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Community POTW #012

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Time for the next Pokémon of the Week, and this week we are dealing with a classic Hoenn Pokémon


    Aggron is a defensive beast, with great physical defences and a movepool to help aid in destroying it


    In addition to that, Aggron received a Mega Evolution which allows for even more strategies seeing as it has lost a type and has the highest Defense stat in the game


    Go nuts
  2. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    Mega Aggron

    Hold Item: Aggronite
    Ability: Filter
    Nature: Adamant/Impish/Careful
    EV's: 180 HP / 64 Atk / 12 Def / 252 SDef

    - Hone Claws
    - Iron Tail
    - Stone Edge/Head Smash/Earthquake
    - Fire Punch/Thunder Punch/Aqua Tail/Brick Break/Dragon Rush
  3. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    Aggron @ Lum Berry/Chople Berry
    Rock Head
    252 Atk/ 252 Spd/4 Def
    -Rock Polish
    -Head Smash
    -Fire Punch

    Sweeper Aggron, with powerful rock STAB and EdgeQuake coverage. Fire Punch is for Ferro/Scizor/Forry.
  4. chap196

    chap196 Well-Known Member

    Aggron Overview
    Aggron has extremely high Defense and an above average Attack which makes it good at tanking Physical Hit and hit it back hard. It's HP are not quite good with only 70 HP and its Special Defense is even worse. It is as fast as Aegislash... But it is still strong.

    - Its high defense allows it to tank many hits, it can easily survive a Physical Super Effective hit.
    - Above average attack allows it to hit hard too.
    - Its move pool is not bad either.
    - All of its 4 ability (Including Mega Aggron) are good which makes its ability hard to predict.
    - Mega Aggron changes type when it Mega Evolve, so it makes it even harder to predict what move to use.

    - It has awful Special Defense and its HP isn't high either.
    - Its typing is not that good because it gets 4x Super Effective to Ground and Fighting Type which is really common. It gets even worse in this gen because it no longer resist Ghost and Dark.
    - Just don't mention its Speed.

    Mega Aggron Overview
    Now you need to choose carefully to mega evolve Aggron or not. Mega Aggron has as much Defense as Shuckle, SHUCKLE. And it even has higher HP than Shuckle, so it will survive Physical Hit better than Shuckle. It's Attack is now 140 which is really high too. It's Special Defense is now Average.

    - Its Defense is now as high as Shuckle
    - Its Attack is also good too
    - Its Special Defense is increase to 80 which is average.
    -It no longer have that terrible 4x weakness to Ground and Fighting because it turns into a pure Steel Type Pokemon when it Mega Evolves
    - Filter allows it to survive more Super Effective hits.

    - It no longer gets a Rock STAB move which makes Stone Edge less stronger
    - It can't use Head Smash too because it loses its Rock Head ability
    - It no longer resist Fire Type

    Sturdy: Sturdy is a good ability on Aggron because it allows it to survive one Aura Sphere. Although Mold Breaker ignores Sturdy.
    Rock Head: This is good if you want to run Head Smash without getting any recoil. A STAB Head Smash on a 110 Base Attack Pokemon is really powerful.
    Heavy Metal: This allows Aggron to get heavier and it gives Heavy Slam more chance to deal higher damage.
    Filter (Mega Aggron): Filter is exclusive on Mega Aggron. It makes Super Effective hit 25% less stronger which allows it to survive more hit from a Super Effective move.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
  5. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    Aggron. I still think this is one of the 10 coolest Pokémon to come out of Hoenn...and its Mega Evolution's design doesn't disappoint me either. A little meh on stats originally due to certain game mechanics, but still a beast if used right.

    -HP - Average - Base 70 doesn't do Aggron much justice with 2 common Quad Weaknesses, but Mega Aggron has Filter, one Type, and better defenses.
    -Attack - Great/Incredible - Base 110 hits many a thing like a truck. Base 140 hits like a semi truck.
    -Defense - Incredible/Mythical - Base 180 is hard to penetrate without Fighting or Ground. Base 230 is nearly impossible to pierce.
    -Sp.Atk - Mediocre - Base 60 is not usable when you have that high Attack. Much less so with a highly Physical Movepool.
    -Sp.Def - Mediocre/Average - Base 60 is hit like a truck by Earth Power, Hidden Power (Ground/Fighting), Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, and Focus Blast, and you already know my commentary on Base 80 for attack & defense stats.
    -Speed - Borderline (Trick Room) - Base 50 is on the very edge of where I like Trick Room teammates. Then again, it's really cool with Moves like Payback, Avalanche, and Metal Burst (and the occasional Endeavor or Reversal).

    -Sturdy - Was not too good before Gen V, but is a solid staple for surviving a hit, buffing up with Autotomize, Curse, Hone Claws, etc., and for sets with Payback, Reversal, Endeavor, Avalanche, and/or Metal Burst. Really good, especially if you have to switch Aggron into something then Mega Evolve.
    -Rock Head - The staple prior to Gen V, you don't take Recoil from Take Down, Head Smash, and Double-Edge. Not much else, though...
    -Heavy Metal (Hidden, Available [Horde]) - Weight becomes 720 kg (or 1587.4 lbs for people, like me, using American standards instead of Metric standards). Low Kick and Grass Knot already hit for maximum Base Power against Aggron, but it helps with Heavy Slam (if you feel like using that option). Too bad Serebii.net doesn't have "Pokémon listings by Weight" HINT HINT. This will only help Heavy Slam, though.
    -Filter - Reduces damage from Fire, Ground, and Fighting by 25% for Mega-Aggron. Some pretty Common Types to contend with in any case, but remember that you sacrifice your Item Slot for Mega Evolutions. Not a bad option, though.

    Aggron's Movepool is chock-full of fun options, but remember that you can't use them all. Most Normal Types (and newly-Fairy Types) have the same issue, so if you can use them, it's quite possible you can handle Aggron. Likewise with facing it. Aggron hits hard, but it cannot hit you forever. The weak point in Aggron's armor has always been that Sp.Def and most Pokémon it might check or counter have some capacity for Special-based Moves. Mega-Aggron's capacity for butt-kicker makes normal Aggron unlikely. Frisk, while more unlikely, can flush out normal Aggron in a figurative sense and allow a Surf user to literally flush normal Aggron out.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
  6. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Aggron, a total badass that you could catch early in the game in RSE, it was actually quite pathetic due to its typing. Hopefully, its Mega-Evolution changes that.

    Typing: Rock-Steel is one of the worse type combinations in the game. 8 resistances and one immunity seems like a god send, especially if you consider the quad resists to Flying and Normal. Unfortunately this is complemented by a weakness to water (most common type in the game), and a 4x weakness to Fighting and Ground (two very popular attacking types).The quad weaknesses slaughter pokemon with this type combo, which generally have phenomenal DEF, but can’t use it because they are weak to the two most common physical attacking types in the game. The Rock-Steel typing is what broke Aggron in previous generations.
    Mega Aggron on the other hand is a pure Steel type. While Mega Aggron has to be more cautious around Talonflame, it does have major benefits: 10 resistances and 1 immunity in exchange for the same number of weaknesses as before, but no 4x resists or weaknesses. Both of these type combos resist Stealth Rock and are immune to Toxic Spikes making them fairly viable for constant switching. The biggest loss Aggron has by Mega Evolving is that it can no longer benefit from Sandstorm’s SDEF boost.
    Offensively, the Rock-Steel STAB combo is fairly good: only being commonly resisted by Steels among the monotypes, especially with rock complimenting Steel’s overall poor coverage. That and add most possessors of this type have access to Ground moves, and the combo gets that much scarier.

    Stats: Aggron starts to shine in this department; having a similar stat distribution to Avalugg, but with better SDEF. Aggron has a god-like 180 DEF meaning that most physical attackers that can’t strike super effectively get stopped cold. The windy king ATK sits at an impressive 110, meaning stuff that can’t hurt it better leave or die. Unfortunately it starts going downhill from here. Base 70 HP is average and while certainly usable for walling, combined with a pathetic SDEF of 60, Aggron crumples under a special assault. Base 50 doesn’t win you any speed rewards, except in Trick Room… where there still are plenty of things that outspeed (outslow?) Aggron. Aggron’s SATK is not being mentioned for good reason.
    Mega-Aggron, unsurprisingly is even better than Aggron in the stats department. With DEF boosted to 230, Mega-Aggron stands on par with Shuckle in terms of DEF and is easily the most physically defensive pokemon in the game. ATK is also buffed to 140, meaning fewer things can stop the wind king as it smashes through anything, while the bump to an average 80 SDEF partially patches up the lost sandstorm boost. Mega-Aggron’s other stats remain untouched.

    Moveset: Aggron has a wide and varied moveset, but seriously, what’s with all of the special attacks? Aggron’s physical movepool contains STABs like Heavy Slam, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and Head Smash giving it some variety right there based on the preferences of the trainer. Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Payback, Body Slam, Return, Double Edge and Superpower round out the false wind titan’s physical movepool. Aggron has choices in Curse, Power-up Punch and Hone Claws for boosting, or can pseudo Swords Dance with Screech. Aggron’s support movepool befits that of a wall; in addition to the standard Toxic and weather inducing moves, Aggron possesses Taunt, Thunderwave, Dragon Tail, and Steath Rock for a sparse but very strong showing. Metal Burst makes for an interesting option and can make many regret attacking Aggron.The lack of recovery hurts though.

    Ability: Aggron possesses 3 abilities: Sturdy which is a general go to ability, prevent Aggron from being OHKO due to its horrid typing. Rock Head is a very popular ability to use in conjunction with Head Smash, but seeing has this only works on Aggron’s that are not going to Mega Evolve, I suspect this ability has lost popularity. Heavy Metal is for boosting the power of Heavy Slam… And vastly inferior to Rock Head.
    Mega-Aggron only possesses one ability: Filter. Reduce super-effective hits by 25%? Mega-Aggron is the best possessor of this ability and makes taking it down, even more of an achievement.

    The Verdict: OPEN THE FLOODGATES! With the advent of Mega Evolutions, Aggron may have finally found its place in OU as a terrifying offensive wall. But it is not invincible; a volley of Special Attacks will drown him rather quickly while an endless wave of non-resisted physical attacks will erode Aggron’s hopes of winning.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
  7. YagamiNoir4896

    YagamiNoir4896 Well-Known Member

    Aggron has always been an interesting pick. The only thing you needed to do back in the day was spam Head Smash, and while it may be slow, Rock Polish and (to a lesser extent) Autotomize, fixed that issue. Gen 6 was bittersweet for this iron monster, giving it an incredible Mega Evolution that gave it typically unrivaled physical defense (and Filter, that made it a god in taking hits), and Steel is invaluable for the Fairies. Sadly, that physical defense isn't as glorious as it used to be with the Steel nerf, but with that defense, that's nothing.

    Eat my Iron Fist!
    Aggron @ Choice Band
    Nature: Jolly/Adamant/Brave
    Ability: Rock Head
    EV Spread: 44 HP/252 Attack/212 Speed if Jolly; 128 HP/252 Attack/128 Speed if Adamant/252 HP/252 Attack/4 Defense with 0 Speed IVs if Brave (Trick Room)

    Head Smash
    Iron Head/Heavy Slam
    Earthquake/Fire Punch

    One thing hasn't changed; Aggron is still the strongest user of Head Smash that doesn't receive recoil, a trait which will be replaced by Tyrantrum in the distant (or not so distant) future. Choice Band Head Smash is so ridiculously powerful that it can take down Gliscor, Skarmory, Mega Mawile (without Intmidate, and Agrron is a good switch in to Mawile) and Suicune in two hits. If your opponent lacks a resist, something is going to get severely hurt. You can't resist it; you need to resist and have good defense. Even x4 resists such as Lucario and Excadrill have no business switching in as they take staggering amounts (43-50% and 37-43% respectively, Adamant vs 0/0) from Head Smash. Iron Head is the secondary STAB; it has pretty consistent BP, but if you want to back on the 120 use Heavy Slam; it's not really going to help as much as you think as it doesn't hit 120 BP despite the fact that it is ridiculously heavy. Earthquake provides nearly unresisted coverage with Head Smash, particularly against Aegislash. However, Fire Punch gets past Air Balloon Magnezone and Excadrill as well as hitting Ferrothorn and Forretress harder, although it hits much less harder in general . Double-Edge is it's strongest option against Gastrodon, Quagsire, Swampert, and Keldeo. Jolly and 212 Speed outspeeds minimum Speed Suicune. 128 with Adamant outspeeds 76 Speed EV Trevenant. Brave and 0 IVs for Trick Room.

    Aggron @ Aggronite
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Filter
    EV Spread; 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Special Defense

    Stealth Rock
    Dragon Tail
    Heavy Slam/Iron Head
    Earthquake/Stone Edge

    Behold the most terrifying physical wall in the game. 70/230 Defense and taking 1.5 from super effective hits (none of which are x4) is ridiculous. No unboosted physical hit will OHKO; it's physical defense is so ridiculous that it is only 3HKOed by a Mega Garchomp Earthquake (and even in sand, it only has a 15% chance to be 2HKOed) and a Mega Charizard X Flare Blitz; an uninvested Hippowdon Earthquake also does a pitiful 24% to this Aggron. Stealth Rock is seen on every team that gives nice support. Dragon Tail phazes, something which in tandem with it's newfound godlike bulk it can manage much more effectively. Heavy Slam is now more effective as it gains weight when it Mega Evolves, striking a 100 BP on Garchomp instead of the usual 80. However, Heavy Slam does pitiful 40 damage to Tyranitar and Mamoswine, making Iron Head a considerable option. Earthquake gives pretty decent coverage on pretty much everything; however, Stone Edge launches a more solid hit on Dragonite, Talonflame, and a few notable others.
  8. ajgrocks100

    ajgrocks100 The Loomer

    The irony of the fact that i was up at 12 this morning doing a nuzlocke, and had just evolved my lairon into aggron. Its name is Laggron.
    Aggron has always been kinda sad for me. Any form of recovery (besides rest) would be a blessing for it. It has options, but do note they aren't very strong, and are mostly situational. (Ie, Dragon Claw, Hone Claws, and a shoot ton of special moves.) Aggron is best at abusing its high defense to linger as long as possible.
    Fixing the Laggron (no, i did not just make this up)
    Jolly, 252 Spd, 252 SpD, 4 Atk.
    Lum Berry, Sturdy
    -Rock Polish
    -Ice Punch
    -Stone Edge
    Rock Polish is the only great boosting move aggron gets. Using it will not make you to fast at first, so it is best to switch onto something like talonflame and use it multiple times as they switch. Lum is to prevent a status while doing so.

    This thing gets some patching. An improvement in defenses and filter all benefit it. But seeing as they did this, it can tank so much more, especially if you pack on your defensive stats.
    Barret's Pokemon Incarntion.
    252Atk/HP, 4SpD
    Aggronite, Adamant
    -Heavy Slam
    -Thunder Punch
    -Ice Punch
    BEAT EVERYONE UP! this set is straight forward: use ur attacks to kill people. aggron benefits a TON from wish-passers, so it is recommended to have one.
  9. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    Since you are not using Heavy Slam along with the ability Heavy Metal, wouldn't it be better to use Autotomize in place of Rock Polish. Since the reduced weight can help reduce those rare Grass Knot or Low Kick damage.
  10. Sir Niner Steak

    Sir Niner Steak wow very tm87

    Aggron @ Aggronite
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    -Iron Tail
    -Stone Edge
    -Power-Up Punch

    While this may seem like a weird set, it has been a phenomenal late game sweeper for me. Iron Tail, while not the best choice for a STAB, has decent base power allowing it to hit harder than it should. Stone Edge is for decent coverage. Autotomize gives Mega-Aggron a much needed boost of speed and can be used in conjunction with Sturdy to get a boost before going mega. Power-Up Punch is the final move on this boosting-sweeper, already pushing it's great Attack into godlike stats, and if it gets boosts, nothing can stop this beast.
  11. Nulava

    Nulava Banned

    Aggron @ Choice Band
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Rock Head
    EVs: 116 HP / 252 Atk / 140 Spe
    ~Head Smash
    ~Heavy Slam
    ~Fire Punch / Aqua Tail

    Aggron @ Aggronite
    Nature: Adamant / Impish
    Trait: Filter
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def
    ~Iron Head / Heavy Slam
    ~Dragon Tail / Thunder Wave / Roar / Fire Punch / Stone Edge / Ice Punch
    ~Stealth Rock / Thunder Wave / Fire Punch / Stone Edge / Ice Punch
  12. kirant

    kirant Member

    On the plus side, I think Aggron's mega evolution finally gives it a spot in the metagame.

    Unfortunately, the fact that it is a mega evolution comes at a huge cost still hurts. Aggron is designed to be a tough, in the trenches, trading blows physical tank. It can't take sustained pressure though because it has no reliable recovery (Aggronite means no leftovers and its moveset only has Rest). As awesome and powerful as Mega Aggron may be, this will always come back to haunt it. It will almost invariably be treated as a Pokemon to switch in on the biggest of threats and start beating down itself. Getting it to do and survive all that can become troublesome in longer or faster swapping games. When I first saw it, I loved the concept of using it as a physical tank, but that lack of recovery beyond rest keeps making me doubt its durability in extended games since there are quite a few decent special types which can bring it down.

    In regular games, I suspect Hippowdon will be a better wall in practice, but Mega Aggron wins for being awesome and pure steel.

    Testing out some of the situation stats, I've noticed Aggron is unfortunately very good at being thrown around by quite a few physical walls and is ultimately very vulnerable to being stopped and forcing you to go on the defensive or move out. Some results include:
    - The seemingly omnipresent Ferrothorn. The best I can get it to do is 25% per hit and that will be mitigated over time via Leech Seed. The above problem with recovery really bites here, as Ferrothorn can't hurt back, but its damage over time via Leech Seed will win out.
    - Hippowdon, a popular physical wall. And I mean destroyed because Mega Aggron's EdgeQuake is weak and Heavy Slam/Iron Head are not too good. And Hippowdon, which only takes 25% max (from the 3rd option, Iron Head), can easily just Slack Off damage
    - Slowbro. I guess this is kind of expected, given Slowbro's special attacker status, but I love showing a little love to it. I feel it's a bit underrated these days.
    - (Hilariously) Prankster Sableye. I love this guy...surprisingly durable to physical sweeps.

    However, it does have the distinction of being unable to be stopped by Gliscor if you give it Heavy Slam. Gliscor's lower weight makes that quite a target.

    Aggron w/ Aggronite
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    - Heavy Slam/Iron Tail
    - Stone Edge
    - Earthquake
    - AutotomizeRock Polish/Power Up Punch

    This set utilizes the nice coverage of EdgeQuake and gives you a nice STAB option. I think it'll be unlikely you'll sweep unless it's late game and he'll need to be escorted to keep his HP from being nickle and dimed beforehand, but he can easily end game if he needs to.

    Switching in on an easy target can give you a chance to us Automize, which will let him outspeed moderately fast tanks and anything with full speed EVs under 60 speed or a neutral speed pokemon with full EVs under 85. Not super, but he'll clean up some targets like Tyranitar. Heavy Slam is a little unreliable, but will hit many good targets hard. Problem is Steel is a poor attack type, which can hamper any sweep. And a 140 EdgeQuake, while wide hitting, isn't great against most of the most effective tanks. Between that and burn, you need to clean up much of the main threats before letting it free. But it can take quite a bit of physical hits and will be difficult to stop.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
  13. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Heavy Slam/Autotomize is not a combo you should use. Go with Rock Polish instead, as Autotomize makes your HS weaker, even for Mega Aggron.

    Also, I think people are still over assessing the worth of Sturdy (without Wish-Support that is).. Yay! Sturdy kicked in and I survived that Earth Power/Flamethrower/Surf/Aura Sphere! - But I still only have a single hit point, and I'm way too slow to do anything before the kill comes in..

    Loving Filter though.. Sure, it's not rendering those hits fully neutral, but they get mighty close to being neutral in effect.
  14. kirant

    kirant Member

    Maybe I should go read the effects of the attack next time (I once managed to forget Taunt bypasses Subs before...making a very...interesting conversation with a Klefki user)

    Thanks for the correction.
  15. MythrilZenith

    MythrilZenith Member

    Pre-Evolution Corner! Pre-Evolution Corner!

    Lairon is one of the few pokemon with solid enough stats to be a viable Eviolite user, making it a bit tankier than Aggron (though not mega-Aggron), at the cost of damage and another held item. Heavy Slam is less viable due to the weight difference, but its other moves are still not too bad.

    Lairon @Eviolite
    -Sassy / Careful (+spDef, -speed or +spDef, -spAtk)
    -Rock Head ability
    -252 SpDef / 252 Def / 4 HP (more HP if you prefer more physically or specially bulky)
    > Head Smash
    > Iron Head / Heavy Slam (I rarely use heavy slam as it's too unpredictable for me)
    > Earthquake
    > Stealth Rock

    Good support, solid damage, and decent defenses. 4x weakness to Fighting and Ground is a pain, though, especially with how common those moves are. Earthquake, Focus Blast, Close Combat, Superpower... All of these things will give you a hard time, even with massive defenses.

    Other options include Double Edge to take advantage of rock head, rest/talk to try to cover for Lairon's nonexistent recovery, Roar for psuedo-haze, Toxic for stalling, Thunder wave for disruption, or even Automotize/Rock Polish if you want a speed boost.

    Not the best set, but not the worst. Too bad Lairon doesn't get Aggron's access to Dragon Tail, though that's neither here nor there.
  16. Meowmeow

    Meowmeow selfproclaimed guru

    Aggron is interesting. First, it has an amazing design. Second, is its competitive value.
    Aggron is a major case of hit and miss. It has a very good movepool which includes STAB Head Smash, and Aggron has the Rock Head ability to use it. It has a very good base 110 attack and a huge 180 defense, which makes that average base 70 HP look bigger than it really is.
    Aggron's type is a major issue though. Rock is an amazing offensive type and steel is amazing on defense. Combining these should make a devastating combo right? Not quite.
    Rock/Steel has double weaknesses to Ground and Fighting. Even with that 180 defense, Earthquake and Close Combat will quickly Aggron down. A Water weakness is also a big problem, meaning Gyarados, Blastoise, Sharpedo, Azumarril, Starmie, Rotom-W, and the new Greninja will quickly put Aggron into submission. In addition, Steel no longer resists Ghost and Dark, meaning Pursuit is a new threat.
    But the biggest thing that happened to Aggron is Mega Evolution.

    Mega Aggron loses its Rock type, which is a huge help on a defensive standpoint. A base 80 special defense is a big bonus and a base 230 defense stat is an even bigger bonus, both working wonders with Mega Aggron's Filter ability. With a base 140 attack, Mega Aggron can maintain offensive presence. However, no recovery outside of Rest means Mega Aggron can get worn down with relative ease, even with an immunity to Toxic.

    Nature: Jolly or Adamant
    EVs: 252 attack and speed, 4 special defense
    Ability: Rock Head
    @: Leftovers/Life Orb

    Head Smash
    Ice Punch

    Nothing fancy. Earthquake and Ice Punch are for anything that resist Head Smash.

    Head's Up Everyone
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Rock Head
    EVs: 252 attack and HP, 4 special defense
    @: Life Orb/Leftovers/Assault Vest|Choice Band

    Head Smash
    Ice Punch
    Power-Up Punch/Iron Head/Dragon Tail|Iron Head/Dragon Tail

    Wall Breaker. Not complicated. Just don't put Power-Up Punch with Choice Band.

    Mega Aggron
    Nature: Careful
    Ability: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 special defense and HP, 4 defense
    @: Aggronite

    Stealth Rock
    Metal Burst
    Thunder Wave/Toxic
    Dragon Tail

    Mega Aggron is not better than standard Aggron, nor is it worse. It just takes a different strategy. Something like this is the most effective way to make use of Mega Aggron's obscene bulk.
  17. ScorchingShock

    ScorchingShock Champion of Kalos

    So apparently the stupid thing won't let me post because it thinks I have URLs in it or something. Anyone know what that means?
  18. There's a filter that prevents users with under 15 posts from posting URLs as a sort of defense against adbots. The "@" sign is picked up and blocked by this filter as well, so sets written with a "Pokemon @ Item" format and such end up being blocked. There's a bit more detail on that here:


    Until you reach 15 posts, you could just change your format to "Pokemon w/ Item" or something to avoid issues with the filter.
  19. ScorchingShock

    ScorchingShock Champion of Kalos

    Thanks! I was wondering why the thing was doing this. Lemme see if it works now.

    Well here's my contribution to the Mega Evolution corner.

    -Aggroneddon- (Pun on Armageddon)

    Aggron w/ Aggronite
    Sassy / Careful Nature (+SpDef -Speed or +SpDef -SpAtk)
    Ability: Filter
    Give him a 252 SpDef / 252 Def / 4 HP spread
    > Heavy Slam
    > Aqua Tail
    > Iron Defense
    > Stealth Rock

    Here's the sad thing. If Aggron got Gyro Ball... due to Mega Aggron's not-so-good speed, if it got off a few Curses and had a speed-hindering nature it'd be the most broken Gyro Ball user and Fairy-type crusher. Sadly it doesn't get it. Compromise with it's extreme weight by giving it Heavy Slam. Give it Iron Defense to boost that incredibly high Defense even higher, making Aggron virtually untouchable by physical attacks. Aqua Tail is for 2 of it's 3 weaknesses, Fire and Ground. Stealh Rock can also cripple the incoming Pokemon as well as send things like Talonflame or Delphox crying for their mommies.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2014
  20. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    I would post this in the Talonflame thread, but it appears to be locked, so...

    Is it possible for the Choice Band set for Talonflame to be edited? Me First on it is a really gimmick option, even as a filler move, since you could get locked into, say, Hydro Pump and do silly amounts of damage. Steel Wing could work as a better option if to hit Rock-types for SE damage, but Talon has little reason to stay in against those in the first place.
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