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Community POTW #015

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Heliolisk @ Choice Specs
Ability: Dry Skin
Nature: Timid / Modest
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
~Thunder / Volt Switch
~Grass Knot
~Hidden Power (Ice)


Shiny Hunter
Heliolisk should not be really considerd for OU singles, he just lacks the power and even the speed does not reach an good amount
for him to outspeed some major threats in OU.. He can be used though in OU but with Rotom-Wash around, I am not sure if he would find his Ninch there.

In my expercience, he is more made for UU. He actually rocks in UU, being an good check for Milotic and other bulky waters that rely on Scald like Slowbro.

Heliolisk @ Leftovers
Ability: Dry Skin
Nature: Timid
EVs: 4 Sp.def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
~Thunder / Volt Switch

He has decent Sp.def capeable of taking average special blows.
This set is meant to annoy and provide momentum for a Ground partner. His speed is pretty granted in UU and due this you can abuse it with Electrify, hoping that the opponent
will do an Boosting move or support move so the move will remain in effect for the next turn. On that moment, you can use Volt switch or just manualy switch to a Ground partner taking whatever hit the opponent does and either Revenge kill it or get a sweet boost up, when your opponent most likely switches. But you can also stay in and create a Sub to provide some damage while taking an Electric move which may not break the Sub you'll create due Electrify.
This set requires support of Hazards though to make it fully effective.

This set is considerd a little gimmicky, but makes you smile whenever you manage to pull it off nicely.


Xenlon Cavalier
Since the best sets (Special Sweeping in the rain) have already been mentioned, I'll offer a potentially useful iteration with 3 immunities.

Lizards From Above
Heliolisk@Air Balloon
Dry Skin
-Volt Switch
-Grass Knot

This set allows Heliolisk to switch in on Ghost, Water, and Ground attacks and leaves Fighting as its sole weakness. It relies heavily on rain from others (since Heliolisk is too frail to set it up itself) to boost Surf and of course give Thunder that beautiful perfect accuracy. Volt Switch allows for switching out on slow Fighting types and other strong physical attackers (since Ground is no longer an issue until the balloon is popped), and Grass Knot takes care of many potential hazards, including bulky Grounds and Fightings and Water/Ground combos. Obviously his usefulness goes down considerably one his item is lost, but with rain and a good switch he can perform impressively against anything without high special defenses or resistance.


Wandering Battler
Well this is my shot with this Kalos pokemon. I'm not a real fan of it. He's only weakness are Fight pokemon because he has no moves against them (if you don't count Hidden Power Flying).

While it is true that Heliolisk has no true coverage moves against Fighting types, and many of them carry Mach Punch, I would not call them counters (checks?), because all of them save Breloom would not like eating a Solar Powered/Speced Thunderbolt/Thunder on the switch in. I would say a bigger weakness of Heliolisk is how common Earthquake is (it is even more common than Pidgey's in Kanto), which will invariably floor Heliolisk. Fighting types leave an (fist shaped) impression on Heliolisk. They just aren't the only ones... and no I didn't do the calculations so correct me if I am wrong.


Well-Known Member
Heliolisk is an interesting Pokemon. It's as if Game Freak wanted the perfect Water Pokemon counter, and they bring up this. Immunity to Water type moves whilst boasting Electric STAB essentially makes it a Water type's worst nightmare. Adding insult to injury Starmie and Greninja are perhaps the only Water types that outspeed it in standard; courtesy of it's odd and signature 109 Speed in standard (it only shares this speed with Durant, which is not common) not even Keldeo can outpace it. Heliolisk can also be multi-weather dependent due to Solar Power which essentially gives a Life Orb boost except that it has the same boost as +1 Special Attack. It's also got sweet coverage moves it Surf, Grass Knot and Focus Blast, and a coveted Ghost immunity is also an edgy perk. It's notable flaws are it's extremely pitiful defense and a crippling Fighting and Ground weakness, two common physically based attacks. It's still a very good Pokemon, though, so if your team has problems with Water types Heliolisk is a pretty good pick.

Heliolisk @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Dry Skin
EVs: 4 HP/252 Special Attack/252 Speed
Nature: Timid

Volt Switch
Surf/Grass Knot
Hidden Power Ice/Focus Blast

A blistering 522 Speed makes Heliolisk an extremely potent revenge killer capable of outpacing Choice Scarf 108s such as Terrakion and Keldeo. Volt Switch works well in tandem with it's speed to gain early momentum. Thunderbolt is primary hard hitting STAB etc, but use Thunder on a Rain Team. Speaking of Rain use Surf on Rain teams to nail Ground types such as Gliscor and Hippowdon. Grass Knot helps against Gastrodon and maybe Quagsire that otherwise may be a problem. Hidden Power Ice dents things like Garchomp and Dragonite. Focus Blast doesn't help as much as HP Ice does but it's still an option. It notably hits Mega Lucario (although ExtremeSpeed and Vaccum Wave are a problem) and Magnezone,

Heliolisk @ Leftovers
Ability: Dry Skin
EVs: 252 HP/4 Special Attack/252 Speed
Nature: Timid

Parabolic Charge/Thunderbolt/Thunder
Hidden Power Ice/Surf/Protect

This only works in the rain where Heliolisk can stall the living daylights out of things with a Sub up. Sub blocks fatal hits/gives a shield etc. Toxic cripples most things, and helps with your Stall. Parabolic Charge may sound weird in competitive sets but extra recovery on a stall set isn't really bad. Thunderbolt is for consistent, strong STAB while Thunder is the strongest but will miss unless you're in rain (which you always should be). Hidden Power Ice rounds up pseudo BoltBeam coverage, although if things like Garchomp aren't your concern Surf is stronger. Protect helps with stall, again.


New Member
I have found Heliolisk to be a great addition to my sun team. By having the ability solar power, you get a 1.5x special attack boost to its 109 base special attack, which is quite nice and puts a big hurting on the water types that would otherwise stop your sun team. Here is a possible set up.

Don't wait for the UV rays to kill the enemy

Choice Scarf
Solar Powered
Timid (+Spe, -Att)
EVs: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP

-Volt Switch
-Parabolic Charge/Thunderbolt
-Dark Pulse/Grass Knot
-Hyper Beam/Thunder

The idea of this set is to attack before anyone else, faint the enemy, and get out of there. Choice scarf will increase Heliolisk's base 109 speed enough to be faster than anything under a base 150 speed (only Deoxys-speed and Ninjask naturally outspeed it). Solar power will make you hit very hard. Volt switch allows a one-turn STAB hit, so that you can then switch to another pokemon that won't die in one hit. Parabolic charge is to kill off a weakened enemy and heal your solar-power damage; thunderbolt can be used just for more power. The third move is for a coverage move to hit anything that resists electric attacks. Dark pulse just adds extra coverage and grass-knot can help against dangerous ground types. The final move is for raw suicidal power. Thunder can be used if you want to gamble with 70% accuracy by default to get major damage with solar powered STAB, or it can be your ace-in-the-hole against competing rain teams who think ending your sun will end your reign. Hyper beam is for an almost guaranteed KO, since you have solar power and STAB increasing this move's power; however, the recharge will pretty much guarantee that Heliolisk gets killed by the next switch-in, so use it as a last resort.


Nocturnal Trainer
I tried one once. Was disappointed. Never thought to use Damp Rock (face palm) Might give it another shot.


Master of Mawile
@Choice Specs
Ability: Dry Skin
Focus Blast
Dark Pulse

Choice Specs are there to ramp up the Special Attack to rediculous hights. It's easier to have another pokemon set up rain for Helioisk. Thunder is the most powerful STAB move. Surf gets psudo-STAB from rain. Focus Blast is there for beating on Steel types. Dark Pulse exists simply to kill Metagross.


New Member
Heliolisk is easily my favourite Pokémon in this generation. I use it comfortably in an OU rain team, and I find it's a solid as heck counter and or check to a lot of common Pokémon in the current standings (Azumarill, Greninja, Talonflame). However, I don't doubt that he's not without weakness, and I find Gastrodon is a great support for the lil electro-lizard.

Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Dry Skin
Timid, 252 Spe / 252 SpA / 4 HP
Thunder / Thunderbolt
Grass Knot
Volt Switch / U-Turn

I haven't tried Thunder, as it forces a lot more reliance on rain or U-Turn (didn't realise it was available), but he seems to cover a lot of options with this set. Switch in on a water move comfortably and threaten a switch or start sweeping with a good coverage of move types.

As I mentioned, Gastrodon is a great partner, providing defensive bulk, recovery options and good rain support.


Veteran Trainer
One of my favorite Kalos pokemon.
Dry Skin w/ Leftovers/Power Herb
Modest/Timid w/ 172 Sp. Attack, 170 Speed, 168 Sp Defense
Razor Wind/Hyper Beam/Rain Dance/Hidden Power [Ice]
Dark Pulse

Solar Power w/ Leftovers
Modest/Timid w/ 172 Sp. Attack, 170 Speed, 168 Sp Defense
Thunderbolt/Volt Switch
Hidden Power [Fire/Psychic/Grass]
Dark Pulse
Focus Blast

High Attack and Sp Defense with Ground/Fighting-Type moves like Earthquake Tyranitar/Snorlax/Dragonite, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Heracross, Drill Run Escavalier, Gallade, Brick Break Muk, and Bouffalant.
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I would have chosen either Pinsir or Heracross to be the POTW for this week, given that it marks the 50th anniversary of the BEATLES' arrival in America! You know, because Pinsir and Heracross are beetle-based Pokemon.
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