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come on GTS people be realistic.


Sir Nothing
i hate it when people do that too.i traded a level 1 turtwig i traded for a level 15 gible but ive never seen that.
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i know this does get annoying

i however am willing to trade a rampardos for a bastdon simploy because i have diamond

The Priest

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i dunno what to ask, i have several chimchars, piplups and turtwigs (breed) and now i don't know what to ask... i really would love a dratini but they are so rare plus i didnt saw one yet

Expert Evan

Old Fogey
One trick I've been doing lately is when I really need a specific pokemon that badly, I offer a clone of one of my shiny pokemon which usually quickly does the trick. I needed azelf & uxie so I could complete my dex in pearl so in diamond I put up both a shiny snorlax & a shiny sneasel for them as there seemed to be no hesitation. I call it rather a win-win situation. Other gets a new shiny while I get what I need. Other shiny clones I may offer include pelipper, wingull, steelix, gyarados & crobat.

Cipher Admin Xaos

Dust to Dust

I remember the first week I got D/P and I needed a Fire pokemon (but not that flaming unicorn) so I went on GTS and searched for Monferno just for the lulz.

Some guy in Washington offered his for a Croagunk. Snagged.

So then I decided I wanted to hoard rare (not ubers....like starters) and then put em for offer. Came across a level 16 Prinplup in offer for an Abra of any level. No joke. I ran my *** off to Route 20whatever to get one. And again, for the lulz, I named that Abra 'Noob'. Went back onto GTS, Prinplup still there. Snagged.

And also....it seems to be a lot of people from Japan doing that 'ok heres mah lvl 2 bidoof now give me a lvl 100 charizard kthxbai' crap.

Chaos Rush

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I don't have D or P yet, but I've played a friends before.

I went to the GTS Trading Center, and this guy was offering a Lv100 Manaphy, and he was asking for a Lv1 Manaphy!?!? WTF!?!?
The only reason why people trade with pokemon with the same level and kind is because they want to get the same pokemon with a better nature without the hastle of training them again. Also, remember there are kids who are around 5, 7 yrs old who are playing pokemon , who knows what crazy stuff theyre thinking. Anyways even if these are dumb trades, some people can get lucky, for example I once received a Lv100 milotic for a lv30 staryu, also a Shiny palkia for a regular dialga...


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What I really hate is when people put things up asking for the same thing 50+ levels higher. Just now I saw someone put up a Level 25 Cherrim asking for a Level 100 one!

The Priest

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i also saw a lvl 100 dragonair for a lvl 90 and up one... weird stuff.. Got a lapras for a male Quirky chimchar last night :)


Only on Wii
I've only done one trade but it was pretty fair. I traded a level 32 onix with a metal coat for a monferno level 30. but, I agree, I've even seen a level 1 Prinplup! Weavile level 3 for Dialga... I@m still on there...

PS: no. I'm 10, have #Diamond and live in england and I dosensible trades.

The Priest

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I got a lvl 24 turtwig for my chimchar..., X( it was cloned met at lvl 24 at route 214 caught with masterball... damn... well i've breed it and then i released it..


Man, I just got on the GTS and this is absurd. I'm like, "Yeah, might as well see if I can get a Glameow.


...Come on!
Went on GTS yesterday.
I traded Dialga for Palkia, for Dialga, for Palkia at least 20 times. And ended up with a legit level 100 Dialga. Hahahahaha, nice one. =)


i dunno what to ask, i have several chimchars, piplups and turtwigs (breed) and now i don't know what to ask... i really would love a dratini but they are so rare plus i didnt saw one yet
next week im putting up a dratini
so i was wondering...trade for a turtwig

Princess Reina

I dont understand people who give their the best pokemon to someone who they even didnt meet well. Someone asks them for trading, they agree and later they cry because their the best pokemon has been \\\"stolen\\\" and they got Starly or another common pokemon. Look at the \\\"Black List\\\". People are moaning because they feel cheated by some unknown gamers. I trade my pokemon with people who are my friends and I know they will not lie to me.