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Colosseumshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by XyADVfan, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    Hey Everyone! Okay, I'm a writer on Fanfiction.net. Some know me as XyKPfan. I'm an Adv. and Colosseumshipping fan. For those of you who are Colosseumshipping fans as well, could you guys give me some feedback on what you feel about my 'A Hero's Job is Never Done' Fanfic. please. I didn't really get any reviews on it but I got requests to keep writing it. I'd just like to know how you guys feel about it because it's important to me as a writer as well as a Colosseumshipping fan.

    Here's the link if you need it:


    Also, if you find any pics of Wes or Rui together I'd really appreciate it if you could post it too. They're really hard to find!

    Anyway, so now, the rules:

    * Post any art, screenshot, fan-fiction, or colosseumshipping related-(with the author's/artist's credit of course)

    * But nothing but Pokemon Colosseum related stuff here, please.

    * And no haters, please. This is for fans on

    Thank you, and now...the discussion...
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2009
  2. esm8m

    esm8m Pokémaniac

    Could you post the link for it? (Is lazy.)

    But, huzzah! A Colosseumshipping thread! It's one of my favorite shippings of all time.

    And I found fanart. Here it is!
    I got it off the old Colosseumshipping thread. Which has more stuff, I just didn't bookmark any of it. Don't necropost, though.

    As for fics, a Google search on 'Colosseumshipping' got me this, and I know of this one. I'm trying to write some, too, but nothing beyond ideas and drafts yet.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2009
  3. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2009
  4. Hello.

    :3 I want to join the discussion.

    Damn, I love this shipping. Oh, and I've seen that art before.
  5. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    Oh man, I loved Wes and Rui in Pokemon Colosseum. Reforming Bad Boy and Adventurous Tomboyish girl for the win^^!
  6. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    I know, right? Nobody can resist that kind of attraction!
  7. Okay, well here's a topic to discuss.

    Why do you love this shipping?

    I'll answer later. :3
  8. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    Um. I don't really know, to be honest. I just sorta fell in love with it. Like, when I first played the game, I knew these two belonged together and I knew the type of people they were even though there wasn't much acting on Wes' part since he was the player. A brave man trying to escape from and destroy his past. A daring girl willing to stick with him. I mean, I love that!

    ;250; :surfpika: ;249-d;
  9. esm8m

    esm8m Pokémaniac

    Why do you love this shipping?

    I'll quote myself:

    ...That's why. I think I've supported it on some level since I first started finding out about the game, because I'm a traditionalist and always put the main male character together with the main female character, but I really got into it when I started writing my fanfic that basically answered the question "Where the heck are Wes and Rui during XD?". Playing around with the characters so much while brainstorming just sparked a lot of Colosseumshipping-ness in my mind.

    *Needs to play Colosseum again* I need to get down the quotes that make this almost one-sided canon.

    And... Here! I knew I had found some other Colosseumshipping fanart! It's based off of a.... Vampire AU? So, probably would be rated T by the ESRB. Just giving you fair warning.
  10. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    I agree. And the two are around the age of seventeen in the game, as opposed to the anime, where the characters usually start off as ten(at least the girls Ash traveled with, Misty aside.) Ash has be about sixteen to eighteen by now, I guess? But Wes and Rui still top the age for me.

    Ooo! Love the fanart by the way! Wes looks different without his spyglasses on his head.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2009
  11. Why do you love this shipping?

    Well, mostly it's because I like main character shippings too.
    But it's also because I think they go well together.
    And, I think esm8m had a point. I remember that there was one part of the game where Rui calls Wes her "Gallant Knight" or something like that.

    Oh, that's incredible fan art.
  12. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    DA has a good number of Colosseumshipping pics^^.

    Actually I also love the idea that they're at least over thirteen. That factor is pretty rare in the Pokemon world^^.

    I guess I love the pairing because they're that pairing where the girl's a supportive partner to a conflicted boy who's just trying to redeem himself. I mean Wes didn't hide that fact that he used to be part of the organization that steals and turn Pokemon to emotionless Shadow Pokemon. But Rui stuck with him anyway^^.

    In trying to answer where the heck they were in XD...I dunno, living peacefully in Rui's hometown =D?
  13. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    Here are the hints I've see in the game on Rui's part in which they would fit mutually well for Wes as well.

    After her initial shock, Rui doesn't seem to mind very much that Wes was a former member of Team Snagem and joined to helped him on his quest to stop them.

    Rui refers to Wes as her "knight in shining armor".

    Rui seemed majorly ticked off or tweaked, when a certain rider chick dissed her in Pyrite and called her a "wallflower", called Wes a "hottie", and told him to "lose the wallflower and be my sweetie". After that, Rui retaliated and told Wes to "be a man" and "stomp her down".

    Major shippy moment there :)

    The two are also called lovebirds many times throughout the game, with no objection on Rui's part. Hint Hint :)

    Even Ein, one of the four Cipher Admins, stated that the two showed up "hand-in-hand". Though, it was more likely to be as a taunt, I still see it as a hint.

    I've played the game like three times since this discussion began, which is why I'm able to quote most of this stuff so precisely.
  14. @ xyADVfan:

    Oh, yeah, the runner girl (I'm pretty sure her name was Emok.)

    It seems like everyone in-game sees Wes and Rui as a couple. :3
  15. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    All the more reason to support it! And another reason why there can't really be an rival shippings unless you create one with either character. Everyone in the game supports the couple. So who are we as outworlders not to?
  16. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

  17. XyADVfan

    XyADVfan AdvColoshipper

    Here's a topic to discuss.

    When did you first realize this was a shipping you were going to like?

    I'll answer later ;)
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  18. :3

    I like that fan art.

    It's really nice.

    When did you first realize this was a shipping you were going to like?

    I'm not sure.

    If i remember correctly, while I was Playing Pokemon Colosseum a long time ago, I was thinking about what Rui said, (the knight in shinning armor thing she said) and, I'm not sure, I just started liking that shipping after that.

  19. Falling4Grace

    Falling4Grace Breeder

    Why do you love this shipping?

    It is just seems so much different than the others. Wes is the reformed bad guy and Rui is the girl that the bad guys want out of the picture. If Wes had not reformed himself, he might have ended up being the one that had to capture her. It creates a drama that appeals to me. Not to mention, people in game like this pairing. If that is not something that says, "this is meant to be," I don't know what is. Besides, they are opposites. Everyone loves the concept of opposite attraction.

    When did you first realize this was a shipping you were going to like?

    Probably near the beginning of the game.
  20. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    I'm not sure when but I definitely felt something when you just kinda noticed, after spilling all your secrets, she's still with you!
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