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Community POTW #069

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I'm just going to say right now that if SwagPlay Klefki is anywhere on the analysis I'll never forgive you.

Ok sorry but here it is :)

Key to power
Choice scarf


Tbh taunt ruins it instantly but if taunts out of play it gets really fun.
Everything plays well on it I shouldn't have to poit out all the pain and suffering this can cause so if you wanna force a rage this has quite the potential, so happy trolling with this set.


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This definitely unlocks new strategies to Klefki xD I have to admit though, I think it's the Dex description that gives it a bad opinion xD *jingles keys furiously*

It's time to lock and load
Klefki @ Light Clay
252 Hp, 104 Def, 148 SpD
(+ SpD, - SpA)
-Magic Coat
-Light Screen

Basically send it out against another Prankster or Utility pokemon, even pokemon with taunt, Magic Coat to ruin their strategy, such as Sableye taunting or burning itself, and set up walls. Spikes is Klefki's usual thing, but T-wave or Foul play are also useful for damage.

I would put a Swagger set, but I prefer not to :/

Other Options: I would use Scarf or Flame orb Switcheroo, but that would cost you to lose Light Clay.


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Magnet Rise certainly deserves mention here, as it takes away it's most common weakness and makes it easier to get spikes down. It works well against Lando-T

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
Heres an offensive one:

Klefki @ Sitrus Berry
Prankster with 196 HP / 108 Def / 4 SpA / 196 SpD / 4 Spd
Bold Nature

Iron Defense
Calm Mind
Draining Kiss

Convert your klefki into a sweepsih pokemon. 4 Spd to outspeed other klefkis and set up a safeguard, Defensive evs can be changed, and 4 SpA because there was no other use of this one point in a level 50 scene. Iron Defense / Calm Mind as you want to, boos your defenses and offenses at the same time with calm mind, iron defense to give you the OOMPH in defense. Draining kiss for sustain, and substitute to avoid status.

Rather than using two boosting moves to boost all of Klefki's best stats, I feel like you could get much more mileage by moving all EVs into HP and Def, with the remaining 4 into Sp.Atk, and replacing Iron Defense with Flash Cannon.

Klefki@Leftovers/Big Root
Bold Nature
252 HP/252 Def/4 Sp.Atk
-Calm Mind
-Draining Kiss
-Flash Cannon/Psychic/Hidden Power Ground

Klefki's strongest stat is Defense, so pump it up as much as possible so that Klefki can reliably take a hit the first few times. The item of choice is the reliable Leftovers or the seldom seen Big Root. Big Root increases the amount of HP restored from draining moves, not their power, as all draining moves do not recover the same amount of HP as the amount of damage dealt. Draining Kiss will be your primary offensive move, and Draining Kiss already recovers 75% of your HP, with Big Root bumping that up to 100%. And because Prankster means you get off your Substitute and Calm Mind boosts lightning fast, you can reach optimal power in just a couple of turns. The fourth move is up to you. Flash Cannon is good Steel STAB to wreck Rock and Ice types as well as opposing Fairies, but Psychic lets you hit Poison types whether they're grounded or airborne. HP Ground aims for the two types you don't hit effectively with Draining Kiss, being Steel and Poison, but they'll whiff completely against the airborne variants.

This Klefki works very well against Special Attackers because of Prankster, as Klefki is fast enough to get a Substitute to absorb a hit, as well as Calm Mind to get the Sp.Def boost to absorb whatever attack they use. Prankster Subs means practically immunity to status, and Draining Kiss will just restore all the damage you lost to enemy attacks or to the consecutive Subs.

Let's not forget to mention two of Klefki's unique moves, Fairy Lock and Crafty Shield.

Fairy Lock works better as a suicide move, since it prevents all pokemon on the field from switching out the next turn. There are two applications for this. Holding an Escape Button, Klefki uses Fairy Lock, eats a hit, and all of a sudden you have a guaranteed switch-in opportunity and the opponent will be unable to escape the next turn. There's a reason I called it suicidal, though, as Klefki needs to take a hit for it to work. On the other hand, if Klefki is doomed to faint, Fairy Lock ensures that your next switch-in will be facing the opponent without fear of switching out because of the move. There are loads of pokemon that can benefit from this, all of them requiring the right opponent to be locked in. It will either give you a huge set up opportunity or the chance to eliminate a threat from your opponent's team.

Crafty Shield isn't worth a damn in Singles, but fares way better in Doubles. It protects all pokemon on your side of the field from Status moves but not from damaging moves, so what's the point? Like I said, it fares way better in Doubles as all the status moves that you can block with Protect, Crafty Shield blocks. Did I mention it can be used consecutively without fail unlike Protect. It's worth noting that Wide Guard does not block status inducing moves like Dark Void, which Crafty Shield does block. All of a sudden, you want Klefki for your VGC team, don't you?

Oh yeah, and for the countering Klefki section, make sure to mention that Quick Guard will block Prankster boosted moves, which is very valuable in Doubles, and can be used consecutively like Crafty Shield.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Unlocking Your Potential
Bold nature
252 HP/128 Defense/128 Sp. Def
~Foul Play
~Thunder Wave

The classic Klefki set. Swagger and Foul Play is the key to victory here (bad pun fully intended). Swagger confuses the opponent and boosts its Attack, and Foul Play takes full advantage of those Attack boosts by turning it around on the opponent. Substitute and Thunder Wave serve to keep the hits Klefki takes to a minimum, along with the aforementioned Swagger-based confusion.

Item restores Klefki's HP. Ability ensures Klefki's moves besides Foul Play go first. Nothing worse than getting outsped the turn you go to use Substitute...

Locked In For Victory
Bold nature
252 HP/128 Defense/128 Sp. Def
~Fairy Lock
~Draining Kiss

Another option for Klefki is to badly poison an opponent that can't do much to it, then keep on trapping it with Fairy Lock while it hides behind a Substitute. Draining Kiss is for HP recovery. Probably not the most effective Klefki set, but Prankster gives it potential, I think.

Item restores Klefki's HP. Ability ensures Klefki's moves besides Draining Kiss go first. Nothing worse than getting outsped the turn you go to use Substitute...

Bold nature
252 HP/252 Defense/4 Sp. Def.
~Calm Mind
~Dazzling Gleam/Draining Kiss
~Flash Cannon

This one makes use of Klefki's passable base 80 Special Attack... though I use the word "use" loosely here. Calm Mind bolsters that Special Attack, Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon are STAB moves, with Draining Kiss as an alternative to Dazzling Gleam for the welcome HP restoration, and Psychic or Psyshock... is really the only other option here. Seriously. Its other non-STAB special attacks are Snore, Round, Hyper Beam, and Hidden Power. That's 3 and 15/16ths non-STAB options (since Hidden Power can be a Steel move). Yeah. The other set's your best bet.

Item restores Klefki's HP. Ability is less important here. It makes Calm Mind go first, but that's it. I just recommend it because it beats the alternative.

Other options:
*Klefki's Attack is just as good as it's Special Attack, though not only is that not saying much, but if you thought Klefki's special movepool was barren... Barring Foul Play and its assortment of Normal moves, it's got Astonish, Play Rough, and Thief. Yeesh.
*Crafty Shield protects Klefki from status moves. If you can't work out a fourth move for a set, this is something few would expect.
*Klefki can also be used to set up Spikes, Safeguard, Reflect, and Light Screen, and with priority, no less. Always useful.
*Weather teams getting you down? Want to try one yourself? Either way, Klefki's got Rain Dance and Sunny Day, and the means to make those moves go first.

*Prankster: Klefki's status moves are all one priority level higher than they normally would be. Given Klefki's extensive support movepool, this is clearly the smart choice for it.
*Magician: Klefki's Hidden Ability. When Klefki hits the opponent with an attack, it steals the opponent's item (provided it isn't already holding one). A pretty cool Ability in and of itself, but somewhat unfitting for Klefki, considering how much more suited to supporting than outright attacking it is. Plus, even on novelty attacking sets, Klefki wants dem Leftovers. Currently legal, but... who cares?

Some Pokémon are the kind of Pokémon that function especially well with the right support. Klefki's the kind of Pokémon more likely to be on the giving end of said support. Anything in your team need Reflect or Light Screen support? Dual screens Klefki. Need a backup weather starter in case your Politoed/Ninetales/Mega Charizard Y faints? Rain Dance/Sunny Day Klefki. Paralysis support? Klefki. Toxic support? Klefki. I think you get the idea.

Whimsicott springs readily to mind, because of two simple yet horrifying words; Prankster Taunt. No way in hell is a Whimsicott gonna be slower than a Klefki, so that Taunt's going before any status move you can throw at it, and Foul Play ain't doing much to a Fairy-type with low Attack, either. The Calm Mind variant might have a bit of an edge with that super effective Flash Cannon, but most Klefki would be screwed six ways to Sunday against a Whimsicott. Actually, if the parafusion hax isn't on your side, any user of Taunt can really shut down most Klefki.

An awesome little Pokémon. I would find a way to insert a rant about how Smogon's infamous Swagger ban is a complete load of crap, but it's nearly 1:30 in the morning and I need to get some sleep.

Prediction for next week:

What does the Dephox say?

I am SOOOOO mentioning SwagKeys because A) I'm a completely sadistic lunatic, and B) let's face it, there are still copious amounts of sweaty apes that still terrorize non-Smogon metagames with that junk. Don't worry, I'll be sure to mention such incredible and viable counters as Numel.

I support this. If you can make your opponent cry your victory will be that much sweeter.
I am SOOOOO mentioning SwagKeys because A) I'm a completely sadistic lunatic, and B) let's face it, there are still copious amounts of sweaty apes that still terrorize non-Smogon metagames with that junk. Don't worry, I'll be sure to mention such incredible and viable counters as Numel.

That's true that SwagPlay Klefki is used often and does work. But it's cheap and it is banned by most Smogon Metagames. Also it falls a little short of an actual good set that puts Klefki to its full potential as a good wall and a good Pokemon to abuse Light Screen and Reflect.
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