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Community POTW #077


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Time for the next Pokémon of the Week and this week we go into the depths of Area Zero!


It's Raging Bolt!

Go nuts!

Divine Retribution

Conquistador de pan
With fantastic STABs, incredible stats, and the ability fit onto and complement nearly any type of team, Raging Bolt has been one of the biggest Singles threats since its release. In many ways I see this Pokemon as a counterpart to Kingambit; both are both very bulky and very powerful, both are found on nearly any kind of team outside of hard Stalls, both are very deadly sweepers that can end games with a turn or two of set-up, and both make heavy use of Terastalyzation to create guessing games in the late-game. While Raging Bolt lacks Supreme Overlord, this may actually be a blessing in disguise as it means Raging Bolt isn't as beholden to being reserved for the late game as Kingambit is, and Protosynthesis isn't a bad ability in its own right. Regardless, if you have experience using (or facing) Kingambit, doing the same with Raging Bolt is going to feel very similar.


Raging Bolt @ Booster Energy
Modest - Protosynthesis
64 HP, 28 Defense, 252 Sp. Atk, 164 Speed
Tera Type: Fairy / Flying
-Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor
-Thunderbolt / Weather Ball
-Calm Mind

This is Raging Bolt's flagship singles threat, and it is truly a monster. Thunderclap is a powerful Electric priority move that fails if the opponent isn't attempting an attack, just like Sucker Punch. This lets Raging Bolt bypass its main flaw; its mediocre Speed, and slam offensive Pokemon before they can strike him. Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor are both equally valid opttions for Raging Bolt, and which one you should chose depends heavily on how you will usually use him. Dragon Pulse is more synergistic with Calm Mind as it doesn't cost you your boosts, so if the game plan is to let Raging Bolt be your wincon, set up Calm Mind and sweep, you should probably go with Dragon Pulse. Draco Meteor, on the other hand, does absurd damage beyond anything else in Raging Bolt's arsenal and lets it act as a frightening wallbreaker even with no Calm Mind boosts, applying immediate offensive pressure to opponents who might be able to shrug off an unboosted Dragon Pulse. Your third slot could go to Thunderbolt as a back-up Electric STAB for more passive targets that you might not be able to hit with Thunderclap. Weather Ball is a solid alternative on dedicated Rain or Sun teams, providing Raging Bolt with super-effective coverage against Ground or Grass opponents respectively. Finally Calm Mind is almost always worth carrying on this set, even if also carrying Draco Meteor. Raging Bolt's ability to clean up weakened teams once they've been chipped into range of Thunderclap can not be understated. Volt Switch could be considered as an alternative but has negative synergy with Booster Energy, so an alternate item like Choice Specs, Leftovers, an Assault Vest, or a Shuca Berry should be considered on such a set.

The EV spread survives a Headlong Rush from uninvested Great Tusk (Defensive or Speed-boosting sets) and outspeeds standard Gliscor, with the rest being dumped into Sp. Atk for as much power as possible. Cutting back on the Speed investment and investing more heavily into bulk is perfectly acceptable as well if hitting that particular Speed benchmark isn't deemed necessary.

Raging Bolt tends to use Terastalyzation defensively. Tera Fairy is very common for winning match-ups against opposing Dragons, such as Walking Wake, Dragapult, and Kyurem. Being able to predict an incoming Dragon move, nullifying it, and retaliating with your own Dragon STAB can prove a devastating turn of events for these Pokemon and may open opportunities for you to close out games. Tera Flying is a solid alternative as well for dealing with Ground-type opponents such as Great Tusk, Landorus-Therian, and Garchomp.​


Wandering Battler
Raging Bolt since its introduction in the Indigo Disc has seen widespread success, even over that of the already amazing Gouging Fire and Walking Wake. Possessing higher base Special Attack than Flutter Mane alongside the amazing Protosynthesis, Raging Bolt hits like a flaming semi-truck, especially with the difficult to resist Dragon + Electric combination as Miraidon has so helpfully proven in Ubers. Power isn't all Raging Bolt has either; its 125/91/89 bulk is already well above average and with such high Special Attack, Raging Bolt can easily afford to invest in bulk without losing out on much power, especially with Protosynthesis and Calm Mind making up the difference. And if that wasn't enough, Raging Bolt's weakest point, its mediocre speed is a non-issue thanks to its signature Thunderclap, an Electric Sucker Punch clone, turning Raging Bolt into a ersatz Kingambit, able to take over games with ease.

Raging Bolt's dominance extends to doubles as well, its Calm Mind sets able to take over games in Regulation F once its few checks have been removed, while Assault Vest sets remain an immovable wall while providing excellent speed control and damage mitigation with Electroweb and Snarl respectively, all the while threatening enormous amounts of damage. Even in Regulation G, Raging Bolt hasn't slowed down, being an excellent partner in crime with Calyrex-Ice Rider, using its slow Speed to take advantage of the Trick Room mode the team sets up while being an excellent deterrent into Kyogre's Water Spouts. Excellent matchups into other non-Restricted Pokémon such as Tornadus, Urshifu-Rapid, and Pelipper while being impossible for other popular picks like Rillaboom and Ogerpon to remove without specific coverage further adds to the value Raging Bolt provides. Even as the competition gets fiercer, Raging Bolt thrives in the tempest.

Surge Protector
-Thunderbolt/Volt Switch
-Draco Meteor
-Volt Switch/Snarl/Electroweb
Ability: Protosynthesis
Item Attached: Assault Vest
EVs and Nature:
196 HP / 60 Def / 192 SAtk / 60 SDef
Modest Nature
Tera Type: Electric/Grass

Assault Vest Raging Bolt remains indispensable even when restricted Pokémon are in the picture pulling off stunts like being 4HKO'd by Calyrex-Shadow's Astral Barrage, taking little over 50% from Tera Water Specs Kyogre's Water Spout in the Rain, and being favored to survive 2 hits of Terapagos-Terastal's Tera Starstorm after it Calm Minds. With this immense staying power, it threatens back horrific damage to everything in return. Thunderclap is a mandatory inclusion, bypassing not only Raging Bolt's poor Speed, but any Speed control your opponent deigns to bring, allowing it to further blunt Kyogre's Water Spout, and take out Calyrex-Shadow before it can act. Thunderclap being horrible into redirection mandate's a secondary Electric STAB. Thunderbolt is a reliable STAB without any drawback, enabling Raging Bolt to fire it off turn after turn. Volt Switch is a bit weaker than Thunderbolt, but offers fantastic utility, especially after a Draco Meteor Special Attack drop, enabling Raging Bolt to get a partner in safely with a slow pivot. Speaking of Draco Meteor, it is Raging Bolt's Dragon STAB of Choice, obliterating Ground, Grass and Electric types and doing obscene damage to just about everything else. Last move is up to personal preference. The sheer utility Volt Switch provides makes running a 3 Electric STAB + Draco Meteor quite viable. Snarl and Electroweb are also fantastic choices, providing damage mitigation and speed control respectively, though the latter may be awkward with Calyrex Ice Rider's Trick Room.

EVs are to provide a blend of bulk and offense. The merits of the Special Defense investment has already been epoused, but the Defense investment ensures Max Attack Rillaboom's Woodhammer is a 3HKO after Grassy Terrain, while Mienshao's Close Combat is an unlikely 2HKO. Some Speed investment may be considered, especially if running a TailRoom team. 60 Speed is what would be needed to outspeed the base 135 Crowd (Miraidon, Koraidon, Flutter Mane, and Chien-Pao) under Tailwind. Tera Electric is amazing for removing Raging Bolt's Ice and Dragon weaknesses, greatly improving matchups into opposing Ice Riders and the Raidons, while providing a solid damage boost that pushes Thunderbolt close to Draco Meteor while turning Thunder Clap into a tool of mass destruction. Tera Grass is also worth considering, for removing Raging Bolt's Ground weakness and improving the matchup into Amoonguss, a popular Anti Trick Room answer.

Preferred Partners:
Calyrex Ice Rider as mentioned is a fantastic partner for Raging Bolt, its Trick Room working well with Raging Bolt's middling Speed and vicious Glacial Lance removing Grass and Ground types, while valuing Raging Bolt's amazing matchup into the many Water types that would blunt its Ice STAB as well as a good matchup into Fire types like Incineroar and Chi-yu.
Amoonguss is fantastic in Trick Room and thus works great with slower Raging Bolts, with Spore and Rage Powder offering fantastic damage mitigation. Pollen Puff is also invaluable, giving Raging Bolt and its partners true longevity and ability to take repeated hits.
Urshifu Rapid is another anti Ground type answer and its complimentary physical offense works wonders against opposing Calm Mind and Assult Vest users, while loving Raging Bolt for obliterating opposing Flying types Pelipper and Tornadus.