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Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown! (734)


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Decisive Battle Donamite! Throh vs Sawk!!

It's time for the end of the Donamite tournament and the Semi-Finals begin. With Ash, Bianca, Stephan and the reigning champion all in it, battles are sure to be fierce. Bianca and her Emboar have to face Stephan's Sawk while Ash & Scraggy are facing the chamion and his Throh. Who will emerge triumphant and the overall winner of the tournament?

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Now we must witness the horrible defeat of Scraggy by the over powered Throh.
Oh dear.


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The episode stars off with a recap of the tournament so far.


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Pretty sure Kenyan will win this Donamite.

Only because they are making Masaomi seem strong to make Kenyan seem even stronger, and due to the wish he made by the bell.

Not sure if it was confirmed and im late, or not.


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I meant overpowered for Scraggy doesn't have a chance in heck to beat Throh.


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Stephan complaining about the pronunciation of his name...again.

Iris and Georgia fight.

Sawk uses Bulk Up.

Emboar uses Hammer Arm.

Sawk uses Karate Chop and Close Combat.

Sawk uses Bulk up again. He realises on that a lot.


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I think Bianca came when Stephan told Sawk to use Bulk Up.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Stephan won with a duel Karate Chop.

Cilan tastes the victory and Burgundy is annoyed...as usual.


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Man, writers why did you have to give Emboar to Bianca?
She totally doesn't know how to bring out a pokemon's potential.
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