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Colosseumshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by sweethart_772002, Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. Angel-FoX-crescent

    Angel-FoX-crescent Moon Fennec Angel

    That would be interesting
    I'd would love to see Wes in his anime form throwing a snag ball.
  2. Sapphire Ocean Princess

    Sapphire Ocean Princess Fear the cute!

    *hasn't been here in a long time* Huh? What's happening? Oh yeah.

    I can image that!

    It they were to appear in the Anime, would they be a couple?

    Yeah! But Wes would most likely try to hide it.

    ;380; : Wes and Rui are coming back!

    Really? I'll be the first one to welcome them back! *runs to Gateon Port*
  3. Angel-FoX-crescent

    Angel-FoX-crescent Moon Fennec Angel

    Angel-FoX: Wait for me! *follows*
  4. Sapphire Ocean Princess

    Sapphire Ocean Princess Fear the cute!

    (at Gateon Port)

    Me : I hope we're in the right place......

    ;025; : Look! *jumps up and down* I can see the ship! Hiiiiiiiii!
  5. sweethart_772002

    sweethart_772002 Sea Ruby Trainer

    Hi guys! =D I'm back! (from a long time ^^; ) Just wanna see how it's going on these forums =]

    I'm glad to see more and more people lovin' this ship! Eee...heart you all. *hugs!*

    Anyways, I want to bring up this same subject I put on Hoennshipping Thread earlier. Just want to get everyones opinion basically ^^

    What kind of relationship do you think Rui/Wes would have? and WHY?

    Just wanna know everyone's opinion =/

    Examples would be:
    -Opposites Atract (In Ruby and Sapphire's case, that worked =])
    -One-sided Crush (Then eventually, the other side would fall for him/her)
    -Big Brother/Sister, or "I look up to you" Kinda relationship.
    -Princess and Knight (Don't know how else to explain it ^^; but it's pretty self explanitory right? ^^;? )
    -Uber Fan-girlish/boyish (EL-Oh-EL xD; )

    --and...a bunch more I can't think of right now...but I'll leave you all with this to get some kind of idea =D

    For me:

    It's a biggie between Princess and Knight and Uber Fan-girlish (xD; ).

    Why I think that?
    Wes was Rui's "Galliant Prince" who rescued her from Trudge 'n' Foll. ( ;) for short) Then she follows him around being all perky about it. xD;
    Like when she says thta she'll be sheering Wes on, during Collosseum battles, 'n' stuff. :-D... Yeah...hahaha!

    I guess that's 'bout it~! ^^

    Then again, I'd also go for the one-sided crush thing...eventually turning around. ;-)

    And before I go, I leave you with this uber cute pic (forgot where I got it o_o), and a kewl animation drawing from here. ^__^

  6. Kana

    Kana kisses

    I'm back. ^_^ *revived*

    o_O? Wes and Rui at Gateon Port? On a ship? What? @_@

    sweethart, I think you mean the three Snagem members (which I won't bother to remember the names of).

    OMG, that animation is sooo cute! ^__^ 'Cept Rui has orange hair, not gold-ish.

    Topic: Probably one-sided crush (and then Wes likes her). XD Fan-girl/fan-boy Wes/Rui would really be scary, especially for Wes. o_o; Princess and knight is too cliched. Love/hate is practically impossible looking at the way Rui treats Wes in the game, and I don't think they're opposites. Big brother/"I look up to you" is blah, cuz that takes away the cuteness. :D

    So that leave one-sided crush. ^_^
  7. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Hiya. I uh...guess that if I wanna be here I just join in the conversation, right?

    Um...I think it's kind of a one sided crush thing. Either that or the Princess and Knight thing. Either one works. Rui likes Wes and he doesn't seem to like her, and she did say that he was her galliant knight who came to rescue her. ^^

    Oh and the picture and animation are both really cute!

    ?? Why are we at Gateon Port?
  8. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Woo~~~, haven't been here in a long time.


    Opposites Attract: I'm always attracted to these kind of couples. =] Just no hate/hate then love/hate then love/love things.
    One-sided Crush: One-sided - Wes/Oblivious Rui. The girl always do seem to be dense.
    Love/Hate: Hell no.
    Big Brother/Sister, or "I look up to you," relationship: Rui looks up to Wes. Seems cute to me. =)
    Princess and Knight: It could work. I mean Rui did call Wes her 'Gallant Prince.'
    Uber Fan-girlish/boyish: o_O Actually, Wes could be an Uber-fanboy on the inside while stoic on the outside.
  9. rayon1

    rayon1 Romance Lover

    Um, hi! Can I please join here. I love colosseumshipping(2nd fave next to contestshipping)

    And as for the relationship question:

    Opposites attract:Rui is hyper,cheerful, and talkative(or she is in my mind) and Wes is kinda quiet and mysterious. So it would work
    One sided: Wes being oblivious to Rui like hikari_blaze said
    Love/hate: Again, what hikari_blaze said
    Brother/sister: Rui really does seem to look up to Wes a good bit.
    Princess and Knight: She did call him her "Galliant knight in shining armor" or something very close.
    Uber Fan-girlish/boyish: I can't really see that happening.

    Oh, Rayray says hi!;384;
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2006
  10. minty-fivestar

    minty-fivestar Saving the world

    Whee, look who's arrived at this thread where she belongs. ^_^

    Hello everyone! ^^ For those of you who don't know me... well, you may know me as Pichu*Star on ff.net. And if you don't know me there either... well, you could say I'm a big fan of Colosseumshipping. ^_^

    Anyways, glad to find this thread revived, I thought it was gone and dead forever. T_T

    Well, on topic then... As to the type of relationship Wes and Rui would have, I definitely favor the "Princess and Knight" one. The way I see it, Wes feels he has an obligation to protect Rui after rescuing her from Folly and Trudly. At first, it's probably mostly because he has a sense of honor (despite being from Team Snagem) and doesn't want a girl to be alone in Orre. Even in Phenac. (And probably also cause Rui won't take no for an answer when she asks to come with him, haha!) Rui, on the other hand, always seems to drag Wes this way and that way, and cheers him on from the sidelines like a princess cheering her champion in a jousting match! ^_^ So that's definitely how I view their relationship.

    I think the "Opposites Attract" and "One-Sided Crush" approaches work as well.

    Mostly, I think it's all based on the fact that Wes has to have a soft spot for her despite his criminal background; after all, why else would he let Rui follow him around for so long? ^_-
  11. rayon1

    rayon1 Romance Lover

    *looks at profile*So you're the one who started the colosseum C2 there that I like so much!(no offence, but I don't really look at the authors name too often)

    I would the Rayquaza smiley here but my bro wants me off right now.
  12. Kana

    Kana kisses

    . . .


    :eek: Can I have your autograph?

    Agreed~ exactly why it's so cute, because Wes' personality creates an "OMG WHY DID HE DO THAT/THAT'S SOOOO CUTE I NEVER KNEW HE'D DO THAT" feeling, lol.
  13. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Yay! The thread LIVES!!! ^__^

    You have a point there. Wes must have fallen in love at first sight. [/corny fangirlism]
  14. Nintenfreak

    Nintenfreak Boulder Trainer

    I find it odd and highly unlikely that both Wes and Rui would be absent from Orre in XD, unless they were indeed living together. And while it was probably done so that XD wouldn't tie too deeply into Colosseum's story line, there's a good shot that it was also due to them having run off together. Wes was probably still a marked man, and probably wouldn't have wanted to face the heat. Rui would have likely followed him if she loved him. On the other hand, she may have just gone back home.
  15. minty-fivestar

    minty-fivestar Saving the world

    Oh my, it's still alive. x_X

    Hm... lessee... how can I revive this poor thread... Um, well, a new topic, I guess.

    Working slightly off of what Nintenfreak said, here's the topic:

    What do you think Wes and Rui's lives have become by the time the events of Pokemon XD occur?

    Ok, maybe that's a poor question, but it's late at night here. >>; Mostly, I'm interested not only in WHERE they went off to, but what careers they have chosen for themselves (they are about in their mid-20s during XD, after all), and how Wes has settled into his life of no crime (or if he's settled at all?).

    For example, I of course like to think that Wes and Rui have eventually chosen to marry one another, and have moved somewhere, like to Johto, where Wes can finally leave his criminal past behind for good and they can raise a family in peace. I think Wes would probably do something to continue apprehending dangerous criminals, with all that experience behind him, and perhaps work solo at it to boot. Something along the lines of what Lance does in the anime (Pokemon G-man), working undercover to stop teams like Team Rocket. Rui would probably do something caring for Pokemon, or perhaps just caring for other people. Perhaps a Pokemon daycare? ^^

    Of course, I'm always interested in the alternate--suppose Wes couldn't escape his dark past and had to leave Rui in order to protect her from it? Would Rui still be trying to pursue him (I think she would; she's rather determined)? Would she have become a strong Pokemon trainer in the meantime so she can search for him? Tee hee. I'd like to see everyone else's take on it as well. ^_^

    Eh, I don't know if a topic like this has already come up before or not, but it's been so long that it's probably irrelevant. >>; Besides, I'm sure you all have come up with some fresh ideas since then, anyways. XD Your thoughts, everyone?
  16. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    What do you think Wes and Rui's lives have become by the time the events of Pokemon XD occur?
    Regardless, Wes was still a part of Team Snagem so he'll probably be running from the authorities. I guess Rui would've followed him. They'll probably run away to another region under a new identity.

    They will have become a detective team with Wes as the main solver while Rui's his assistant.
  17. Angel-FoX-crescent

    Angel-FoX-crescent Moon Fennec Angel

    Yeah some thing a long the lines
    or they could be stay the same age *thinking a magic orb or some thing gives them five years of been 17 and 16* which is a good reason to come back into play.
  18. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Heyo peoples, (most of whom I know.... I think o_O) May I please be here? I think ColosseumShipping is awesomely sweet x3

    As for the topic, I go along the lines of what minty (I hope I can call you that) said. I think Wes' job would be being something like what Lance is. Wes'll be a G-Man/Elite 4 member (when one of the elite members quits/something happens to them) Maybe he'll still snag Pokémon from Team Rocket to save them.

    I always look on the other side, like what would happen if something went wrong and Wes was bad... but meh.... I rather look on the good side, not the bad ;;>_>
  19. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Yay, it's alive.

    The G-men idea sounds pretty good too. Wes'd look cool in a spy outfit... ^^;;
  20. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    *thinks of Wes in a G-Man spy outfit* o_O I think he'd keep his clothing, xDD just because he's Wes and he has his own style. Which is good :D
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