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Comic Tutorials - PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by MS, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. MS

    MS Well-Known Member


    How to make a SPRITE COMIC - by Davis PKMN Master

    Comic Making Guide - by The Noise : http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/1841/makingacomic4um.png
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2005
  2. MS

    MS Well-Known Member

    How to NOT make comics


    Journey Comics - by Controller of Flames

    10 Commandments on Sprite Making - by Crashman : http://www.fragile-minds.com/crashnbass/donts.html
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2005
  3. Controller of Flames

    Controller of Flames Taking Care

    Attention all, I will be updating my journey guide in this post because I'd rather not bother MS, he has enough to do.

    New updates:

    10. Making the plot more interesting
    Make your cast want to get the badges in their journey, most comic’s don’t do this which makes it quite annoying and boring. Pokechow’s Marin is a good example. Marin decides to go on her quest because her mother sold the fridge. So Marin goes of on her journey so she to get money so she won’t starve. Try to do something like this so the plot itself isn’t boring.

    11.Gameboy pokemon games are not to be mixed with GBA pokemon games in any way

    The original Gameboy was only black, white and grey, Pokemon yellow and G/S/C was 8-bit for GBC, the FR/LG and R/S/E games are 32 bit, a high leap in graphics. They look horrible when mixed, we have FR.LG maps if you want to use Kanto. There are also some people who are making Johto in FR.LG style, ask them if you can use their maps instead of the original games ones.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2006
  4. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Well then, I'll add my cents to the pile:

  5. Bu†cH

    Bu†cH Braaiiiiiinss......

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2005
  6. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Here is something that I think would be useful. Don't make an introductory comic. If you have well established comic characters they will need no introduction, just make sure their names are mentioned and you'll be fine.
  7. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Many experts will be more than happy to guide you through the course of making a comic, all it takes is just a little PM and then the experts will be helping you.
  8. Solid Kirby

    Solid Kirby Back, I guess.

    Alright, I'm gonna say it right now, because I feel it needs to be said.

    Age/Programs/Experience/etc. Are NO excuse for having a bad comic. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a comic title that said somthing like "_____ (Made in MS paint)" or "My first Comic (Don't be Harsh)" or that crap. You might expect Pity Sex; I'm going to give you a slap with the Swordfish of Reality and Critisizm.

    Take a look at Chronicles of Hyrule. My comic. 80% of it was made in MS Paint, and It's gonna go pro in a couple of weeks. What does that tell you? Those Idiots who say that MS paint is their downfall are Downright Lazy.

    Another interesting fact is that, when making the ORIGINAL CoH, The FIRST Rendition of it was crap. Downright crap. Did I say "Oh, well" and post it? No. I trashed it, opened up a new window, and tried again. Half of the people who post comics at SPPf don't do that. Guess what? These are ALSO the guys who cry when we say "This is utterly disgraceful crap." You want us to lick your shoes? Make your damn comic better than ours.

    In short: If you know you made a crappy comic, Don't post it.
    If you post it, Don't ask for Pity sex.
    If you ask for Pity Sex, Don't whine when someone tears apart your comic.
    If you whine at Crit, Get off the Internet.
    Simple. =)
  9. Eric

    Eric Guest

  10. Goatman56

    Goatman56 Paras is the shiz!

    Here is something that ticks me off. When people steal other peoples jokes or steal there ideas. Blueguy did a Black Eye Peas joke and there have been two people who copied it. Cause when they do it, they get even worse criticism, its like stealing sprites.

    On the whole sense of humor debate that Snagger brought up, I don't find those jokes funny. I mean I don't find it funny to see pokemon sprites doing that stuff. Its just stupid. The fact that people think it is funny is because its a bunch of n00bs who don't know what there talking about. I don't hate Blueguy's comic for it but he does use those jokes quite often.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2005
  11. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    People, do not underestimate the splendor of sprite editing. I was just browsing through pokésho and I was amazed. Even though I can't read Japanese their comics are of an amazing quality. That tells you something doesn't it? http://www.pokesho.com/anime_m1.html Take a look at those edits, don't come crying to me saying that you can't do anything like that because oh yes you can! All it takes is practice, so don't be lazy with sprites please; like I always say quality > quanity.
  12. Pokefan26

    Pokefan26 Woot! SSB!

    Here is something that hasn't been posted. If you can take 'crit' seriously. If you want to improve in your comic you must take the advice other members are giving you. Sometimes, people call advice giving on comics flaming, and post something back that COULD cause a flamewar. And what Devil G said, don't start making excuses of you age, experience, etc. Even if you are new to comics, you must have a decent one. And if you can't take 'crit' seriously, then don't make one.
  13. blueguy

    blueguy used Metronome!

    I'm just going to point out that while a reviewer is perfectly allowed to present his/her criticisms and comments, he is absolutely NOT allowed, at least in my book, to present these viewpoints in a derogatory fashion. If what the reviewer had said to me was 'crit', as you call it, but it was posted in a malicious way, I would have every right to deem it as 'flaming'.

    People are giving reviewers too much freedom. A reviewer has NO RIGHT to be rude. There's a fine line between the truth and pure cruelty, and many times reviewers have crossed it, causing these 'flamewars'.
  14. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    The line between flaming and constructive criticism is different for each of us. If it does seem like flamebait or something like that and the person knows what they are talking about, you should listen to them regardless of the situation. Even on Deviantart if people tell me my art sucks I will listen to that to improve upon my own skill. it takes a lot of guts to do, but it strengthens you.
  15. Jeshi-kun

    Jeshi-kun MUFFIN POWA!

    OH! here's somthing! not for comic makers, but for comic reveiwers,

    "OH MY GOD THIS COMICS SUCKS YOU NEWB MAKE IT BETTER" is NOT Constructive Crit,(at least not by MY book)
    "This comic's Backrounds are poorly made and your Jokes need improovement," IS Contructive crit.

    anyways I think that the exscuces are bad but don't be AS harsh, like...if its there 1st try say somthing like "not very good, but its a start", unless it is as bad as:
    (taken from Crash and bass)
  16. JoshYEAH

    JoshYEAH ???

    Way to feed into the furnace ;[

    You need to have a high opinion of your work in order to take crit properly, if you think too low of your work you end up lacking in motivation. while it is true that one shouldn't think their comic is God, one should certainly have some form of self esteem ;[

    What are you going to make comics and post them up for, aside from fun? You want to be noticed, so you therefore want attention, in posting a comic it tells the people visiting this forum you want their attention, hence, making and posting a comic is asking and making a comic for attention. ;[

    As for how not to make a comic, I can't really think of something that isn't covered, but as a note to reviewers, try to refrain from the following;

    -Judging a comic entirely based on one or two issues (Specifically the starting issues) is not the best way to go about things. Leave a comment to show how you think of the introduction, but remember that there is obviously going to be more to come, keep crit up to a maximum at the starting point and point of view over the entire comic at a minimum.

    -Judge a comic based on author is something I see a lot, not nessecarily here, (well I do see it here... but nyah), but other places. Don't base an opinion of a comic that coincides with the opinion you have of the author. Unless it is obviously genuine. You can't hate the work just because the authors a moron, especially if the work is decent.

    -Giving number ratings is possibly the thing that annoys me most. They are not informed unless you give off a set ranking system. I'm talking 4-5 key points that you judge, and then an average score based on the average of all previous scores. Something like this takes a lot of work, and overall doesn't help the author out. Remember, while you are reviewing, you are also helping the author receiving your crit. Your number rating don't help the author. ;[

    Last edited: May 8, 2006
  17. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    I see that noone had posted this yet.
  18. Controller of Flames

    Controller of Flames Taking Care

    Mecca I'll put that in my first post here for everyone to see.

    If you tought 11 rules were all you needed to follow to make a journey comic, think again.

    11.Gameboy pokemon games are not to be mixed with GBA pokemon games in any way

    The original Gameboy was only black, white and grey, Pokemon yellow and G/S/C was 8-bit for GBC, the FR/LG and R/S/E games are 32 bit, a high leap in graphics. They look horrible when mixed, we have FR.LG maps if you want to use Kanto. There are also some people who are making Johto in FR.LG style, ask them if you can use their maps instead of the original games ones.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2006
  19. blueguy

    blueguy used Metronome!

    "What will happen next?! Will blabla do blabla or will blablablablabla!"


    I frigging hate it when people do this in their comics. This, in my book, is a MAJOR, MAJOR don't... Unless you have an original way to spin this, perhaps some sort of joke, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do it.
  20. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2006

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