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Community POTW #064

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

  2. TheIceCream

    TheIceCream User of Ultra Beasts

    BOOLIN!!! Ahem... Tapu Bulu is an example of a great Pokemon inrtroduced in Gen 7 but is ironically the least used guardian deity out there. Nethertheless, he's still really awesome!

    + STAB Wood Hammers under Grassy Terrain and 130 Attack hits HARD. Not much stuff can take that if it doesn't resist it
    + Other moves such as Horn Leech for recovery as well as Rock Slide and Superpower are also good
    + 70/115/95 is pretty decent defensivly
    + Grass/Fairy is ok for a typing
    + 85 Sp Attack is certainly good as well
    + Bulu time?

    - Tapu Bulu doesn't get Play Rough meaning that it has no physical Fairy STAB entirely. Suffering similar to Kyurem B, the lack of a main STAB really hurts Bulu's potential. In fact, the only other Fairy move it gets (other than nature's madness) is Dazzling Gleam which isn't really worth running
    - 75 Speed is OK, but it doesn't outspeed a whole lot
    - 5 Pretty common weaknesses can hurt it a fair bit
    - 4 move slot syndrome can be an issue, Wood Hammer and Horn Leech want to be used but there is also moves such as Superpower as well
    - It's somehow the least used Guardian Deity. While Tapu Koko/Lele/Fini are some of the most used Pokemon in competitive, Tapu Bulu finds itself in between others

    Grassy Surge: The ability to gain passive recovery (unfortunately, you're opponent does as well), Wood Hammers that OHKO so many things and the chance of reducing opposing Earthquakes (useful for teammates, not really Bulu itself as it already resists it) makes this to be a really good ability.
    Telepathy: Similar to the rest of the Guardians, they all have Telepathy as their hidden ability and none of them can get it. Also like the others, even if it was available, they would never runit over their terrain ability. Ever.

    Counters: Alolan Muk doesn't take much from any of Tapu Bulu's moves and can OHKO with a Poisonn Jab or Gunk Shot, Heatran does OK without Superpower and Charizard Y does OK without a Rock move, Celesteela can take almost anything and OHKO back with a Heavy Slam and a faster ice type such as Ninetales-A or Vanilluxe can OHKO with a Blizzard. Countering Tapu Bulu can be a little tricky depending on what moves it runs but it should be fairly easy once you know its moveset.
  3. GeeGee

    GeeGee Late to the party

    +Great Ability in Grassy Surge
    +70/115/95 bulk is solid, making it a prime assault vest user
    +130/85/75 offense allows it to function as a wallbreaker
    +Rock and Fighting coverage allow it to hit most of its checks
    +Grass/Fairy typing gives key resistances to Water, Electric and Ground

    -Nasty 4x weakness to poison, as well as other weaknesses to Ice, flying, steel and fire
    -70 hp and 75 speed are both a little low
    -No reliable fairy stab, forced to rely on fighting and rock type coverage
    -Its coverage sadly leaves it unable to touch Celesteela, Alolan Muk, and a few others
    -It doesn't get access to earthquake

    Grassy Surge: Grassy Surge is a fantastic ability that powers up Tapu Bulu's grass type attacks, weakens the damage dealt by earthquake and Bulldoze, and restores 1/16 max HP to all pokemon on the ground at the end of the turn. This gives Tapu Bulu great team building synergy, as team mates weak to earthquake will appreciate Grassy terrain, and other team mates will appreciate the additional recovery. It also powers up Tapu Bulu's Grass-type attacks, turning it into a fearsome wallbreaker.
    Telepathy: Not currently available, this ability takes away Tapu Bulu's Niche of setting up Grassy terrain, and should be avoided when it becomes available.


    Mess with the Bull and you get the horns
    Nature: Adamant/Jolly
    Hold Item: Grassium-Z
    Ability: Grassy Surge
    Ev's: 252Atk/4Spd/252Spe
    -Swords Dance
    -Wood Hammer/Horn Leech
    -Stone Edge

    Swords dance gives Tapu Bulu a monstrous damage boost, allowing it to tear through anything that doesn't resist its moves, and severely dent anything that does. Wood Hammer packs a wallop, but it does cause a hefty chunk of recoil damage. Horn leech can be used instead to keep Bulu healthy, but it is much weaker. Stone edge hits Threats like Volcarona, Megazard, Zapdos, and other pesky flying types. Superpower hits Heatran and Tyranitar, and after a swords dance boost, even would-be checks like Skarmory and Celesteela won't want to take a +2 superpower. The Grassium-Z allows Tapu Bulu to utilize a 190-base power Grass type attack, which, after a swords dance and on grassy terrain, is pretty much gonna obliterate anything that isn't 4x resistant to it. Adamant nature gives more power, but Jolly is an option if you want more speed.

    Assault Vest
    Nature: Adamant
    Item: Assault Vest
    Ability: Grassy Surge
    Ev's: 252Hp/252Atk/4Spd
    -Horn Leech
    -Super Power
    -Stone Edge
    -Nature's Madness

    A lot of similar moves here, with the addition of Nature's Madness. Nature's Madness is basically a fairy-type super fang, which is quite useful for dealing with bulky threats to this set such as Skarmory, which Bulu can't break through without a swords dance boost. Horn leech keeps Bulu healthy alongside grassy terrain. Wood hammer can also be used to get past bulky threats it hits for neutral like Toxapex. Super power hits steel types like Kartana and Ferrothorn.

    Other Options:
    Leech seed is a good support move that provides tapu bulu with even more recovery. Zen headbutt is an interesting choice that hits Poison and Fighting types super effectively, as well as having a nice chance to flinch. Megahorn in an option to hit other grass types, but the Grass types tapu bulu wants to hit are ferrothorn and kartana, which are already hit by superpower. Payback is a dark-type option that usually has 100 base power due to tapu bulu's less-than-average speed. Rock slide is a great move for doubles, hitting both of your opponents. Snarl won't be hitting very hard, but in doubles it can be very useful to cripple opposing special attackers.
  4. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Tapu Bulu, one of the guardians of Alola. As one of the legends of Alola, it an its ilk are known for having brought terrains which were introduced in 6th Gen to incredible prominence. Tapu Bulu is defined by Grass Terrain and as such makes impressive use out of it.

    Bulky Bull
    Tapu Bulu
    Ability: Grassy Surge
    Hold Item: Leftovers/Big Root
    -Horn Leech
    -Bulk Up
    -Stone Edge
    -Substitute/Wood Hammer/Nature's Madness/Superpower
    Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -SATK) or Impish (+DEF, -SATK)
    EVs: 252 HP/252 ATK/4 DEF OR 252 HP/252 SDEF/4 ATK

    Bulk Up Tapu Bulu can be an incredible physical tank to your opponent. With Horn Leach providing reliable STAB and longevity, and Bulk Up giving Tapu Bulu incredible offensive and defensive prowess, on top of the double healing provided by Grassy Terrain and Leftovers, can make Tapu Bulu near impossible to remove. Stone Edge is so that you don't become bait for Flying and Fire types. Final move is up to preference. Substitute blocks status attempts and the lost HP is readily healed by Tapu Bulu's incredible recovery. Wood Hammer is a Stronger grass STAB but hurts Tapu Bulu's longevity. Nature's Madness is good for devastating a predicted switch that isn't bothered by Stone Edge or Horn Leech. Superpower provides fantastic coverage, but negates one use of Bulk Up with each use.

    EV spread is up to preference. First is the bulky attacker spread, which has the highest offense for this set, while the other is more of a bulky tank Tapu Bulu, increasing its Bulk/Special Defense as much as possible and then relying on Bulk Up shoring up its impressive Base ATK and DEF.

    Taking Tapu Bulu by the Horns
    Tapu Bulu has four key weaknesses: Fire, Steel, Flying and Poison types. All of them resist Tapu Bulu, and can strike back for super effective damage. Poison is probably the worst. Tapu Bulu doesn't have any answer outside of Nature's Madness or a boosted Wood Hammer, it is a 4x weakness meaning Tapu Bulu's chances of survival are nearly nonexistent even after defense buffs like Bulk Up or Assault Vest and finally Toxic ruins any defensive plan Tapu Bulu might be running. Fire types are probably next worse, as an unlucky burn can spell doom for any offense Tapu Bulu was planning as well as chipping away at its bulk. However, most fire types not named Heatran must be wary around Stone Edge as that will do horrific damage. Flying is just as bad from an offensive standpoint as Fire, with many users faster than Tapu Bulu and able to easily strike it down. Also easily dispatch by Stone Edge. Steel is difficult from a defensive standpoint, as a few Steel types are not even bothered by Superpower, leaving Tapu Bulu with little choice but to run or be setup on.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  5. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'


    but its funny cause the AV set is quite set without it anyways, would be nice to be able to knock the latis away though
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