offs.

    35) How does the 'call' function work in battles now?
    If it is a shadow pokemon in reverse mode, its heart gauge will reduce. If the pokemon is asleep, it will wake up. If it is a non-shadow and non-sleeping pokemon, it's accuracy will increase.

    36) Can all three Johto starters be obtained?
    Yes, you just have to beat Mt. Battle from trainer 1 to 100 without leaving Mt. Battle or changing your team at the PCs three times to get all three, one each time. You can only get each specie once, so no more prizes except the ribbons on the 4th try.

    37) Where do you get all the missed shadow pokemons?
    These pokemons will fall into Miror B's possession and you have to seek this man out by the Miror B Radar. You can't actually use the radar, but it will alert you everytime it detects his presence. When it does so, use the radar, and it will tell you where exactly he is. He could either be at the Pyrite, Realgam Tower Colosseum, or at the Pokespots. All other shadows will still be at their original trainers/positions if you missed them.

    38) What happened to the Phenac Stadium?
    The Phenac Stadium is now empty since it is said to have moved to the Realgam Tower Colosseum.

    39) Can you battle Eagun again? I don't remember fighting him in Colosseum.
    No, as far as I can see. And you're right, you did not get to battle him back in Colosseum.

    40) Are their rentals in XD?

    41) Are there references to Wes and Rui?
    Yes, but their names are not mentioned. One researcher in the HQ Lab simply speaks of a young hero and a girl blessed with special powers who saved pokemons from evil hands 5 years ago. Eagun and Beluh don't talk about Rui.

    42) Did Miror B mention the other Colossum Cipher Admins?
    Nope, not that I have read. Evice is being referenced by that researcher in the HQ Lab again, saying that he's currently in jail (not the one in Pyrite, obviously).

    43) How do you play the Bonsly Bingo Card?
    The Bonsly Bingo Card is rewarded to you after you return the lost Bonsly to its trainer. You 'use' this item in front of the Battle Bingo counter, and the lady should take the card and let you play it afterwards.

    44) Why was Zook attacked by Ardos at the beginning at the Gateon Port?
    Zook is technically taking part in the shadow pokemon business, but not a core member I suppose. There were other non Cipher peon trainers that possess shadow pokemons as well throughout the game. Aldos actually said something about not wanting Zook to reveal too much about their shadow scheme when he attacked Michael and Jovi at the Gateon Port, but I wasn't sure if Zook himself directly knows Deathgold and Aldos/Eldes. He was never shown to interact with any of the Cipher Admins either.

    45) Where are all the main characters at the end of the game?
    Prof. Krane, Lily and Jovi are all at the lab now. When you beat the game the first time, their speeches were mainly about hoping you could purify all the shadows. Now, they just congratulate you for accomplishing such a big task, and your mother is proud of you or something. Your father is supposed to be a very famous person in Orre as well, since one of the trainers at the lab actually said 'what you did surpassed your father', but I didn't see any reference to him in other parts of Orre. Jovi is said to start learning about pokemon battles at the end of the game, but she's just standing next to Lily and Prof. Krane and never really goes anywhere.

    Chobin is said by Dr. Kaminko to have set out on his journey to polish his reserach on Mecha Pokemons. He's no longer at Kaminko's house at the end of the game, while Kaminko himself is still sitting in front of his computer, grateful that Mecha Kyogre played a part in the fight against Cipher.

    46) Can you beat Greevil again?
    Yes, like Evice in Colosseum, it's as if you haven't beat him before, he will challenge you everytime you visit Citadark Isle, and his team will be replaced by level 50s Swellow, Manectric, Altaria, Aerodactyl, Starmie, Granbull if you've snagged all his shadows.

    47) What does Deoxys appear as if traded to the scenario mode?
    It retains its normal form regardless of which version it's traded from.

    48) Is the snag machine in XD modified from the one of Wes?
    There's no mentioning of that.

    49) What ribbons are there in XD?
    The purification and 100 trainer ribbons are the only two in the game (or as far as I've encountered), and regardless of how to purify your pokemon, either by the chambers or by the relic shrine, the purification ribbon is still the one for 'clearing all difficulties'.

    50) Does the Celebi bonus disc work on XD?
    Nope, doesn't.

    51) How was XD001 created? Why's its colour different?
    I don't really think the mechanism of how they ensured XD001's unique shadowness is mentioned, but the reason why they wanted Krane's help is he knows the mechanism of purification, and wants to know there is anything criteria that could elude the purification process. But as far as I recall, no reason on why it is considered unpurificable.

    In fact, the exact mechanism of how a pokemon's heart can be 'shut out' is never clearly stated either, so I wouldn't expect them to have an elaborative explanation on this.

    It IS hinted however that (also from Colosseum), that it may have been done via torture, or bad treatment of the Shadow Pokemon; and also in Colosseum mentions that they do it by 'artifically closing the door to its heart'... (raised by gerardp)

    52) What are in the pokemon memos if they're traded?
    Pokemons traded to XD will be listed as 'met in a distant land', the same applies to those you trade from Colosseum via the GBAs. XD pokemons will appear as 'obtained through a trade in FRLG and Emerald.

    53) At the Purification Chamber, what happens if there is also an anti-clockwise type effectiveness on top of the clock wise effectiveness (i.e. Hounder > Breloom)?
    The anti-clockwise effectiveness will be ignored by the system as long as there is a clockwise effectiveness. Check here for the basics of the chambers. You can put up to 9 shadows to purify each time, and they can be used over and over again.

    54) Will the shadow attacks be 4X effective on non-shadows?
    I'm not really sure if shadow attacks hav 4X effectiveness on dual types, but from what I see, my dual types don't seem particularly weak to shadow moves, so I suppose not. Of course, have to take in account of each pokemon's defense as well.

    55) Do you get anything special for purifying all 83 shadow pokemons?
    Not that I remember.

    56) Where do you buy pokeballs?
    The first ones are given to you by Joshua at the HQ Lab. You can buy additional ones (and others like the great, net, nest) at almost every shop in every city or location.

    57) Does the game mechanics differ in XD?
    No, they follow the GBA games, that includes hidden power, natures and abilities.

    58) What is there to do after you snagged and purified all 83 pokemons?
    There are several components in XD, aside from the shadow pokemons, there's the Battle CD and Battle Bingo, as well as the Orre Colosseum. The plot generally ends after the Lucky Egg quest, and everything beyond that (i.e. training, evolving, trading) is just like the GBA games, non-compulsory to complete the game.

    59) What is the reverse mode? What happend to the hyper mode?
    The hyper mode has been replaced by the reverse mode in XD. The differences between the two that have been noted by now includes:
    a) The pokemon can still attack in the turn it enters reverse mode, unlike in Colosseum, where the pokemon fails to attack during the turn it enters hyper mode
    b) The pokemon generally hurts itself in reverse mode, and I believe the critical hit benefit from hyper mode is gone

    60) Does shadow Lugia regains its normal colour after purification?
    Yes, it does.

    61) Are shadow attacks physical or special attacks?
    Physical: Shadow Blitz, Shadow End, Shadow Blast, Shadow Break, Shadow Rush
    Special: Shadow Wave, Shadow Rave, Shadow Chill, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Fire, Shadow Storm

    62) Are shadow attacks not super effective on any non-shadow pokemons?

    63) Where is the name rater in the game?
    In the Daycare Center in Agate.

    64) What are the glitches in XD?
    So far from what we know:
    a) The Agate Village walk-up-to-wall glitches that allows to purify quicker without holding onto your controller
    b) Another observed glitch is that, if you managed to snag a shadow pokemon, but then loses to its trainer, the shadow pokemon will be returned to the trainer and you have to fight him/her again

    65) Who are the owners of each shadow pokemon and what are the rest of their teams?
    Check the shadow pokemon list on the site.

    66) Why does Greevil have 7 shadow pokemons?
    XD001 fights you independently before Deathgold does, and it's not part of Deathgold's team.

    67) Where do you get the Miror B Radar and when you do meet Miror B?
    When you go to the third Pokespot (Cave), Miror B and his underlings will be there. The radar will be the shiny item on the ground. Check the walkthrough for more details.

    68) When does the radar alert you of Miror B?
    It's really random, from the time you get the radar and til you snagged the shadow Dragonite from Miror B at Gateon Port.

    69) Why do I get items other than the Amulet Coin from the lady in Gateon Port who interviews me about her book (the lady whose email scared Bonsly away on the Cruiser)? Can I come back to get the Amulet Coin again?
    What you get from her depends on your answers to her questions. If you answer all yes to her questions, you get the Amulet Coin. If you give her one 'no', you get the White Herb, two 'no's the Mental Herb, all 'no's you get the Quick Claw. Since this is only a one-off deal, give her the corresponding number of 'no's to get the item you desire.

    70) When is the Purification Chamber activated? And can you explain a bit more on the tempo and flow?
    The Purification Chamber will be ready for use at the Pokemon HQ Lab (the room where a Blissey is in) after you have saved Prof. Krane from Cipher.

    The tempo is determined by the clockwise type advantages of the 4 pokemons you place in the circle. As said in Q.53, only the clockwise advantages matter if both clockwise and anticlockwise advantages are present. The tempo bar shows the tempo only, not the flow described below. Note that normal pokemons are programmed to be super effective against normal pokemons in the chamber.

    The flow is either absent or present. There is a flow if the shadow pokemon you're purifying has a type advantage (any of its two types if it's a dual type) over any single pokemon in the circle outside (again, any single type of dual type pokemons). You can't actually see a measurement bar for flow because it's either there or not there. It will slightly speed up the purification process.

    71) I still don't get the Purification Chamber and the way to purify Shadow Lugia. Can you simply give me an example?
    Ok, listed below are the pokemons I placed at the peripheral circle in the 9 chambers, which enabled me to purify Shadow Lugia (remember that you don't need to have other shadow pokemons being purified in the other chambers when you purify Shadow Lugia):
    Chamber 1 - Carvanha > Sandshrew > Gulpin > Shroomish
    Chamber 2 - Numel > Ledyba > Spinarak > Paras
    Chamber 3 - Makuhita > Houndour > Duskull > Baltoy
    Chamber 4 - Roselia > Swinub > Mawile > Snorunt
    Chamber 5 - Spheal > Growlithe > Pineco > Seedot
    Chamber 6 - Nosepass > Butterfree > Tangela > Shellder
    Chamber 7 - Primeapre > Aron > Beedrill > Ralts
    Chamber 8 - Hoppip > Venomoth > Natu > Weepinbell
    Chamber 9 - Voltorb > Pidgeotto > Surskit > Phanphy

    Note that this is just my combination, it's NOT the only combination that works. For simplicity, you could very well catch 36 Hoppips at the Pokespots to fill in all 9 chambers, that'll be the easiest way to go.

    72) What are all the moves the shadow pokemons learn when they are purified?
    The ones in () are what they learn as the heart gauge bar goes down, the ones in [] are those they learn after purification to replace the shadow attacks:

    Teddiursa – (lick) (metal claw), [return], [refresh]
    Ledyba – (aerial ace) (supersonic) [psybeam] [refresh]
    Poochyena – (poisonfang) (howl) [dig] [heal bell]
    Seedot – (bullet seed) (secret power) [gigadrain] [refresh]
    Gulpin – (sludge) (toxic) [shockwave] [sing]
    Baltoy – (mudslap) (psybeam) [rock tomb] [refresh]
    Spheal – (watergun) (mudslap) [aurorabeam] [charm]
    Mareep - (thundershock) (thunderwave) [body slam] [heal bell]
    Hounder – (ember) (roar) [faint attack] [charm]
    Spinarak – (signal beam) (nightshade) [dig] [refresh]
    Numel (charcoal) – (dig) (ember) [take down] [charm]
    Carvanha (black glasses) – (scary face) (bite) [water pulse] [refresh]
    Shroomish – (megadrain) (stunspore) [false swipe] [refresh]
    Delcatty – (attract) (shock wave) [secret power] [sweet kiss]
    Voltorb (magnet) – (spark) (swift) [mirror coat] [refresh]
    Makuhita – (armthrust) (rocktomb) [brickbreak] [refresh]
    Vulpix - (ember) (dig) [heat wave] [charm]
    Duskull – (astonish) (confuse ray) [shadowball] [helping hand]
    Ralts (twisted spoon) – (reflect) (confusion) [shockwave] [sing]
    Mawile – (vicegrip) (iron defense) [false swipe] [sing]
    Snorunt – (bite) (icy wind) [water pulse] [sing]
    Pineco – (spikes) (counter) [pin missile] [refresh]
    Natu – (nightshade) (aerial ace) [future sight] [baton pass]
    Roselia – (grass whistle) (leech seed) [magical leaf] [sweet kiss]
    Meowth – (pay day) (bite) [slash] [sing]
    Swinub (nevermelt ice) – (mist) (mudshot) [ancient power] [charm]
    Spearow (sharp beak) – (leer) (aerial ace) [false swipe] [baton pass]
    Grimer – (shadow punch) (minimize) [sludge bomb] [helping hand]
    Seel (mystic water) – (safeguard) (icebeam) [surf] [helping hand]
    Lunatone (hard stone) – (rock tomb) [psychic] [baton pass] [rain dance]
    Zangoose (silk scarf) – (counter) (crushclaw) [brickbreak] [refresh]
    Nosepass – (thunderwave) (rockslide) [thunderbolt] [helping hand]
    Togepi – (ancient power) (helping hand) [follow me] [tri-attack]
    Paras – (slash) (false swipe) [spore] [refresh]
    Growlithe – (bite) (take down) [flamethrower] [charm]
    Shellder – (surf) (aurorabeam) [take down] [refresh]
    Beedrill (poison barb) – (twinneedle) (swords dance) [sludge bomb] [baton pass]
    Pidgeotto – (steel wing) (feather dance) [wing attack] [refresh]
    Tangela (miracle seed) – (sunnyday) (ingrain) [soloarbeam] [morning sun]
    Butterfree – (sleep powder) (aerial ace) [psychic] [morning sun]
    Magneton (metal coat) – (thunder) [double edge] [refresh] [rain dance]
    Venomoth (silver powder) - (substitute) (psychic) [silver wind] [refresh]
    Weepinbell – (sweet scent) (sludge bomb) [magical leaf] [morning sun]
    Arbok – (bite) (glare) [sludge bomb] [refresh]
    Primeape – (focus energy) (reversal) [crosschop] [helping hand]
    Hypno – (meditate) (shadow ball) [psychic] [baton pass]
    Raticate – (hyper fang) (scary face) [superfang] [refresh]
    Golduck – (psych up) (brickbreak) [waterfall] [charm]
    Sableye – (faint attack) (recover) [shadow ball] [helping hand]
    Dodrio – (agility) (tri attack) [drill peck] [baton pass]
    Farfetch’d (stick) – (aerial ace) [slash] [baton pass] [swords dance]
    Altaria (dragon fang) – (aerial ace) [dragon breath] [heal bell] [solarbeam]
    Kangaskhan – (tail whip) (dizzy punch) [earthquake] [sing]
    Bannette (spell tag) – (shadow ball) (curse) [faint attack] [helping hand]
    Magmar – (thunderpunch) [fireblast] [follow me] [crosschop]
    Pinsir – (false swipe) (submission) [guillotine] [helping hand]
    Magcargo – (earthquake) (flamethrower) [heat wave] [refresh]
    Rapidash – (flamethrower ) [solar beam] [baton pass] [sunny day]
    Hitmonlee (black belt) – (megakick) [hi-jump kick] [refresh] [mind reader]
    Hitmonchan – (mind reader) (skyupper cut) [megapunch] [helping hand]
    Lickiting – (defense curl) (rollout) [double edge] [helping hand]
    Scyther – (silver wind) (slash) [razor wind] [morning sun]
    Chansey (lucky punch) – (softboiled) (skillswap) [thunderbolt] [sweet kiss]
    Solrock – (cosmic power) [psychic] [baton pass] [sunny day]
    Starmie – (recover) [waterfall] [refresh] [icebeam]
    Electrabuzz – [crosschop] [follow me] [thunderwave] [thunderbolt]
    Swellow – [skyattack] [baton pass] [agility] [façade]
    Snorlax – (curse) (bodyslam) [fissure] [refresh]
    Poliwrath – (brickbreak) [hydropump] [helping hand] [rain dance]
    Mr. Mime – (encore) (thunderpunch) [psychic] [follow me]
    Dugtrio (soft sand) – (tri-attack) [earthquake] [charm] [sandstorm]
    Manectric – (bite) [thunder] [refresh] [rain dance]
    Salamence – (dragon dance) (aerial ace) [dragon claw] [refresh]
    Marowak (thick bone) – (swords dance) (rockslide) [earthquake] [sing]
    Lapras – (blizzard) [hydropump] [heal bell] [rain dance]
    Lugia – [psychoboost] [feather dance] [earthquake] [hydropump]
    Zapdos – [extrasensory] [baton pass] [metal sound] [thunderbolt]
    Moltres – [extrasensory] [morning sun] [will-o-wisp] [flamethrower]
    Articuno – [extrasensory] [heal bell] [haze] [icebeam]
    Tauros – [earthquake] [refresh] [tail whip] [body slam]
    Rhydon – [megahorn] [helping hand] [scary face] [earthquake]
    Exeggcutor – [psychic] [refresh] [hypnosis] [ancient power]
    Dragonite – [hyperbeam] [heal bell] [dragon dance] [earthquake]

    73) Do shadow pokemon receive STAB in using shadow attacks?
    No, they don't.

    74) Can the special moves be bred onto offspring pokemons?
    This depends on whether that specie has that move as an egg move. Take Tyrogue for example, Helping Hand is a legitimate egg move, and since the special move Hitmonchan get in XD is Helping Hand, you can breed Helping Hand onto Tyrogue. But for Togepi and its special move Tri-attack, since Tri-attack is not an egg move for Togepi, this move cannot be passed on. Check the site's Pokedex to see if that special move is in the pokemon's egg move, if not, then tough luck, unbreedable move.

    75) What are the TMs and prizes you get for beating the Mt. Battle areas?
    All items are only achieved the first time you beat an area.
    Area 1: 200 Pokecoupons, and Macho Brace
    Area 2: 300 Pokecoupons, and TM 03 (Water Pulse)
    Area 3: 600 Pokecoupons, and TM 34 (Shock Wave)
    Area 4: 700 Pokecoupons, and TM 42 (Facade)
    Area 5: 1000 Pokecoupons, and TM 39 (Rock Tomb)
    Area 6: 1200 Pokecoupons, and TM 50 (Overheat)
    Area 7: 1500 Pokecoupons, and TM 04 (Calm Mind)
    Area 8: 1600 Pokecoupons, and TM 08 (Bulk Up)
    Area 9: 1700 Pokecoupons, and TM 40 (Aerial Ace)
    Area 10: 2000 Pokecoupons

    76) Is there Pokerus in XD?
    There doesn't seem to be any spontaneous Pokerus in XD, and even when you trade Pokerus infected pokemon from the GBA to XD, the Pokerus will freeze, i.e. it will not go away and it will not infect others. So technically, Pokerus does not work in XD like in the GBA games.


    XD Orre Colosseum Guide

    By The Great Butler

    I had great difficulty doing Orre Colosseum in XD. To help my fellow trainers with this great challenge, I shall list in this thread the opponents, their teams, and their strategies.


    -Enter six Pokémon for a tourney of four Double Battles. No duplicate Pokémon permitted.

    -Choose four Pokémon for each battle.

    -Continues are NOT earned for perfect wins, unlike previous Stadium/Colosseum games.

    -Win four battles to advance to the next of the seven rounds. Winning each round will reward you with Poké Coupons, and for the first time you clear a round, a TM and a title as well. The highest title you earn can be viewed in your P*DA at any time.


    -As said above, no duplicate Pokémon.

    -No duplicate held items are allowed, either.

    -Latias and Latios ARE permitted to enter, but they are not allowed to hold Soul Dew. Soul Dew is the only banned held item.

    -Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel ARE allowed to enter.

    -On the flip side of that coin, Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi and Deoxys are NOT allowed to enter at all.

    ROUND ONE (Lovrina)
    ROUND TIP: Abuse Safeguard. That will make a joke of this whole round.

    1: Hunter Greel
    Parasect, Houndoom, Slowbro, Jynx, Breloom, Gardevoir
    TIPS: He abuses Sleep-causing attacks. Beware of Jynx and Gardevoir, they are much faster than you might think. Houndoom has learned Dream Eater as well.

    2: Rider Herlam
    Spinda, Grumpig, Cacturne, Slowking, Lickitung, Smeargle
    TIPS: This time it's confusion. He'll abuse the Teeter Dance-Own Tempo combo to continually confuse your Pokémon. Besides Grumpig his team is not all that fast, so you should be able to outrun them. But beware Smeargle---it has Lock-On and Sheer Cold. Eliminate it on sight if it appears.

    3: Navigator Lestor
    Butterfree, Stantler, Xatu, Togetic, Raichu, Grumpig
    TIPS: Now it's paralysis AND confusion. Again several slow Pokémon here. Use Electric types in this match, they are guaranteed to face at least one Flying type and they have no real weakness here. Raichu has Volt Tackle, so be careful if you send out Water or Flying types of your own.

    Final: Cipher Admin Lovrina
    Shuckle, Blissey, Milotic, Wobbuffet, Meganium, Misdreavus
    TIPS: Look familiar? Venus used a similar team back in Colosseum. Lovrina will annoy the hell out of you with various status effects and healing. If Misdreavus or Meganium appears, eliminate them quickly, especially Misdreavus. It will use Torment to terrorize your squad. If Wobbuffet comes out, however, you can simply leave it alone and focus on her second Pokémon. Safeguard is a great move to use here.

    500 Coupons
    TM 06--Toxic
    "Lovrina Fan Club Member #1"

    ROUND TWO (Snattle)
    ROUND TIP: Grass types work well in all four battles, but supplement them with Water and Electric force as well.

    1: Worker Lobel
    Tyranitar, Quagsire, Dugtrio, Cacturne, Claydol, Sandslash
    TIPS: A basic Sandstorm team; Tyranitar will always come out first. The sandstorm will throw your accuracy for a loop because many of the opponents have the Sand Veil ability, plus high defense---so Aerial Ace won't help much. Grass types are good overall, but Tyranitar and Sandslash can hit them hard with Fire Blast and Aerial Ace, respectively. Overall, not a very hard battle though.

    2. Casual Guy Makel
    Dewgong, Kingler, Lapras, Dugtrio, Pinsir, Nidoking
    TIPS: One-hit KO's is what this guy's all about. All six have a OHKO move. Grass and Electric types match up well against much of his team. Gengar is a good Pokémon to use; it is invincible to Nidoking's Horn Drill, Kingler and Pinsir's Guillotine, and with Levitate Dugtrio's Fissure. Pinsir will often use Endure/Flail, but other than that another easy battle.

    3. Researcher Limar
    Ditto, Kabutops, Rapidash, Shedinja, Hypno, Altaria
    TIPS: If you have Explosion, use it in this match. He'll always open with Ditto and something else. Ditto will always Transform into its teammate on the first turn, and if Rapidash or Kabutops is out, they will use a weather move. Striking hard and fast will take this guy down easily.

    Final: Cipher Admin Snattle
    Glalie, Regirock, Regice, Electrode, Muk, Gengar
    TIPS: The best offense is a good defense. He'll aim to wipe you out painfully and fast with Explosion, so abuse Protect and Detect when you can. Muk has no attacking moves besides Explosion, so if it's trapped being Snattle's last Pokémon, he's guaranteed to lose. Wise prediction will win the day.

    1000 coupons
    TM 27---Return
    "Orre Governor's Official Secretary Candidate"

    ROUND THREE (Gorigan)
    ROUND TIP: A well-rounded team is best for these battles. All four opponents have diverse teams, and to come out on top you'll need one too.

    1: Chaser Navu
    Hitmonlee, Sharpedo, Victreebel, Zangoose, Golem, Nidoqueen
    TIPS: Ice attacks will be effective in this match, as they have favorable matchups against three of the six possible opponents. Sharpedo has Earthquake and is very fast, but if you can withstand a blow from it you should be able to take it out right away.

    2: Chaser Pixen
    Fearow, Nidoking, Jynx, Magmar, Armaldo, Politoed
    TIPS: Another balanced team. Use Electric moves to cut down Fearow and Politoed, Psychic on Nidoking, and so on. No real specific strategy applies here, so just battle your hardest.

    3: Chaser Daks
    Electabuzz, Walrein, Scizor, Quagsire, Arcanine, Primeape
    TIPS: Yet another balanced opponent. There's little more you can do besides type-match and fight hard and fast.

    Final: Cipher Admin Gorigan
    Arcanine, Salamence, Gyarados, Granbull, Hitmontop, Tauros
    TIPS: Intimidate! All six of his Pokémon have it, and as a result your Attack will be reduced to shreds in this fight. Metagross can help with its Clear Body, but the heavy use of Earthquake by Gorigan will make it a bit hard to use. Special attacks are the way to go.

    1500 coupons
    TM 48--Skill Swap
    "Holder of the Hexagonal Bolt of Friendship"
    ROUND FOUR (Chobin and Robo Groudon)
    ROUND TIP: The balanced team from Round Three will still work here, as the opponents use a variety of strategies.

    1: Fun Old Man Rekix
    Eevee, Espeon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Flareon
    TIPS: Gee, I wonder what his strategy is? Strike hard and fast with physical Attack moves to KO the Eeveelutions quickly. Eevee itself can be a nuisance with Helping Hand but it has no damagining attacks of its own.

    2: Fun Old Man Dargs
    Slaking, Alakazam, Claydol, Gengar, Milotic, Metagross
    TIPS: This one's a Skill Swap battle. Actually, it is billed as such (he will claim to swap his Pokémon's abilities) but usually ends up being an Earthquake battle instead. He'll often Quake without using Protect, so try and take out those who can Levitate as quickly as you can.

    3: Matron Naono
    Dodrio, Swellow, Crobat, Heracross, Machamp, Persian
    TIPS: She will mostly try to do straightforward damage, but if she can't, she will fall back on the Toxic/Guts/Facade combo. Take Machamp and Heracross down quickly or they will often devastate you when the combo takes effect. Persian is fast but its attacks aren't too strong. Swellow is perhaps the most dangerous, so never let it and Crobat be out at the same time.

    Final: Robo Groudon Chobin
    Mr. Mime, Ninjask, Scizor, Dragonite, Kangaskhan, Marowak
    TIPS: This will either be very hard or very easy, depending on how you approach it. He'll always send Ninjask and Mr. Mime out first. Mime will use Fake Out, and Ninjask Swords Dance. 'Jask will then Protect and Mr. Mime will use Psych Up to copy the Swords Dance and Speed Boost to itself, and on the third turn they will both Baton Pass. Explosion, especially with Gengar is a good way to get rid of both at once. None of his other Pokémon are particularly fast without the Baton Passed stats, so sweep quickly once they come out.

    2000 coupons
    TM 36--Sludge Bomb
    "Defeater of Chobin"
    ROUND FIVE (Gonzap)
    ROUND TIP: Still with the diverse teams, but it starts getting steadily more difficult here. If you struggled in Chobin's round, retool your team before trying this round.

    1: Team Snagem Biden
    Ninjask, Houndoom, Steelix, Weezing, Hitmonlee, Jolteon
    TIPS: Weezing and Steelix have Explosion, so beware of them. Biden will often combine an Explosion with either Houndoom or Hitmonlee to set up the Endure/Reversal combo as well. Even with his focus on strong combos, you can beat him with simple type matching and occasional wise Protect use.

    2: Team Snagem Jedo
    Raikou, Slowking, Crobat, Feraligatr, Meganium, Typhlosion
    TIPS: A strong team, but with weaknesses. Electric will be effective against Slowking, Crobat, and Feraligatr. Meganium will likely be the toughest challenge in this battle with its immense defensive strength, so make sure you have a strong Fire type to take it out.

    3: Team Snagem Wakin
    Vileplume, Gardevoir, Swellow, Swampert, Blaziken, Sceptile
    TIPS: Swampert and Gardevoir are the biggest threats this time out. Both can take a number of hits before fainting. Swampert has Counter & Mirror Coat, and Gardevoir has Thunderbolt combined with amazing speed. The others aren't all that fast (save for Swellow and Sceptile) and should be defeated fairly easily.

    Final: Snagem Head Gonzap
    Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Salamence, Skarmory, Slaking
    TIPS: If you don't come defensively prepared, you'll lose to Gonzap's brutal strategy. He will use Hyper Beam or a similar attack requiring a turn of rest, then Roar on himself to switch it out and avoid the rest turn. This will leave him with only one attack per turn, however, so try to strike back at him as hard and fast as you can.

    2500 coupons
    TM 44--Rest
    "Honorary Member of Team Snagem"
    ROUND SIX (Ardos)
    ROUND TIP: The first three trainers have very definite strategies. Make a team with the ability to beat all three, and it will be fine for the final battle.

    1: Sailor Jebol
    Dusclops, Flygon, Zapdos, Salamence, Dragonite, Aerodactyl
    TIPS: Dusclops will always come out first, and its companion will usually use Protect on the first turn. Dusclops will Imprison to keep you from using its moves (Imprison, Ice Beam, Ice Punch and Protect) so make it your first target. Do, however, alternate your strikes between opponents as they will do the same with Protect. Once Dusclops is gone, Ice attacks will decimate this team.

    2: Bodybuilder Loar
    Clefable, Exeggutor, Blaziken, Entei, Jumpluff, Shiftry
    TIPS: A Sunny Day team. I prefer to go with two quick Explosions to finish them quickly, but otherwise using Fire types of your own is a good idea. A well-trained Blaziken with Earthquake, Sky Uppercut and Flamethrower will work well against much of this team.

    3: Bodybuilder Felps
    Manectric, Qwilfish, Kingdra, Ludicolo, Omastar, Gorebyss
    TIPS: A similar fight to the previous one, but this time it's Rain Dance. Grass and Electric moves will rip through this team, but keep some other types in reserve just in case. Again, I prefer Explosion but you may do as you wish.

    Final: Cipher Admin Ardos
    Tauros, Starmie, Aerodactyl, Sceptile, Charizard, Gengar
    TIPS: Ardos's strategy hasn't changed much from your first fight with him. He strikes hard and fast, hoping to devastate your team quickly. Explosion is still effective here. In lieu of that, type-match defensively and you should be able to make it through.

    3000 coupons
    TM 47--Steel Wing
    "Cipher's Biggest Enemy"
    ROUND SEVEN (Eldes)
    ROUND TIP: Oh my. I can't help you here, you're on your own. This round is unexplicably difficult, and as a result you'll need to craft your own team to fit you.

    1: Supertrainer Lest
    Charizard, Clefable, Togetic, Shedinja, Snorlax, Heracross
    TIPS: A deceptively easy battle at the beginning of a frustratingly hard series. Either Clefable or Togetic will come out first to annoy you with Follow Me, so defeat them quickly. If Shedinja appears, make it your next target---unless it appears alongside Snorlax, who will Selfdestruct, so use Protect instead.

    2: Cooltrainer Ebson
    Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres
    TIPS: All legendaries with Hidden Power. This could be much harder than it is, but she will often gang up both her attacks on the same Pokémon. Effective Protect usage will get you through.

    3: Cooltrainer Klept
    Manectric, Lapras, Marowak, Starmie, Dodrio, Gyarados
    TIPS: Lightningrod and VERY difficult. The 'Rod will always come out first; Manectric will usually Protect, Marowak Earthquake. Try to shield yourself from his attacks and hit when his Protects are down, but that's easier said than done. If you can take down the Lightningrod and still have an Electric type, you are in good shape---unless the crazed Dodrio appears. It's incredibly fast and has Choice Band powering up its attacks, so a single Hyper Beam will defeat just about anything you put in front of it.

    Final: Cipher Admin Eldes
    Latios, Latias, Metagross, Tauros, Gengar, Snorlax
    TIPS: The final battle! He'll usually use one of the Lati@s and either Snorlax, Metagross or Tauros to open with an Earthquake/Levitate combo. Explosion is really the best bet here except for Metagross and Gengar. There's no easy way to win this battle, so just try your hardest.

    3500 coupons
    TM 02--Dragon Claw
    "Eldes' Top Rival"

    I apologize, but I cannot follow through on my promise to post full movesets for the opponent trainers here. I can, however, point you to a place that can:

    Thank you, GameSpot.

    I've cross-checked this against my own knowledge of Orre Colosseum, and I can vouch for its accuracy.

    While I am typing this post, I may as well put down the team I used. This has beaten all seven rounds at least once, and Eldes twice.

    Snorlax lv. 100
    Held: Silk Scarf
    -Body Slam
    -Shadow Ball

    Gengar lv. 100
    Held: Scope Lens
    -Giga Drain

    Zapdos lv. 100
    Held: Petaya Berry
    -Sky Attack

    Alakazam lv. 100
    Held: Brightpowder
    -Fire Punch
    -Ice Punch

    Metagross lv. 100
    Held: Focus Band
    -Meteor Mash
    -Shadow Ball
    -Brick Break

    Sceptile lv. 100
    Held: Shell Bell
    -Leaf Blade
    -Dragon Claw
  4. Esppie

    Esppie =p

    for some reason my coloseum game keeps saying not able to read disk date during the scenario at the beggining i can only play coloseum random battles and i dont think i can skip over it
  5. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    I'd suggest cleaning the disk (maybe even try some other methods besides a clean cloth if you are desperate such as a very little bit of methanol, but google maybe better for that) and the disk slot for your GCN/Wii, whichever one you use. Try deleting the save data on the memory card as well as maybe that itself got screwy and so removing that would possibly fix it.
  6. Esppie

    Esppie =p

    i cleaned it with peanut butter and it worked lol =p
  7. About Pokespots mechanics, does the game determine which Pokémon appear after the Spot Monitor goes off, or AFTER you go to the spot in question?

    Trying to SR for a Wooper at the Cave Pokespot right now.
  8. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Can't say I know myself but if it's always the same after say 10 tries or so then it's probably after the spot monitor goes off. If I were to guess it would be the other way though.
  9. Tried out what you suggested.

    After seeing Zubat 15 times, walking around until there was only one poké snack left
    hoping to see something different, just to see yet another Zubat, it is safe to say that the
    Pokemon is determined as soon as the spot monitor goes off... Nuts... :(

    Thank you.
  10. Event_Fan

    Event_Fan New Member

    Now I'm wondering, is it possible for MATTLE Ho-oh to be shiny?
  11. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    I am not sure. I think it might, but I doubt that one can easily soft reset for it and never heard of anyone getting a shiny one before as well. Its nature isn't pre-set or anything though so it does make sense that it may also not be set to being always a non-shiny.
  12. DragonXmicro

    DragonXmicro 何これ?かえったね。

    so, i have a hypothesis on orb color:
    never been shadow: blue
    shadow/previously shadow: green
    shiny: orange
  13. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    When you get the Sun or Moon shards, does your Eevee need good happiness?

    If not, I might just use that as an alternative.

    Edit: Also, what are all of the different ways to increase happiness in Pokemon XD?
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
  14. ShinyGoogleplex

    ShinyGoogleplex Guess who!?

    Where Shininess Begins

    I figured the Espeon/Umbreon can't be erased for a shiny of one of them since they're animation appears at the start of game (would Genius Sorority have done two cut-scenes?)

    But... I saved before I battle Mystery Trooper Verde and I want shiny Bayleef. Is this possible?
    It's all in the Memory Card right? And thanks I read you can't reset by GC controller on Colleseum, which all this pertains to. Too bad.
  15. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Here it says that the shards will work just by being in your bag, so you don't need to boost Eevee`s happiness.

    It says here that there is a chance that Shadow Pokemon caught in Colosseum can be shiny. Follow the link and read what it says for more information, since it is a little different than in the main games.
  16. ShinyGoogleplex

    ShinyGoogleplex Guess who!?

    Many thanks for that!
  17. Maetch

    Maetch Well-Known Member

    Does anyone here remember exactly what the Small Tablet you get in Colosseum says? I need to know for a project I'm writing.
  18. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I watched this Youtube video and got this:

  19. ladykiwi

    ladykiwi I love tights. <3

    I know I need to catch and purify all 82 mons to fight the Shadow Dragonite. However, can I still battle him if I trade my flawless Chansey to Sapphire and migrate her to Gen V?

    Edit: Dear Aquarelle, I'd just like to add something to your post. While it is possible to obtain shiny pokémon in Collosseum, the odds of it are 1/(8192*2), since the shiny pid must match twice- it must be shiny according to the OT's ID AND according to the player's. I may be wrong since I read this a while ago, though.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2012
  20. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You don't need to purify all the shadows - when I caught the Shadow Dragonite, I had maybe only a dozen Pokemon purified. I did not finish purifying all the Pokemon until years after catching Dragonite.

    As for your Chansey, it shouldn't be a big deal if you trade it to another game since your XD should still recognize that it's been snagged and purified (I've traded away Pokemon from XD, and my game still says 83 Pokemon have been snagged and purified).

    (And you might be right about shininess - the link I gave in one of my previous posts says that Pokemon caught shiny have a low chance of actually retaining it, while ordinary Pokemon have a 1/8192 chance of turning shiny went sent to your party or PC).

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