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Community POTW #096

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Time for the next Pokémon of the Week and we return to the Galar Region


This week, we focus on Corviknight!



In the event a future Dexit were to occur in a gen 9 game and players were given the option to only keep one Pokemon from gen 8 to carry over, most players, competitive and casual, would probably choose this metal dark paladin crow. (I myself am already a proud owner of a shiny silver Corviknight). And Corviknight is one of those rare Pokemon that manages to not only be competitively useful, but also looks really freaking cool. The fact that it can function in the Uber tier AND be your Uber driver across the skies is also convenient and ironically appropriate. And you can catch its pre-evolution right at the start of the game! Best starter bird ever! Suck it Staraptor and Talonflame! And you too Skarmory!

Bulky Bird Bastion
Ability: Mirror Armor/Pressure
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Careful (+Sp.Def -Sp.Att)
EVs: (HP 252) (Sp.Def 252) (Speed 4)

Bulk Up
Brave Bird/Drill Peck/Dual Wingbeat
Body Press

Set Details:
I personally like boosting sets, and this tanky Corviknight checks all my boxes. Jack up your physical offense and defense with Bulk Up and heal off damage while setting up using Roost. Your Flying STAB is your call since Brave Bird packs the most punch though at the cost of recoil, Drill Peck is the most consistent attack in terms of accuracy, and Dual Wingbeat helps against Substitute users. Finally there is Body Press which not only offers the best coverage but also synergies with Corviknight's high defenses and Bulk Up. The Flying and Fighting combo also works incredibly well on D-Max sets since you can boost your speed and attack. Leftovers is your held item obviously to heal off even more damage passively, and your EVs and nature are all put into HP and special defense since Bulk Up will have you covered on the physical side. Finally, your choice of ability comes down to play style since Mirror Armor screws with your opponents by uno reversing intentional and unintentional stat drops by your opponent but Pressure operates well on Corviknight's high defenses thus allowing you to easily PP stall your opponent should it come to that.

It can also run support and defense sets on top of it all, but I will Baton Pass those sets to everyone else in the forums . ~_^
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MOVESET NAME: "Raven Rook"
ABILITY: Mirror Armor
NATURE: Careful
EVS: 252 Defense, 252 Special Defense, 4 Attack
  • Brave Bird
  • Iron Head
  • Body Press
  • U-Turn
ITEM: Assault Vest

In this moveset, the goal is to use Corviknight's Gigantamax form to gradually build a monstrous defense. Before Corviknight even moves, its Assault Vest activates to enhance its Special Defense. Once Corviknight Gigantamaxes, it can continue to reduce the power of special attacks through Max Flutterby. Corviknight can also alternatively increase its Defense through Max Steelspike. Alongside Mirror Armor's protection from stat reductions, Corviknight constructs a formidable defense in its G-Max form.

This moveset also grants Corviknight the ability to facilitate its offenses. Max Knuckle, for example, increases the power of Corviknight's physical moves. Corviknight's G-Max move, G-Max Wind Rage, can also blow away pesky barriers that hinder Corviknight's attacks. Its slow Speed stat and mediocre Attack stat, however, prevent it from destroying opposing Pokemon outright. For this reason, it is recommended that another Pokemon should use Tailwind or Baton Pass to raise Corviknight's Attack and Speed before it enters the field.

Once Corviknight returns to normal, it can take advantage of its boosted Attack and Defense stats. Since Brave Bird will deal more damage to the opponent, however, Corviknight must be wary of its recoil. Corviknight can also fly to safety with U-Turn and switch with another suitable party member.


Wandering Battler
The Steel Flying type is good. Like really good. The number of times Pokémon run coverage just because they are otherwise shutdown by Steel Flying types is a testament to how good the type is and how good the Pokémon that possess it are. And thus Corviknight reigns supreme as the best early game bird. Fantastic typing above average HP and Defense and average Special Defense with reliable access to Roost ensures Corviknight sees consistent play.

Steely Feather Duster
: Pressure/Mirror Armor
Item: Leftovers/Rocky Helmet/Heavy Duty Boots
-Drill Peck/Body Press
EVs and Nature:
252 HP / 252 DEF / 4 SDEF
Sassy (+SDEF, -SPE)

Corviknight makes the most out of its support movepool. Defog is a game changing move, destroying your opponents spell and trap cards clearing away Screens and Entry Hazards, ensuring your team doesn't get savaged on switching in and removing what Protection your opponent sets up. Roost keeps Corviknight healthy throughout a game so it can Defog again and again. U-Turn along with a speed reducing nature allows Corviknight to act as a slow pivot, getting its teammate in safely for a hopefully favorable matchup. Drill Peck is for STAB and Body Press is good coverage. Leftovers and Heavy Duty Boots keeps Corviknight healthy, while Rocky Helmet causes chip damage on contact attackers.

Flock Tactics
: Mirror Armor
Item: Leftovers/Rocky Helmet
-Body Press
-Brave Bird/Protect
EVs and Nature:
252 HP / 4 DEF / 252 SPE
Jolly (+SPE, -SATK)

Corviknight makes for a durable Tailwind setter in the doubles format, able to take repeated abuse and setup Tailwind, while blocking Trick Room and Amoongus with Taunt. Mirror Armor serves as an effective block against Intimidate, punishing Incineroar, and Lando-T switch-ins. Body Press is so that Corviknight isn't completely passive. Brave Bird serves as coverage, while Protect is Protect. Rocky Helmet punishes Fake Out's directed to Corviknight, while Leftovers is for longevity.

Other Options
Pressure + Spite - Corviknight can go for a PP stall strategy. There are many moves with low PP in doubles, especially on restricted Pokémon like Zacian's Behemoth Blade, Calyrex's Glacial Lance/Astral Barrage, Kyogre's Water Spout, Stakataka's Gyro Ball, Palkia's Spacial Rend, Trick Room, Stone Edge, etc. Depriving you opponent of multiple uses of these moves is game changing. However, it is very situational. Most moves have 15+ uses (anything with 10 PP can be maxed to 16 PP) requiring multiple Spites. Even the 5 PP moves can be maxed to 8 PP which with Pressure and Spite would only drain 6 PP which is still enough for another use.
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Black Metallic Bird of Death

EV spread: 252 Attack/252 Speed
Item: Chesto Berry
Ability: Mirror Armor


Brave Bird

Iron Head
Iron Defense

Other moveset options

Light Screen



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Just wanted to say that the Venusaur page links to the Blaziken Dex entry.
In regards to this game’s Fast Travel system, it appears to be outclassed by Skarmory from a stats perspective. It is slightly slower and has less Defense. However, the two Steel birds fill different roles.
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