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Comics You Are Thankful For

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Just a little thing for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for:

Duskypuff's Grim Life
Feeling Sluggish?
A Town Called Littleroot
The First Rophip Comic
Shinyman 64 DS
and lots more that I can't think of!
I loved Pokechows and Duskpuff's grim life the most and forgot the others i liked.



Wario = PWN
I'm glad I'm listed here and all...
but good lord men!
This has to be THE MOST...
or second most...
pointless thread I have read all month.
They need to make a rule that people must have a mods permission to make a non comic thread in the comic forum.



The Infinite Fire
Well, it is Thanksgiving and all.....

But I do see your point. Personally, I'm still campaigning for FanComics to become its own forum, with the subforum of Comic Cafe.


Jassy and Jiggly: Batteries Not Included

...It's just one of the cuttest and funniest :p

Thankfull for:
Neglected Mario Charaters (Without them, there would be no Sprite comics today.)
Final Fantasy Sonic (If I never read these, I'd probly never of made my first crap comic)
That's My Sonic (Same as FFS)
Pipe Dreams (Best SMW comic evah)
Wario Comics (Second best SMW comic evah)
Pokemon X (Damn fine comic. specialy for Pokemon)
Adventures of the Idiots (Made by a friend, and ****in hilarious)
Adventures of Link (Made by my friend from above. Best ****in LoZ:4swords comic I've seen)
Adventures of A Yoshi (Read it. I dare you)
My old comic series, ToI. For with out it, I'd never become the author I am today.

And I'm thankfull to The Spriters Resorse, The Shy Guy Kingdom, Mario Fan Game Galazy, and Drshnaps Productions for all the sprites I used in the years. And BGHQ for the backrounds.
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Oh yeah! I forgot to name ones not on Serebii! D'oh!
Bob and George (Kinda)
Neglected Mario Characters(same as Davis)
Pokemon X

Blazin' Blaziken

Well-Known Member
Let's see.
I'm thankful for:
Living Is Seacape (closed)
The Adventures of the Regi-Trio
Pokemon Hoenn Adventures or Four swords Adventures
Meet the world, Alex
A Town Called Littleroot (never updated in a long time)


I'm thankful for:
Pokemon X
The pokemon journey
living in seascape
dawn of a journey
and last but not least pokemon supreame.


used Metronome!
Mastercougar said:
Well, it is Thanksgiving and all.....

But I do see your point. Personally, I'm still campaigning for FanComics to become its own forum, with the subforum of Comic Cafe.

I TOTALLY agree. There needs to be an area where comic makers can come to discuss things. Why would such an idea be hard to get past? Has anyone ever suggested it? If so, was it turned down, and why?

I'm not thankful, because this weekend is NOT Thanksgiving for me. I live in Canada, and so Thanksgiving takes place in October.

If I had to choose, I would say "Jassy and Jiggly", because it is, in my opinion, one of the most well put together, visually appealing, and entertaining comics around here, and doesn't get enough recognition.
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The comic I'm most thankfull for is one which, in my opinion is sometimes under rated. Maybe I came too late to be here when it was really popular, but Pokemon: Neo was the first Pokemon comic I ever read. I loved it. SImply layed out, yet funny and a pretty good, if not slightly over done storyline.

Along with it, Pokemon X, 8 bit theatre and Kabutroid all deserve mentions. Also, just started reading Pokechow recently and I love it too.

Those are some of my favourites, though I'm sure I've missed some out.

For those of you publishing these comics, keep up the freakin amazing work.

EDIT: The Uk doesnt celebrate Thanksgiving, at least most of us don't, so really...ya know. but still, nice to show people you enjoy their work.


The Infinite Fire
Well, now I shall declare my gratitudes!

Hanging With Wisest Pikachu (The Comic) is, first and foremost, the comic that inspired and still inspires me.

Bob and George, among others, taught me much and inspired some material.

I'm also grateful to all the good comics on this forum, both the ones that came before me, and the ones that popped up after me, since I'm glad I helped inspire some of that.
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