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Community POTW #052

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And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Time for the next Pokémon and this week we're going for the scourge of the Isle of Armor

It's Sharpedo



Call of Fate
Ability: Spееd Boost
@Lifе Orb/Focus Sash
Naturе: Jolly/Adamant
ЕVs: 4 HP/252 Attack/252 Spееd
-Icе Fang
-Psychic Fangs/Aqua Jеt/Poison Jab


Ah, Sharpedo. So frail, so easily boosted. So predictably about to click destiny bond.
Here's a set I guess.

Sharpedo @ Focus Sash
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Protect
- Destiny Bond
- Liquidation
- Crunch/Close Combat/Ice Beam

EVs are easy. 70/40/40 defences make you unlikely to live a mach punch anyway.


I once tried to use the Matsuda Method but gave up after realizing how slim the chances were of getting a shiny even with that method. But once I stopped using it and just went back to my usual breeding route with another Pokemon, on that same day I hatched a shiny Carvanha. Life is funny that way, and now I have a purple Sharpedo for remaining true to my own breeding approach.


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Sharpedo, the mascot of Team Aqua, whose claim to fame is its overwhelming fragility. I mean seriously, 70/40/40 Defenses is outright pitiful. And its speed is lackluster despite being so frail at only a base 95. However the successive generations have given Sharpedo a good number of tools. Speed Boost in Gen V, a potent Mega Evolution in Gen VI... which Sword and Shield promptly took away. Sharpedo lives fast and dies fast, and while it may not offer any defensive utility, make no mistake, Sharpedo will chew through an opposing team given the chance.

E and F
: Speed Boost
Item: Life Orb
-Liquidation/Hydro Pump
-Close Combat/Psychic Fangs
Nature: Lonely (+ATK, -DEF), Naughty (+ATK, -SDEF) OR Adamant (+ATK, -SATK)
EVs: 252 ATK/4 SATK/252 SPE

Sharpedo thrives on offense, coming in, Protecting and going for the kill. Protect is necessary, as Sharpedo's base 95 is easily outsped and Sharpedo cannot survive a turn without the Protection. One Speed Boost later and Sharpedo outspeeds the entire tier. After that, moves are fairly standard. Crunch and Liquidation for STAB with Close Combat and Psychic Fangs for coverage. Close Combat takes care of opposing Dark and certain Steel types like Cobalion, Crawdaunt, Hydreigon, and Zarude, while Psychic Fangs hits Keldeo, Dragalge, Heracross, Roserade, Virizion and Toxicroak hard.

Hydro Pump is an alternative option for a Water STAB, as many Water weak targets have higher DEF than SDEF to the point that an uninvensted Hydro Pump is still the stronger option.

Shark Cannon
: Speed Boost
Item: Life Orb
-Hydro Pump
-Dark Pulse
-Ice Beam/Close Combat/Psychic Fangs
Nature: Rash (+SATK, -SDEF), Mild (+SATK, -DEF) OR Modest (+SATK, -ATK)
EVs: 4 HP/252 SATK/252 SPE

Second verse, flipped from the first. Special Variant of Sharpedo, which still hits plenty hard on the special side. For coverage moves, Ice Beam is worth a consideration due to its ability to threaten Grass and Dragon types.

Other Options
-Flip Turn -STAB U-Turn on Sharpedo? Yes please. However, with Protect, Sharpedo is already starved for move slots as it is and Flip Turn is far too weak to be the main Water STAB
-Aqua Jet -Priority is good for countering Priority
-Substitute -An alternative over Protect. Come in on a naturally slower opponent who may use Sharpedo to setup expecting the Protect and throw up a Sub, giving Sharpedo protection while it proceeds to blast through the opposing team. However, this A) leaves Sharpedo exposed to naturally faster threats without Protect, B) Puts Sharpedo on an even shorter timer between Life Orb and entry hazards and C) not worth running both Protect and Substitute on the same set. Loss of coverage is too great.
-Taunt -Similar to Substitute, prevents opponents from capitalizing on Sharpedo's expected Protect and enables Sharpedo to mess with walls who think they can safely tank it.
-Poison Jab -Hits Primarina, the Tapus, Togekiss, and Virizion.
-Destiny Bond -Good for Sharpedo to remove a target you know can take it out, but Sharpedo can't take out itself.

Dynamax Corner
Sharpedo has several excellent options when Dynamaxing. Max Geyser sets up Rain, making Sharpedo's primary STAB a monster, while a Psychic Fangs powered Max Mindstorm provides excellent protection vs Priority. Max Knuckle (Close Combat) and Max Darkness (...any Dark STAB) compliment physical and special offense respectively. Speed Boost means Sharpedo can forgo the Max Windstream (Bounce).
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Shardepo has access to the now relatively rare Poison Fang. However, it gets Poison Jab, making the former pointless unless you care about badly poisoned status or are trying to be thematic (i.e. having all biting moves)

Good Coverage Moves:
  • Bounce- Grass, Fighting, Bug
  • Poison Jab (and Fang)- Grass, Fairy
  • Psychic Fangs- Fighting
    • Superior to Zen Headbutt
  • Ice Fang- Grass
  • Bulldoze, Earthquake- Electric
  • Rock Tomb- Bug


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What’s a Mega?:
: Speed Boost
Item: Life Orb/Focus Sash
-Ice Fang/Poison Fang
-Psychic Fangs
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EV’s: 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 SpD

This set, while still completely viable, is meant to mirror Mega Sharpedo, whose Strong Jaw ability meant you would want to use as many biting moves as possible. Setup-wise, it is pretty similar to many sets mentioned above (which can be considered a negative for Sharpedo: all of its sets are pretty similar in terms of item, nature and EV spread). While most will choose Liquidation for its higher power, Waterfall has some potential utility with Sharpedo’s high speed, boosted with Speed Boost, making it going first more likely, and thus flinching more “important.” Beyond that, coverage moves are what you would expect. The 4 Special Defense is there mostly because most of the types it is weak to are specially oriented.
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