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Community POTW #013

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Time for the next Pokémon of the Week, and we have another classic


    It's Donphan, the awesome Ground-type Elephant from Johto. While woefully under used, it is capable of a lot


    Go nuts
  2. twcopal

    twcopal Bug Catcher

    -Rapid Spin
    - Ice Shard / Play Rough
    -Stone Edge
    Ability: Sturdy
    Item: Leftovers / Assault Vest
    Nature: Impish / Adamant
    Evs: 252 HP 4 ATK 252 DEF

    Donphan's Purpose is to use its bulk so it can rapid spin. Ice Shard and play rough can Damage Dragon types, but Ice Shard has Priority (and type coverage) while Play rough has power. Honestly, unless it is a something that resists Earthquake and Play Rough or is hit x4 by Ice shard, Earthquake and Play rough will deal more damage.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014
  3. Arceus500

    Arceus500 Well-Known Member

    Donphan, the pokemon that was so common on BW OU Teams.
    Anyways, here are two sets(physical wall, trick room sweeper):

    EV's:252 HP 252 DEF,4 ATT
    Ice Shard
    Stealth Rock
    Stone Edge/Heavy Slam/Play Rough
    This set acts like a extreme physical wall, with the Nature and EV's helping it. With this set, you can check Mega Lucario that lacks Ice Punch with Earthquake. Ice Shard is there for revenge kill Garchomps. Stealth Rock, well, is Stealth Rock. You can run three moves on the last slot. Rock Slide is for Charizards and Talonflames. Heavy Slam is just to hid with hard power thanks to Donphans weight. Play Rough is just for becoming a more formidable physical wall.

    Donphan@Assault Vest/Choice Band
    EV's:252 HP 252 ATT 4 SP.D
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Ice Shard
    - Heavy Slam
    This is the sweeper set. Of course only in Trick Room. All the moves have the same purpose as they are all from the previous set, just more power. For the item, you can run assault vest if youre scared of 'faster' special attackers, or you can run Choice Band for even more deadliness
  4. Neosonic97

    Neosonic97 Fastest thing Alive

    The Amazing Elephant Bowling Ball.
    Ability: Sturdy.
    EV:252 HP, 252 SpD, 4 Def.
    Stealth Rock
    Rapid Spin
    Knock Off
    This Donphan is more of a supportive set. Earthquake is the mandatory STAB move and one of the best moves ever. Knock Off allows Donphan to hit loads of different Pokémon for at least neutral damage barring a rogue Honchkrow, Togekiss, etc. It also removes the foe's held item and does more damage if they have an item..., which, as covered in Blaziken's POTW, is every last one. Rapid Spin is self-explanatory, as are Stealth Rocks.
    This set, however, is wiped out by many Pokémon, including a majority of Ice-Types, most notably Avalugg, which tanks everything Donphan can throw at it, and reply back with an SE ice move.

    Pros: Very good Attack and Defense at base 120 each.
    Base 90 HP is quite nice, reaching nearly 400 at max.
    It gets both Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock.
    It has good coverage for a monotyped Pokémon that isn't Dragon.
    Sturdy stops the roly-poly Elephant from being OHKO'd, full stop (Barring Kyurem)

    Cons: It's special defense is garbage. Base 60 is NOT good. It means it goes down like a Pikachu when hit by Special Attacks. (For Comparison, Pikachu's base SpD is 50.)
    While Donphan resists Stealth Rock, it's weak against many things that require SR Support, like Kyurem-B.
    Avalugg is easily better than it aside from the fact that Avalugg is weak to SR.
    Donphan is slow. Base 50 really isn't good for a Rapid Spinner.
    Donphan suffers from 4-moveslot Syndrome. He has so many moves but only 4 move slots.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
  5. YagamiNoir4896

    YagamiNoir4896 Well-Known Member

    Ah, Donphan. It possesses a good balance of offensive and defensive capabilities for a Rapid Spinner, a jack of all trades, master of none. The buff to Knock Off made Gengar and a few other notable threats far less threats to Donphan, meaning that it can freely spin whenever it wants now that it has a reliable way to deal with spinblockers. Sadly, stiff spinner competition from Excadrill and Avalugg do it no notable favours, and with Defog, removing hazards isn't as coveted as it used to be. Still, Donphan is still a notable check to Aegislash and a few others, provided the right support is given.

    You Spin My Head Right Round
    Donphan @ Leftovers/Assault Vest
    Ability: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 HP/244 Defense/12 Speed or 252 HP/244 Special Defense/12 Speed
    Nature: Impish/Careful

    Rapid Spin
    Knock Off
    Stealth Rock/Ice Shard/Roar/Stone Edge/Fire Fang

    Presenting the bread-and butter Rapid Spin set, this is the main set Donphan should use. Not only is this thing a good Rapid Spinner it is also a fantastic check to the likes of Choice-locked Genesect (except Ice Beam), Aegislash, Mega Garchomp and a few others. Rapid Spin does what you want it do, spin away those pesky entry hazards aka Stealth Rock, Spikes,
    Toxic Spikes and Sticky Web so that your sweepers can come in. Earthquake is a strong STAB move that hits what you want it to hit hard. Knock Off helps to deal with those pesky Ghost-types such as Gengar who love to switch in and stop you from spinning and it gets you the last laugh against a Trevenant switch in. The final move depends on your needs. Stealth Rock aka the best move in the game does what you think it does but it cannot be used with Assault Vest. The priority and the ability to check Dragon types via Ice Shard is nice. Roar phazes things. Stone Edge hits things like Talonflame, Kyurem-B and Volcarona a little harder. Fire Fang hits things like Scizor, Genesect and Forretress. 12 Speed EVs outspeed a few other Base 50s.

    Here are some calcs to demonstrate Donphan's newfound walling capabilities towards some notable threats courtesy of Assault Vest;

    252+ SpA Life Orb Aegislash-Blade Shadow Ball vs. 252 HP / 244+ SpD Assault Vest Donphan: 138-164 (35.9 - 42.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
    252+ SpA Volcarona Giga Drain vs. 252 HP / 244+ SpD Assault Vest Donphan: 124-146 (32.2 - 38%) -- 94.7% chance to 3HKO
    +1 252 SpA Genesect Ice Beam vs. 252 HP / 244+ SpD Assault Vest Donphan: 184-218 (47.9 - 56.7%) -- 89.1% chance to 2HKO
    +2 252 SpA Adaptability Mega Lucario Aura Sphere vs. 252 HP / 244+ SpD Assault Vest Donphan: 244-288 (63.5 - 75%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    252 SpA Mega Charizard Y Solar Beam vs. 252 HP / 244+ SpD Assault Vest Donphan: 202-238 (52.6 - 61.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

    Factoring in it's already good defense, it is a good check to most mixed Attackers, and it can even take strong special hits surprisingly well.

    It Came In Like a Wrecking Ball
    Donphan @ Choice Band
    Ability: Sturdy
    EVs: 128 HP/252 Attack/128 Speed if Adamant or 44 HP/252 Attack/212 Speed if Jolly
    Nature: Adamant/Jolly

    Stone Edge
    Fire Fang
    Ice Shard/Seed Bomb

    It's an outclassed set, yes. But it can work. 120 Base Attack Choice Band Earthquake is done better by something else but it still hurts. A lot. Stone Edge hits things that are immune to EQ. Fire Fang dents things like Breloom, Forretress and Celebi, both of which are OHKOed and 2HKOed respectively (assuming 252/0 on Celebi) If you're good enough to set it you can even 2HKO Skarmory with sun support. Ice Shard revenge kills Dragons and helps with former problems Landorus-T and Gliscor. Seed Bomb OHKOes Gastrodon and does a lot to Rotom-W and hits slightly harder vs Bulky Waters. 128 Speed outpaces 78 Speed Trevenant while 212 and Jolly outpaces things like Suicune.
  6. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Donphan, one of the first Johto pokemon seen in the anime… Never really used it, but I can see some potential.

    Typing: Pure Ground is not that bad a type. An immunity is always nice, and 2 resistances, one of which being rock never hurts. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of 3 weaknesses, two of which are very common attacking types (Ice and Water).
    On the offensive side, only 2 words are needed to discuss the benefits of a Ground type/subtype; STAB Earthquake.

    Stats: Another case of the Avalugg distribution; great physical stats and good HP, but crap specials and speed. Donphan possesses one of the most balanced distribution of stats in its strong points; 120 in both ATK and DEF and 90 HP make Donphan an appreciable wall with a potential to hit hard. Unfortunately this is where its positive points end. Base 60 SDEF is poor, akin to crumbling sandstone. Base 50 SPD is even poorer, being only reasonably fast in a trick room environment (where it is outsped by Ferrothorn). Don’t even bother with SATK.

    Moves: Donphan does possess a capable physical movepool. In addition to STAB Earthquake, Ice Shard, Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Poison Jab, Gyro Ball, Play Rough and Knock Off give Donphan a varied and threatening range of coverage, although the base power of some of these moves is suspect. On the support side Donphan has a few choice moves; in addition to the standard weather inducing moves (sans Rain Dance) and Toxic, Donphan possess Roar and the coveted Rapid Spin though the usability of the latter is hampered by exposure to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Counter and Endeavour can make for some interesting synergy with Sturdy, but are largely gimmick options.

    Abilities: Speaking of Sturdy… Donphan’s standard ability is a good one, if only for it taking a surprise special attack. Sadly Rapid Spinners will never get mileage out of it. Sand Veil is quite worse, depending on weather and Voltorb Flipping to be good, but is still more viable than sturdy for Rapid Spinners.

    The Verdict: “The Elephant escaped! The caltrops are not working! The bucket of water… Nevermind.” Donphan has several distinct advantages over other pokemon, but the terracotta elephant returns to mud at the sight of a special attack.
  7. _Sylveon_

    _Sylveon_ Indigo Champion

    Why do people still use Donphan lol
  8. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Cause its useable with leftovers as a wall and can be pretty decent

    252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Atk
    Rapid Spin
    Stealth Rock
    Ice Shard

    For lols
    252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def
    Choice Band
    Stone Edge / Rock Slide
    Play Rough

    Assaulted by a small elephant
    252 HP, 200 Def, 56 Sp.def
    Assault Vest
    Stone Edge
    Play Rough
    Rapid Spin

    Kinda embarrassed that this week's Aggron POTW only has one set for regular and mega, there's much more potential than even listed there but apparently no one plays the game right anymore
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014
  9. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Item- Assault Vest
    Ability- Sturdy
    Nature- Adamant
    IVs- 252 Atk, 252 Def, 4HP
    -Seed Bomb
    -Play Rough
    -Rapid Spin/Stone Edge

    Here we go. Earthquake is the mandatory STAB move, while Stone Edge covers for Flying and Bug types, Play Rough deals with Darks, Dragons and Fighting types. Seed Bomb deals with other Rock and Ground types, and the odd Quagsire. Rapid spin eliminates entry hazards. Focus on Attack, Defense and HP. Donphan is a powerhouse in its own right, but is sadly crippled by the oh-so-common Surf/Energy Ball/Ice Beam, damaging its potential.
  10. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    Donphan. Why are people expecting less from a beast like this? Solid Type, Stats, and Movepool with Gen II longevity. Oh, and STAB Earthquake. Never forget about STAB Earthquake.

    -HP - Great - Already Donphan has some meat on its bones. Base 90 HP is pretty bulky, but not Substitute-worthy.
    -Attack - Godly - Base 120 wrecks things like a professional demolitions crew. Not the best, but up there with them.
    -Defense - Godly - Base 120 keeps you from getting wrecked in return. Not quite up there with Rock or Steel Types, but still really, reaaaaaally good...
    -Sp.Atk - Mediocre - Base 60 just isn't worth using with that high Attack.
    -Sp.Def - Mediocre - Unfortunately, your armor isn't fully impenetrable. Base 60 needs some help.
    -Speed - Borderline (Trick Room) - Base 50 is on the very edge of Trick Room usability.

    -Sturdy - The best thing you can do for something that cannot take a Special hit is give it something that allows it to do so.
    -Sand Veil (Hidden, Available [Friend Safari]) - Evasion isn't helpful every time, nor is it smiled upon. Best stick with Sturdy.

    Donphan has a lot of Move options. Normal (and newly-Fairy) Types are comparable in Type coverage with their Movepools, but many are far from comparable in Stats. Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Shard, Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Gyro Ball, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Body Slam, Seed Bomb, Bounce, Superpower, Play Rough, and, most importantly, Earthquake give you coverage you only hear about in insurance commercials and versatility you find in Swiss-made tools.
  11. Nulava

    Nulava Banned

    Donphan @ Leftovers
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
    ~Stone Edge
    ~Ice Shard
    ~Rapid Spin / Stealth Rock / Knock Off
  12. Rockleon

    Rockleon Veteren

    I saw it posted twice by 2 different people. Donphan can only get Stealth Rock from the pokemon transfer, and Play Rough is an egg move. So theres no way to have them on the same set and be legal.
  13. kirant

    kirant Member

    Donphan is the Rapid Spinner you use if you have no other really good options. It has good stats physically and can do some surprising damage with Earthquake. It will break a Gliscor sub with Ice Shard and has offence comparable to that of Hippowdon.

    That said, it really doesn't have many other things going for it. Its offence is good, but doesn't have extreme power due to basically relying on neutral EdgeQuake hits. The lack of recovery means it'll be worn down with continual betting unless you can get it a Wish.

    There aren't any movesets I'd recommend past what has been given above. Donphan has become a niche pokemon with unique traits for a Rapid Spinner . It can put a scare with a Trick Room team (which, let's be honest, most teams can't prepare will for). But with Excadrill coming back to OU instead of being banned to Uber, Donphan has difficulty standing out past high defensive bulk. Even with that bulk, as many pokemon know too well (such as the last PoTW, Mega Aggron), you can get worn down over time. Unless you have a Heal Bell/Aromatherapy user, Toxic can ruin its day.

    (On a side note, loved the last article and all its Pacific Rim references)
  14. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    I completely agree, burning Donphan and Aggron completely shut it down. Well Donphan's situation is slightly better, as it can support the team with Rapid Spin. With burns, toxic and paralysis all being key ways of shutting down threats, the importance of cleric support cannot underestimated.
  15. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    Donphan's biggest Move assets, aside from the obvious STAB Earthquake, lie in its usage. As an offensive Powerhouse, one cannot deny use of Ice Shard for Priority and Grass Types, Play Rough for Fighting and Dark Types (and the rare Hydreigon you may face if you try to bite off more than you can chew), and Poison Jab for those annoying Fairy Types. As a supporter, Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock are kings among commoners. As an Attacker with Annoyance, Poison Jab, Body Slam, and Fire Fang have a chance to inflict 3 out of the 5 primary Status Effects.

    Bulldoze can also be an option over Earthquake for Speed Debuffs if you're in a Double/Triple Battle. One cannot slouch on versatility in Multi. Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock become more important when switching and forcing switches. Priority tiers are also equally important, so knowing when Ice Shard and Counter are most useful also helps.
  16. Cradily17

    Cradily17 Well-Known Member

    I think the best bet with Donphan would be to go physically defensive and run SR and Rapid Spin.

    On a side note, I hope that Trevenant or Luvdisc are chosen for the next PotW.
  17. Limakun

    Limakun New Member

    You can't run Stealth Rock [PokéBank transfer only move] and Play Rough [gen 6 egg move] in the same set.
  18. _Sylveon_

    _Sylveon_ Indigo Champion

    Excadrill outclasses it in every single way.
  19. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Gross overstatement. Excadrill is nowhere near as bulky as Donphan. In addition, Excadrill is reliant on sandstorm to truly excel, while Donphan can perform its roll in most weathers (though let's face it, any non sandstorm weather is generally bad news for ground types). Finally, Excadrill is part steel, which provides weaknesses to Ground, Fighting and Fire. Depending on your team composition, this may be far from ideal. Its not to say that Excadrill is a bad pokemon, but to say it outclasses it in every way does an injustice to both pokemon.
  20. _Sylveon_

    _Sylveon_ Indigo Champion

    Do you even play OU? It isn't even used for Sand Rush anymore, it is used for the delicious Mold Breaker Earthquakes destroying Rotom-W's. And you point out the obvious weaknesses, you can switch for a reason, yet you neglect the fact that Excadrill also has a resistance to Fairy, Bug (4x), Dragon, Flying, Normal, Psychic, Rock (4x), Steel, an immunity to Toxic (which Donphan hates), a neutrality to Grass and Ice, along with only taking 16.5 - 31 on the switch in versus the possible 25 - 37.5 (iirc), plus possible Toxic damage. Plus, every single Donphan is predictable as ****, not to mention the fact that it can't even run Play Rough + Knock Off, and the fact that Excadrill can run so many different sets and has access to Stat boosting, a more powerful Earthquake, better coverage, and the ability to not be set up on everything or forced out by every single Special Attacker. Besides, Excadrill has better Special Defense, Speed, HP, Attack, the only thing Donphan has over it is the fact it has better Defense, but so many other Pokemon have nice Defense too. Donphan is just a bad Pokemon when compared to Excadrill.
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