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Come Here


The Blind Bandit
Hello, i am currently looking for a lvl 47 untouched palkia, Id like a Timid natured one with 123 or 124 speed, If you can name it "Ararel" cap first next low. id be very thankfull. well what i offer are the following:

lv.1 Jolly Male Gible with 31iv on speed.
Lv.1 Jolly/adamant Larvitar, 30 iv on atk and 31 on speed.
Shiny Groudon
Shiny Kyogre
Lv.1 Sinoh Starters
Lv.1 Timid Eevees with max speed and 30 iv sp atk.
Lvl 70. Naive Kyogre
Lvl 1 Timid 31 iv speed the rest 29-30 IV Roselia
Lv 28 Seriuos natured Ditto.
Lvl 1. Japanese Legit Manaphy
-Ev trained pokemon:

lvl 100 Naive Rayquaza
Lvl 100 Jolly Groudon
Lvl 100 Timid Kyogre
Lvl 100 Naive Typhlosion

Lvl 70 Naughy Metagross
Lvl 71 Jolly Feraligatr

You can PM me or add me on MSN if serebii is slow or down



The Blind Bandit
a dialga with the same char.