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Community POTW #026


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Time for the next Pokémon of the Week and this week we go to the Kalos region


This week we focus on Noivern!



Call of Fate
Modest nature
Ability: Infiltrator
EVs: 252 Speed/252 SpAtk/4 HP
@Choice Specs/Heavy-Duty Boots
-Draco Meteor
-Air Slash
-Dark Pulse/Boomburst
Modest nature
Ability: Infiltrator
EVs: 252 Speed/252 SpAtk/4 HP
@Choice Specs/Heavy-Duty Boots
-Draco Meteor
-Water Pulse
-Boomburst/Dark Pulse


Despite looking menacing, being a badass bat dragon, being Drasna's ace, and its pre-evolution being catchable in a late game cave in gen 6, Noivern is not quite the top tier threat you would think it is. In the anime when Ash had to release his Goodra, Noibat->Noivern served as his replacement, but the viewers clearly weren't having any of that, and not even taking down a wild Zapdos was going to change that.

Is it no wonder then that Goodra returned just in time for the gen 6 Pokemon League? Honestly, it's not like Noivern is bad no thanks to decent special attack and bulk, and some awesome speed, but outside of its pseudo-signature Boomburst, Noivern's movepool feels a bit lacking. It has Roost and Defog which is cool, and coverage moves like Heat Wave and Psychic, but Air Slash is a little weak when not flinching your opponent and Hurricane is too inaccurate without rain support. So Noivern is still an option, but sadly there are also better options.

Turn Down for What?
Ability: Frisk
Item: Throat Spray
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: (HP 4) (Sp. Attack 252) (Speed 252)
Tera Type: Normal

Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse/Hurricane/Air Slash

Set Details:
A Boomburst spammer set with more freedom than a Choice item set. Spam Boomburst like an 80's drunken frat house, heal off damage when needed with Roost, use Dark Pulse if Ghost types come in to ruin your party, and then choose your back-up STAB with Dragon Pulse being weaker but consistent, Hurricane being strong but inaccurate, or Air Slash which has less coverage and power but has a chance to flinch the target. Frisk is helpful for scouting the target for items, the often forgotten Throat Spray grants a special attack boost once after using Boomburst for the first time, stats all go into speed and special attack, and your Tera type will be Normal which serves to remove all your weakness and boost Boomburst even further.


Prince of the Sea
I really like Noivern, and I really wish it was better than it is. Prior to the release of XY, everyone thought it would be the pseudolegendary of Gen VI. However, its stats are all decidedly average, with the exception of an excellent 123 Speed. Noivern also has a great movepool, possessing thing like reliable recovery (Moonlight and Roost), high power offensive moves (Draco Meteor, Hurricane, Fire Blast, and Boomburst), and even some good utility moves (Switcheroo and U-Turn). Noivern can typically find things to do in a battle as something of a flexible and generalist Dragon type, but it is almost always outmatched by something more powerful.

Echolocation Scout
Ability: Infiltrator/Frisk
Item: Choice Scarf
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: 4 HP/256 SpA/256 Spe

This set is designed to both scout and mess with the opponent’s strategies. With its great speed and Choice Scarf, Noivern outspeed everything and can easily switch out with U-Turn. If the opportunity presents itself, you can mess the opponent up by using Switcheroo on their walls. Hurricane provides great coverage for a single move, while Boomburst provides more raw power, especially if coupled with Tera-Normal.
Infiltrator is preferred to get chip damage with U-Turn and mess up an opponent with Switcheroo through Substitute, but Frisk has good utility to help check what Item you are getting and pairs better with Boomburst. Choice Specs is also optional over Choice Scarf


Wandering Battler
Noivern is arguably one of the Pokémon most buffed by the Terastalization mechanic. Getting STAB on the ludicrously powerful Boomburst loses out only to Dragonite getting STAB on Extreme Speed. Exploud garnered fame in the 6th Generation for having no defensive answers between Boomburst and its wide coverage, and was largely let down by its poor Bulk and Speed. Not only is Noivern's Special Attack slightly higher, it is MUCH faster. Noivern's excellent Speed tier leaves Dragapult, Chien-Pao, Weavile, Iron Bundle and Flutter Mane as the only common Pokémon that naturally outspeed it.

Of course, Noivern is not Exploud and is let down in a few key areas. Scrappy was amazing on Exploud, enabling it to get away without having to run coverage for Ghost types and ensuring nothing was safe switching in, while Noivern has no such luck forcing it to run Dark Pulse for them and making prospective Choice Specs sets much weaker. Having to rely on Focus Blast for Rock types is a degree of unreliability that can be hard to stomach. Additionally having to dedicate your Terastalization to Noivern can cut down on your team's flexibility and can even outright lock you out of certain Pokémon like Pawmot.

Noivern is grateful that it is not Exploud as it is far from a one trick bat, having a healthy support movepool that makes it a flexible option for many teams.

Bat Colony
Item Attached: Focus Sash/Covert Cloak
-Draco Meteor
-Super Fang/Flamethrower
EVs and Nature:
4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
Tera Type: Fire/Steel

A set meant for Doubles where Noivern offers excellent support and disruption. As mentioned before, the number of common Pokémon that naturally outspeed Noivern can be counted on one hand, making Noivern reliable at setting up Tailwind and shutting down opposing setups with a speedy Taunt that isn't Prankster Boosted and thus can't be stopped by Dark types/Tera Dark. Frisk further increases the utility Noivern offers, showing what items your opponent has. Knowing what item can be instrumental in figuring an opponent's set or knowing when they are running protective items like Covert Cloak and Safety Goggles to avoid moves that would be shutdown by them.

As for the offense, Noivern offers a fast Draco Meteor that will force your opponent to Terastalize or lose their Dragon while Super Fang is great in softening up bulkier targets it lacks the direct power to answer itself. Flamethrower is also an option as Terastalization coverage given how Fire resists both Ice and Fairy and offers fairly complimentary coverage with Draco Meteor.

Focus Sash is preferred for ensuring the Tailwind goes up despite faster attackers, though Covert Cloak is worth considering for blanking a Fake Out intended to stop Noivern from setting up.

Other Options and Preferred Partners
Tera Normal + Boomburst -yes it is that good, but should be run with a Ghost type or teammate with Telepathy/Protect to avoid friendly fire.
Shadow Ball -Enemy Number One is Flutter Mane so coverage against it is worth consideration.
Flutter Mane & Chi Yu -Noivern's biggest issue are naturally faster attackers who can outspeed and OHKO it. Flutter Mane and Chi Yu have great matchups against opposing Flutter Mane, Chien-Pao, and to a lesser extent, Iron Bundle especially when Noivern's Tailwind is up, which makes them far more unmanageable than usual.