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Community POTW #052

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

  2. Zarxiel

    Zarxiel Active Member

    If it is not a problem, I will like to propose the set that I use for Lunala :)

    *Moongeist Beam
    *Focus Blast
    *Calm Mind
    Item: Ghostium Z (Sun/Moon)/Lunalium Z (UltraSun/UltraMoon)
    Ability: Shadow Shield
    EV: 6 HP, 252 Sp atk, 252 Speed
    Nature: Timid
  3. TheIceCream

    TheIceCream User of Ultra Beasts

    Lunala. The great Legendary of a flying bat. Great Movepool, Great stats, Great Ability, Great Pokemon!

    +Great Sp Attack at 137
    +Amazing bulk of 137/89/107 coupled with its...
    +Amazing Ability! Shadow Shield is essentially Multiscale that can't be ignored by Mold Breaker. Pretty nice.
    +Its Typing gives it a few useful resistances and immunities
    +A pretty good movepool with moves such as Moongeist Beam, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Moonblast and Hypnosis
    +Its design is awesome. End Of.

    -Its typing also gives it 2 4x weaknesses to Ghost and Dark. Not even shadow shield can help from that. Ouch
    -89 Defense isn't amazing for a Legendary but 137 HP and Shadow Shield can help
    -It has 113 Attack but Lunala will almost never use it
    -97 Speed is certainly good, but it fails to outspeed many other legends
    -Still need to wait for its Z Move. Come on!

    Shadow Shield: It's Multiscale but it can't be ignored by Mold Breaker, Teravolt or Turboblaze. As seen with Lugia, it's a pretty amazing ability as it can make Lunala's bulk even better. The only trouble with it is that any form of residual damage can break it such as weather or entry hazards can chip away. Lunala does get Moonlight so it can get up to full HP and reactivate it again, but it takes up a move slot and isn't all that worth it.

    Counters: Yveltal with Dark Aura boosted Dark Pulse can easily take out Lunala with or without Shadow Shield. Mega Gengar and Marshadow can deal heavy damage with their STAB ghost moves although Mega Gengar can't trap Lunala due to the Ghost Typing. Residual damage can break shadow shield making Lunala frailer and finally, (Mega) Tyranitar can deal good damage with a STAB crunch. Just attack with ghost and dark moves until it falls.
  4. dementeddurian

    dementeddurian Well-Known Member

    One idea I had for Lunala in Single Battles is Trick Room & Z-Teleport. Basically, have a slow Lunala use Trick Room, then use Z-Teleport. With Z-Teleport restoring Lunala's HP as it switches, it can reactivate Shadow Shield and allow it to come back into the fray if you need to use Trick Room again.
  5. Gardellade

    Gardellade Member

    Standard Lunala
    252 SpAtk/252 Speed/4 HP
    Psychium Z
    ~Calm Mind
    ~Moongiest Beam
    ~Focus Blast
    Lunala has a decent speed stat, but with just slightly more and some free setup turns, it can become a terrifying sweeper. Unfortunately it gets no speed boosting moves naturally, but z-moves can remedy that problem. Psychcium Z with hypnosis is used to boost Lunala's speed by one stage and hopefully put the opponent to sleep, giving free turns to calm mind. Shadow Shield usually guarantees getting at least one of those moves up, and is a fantastic ability overall that lets Lunala take one hit. Moongeist Beam is STAB, and a great one at that especially with its secondary effect of ignoring opponents' abilities. Focus Blast provides perfect neutral coverage, as seen by Marsahdow. The EV's and nature are pretty are self explanatory for this; you want to hit as hard and as fast as possible.

    Fashion Statement
    252 SpAtk/252 Speed/4 HP
    Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
    ~Moongeist Beam
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Ice Beam
    Lunala makes an amazing choice user because of its movepool and ability. Moongeist Beam and Psyshock are STAB, while Focus Blast rounds off coverage. Ice Beam hits some threats harder than anything else on this set. This set is tricky to use because there are no moves that Lunala can spam freely without its checks being weakened/KO'd. Prediction is very important because three of the four moves on this set have some of the strongest ubers immune to them, while ice beam just won't hit as hard as the other coverage moves. But if played right, Lunala can KO a lot of pokemon. If running specs, run a timid nature to keep Lunala as fast as possible. But with scarf, one can opt for a modest nature to give Lunala a little extra power.

    Team Options:
    Dark types and Fairy Types. Lunala has a sever weakness to both dark and ghost, so any pokemon that can remedy that weakness is appreciated. Fairy types can handle the majority of dark types in the tier, so pokemon such as Arceus Fairy and Xerneas are really helpful. Dark types can take both of Lunala's weaknesses. Yveltal specifically makes one of the best partners because it can switch repeatedly, roost off damage, and/or hit the opponents' answers to Lunala ridiculously hard.

    Checks and Counters:
    Just as dark types are some of Lunala's best teammates, they're also its worst enemies. Yveltal and Arceus-Dark can come in and either set up or dish out a lot of damage to Lunala. If Shadow Shield is not up, they will almost always KO Lunala with their STAB attacks. Alolan Muk can pursuit trap Lunala while taking little from any of its coverage attacks. Marshadow cannot switch in, but in can OHKO Lunala even with shadow shield up with spectral thief, or revenge kill Lunala with shadow sneak if shadow shield is broken. Ho-oh is bulky enough to also take little damage from Lunala's attacks, bar Thunder.
  6. GeeGee

    GeeGee Late to the party

    +137/89/107 is some solid special bulk
    +137 special attack hits like a bus
    +Huge movepool including moongeist beam, focus blast, psychic, ice beam, moonblast, and thunderbolt
    +Shadow Shield is a great ability that halves the first damage Lunala takes

    -89 physical bulk is pretty poor for ubers
    -Awful defensive typing, with both of its weaknesses 4x and very common in ubers
    -97 speed means it gets outsped by Marshadow and other threats

    Shadow Shield: While at full hp, damage taken from attacks is halved. This ability is not negated by Turboblaze, Teravolt, or Mold breaker. Combined with high special bulk, this ability makes Lunala difficult to revenge kill while at full health.


    Nature: Timid/Modest
    EV's: 4HP/252SpA/252Spe
    Ability: Shadow Shield
    Item: Psychium-Z
    Moves: -Hypnosis
    -Moongeist Beam
    -Focus Blast/Ice beam

    Z-Hypnosis gives a +1 speed boost, allowing Lunala to compensate for its lackluster speed and sweep. Moongeist beam and Psychic/Psyshock are the main stabs, with Focus blast and Ice Beam as coverage. Other coverage options include Thunderbolt (for Kyogre and Ho-oh), Moonblast, Night Daze and even Air slash. Lunala can even make use of setup moves like calm mind and substitute, and roost for reliable recovery.
  7. Local Maple

    Local Maple Active Member

    With access to Cosmic Power, Roost, and its signature ability, Lunala can become a great tank. With Comfey to give it priority Floral Healing, and its access to Grassy Terrain for further healing via the Leftovers-like effect and improving Floral Healing to 2/3, Lunala can become near impossible to KO.
    Other than that, only 1 moveset to add to the list:

    Where's the Stored Power?
    IV/EVs: as Bulky as possible.
    Item: Leftovers/Sitrus Berry/Chesto Berry
    -Cosmic Power
    -Charge Beam
    -Moongeist Beam/Night Daze/Psychic/Psyshock
    Get bulky and Roost/Rest off damage. Charge Beam will raise your Sp.Atk while Moongeist Beam crushes opponents. Beware Diggersby who is immune to both moves, as well as Normal types who gain Lightningrod/Volt Absorb by Skill Swap. Psyshock will give you a physical-damaging attack, but Electric-Psychic is immuned by Sandile's line. Night Daze hits all opponents and lowers accuracy (great for bulky sets).

    SPOILER WARNING, Move Tutors may have been confirmed in the recent trailer, but the specifics are currently only known via datamining. But since USUM will be out before the PotW, I'll mention them here.

    Defog. Z-Effect: accuracy +1. If Lunala isn't leading, it'll be hit by the entry hazards. However, the ability to remove them, screens, and Aurora Veil shouldn't be taken lightly in Doubles. The Z-Effect gives 75% Accuracy moves a perfect 100, but few useful moves are that low. Will-O-Wisp, Charge Beam, Toxic, and Night Daze are (in my opinion) the best moves whose accuracy is between 75 and 95, and the lowest is Will-O-Wisp at 85.
    Heat Wave. A new coverage move. If you want to Burn opponents, Will-o-Wisp is more reliable.
    Icy Wind. Now this is more like it. Lowers the speed of both opponents by 1. Great for support Lunala.
    Magic Coat. Z-Effect: Sp.Def +2. Great move, great Z-Effect that keeps the priority of Magic Coat. Especially if you expect the opponent to try and phase you. Stealth Rocks, Taunt, and more bounced back.
    Signal Beam. Decent Dark and Grass coverage if you don't run Moonblast or want a Bug Z-Move.
    Snore. Can be a surprise for Rest Bulky sets.
    Spite. Z-Effect: Restore HP. Combined with Cosmic Power and Roost, become a PP stalling tank.
    Tailwind. Z-Effect: Crit Ratio +1. Lunala can be a supportive role, but Icy Wind may be a better option.
    Telekinesis. Give Ground Immunity while bypassing accuracy to the target. Z-Effect: Sp.Atk +1. A powerhouse Lunala can use this well, insuring Blizzard, Thunder, and Focus Blast always hit.

    Possible USUM movesets:

    I am the wall, my wings are HUUGE!
    Nature: Bold
    IV/EVs, 0s for Attack, max out HP, either split EV defenses or full-on Sp.Def (most 4x super effective moves are Special).
    -Cosmic Power
    -Night Daze/Snore
    Go for Bulk, having a teammate with Heal Pulse or Floral healing will help set up. Use Z-Spite if you're low, Roost for the rest. Spite will PP stall the opponents hard, while Night Daze has a 40% chance to lower the opponent's accuracy. Rest and Snore/Night Daze can be another option if you don't want to risk Toxic, but remember that Snore will deal no damage onto Ghost types.

    Doubles Support
    IVs/EVs/Nature: Make it bulky
    -Defog/Telekinesis/Light Screen/Will-O-Wisp
    -Night Daze
    -Tailwind/Icy Wind
    -Moongeist Beam
    The first moveslot is Damage Control. Defog will remove entry hazards, Telekinesis will allow allies with bad-accuracy moves to always hit OR allowing allies like Heatran to evade a dangerous Earthquake, and Light Screen/Will-O-Wisp are self-explanatory. HP control is Night Daze; it lowers accuracy, forcing switches or giving your team a chance to evade dangerous attacks. Speed control comes from Tailwind and Icy Wind. Finally, Moongeist Beam bypasses abilities such as an opposing Lunala's Shadow Shield.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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