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Community POTW #006

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Dec 29, 2019.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

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  2. XaelOstigian

    XaelOstigian Competitive...kinda

    I was late to work today because a Snorlax was blocking the road. #pokemondays
    But in all seriousness, Snorlax is really just that. A roadblock that gets in the way of your opponent and causes chaos unless you get a little creative. Snorlax has always been something to watch out for since gen 1. And while Snorlax really hasn't gotten too many new toys to play with each generation, it still remains a solid choice for team building what with its great bulk, good offensive presence, and 3 excellent abilities to choose from. Though I do find it kinda funny that Snorlax used to be so rare or hard to obtain sometimes only 1 or 2 in an entire game, but now they are swarming our Dynamax battles and respawn easily right at the end of the bridge to the northern half of the Wild Area in Sword and Shield (Would have been funny if they were also a road block to keep players contained to the southern area until you obtain 3 gym badges, but I digress...)

    -> Immune to Poison status: Very useful in keeping Toxic users from taking it down in a war of attrition. Not as useful as it was in generations past what with Toxic no longer being as widespread as it is, but still a good option.
    Thick Fat-> Take half damage from Fire and Ice attacks: Always handy to have a few extra resistances to a defensive Pokemon.
    Gluttony-> Berries that require you to be at 25% health to activate now activate at 50% health: Super useful since it allows you to use something like a Figy Berry to restore 33% health at 50% health giving you a source of recovery outside of Rest and Leftovers. Very useful in tangent with Recycle and G-Max Replenish.

    Roadblock Kaiju
    Ability: Gluttony
    Item: Figy Berry
    Nature: Impish/Careful
    EVs: (HP 252) (Def 4) (Sp.Def. 252)

    Body Slam
    Earthquake/High Horsepower/Crunch

    Set Details:
    Curse bestows you with extra offense and defense, Body Slam is a reliable STAB with a 30% chance of paralysis which is always helpful, Earthquake covers you against the Rock and Steel types that resist Body Slam (High Horsepower if you fear Grassy Surge) but Crunch is another option if you really fear Ghost types or Drifblim, and Recycle keeps your Figy Berry in place so you always have recovery to fall back on. This set also works well on Gigantamax sets since it turns Body Slam into G-Max Replenish which doubles as Recycle as well as an offensive move, meaning for three turns you'll be able to heal off damage while flattening the opposition.

    I guess you could say that in terms of competitive play, Snorlax is a
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    Sleeper Hit!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2019
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  3. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Snorlax has changed little over the years, more defined by the changes in the Metagame then actually changing itself. For years this has resulted in a downward spiral where Snorlax is progressively more and more outclassed by the Metagame.

    Two changes in the generational shift have really defined Snorlax: First is the loss of Return (and Frustration). This nerf impacts all normal types as they lost a reliable Base 102 STAB move with no drawbacks, forcing people to rely on the weaker Body Slam, the situational Facade (great if you see a Will-o-Wisp or Toxic coming) or the self damaging Double Edge (who Snorlax can admittedly suck up recoil better thanks to its high HP, but still does not want to do due to being entirely reliant on its bulk).

    The second is Dynamaxing. Normally you would think Snorlax would be a fantastic candidate for Dynamaxing, with its already high HP being doubled, ability to boost its defenses with Max Ground Surge/Steelspike, and offense with G-Max Knuckle (Earthquake/High Horsepower, Heavy Slam and Hammer Arm respectively). However Snorlax is so slow that pretty much any Haze/Clear Smog user can wipe away its boosts with ease and the lack of recovery during Dynamaxing barring a gimmicky G-Max Replenish/Gluttony set and Snorlax is generally a defensive pokémon who will have one or two offensive moves, which makes for a poor Dynamax option. On the flip side of the coin, Fighting Dynamax moves are very popular for their ATK boosting ability, and other pokémon can take advantage of the power boost Dynamaxing provides just to muscle through Snorlax without much issue.

    I should mention the reduced roster. While Snorlax's main problem is that the game around it has gotten better, it has enjoyed reduced rosters before (see LGPEOU). However, too many threats remain for Snorlax. Powerful Fighting types will be in all tiers thanks to Hawlucha and Conkeldurr in OU, Machamp and Sirfetch'd in UU (or wherever they eventually land) and wherever the Muskedeers will wind up when Pokémon Home finally drops. Taunt users are still abound in this game who can easily come in and seal any attempts at Snorlax setting up/recovering, while Snorlax remains too slow and not powerful enough to be an effective Wallbreaker (when the main defensive trio of Toxapex, Ferrothorn and Galarian Corsola can all come in and beat you reliably, you have issues).
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