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Community POTW #035

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Time for the next Pokémon of the Week. This week, we got a Pokémon through the RNG that we never did during our Gen V Pokémon of the Week


    Bouffalant, the cool bison with an afro.

    It has some powerful attacks and can be a surprise to any opponent.


    Go nuts

    REMARCABLE Well-Known Member

    Serebii, this is the perfect Pokemon for a set name like "Buffalo Soldier"
  3. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Oh dear god. On the plus side, this thing gets 110 Atk and a defensive spread of 95/95/95. Awesome. The only real issue is the speed stat. Base 55 won't get Bouffalant anywhere fast. SpAtk? No-one cares.

    Soundproof- Meh. Not awful , but definitely not the best. Cancel Sound moves is rather situational.
    Reckless- The BEST Ability here. 30% boost on recoil moves? Add that to Head Charge and Wild Charge and watch them fall.
    Sap Sipper- Not great. Good for covering a Quagsire/Swampert, and the Atk boost is awesome, but there's better.

    Physically, Head Charge, Wild Charge, EQ, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Poison Jab, Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, Superpower, Skull Bash and Outrage can feature. Massive power and coverage. Setup-wise, SD is really the main focus, just because there isn't much else it needs, aside from possibly Amnesia.

    Watch the hair!
    Bouffalant@Assault Vest/Choice Scarf/Band
    252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 Spd
    -Head Charge
    -Wild Charge
    -Megahorn/Iron Head/Skull Bash/EQ
    -Megahorn/Iron Head/Skull Bash/EQ
    Simple enough set. AV lets it takes special hits for a lot longer, while Head/Wild get Reckless boosts. The final slots work as coverage. The choice items get listed purely because Scarf helps it a bit in NU, while Band elevates the attack to godly proportions.

    It's OK here, due to the good defenses, but won't handle that differently from Singles.

    Fighting type moves are a must here. Most can easily outspeed Bouffalant, and hurt it with most STAB moves. Othewise, just keep pummeling it,an it'll fall eventually.

    +Massive Atk
    +Decent defenses
    -No moves to work the wall side of things.

    General Notes
    Bouffalant could be an awesome wall with those defenses in that tier, but lacks the movepool to do so, IMO.
  4. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Such an underated mon, which is really unfair because its a very unique mon.
    According to me he also dwells in the NU department just likes the previous gen, to bad speed matters so much.
    Though he functions better in RU giving him better options for partners such as Bronzong or Aromatisse but in NU he functions as an good answer
    to backfire very common grass types such as Vileplume, Sceptile and even Jumpluff which can otherwise be very annoying to deal with not mention that Bouffalant itself forms a
    very good partner for Water/groud combinations like Quagsire.

    Item: Leftovers/Sitrus berry
    Nature: Brave
    Abillity: Sap Sipper
    Iv's: 0 Spd
    Ev's: 252 Hp, 252 Attk, 4 def.
    - Head Charge
    - Earthquake
    - Substitute
    - Sword dance / Megahorn

    This set aims for an hard hitting bull just like he is, under the support of Trick room.

    Boufflant has pretty good bulk 95 / 95 / 95 is very solid so he take some hits. Head charge is his trademark move and its an very good one too (In Wifi this move has a sick animation too!)
    Receiving very little recoil damage from an 120 Stab power based move is great and OH-KO's most mons in the NU / RU tier aswell.
    Substitute is there so he can avoid getting burned by Will-o-wisp's or toxics which really cripples his role and combined with an recovery item like Sitrus berry he can make safetly a subsitute
    whenever his HP reaches a low amount that he would otherwise be unable to make a sub. Leftovers is more the general choice and should be chosen whenever you dont feel much for the 1time use item. Earthquake is to deal with rock mons that can resist Head charge and does good amount of damage in general when you dont feel like risking recoil damage.
    The third option is very crucial, because with Megahorn Bouffalant will have more pokemons that checks it (Mainly Mismagius who can easily set up on Boufflant lacking Megahorn)
    A unboosted megahorn will still cause somewhere to 30-40% damage to a Timid Mismagius and will atleast leave you un-checked. Although Sword dance is a great option aswell especially behind a subsitute against an Wall-type pokemon that has to do 2 moves in order to destroy the Sub.

    If you dont like Trick room, here is another general set.

    Item: Assualt Vest
    Nature: Adamant
    Abillity: Sap Sipper
    Ev's: 252 Hp, 252 Attk, 4 sp.def.
    - Head Charge
    - Earthquake
    - Wild charge
    - Megahorn

    You can run Reckless on this set, but sap sipper really outclasses it since Sleep inducing moves are very popular in general.
    with an solid 95 / 95 / 95 base defence spread it does not need that much Sp.def investment in order for him to functionally wear the AV.
    with on lvl 50 its sp.def becomes 110 and with the assualt vest it becomes 165 which is sufficiant enough combined with 202 hp since he really needs the 252 ev's in attack.
    I think the sets speaks for itself, the only thing worth mentioning is that this set really appreciates Wish and Heal Bell/Aromatherpy support so Impish Granbull and Aromatisse form excellent partners for him.
  5. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    Bouffalant @ Choice Band
    Adamant nature
    Reckless / Sap Sipper
    252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    -Head Charge
    -Wild Charge
    -Rock Slide

    This thing lives Conk's Drain Punch and with Reckless, it OHKOs it in return! It also lives +1 Bug Buzz from Volcarona! Rock Slide is there to kill the bug and the new bird known as Talonflame. Other moves are quite obvious.
  6. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    My first look at Bouffalant, and I thought Tauros knock off, which is an unjustice, because while the two are very similar in many departments, Bouffalant does possess a life very different from Tauros.

    Bouffalant is a bulky sweeper. With Base 55 speed, it isn’t winning many races, but 95/95/95 defenses are certainly above average and few weaknesses contribute to some longevity. Base 110 ATK is great, and smashes many a foe, especially with Reckless and its own personal toy in Head Charge.

    Where the Bouffalant Roam
    Bouffalant (Reckless)
    Item: Choice Band/Life Orb/Silk Scarf
    -Head Charge
    -Wild Charge
    -Earthquake/Megahorn/Stone Edge
    Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -SATK) or Brave (+ATK, -SPD)
    252 HP/252 ATK/4 (S)DEF

    Simple set, have Bouffalant come in and tear down the opponent’s fences. Head Charge is the equivalent of Double Edge, but with less recoil (DE 33% vs HC 25%). With Reckless and STAB this move brings on a surprising amount of pain. Wild Charge offers great coverage and benefits from reckless. Pursuit is an option to catch fleeing opponents, while Payback punishes ghosts who decide to stay in. The final move is up for preference on what your team needs to cover.

    A Note on EVs
    Due to Bouffalant’s reliance on its bulk and recoil moves it’s hard to recommend anything other than max HP investment, regardless of Bouffalant set. Max ATK is suggested for more damage and bump up the defense of your choice.

    Other Options

    Transfer Only. Great power and neutral coverage but locks you into one move and you have fantastic neutral coverage in your STAB

    -Swords Dance
    Physical Sweepers love Swords Dance

    Great coverage and power, though the Stat drop sucks and ghosts give you more problems than ever

    -Rock Slide
    For those of you who hate Stone Edge

    -Iron Head
    Extra Coverage and metal afro

    P.S. Miror B. oh Miror B., where art thou?
  7. Xx_BS-TyKi_xX

    Xx_BS-TyKi_xX Se habla español

    + Pretty good base Atk, anything coming from a 110 base will hit hard.
    + Good bulk (95/95/95) our afro-bull can sponge a hit from Conkeldurr and kill it in return.
    + Bad Speed (Base 55) turns this guy into a good Trick Room Sweeper.
    + Two good abilities in the form of Reckless and Sap Sipper
    - Very slow, I don't think is a good idea to use this guy outside of Trick Room.

    Is like a tank with a Lamborghini motor
    Bouffalant @Life Orb
    Trait: Reckless / Sap Sipper
    Nature: Brave
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
    ~ Head Charge
    ~ Wild Charge
    ~ Earthquake / Rock Slide
    ~ Protect
    Using the low Speed of Bouffalant in a Trick Room enviroment, turns this afro-bull into a pretty good sweeper; Head Charge is here for Reckless, you can use Sap Sipper too, having an immunity is always great, and well sleep inducing moves are running everywhere today. Wild Charge gives coverage againt Water and Flying mons, the decision on EQ or RS depends on what you want to hit and your team, EQ provides coverage against Steel, and Fire mons; but Rock Slide cand flinch and doesn't hit your partner. Protect is just to scout Fake Out, also helps your partner to set-up Trick Room in the first turn.
  8. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    I hated how late this guy appeared in Gen V games, but loved the concept.

    -HP - Good-bordering-Great - Base 95 is really solid for a Normal Type.
    -Attack - Great - Base 110 is also solid.
    -Defense - Good-bordering-Great - Base 95 is great for sponging hits with Base 95 HP.
    -Sp.Atk - Bad - Nothing to see here. Move along.
    -Sp.Def - Good-bordering-Great - Base 95 is great for sponging...whoa...deja vu...
    -Speed - Dead Zone-bordering-Good (Trick Room) - Base 55 is a little fast for my Trick Room preferences, but too slow for you not to consider Trick Room. At least you can tank hits well...

    -Reckless - Great for Head Charge and Wild Charge, but nothing else.
    -Sap Sipper - One good predict and you can get an Attack buff, but only against opponents that actually use Grass-Type Moves.
    -Soundproof (Hidden, Available [Poké Transfer]) - Could be worse, but blocks some nasty Moves like Roar, Bug Buzz, Boomburst, Perish Song, and Grasswhistle, for examples.

    Overall, Bouffalant is a lot like an actual tank: Bulky, hard-hitting, and slow. It's a great Normal Type, but its Movepool doesn't reflect that too well. What it does get, however, is quite effective. Compared to other Physical-oriented Normal Types, it's a welcome addition from Gen V. Tauros has Speed, Miltank has Physical bulk, and Snorlax has Special bulk, for examples, but Bouffalant brings a well-roundedness that they lack.

    However, well-roundedness also means drawbacks. Sp.Atk takes a huge hit, but it's just a negligible one when you have a Physical Attacker. Speed, however, suffers likewise. Many things outrun Bouffalant both inside and outside of Trick Room. Plus, it has no way of blocking Status Effects unless they are Grass-Typed or Sound-based, and, even then, it's either/or if you aren't running a Reckless Ability-Head Charge/Wild Charge set.
  9. Guys, Bouffalant kinda sucks in OU. Just putting it out there. Yeah, it can live a Conkeldurr Drain Punch, but Conkeldurr kinda sucks in this meta anyway and it can't stomach attacks from other, actually notable Fighting attackers (Terrakion, Keldeo, Mega Medicham, SubPunch Mawile, etc.)

    You're much better using this thing in NU, where there are a lot of wayward Grass attacks going around (Vileplume Giga Drains, Sceptile Leaf Storms, Gourgeist Leech Seeds, and just random other Grass coverage moves to hit Barbaracle). Sap Sipper lets it switch in on these things, set up a Substitute as the opponent switches out, and wreak havoc. It pairs well with the Shell Smashers and other Waters in NU, breaking walls for them and switching in on random Grass attacks targeted at them.
  10. Burty_44

    Burty_44 New Member

    I had a Bouffalant called Buffle-fro... I might give posting a move set a go later...
  11. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Change is coming!

    If you are going to run outrage you should just use thrash instead for the stab.
  12. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    If youre not using Head Charge for your STAB move, well, youre doing it wrong.
  13. Neosonic97

    Neosonic97 Fastest thing Alive

    Gotta agree with Cloneblazer here. Reckless Head Charge is more powerful than Thrash thanks to Reckless, and it doesn't lock you into a single move.
  14. Stats

    A base stat total of 490 isn't amazing but not the end of the world.
    It's defensive stats are a pretty solid 95/95/95.
    Attack is a strong 110.
    Sp. Attack is a laughable 40. Don't run any special attacks with this one.
    Bouffalant's speed is a pretty dismal 55.


    This is what you should go for, it powers up attacks that cause recoil by 20% but increases recoil. The only moves that Bouffalant knows that cause recoil are Head Charge and Wild Charge and those two are strong as it is. This is basically the Life Orb as an ability.
    Sap Sipper
    Unless this Pokémon is facing Ramos, Erika or Gardenia don't use Sap Sipper.
    Soundproof (Hidden)
    To be honest this ability is pretty useless, yeah you take no damage from Boomburst and Bug Buzz, but other than that like having no ability at all.


    Wait watch my 'fro!

    Head Smash
    Wild Charge
    Item Attached: Life Orb / Leftovers
    Ability: Reckless
    EVs and Nature:
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Def
    Adamant Nature

    Bouffalant is a pretty decent Pokémon from Gen V. It was certainly Ghetsis that showed me the power of this bull. For moves I chose this set simply for coverage. You have your STAB move Head Charge, Wild Charge because it benefits from the Reckless ability and it's good on Water and Flying, two very common types. Earthquake is a solid move with 100 base power, good on Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel and Megahorn having 120 base power and being good on Grass, Psychic and Dark. That's a total of 10 different types Bouffalant's moves would be super effective on. For it's held item it's completely your decision. Reckless plus Head Charge combined with the Life Orb will be deverstating but so will the recoil you could also choose leftovers to try and get some of that lost HP back. It has base 55 speed so don't bother trying to invest anything in that (EVs or Choice Scarf) It could run Trick Room but it can't legally learn it. For other options there is Reversal, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, Poison Jab, Iron Head, Skull Bash and if you intend to catch / breed it in BW2 you can teach it Superpower, Zen Headbutt or Outrage.
  15. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Stopping the Bull ('Fro)

    Like most physical sweepers, Bouffalant loathes burns which stop it in its tracks. Chip damage hurts Bouffalant a lot as well, considering you will almost never see a Bouffalant without a recoil move. Reckless recoil plus poison, sandstorm, life orb, iron barbs, rocky helmet, rough skin, hail, spikes, or stealth rock all shorten Bouffalant's life span and sabotage its bulk. Finally, while bouffalant's defenses are above average, boosted and/or super effective hits leave gaping holes in the 'Fro with nothing but leftovers and rest to compensate.
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