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Community POTW #107

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Time for the next PotW and it's a Gen V Pokémon


    It's Reuniclus, everyone's favourite gelatinous blob! It's capable of so much, especially if put in a Trick Room team.


    Go nuts
  2. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    Reuniclus @ Life Orb
    Magic Guard
    252 Hp/4 Def/252 SpA
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast/HP [Fighting]
    -Trick Room

    Reuniclus has got pretty decent bulk, so it can safely set up TR most of the time. Its good Spa and magic guard ability let it fire some strong LO boosted moves, with Quiet almost ensuring it moves first. Pshychic is STAB, Psyshock is weaker but hits Blissey/Chansey harder. Shadow Ball and a fighting move (power or accuracy) for optimal neutral coverage. Works well with Conkeldurr as we all know by now.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Reuniclus @ Life Orb
    Magic Gaurd
    252 HP 252 Def 4 SpDef
    Calm Mind
    Focus Blast

    Boost with Calm Mind, plow through stuff, recover when low on health. Bold nature because your Special Defense is already gonna be boosted with Calm Mind, so you may as well buffer the other defensive stat. Life Orb gets no recoil thanks to Magic Guard. This set is walled by Ghost/Darks Sableye and Spiritomb, but they're not that common anyway.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  4. philzone

    philzone Ready for trumpets

    You know what, I'll go straight with the VGC solosis set that is amazing

    Solosis (lv1) @ focus sash
    evs: any
    nature: any
    IVs: 0 speed, don't care about the others
    -Trick room

    This Guy rocks. Immune to passive damage is good, so no SR or weather or toxic. under TR he is very fast. Endeavour lets its partner destroy the foe this is targeted at, so cresselia is good. protect for priority. imprison stops TR from being reversed, and no protect.
  5. Sala-imence

    Sala-imence Rock type trainer

    Item: Choice Specs
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: 252 SpA, 252 HP, 4 Def
    Ability: Regenerator
    - Psychic / Psyshock
    - Focus Blast
    - Energy Ball
    - Shadow Ball

    Simple Sweeper set. Just get someone else to set up trick room. The ability REGENERATOR really helps Reuniclus as it can heal while switching so can come in to battle later with another move and still with reasonable health. Most people will expect Reuniclus to have Psyshock in my opinion as it affects the foes defense while the other moves do not. So Psychic may throw these people off their game a bit.
  6. ASB

    ASB Weather Team Hater

    Awesome pokemon with a ton of potential, though it was teetering on the lower edge of OU for a while simply because Genesect was running all over the place wrecking stuff, and it might have even dropped from even UU with Hera everywhere if the Genesect ban was not instituted.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  7. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    reun is really hard to set up now a days in this meta, filled with fast looms and cbttars; and the fact that cb scizor is getting more action thanks to the ban of gene the best set to run imo, would be a support set with flame orb trick, like an offensive bird #windstrong

    so many mons like lando i and terrakion have so many chances to switch in and just u turn/ set up to grab momentum, but now with flame orb they are stopped short.

    a good defensive core would be rotom w reun gliscor/zong, hard checks most of the meta right now and throw in jellicent to beat keldeo.

    throw in tenta and ferro too that's like gg world.

    i have to disagree, so many ample opportunities to set up mons and pp stall focus blast as well, such as sub SD salac terrakion. and new po now counts pp...

    i dont get why people make these huge 'analysis's'

    reun has been here since the beginning of bw1, isnt it kind of obvious what he can do in the past metas, we are talking about the CURRENT META.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  8. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    Reuniclus's Base 30 Speed brings up a matter I wish to voice about the Serebii Pokedex Search: I believe there should be a way that you could search by Lowest 100 in a Stat as well as Highest 100, mainly for Speed. This Pokemon is a beast on HP and Sp.Atk, but Trick Room cranks its low Speed into overdrive.

    Kraleck's Poke-Analysis
    -HP - Incredible. Base 110 allows for 101+ HP Substitutes without pumping into the stat fully (though you may still want to). Tack on access to Rest, Recover, AND Pain Split and this is one tough customer to take down.
    -Attack - Below Average. Not that you'd use it yourself, but Base 65 helps with switching into the occasional Foul Play.
    -Defense - Slightly-Below Average. Base 75 is just below my average of 80 for non-HP Stats, but with an HP stat that huge, it's not much of a loss to the average.
    -Sp.Atk - Slightly-Above Godly. Base 125 is high enough that anything Reun' fires will slam into the side of an opponent like a torpedo barrage unless they are beefy in Sp.Def like Snorlax, Chans-Eviolite, or Blissey.
    -Sp.Def - Slightly-Above Average. Base 85 is pretty nice when you consider the HP you've been blessed with.
    -Speed - Good (Trick Room). Base 30 isn't the best for Trick Room, but it's not the worst either. Combined with that monstrous Sp.Atk, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

    Move Options:
    -STAB Offense - Psychic & Psyshock are both rather nice, plus Psyshock helps with Special Walls like the ones mentioned above.
    -Non-STAB Offense - Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Signal Beam, Grass Knot, Thunder, Flash Cannon, and Focus Blast are all nice options, but suffer from either mediocre Power or mediocre Accuracy.
    -Support - Where to begin aside from the usual Trick Room? You have Recovery via Rest, Recover, or Pain Split, Buffing with Calm Mind, Acid Armor, or dual screens, Annoying with Toxic, Confuse Ray, or Magic Coat, or a plethora of miscellaneous Support Moves like Skill Swap, Role Play, Trick, Gravity, Substitute, Embargo, or Snatch.

    -Overcoat - Useful for blocking Hail and Sandstorm chipping.
    -Magic Guard - Useful for blocking indirect damage from Status Effects, Weather, or Traps.
    -Regenerator (DW) - Useful for switching out, especially when Trick Room expires.
  9. Star Champion AJ

    Star Champion AJ Well-Known Member

    This week we have... everyone's favourite gelatinous blob of doom (including me of course) aka Reuniclus.

    Ability Compendium:
    Overcoat: It will not take damage from weather effects.
    Have a look a Reuniclus's next (and best) ability.
    Magic Guard: Prevents all damage except from direct-attack moves.
    This ability negates any damage caused by status (Goodbye Poison and Burn) though it doesn't negate the Attack drop from Burn (but you shouldn't worry about that since we are focusing on special sweeping), Curse (which nobody uses that way), Leech Seed, recoil (including Life Orb) AND FROM WEATHER (the only thing Overcoat negates).
    Reuniclus's MUST HAVE ability, don't go anywhere without a Magic Guard Reuniclus and you'll have a nice day.
    Regenerator: When the Pokémon switches out of battle, up to 33.3% of its maximum Hit Points are restored.
    The ability that makes Slowbro, Tangrowth, Ho-Oh and others good Pokémon. However it's not that worthy when Reuniclus has a better ability. Well, that ability is still decent if you have a defensive minded set who appreciates switching often (beware of entry hazards).

    Immunity to (almost) all forms of indirect damage (if you have Magic Guard)
    Nice HP (110) and great Sp. Atk. stats (125).
    Average defensive stats (75/85), but good enough when we have enough HP to make 101+ HP Substitutes.
    Excellent Trick Room (ab)user (due to being so zetta slow), can use some support or use it itself.

    Low Attack (65), but nobody uses that stat when using Reuniclus.
    LOW Speed (30), but there's Trick Room, which makes that Con a Plus anyway...
    Version exclusive Pokémon (White and White 2 only), but there's the GTS to solve that problem.

    [​IMG]@Life Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Bold (if you have Calm Mind)
    Relaxed (Calm Mind+Trick Room support)
    Modest (if you like clobbering opponents to death)
    Quiet (if you have and (ab)use Trick Room)
    More EVs on HP if you have Substitute or if you focus on a defensive minded set (Regenerator is optional)
    More EVs on Defense if you have Calm Mind
    More EVs on Special Attack for special sweeping variants
    Less EVs on Special Defense in case you are using Calm Mind
    NO Speed EVs (and IVs) if you have Trick Room... and in other cases anyway since 30 Speed isn't going to outrun anything faster without Trick Room
    Focus Blast/HP Fight
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind/Trick Room
    Moveset Analysis:
    Magic Guard+Life Orb=Boosted moves without the fear of taking recoil damage.
    Add an immunity to entry hazards and other forms of indirect damage and the proper EV investment and we have a gelatinous blob who's really hard to kill.
    About the moves... the STAB moves depend of the threats you are going to face, same-old same-old Psychic if you like throwing opponents to walls (okay... that wasn't really good) or Psyshock if you really hate the pink evil blobs (Chansey and Blissey)
    Focus Blast covers lots of threats but the shaky accuracy and low PP will be bad to your health while HP Fight trades a lot of power with a 100% accurate (barring evasive moves or accuracy modifiers) move.
    Shadow Ball puts some more coverage (all hail the Psychic+Fight+Ghost coverage).
    Other options for moves, abilities and items...
    Calm Mind to increase it's average Sp. Def. to nice levels and its already high Sp. Atk. to unholy levels.
    Choice Specs for maximum power but the fourth move must be an offensive one like Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Signal Beam, Thunder... add Regenerator and go for the win!
    Leftovers if you, for some odd reason aren't using a Magic Guard set.
    Pain Split for more staying power but Recover is more reliable.
    Recover for more staying power.
    Regenerator if you plan to use a more defensive minded set.
    Substitute, since Reuniclus can make 101+ HP Substitutes, add some Calm Minds, Recovers/Pain Splits and Leftovers and you won't be able to kill this gelatinous blob so soon.
    Trick Room to make faster Pokémon slower than a Slowpoke (pun intended).

    Hey, you're slower than a Slowpoke! (Trick Room set)
    Mindmaster (Calm Mind set)
    Psycho Killer (Psyshock set)
    SO ZETTA SLOW! (Trick Room set)
    Trickmaster (Trick Room set), NOT this Trickmaster http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-02/kh-trickmaster.html
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  10. Meowmeow

    Meowmeow selfproclaimed guru

    Reuniclus is basically an Alakazam with its speed turned into bulk. Was it a successful trade? Yes. Very much so. Reuniclus is one of the best Trick Room setters in the game and Magic Guard makes it a deadly force with Life Orb.

    Ability analysis: Something I don't normally do
    Magic Guard: In my opinion, this is the game's best ability. Immunity to weather damage, poison, entry hazard, burn, and life orb recoil.
    Overcoat: It's Magic Guard with broken bones. Don't use it.
    Regenerator: This is an awesome ability. However, Reuniclus has Recover and Magic Guard, so Regenerator takes a bit of a back seat to the action. Most of the time.


    Bulky Trick Room
    Nature: Quiet
    EVs: 252 Special Attack, 240 HP, 12 Defense
    @: Leftovers/Life Orb

    Trick Room
    Focus Blast

    This set is simple and effective. Use Trick Room, throw your attacks, and heal when necessary. The EV spread helps to sort of pacify Pursuit users without sacrificing power.

    Sweeper Trick Room
    Nature: Quiet
    EVs: 252 HP and defense, 4 Special Attack
    @: Life Orb

    Trick Room
    Calm Mind
    Focus Blast

    This Reuniclus possesses more offensive presence. Calm Mind will boost its special stats to high levels. Psyshock is preferred this time so that standard special walls don't be all poopy on you.

    Bulky Attacker
    Nature: Quiet
    EVs: 252 HP and defense, 4 Special Attack
    @: Life Orb/Leftovers

    Calm Mind
    Focus Blast

    This time, there is no Trick Room. Rather than being a Trick Room setter, this set aims to be more of an Anti-Trick Room component of sorts, combining the bulk and power of the first two sets.

    Something completely different.
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Regenerator/Magic Guard
    EVs: 252 defense, 232 HP, 24 special defense
    @: Leftovers/Light Clay

    Light Screen

    This set takes on a support role with Dual Screens. Regenerator is a viable ability this time, but remember that residual damage will wear Reuniclus down quickly, even with Recover, and especially if you have Light Clay as the held item.
  11. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Hey Flubber is back and greener than ever
    Relaxed (+ defense - speed)
    EV's: 252 HP, 200sp.def 56 Defense
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Trick Room
    Pain Split / Recover
    Psyshock / Psychic
    HP fighting / Focus Blast

    Magic Guard negates all damage that is from weather and status and curse, its a great ability, Trick Room makes Reuniclus super fast, Pain Split can get some damage on your opponent if its a Chansey Blissey or other HP wall and you get some health back or recover and just gain back HP, Psyshock gets Sp. walls like Chansey and Blissey psychic if you want slightly more power and a hard time dealing with Chansey and such, HP fighting has 100 accuracy but low power of 30-70 whereas Focus Blast can lower your opponents Sp.def and more power but the accuracy drop, leftovers is to heal residual damage you will get like incase you get gastro acid on you and can't use it to negate damage, EV's are to up its defense since its lower than its Sp.def and the Evs help you with certain raw power pokemon except for crunch Rampardos and such

    Magic Johnson is going green
    Relaxed / Sassy
    EV's (252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Sp.def) or (252 HP, 252 Sp.def, 4 defense)
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Item: Leftovers
    Recover / Pain Split
    Calm Mind / Acid Armor
    Psyshock / Psychic
    Focus Blast

    Calm mind can help do more damage and ups Sp.def, acid armor ups defense, Psyshock yet again does physical damage, psychic does more damage yada yada yada, focus blast coverage, Recover more health back, Pain Split can do damage and heal you, you heard this before -_-
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  12. Ghosts of the Forums

    Ghosts of the Forums Who Ya Gonna Call?

    Reuniclus @Leftovers
    Magic Guard
    176Hp 80Def 252Sp.Atk
    -Calm Mind/Shadow Ball
    -Trick Room/Recover
    -Focus Miss
  13. Furret Master

    Furret Master Champion Seeker

    Reuniclus is an amazing Pokemon that demonstrates that Speed is not always the key to victory. Base 30 Speed might make one think that Reuniclus can't be useful...until you consider Trick Room. Under Trick Room and minimum Speed, Reuniclus is one of the "fastest" Pokemon there is. Reuniclus can even be epic outside of Trick Room due to 110/75/85 defenses and an awesome Base 125 Sp. Attack. Reuniclus was also blessed with having access to Magic Guard, which makes him immune to passive damage. Finally, Reuniclus has just the right moves to help him do what he needs to accomplish. Sadly, Reuniclus' Psychic-typing is not the greatest, especially since Pursuit users like Tyranitar and Scizor can really hurt him. Never, ever underestimate Reuniclus, though, as it can be very hard to take down and can sweep effectively in return.


    Magic Guard: Makes Reuniclus immune to passive damage. This is probably the best ability in the game, and Reuniclus can abuse this so much. One thing to note is that Magic Guard cancels out Life Orb recoil, which makes Reuniclus that much more deadly.
    Overcoat: Makes Reuniclus immune to damage from weather (more specifically, hail and sandstorm). A terrible ability on Reuniclus, since it has Magic Guard, which does that and so much more.
    Regenerator: Reuniclus recovers 33.3% of his max HP upon switching. A great ability, but Magic Guard is really better for Reuniclus.


    Calm Mind Sweeper
    -Calm Mind
    -Focus Miss (Focus Blast)/Hidden Power [Fighting]
    -Shadow Ball
    Item: Leftovers/Life Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Nature: Bold
    EVs: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack

    This is a set I really like, as Reuniclus becomes deadly and really hard to take down. Calm Mind boosts Reuniclus' Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense by one stage each, making him hit harder and able to take hits from the special side well. The STAB Psychic-type move is slightly a toss up, but the choice is fairly obvious. Psyshock is the better option, as it targets the opponent's Defense stat while still going off of Reuniclus' Sp. Attack stat. This not only allows for Reuniclus to be a mixed sweeper of sorts, but it takes down some important Pokemon that would wall it otherwise, mostly Blissey. It also hits Terrakion harder when Sandstorm is up. Psychic deals more damage, but Reuniclus would be walled by Blissey in that case. The next move is a bit of a toss-up. Focus Miss is more powerful, but as the nickname states, 70 accuracy sucks. HP Fighting is more accurate, but the max 70 power pales in comparison to the 120 power of Focus Miss. Since Reuniclus is bulky enough, the accuracy of Focus Miss is worth the higher power. Either way, Dark-types and Steel-types will be taken out. Shadow Ball rounds out the set by hitting Psychic and Ghost-types.

    Bold nature is used to increase Reuniclus' Defense, while the EVs max out his HP and Defense, since his special stats get boosted. The item choice depends on if you want more durability (Leftovers) or more power (Life Orb).

    Trick Room Sweeper
    -Focus Miss/HP Fighting
    -Shadow Ball
    -Trick Room
    Item: Life Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Nature: Quiet
    IVs: 0 Speed
    EVs: 252 HP, 4 Defense, 252 Sp. Attack

    This set uses Trick Room to make Reuniclus a "fast" sweeper. Basically, start with Trick Room and then blast everything in your path with the right moves. Speaking of which, the move choices are the same as above.

    Life Orb is for a great power boost. The Quiet nature and 0 IV in Speed is to make Reuniclus as slow as possible, which makes him fast under Trick Room. The EVs max out Reuniclus' bulk and power.

    Other Options:
    -A Trick set with a Flame Orb can be used to cripple physical sweepers that threaten Reuniclus, particularly Tyranitar and Scizor.
    -Some other special moves that Reuniclus could run on a pure Life Orb set include Grass Knot, Signal Beam, Energy Ball, and Flash Cannon. Out of all of these, however, Grass Knot would be the best.
    -HP Fire and HP Ice can be useful to take on specific Pokemon, but Reuniclus' specific move usually do the trick.

    Honestly, Reuniclus is very difficult to take out once he's set up. However, there are some good ways to deal with him. Specially defensive Pokemon like Latias, Jirachi, and Celebi can take Reuniclus' attacks relatively easy. Volcarona is a good Pokemon that can one-hit KO Reuniclus with Bug Buzz, but Psyshock can one-hit KO him right back. If Flame Orb + Trick isn't being used, Scizor and Tyranitar can trap and severely damage Reuniclus with Pursuit. Some Choice Band Pokemon like Garchomp can take Reuniclus down. Reuniclus also can be worn down if it is not under Trick Room. In the end, Reuniclus is not unbeatable, but the right conditions give Reuniclus the chance to sweep entire teams.
  14. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    I feel as though it's offensive trick room is kind of Anti-metagame. Being so offense heavy, it's often a matter of who out speeds who. Reuniclus out speeds just about anything that cares for this after a single trick room and has the bulk to take priority attacks. I'd personally call this one the best set, though the flame orb set Jets brought up to handle Scizor, Tyranitar, Landy and co. also sounds very appealing to me, and sounds like a pain in the rear for Volt Turn to face, but Scizor and friends will probably play carefully against it if they see that Reuniclus has a burn, so I'm a little iffy on that idea.
  15. BionicToaster

    BionicToaster Member

    Reuniclus @ Life Orb/Leftovers
    Magic Guard
    252 Hp/4 Def/252 SpA
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast/Substitute
    -Trick Room/Substitute/Calm Mind

    You can go with a substitute to set up calm minds or to set up a trick room, or to just be able to sit behind one and not get destroyed by a scizor switch in. Psychic is the preferred option over Psyshock as it packs more power, but you may want the latter if you're running a more specially oriented team. You are definitely going to want Substitute if you are going to want to try to set up Calm Minds though. You also will definitely want the Psychic/Ghost coverage, the Focus Blast is a "necessary added bonus," if you catch my drift. It helps a lot (against that scizor and all the other steel types running around OU)
  16. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Well-Known Member

    Reuniclus suffers from a bit of a 4-moveslot syndrome, as he can't carry Recover, Calm Mind, and Trick Room while still maintaining offensive pressure. Calm Mind Reuniclus is quite possibly the best at what he does, but to be honest he's not THAT bulky. Unfortunately 110/75/85 means that constant U-Turns will eventually wear him out. That brings us to where Reuniclus really shines; as the undisputed king of Trick Room. There's really not a lot else in the game that can effectively both set up Trick Room AND abuse it. Reuniclus can.

    Trick Room Reuniclus set

    Reuniclus @ Life Orb
    Nature: Quiet (+Sp. Atk, -Speed)
    Trait: Magic Guard
    EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0
    -Trick Room
    -Focus Blast / Recover
    -Shadow Ball / Recover

    Trick Room is obviously the crux of the set. Reversing speed priority is probably one of the few usable gimmicks left in the metagame, and with 30 base Speed not much outspeeds Reuniclus in Trick Room. What does outspeed him (Ferrothorn) normally can't do much to him. Psyshock is the STAB of choice since it stops Blissey from walling you cold. Focus Blast gives you some coverage alongside Shadow Ball, but you could sacrifice either coverage move for Recover to keep him around longer.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention Hidden Power (Fire), but the only reason you'd carry that is to beat Scizor and Ferrothorn. It also requires a weird IV spread. 31/30/31/30/31/0 gives you a 64 BP Hidden Power (Fire), which is about the best you can do with 0 Speed IVs.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
  17. sbktdreed

    sbktdreed Veteran Trainer

    Magic Guard w/ Leftovers/Life Orb
    Modest/Quiet w/ 252 Sp Attack, 252 HP, 6 Defense/Sp Defense
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Energy Ball/Thunder/Trick Room/Endeavor/Pain Split

    Partners (for Double/Triple battles)
    Trick Room-users if Reuniclus hasn't already have it.
    Reflect/Light Screen-users (Recommending a non-Psychic type)

    High Sp Defense with Bug/Dark/Ghost-type moves like Spiritomb or X-scissor/Megahorn Escavaleir.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  18. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Well-Known Member

    Almost none of the things you mentioned can OHKO Reuniclus and they're all punished by Psyshock, Shadow Ball, or Focus Blast. In fact, nothing there excelt Spiritomb can safely switch in.
  19. Hey, so now... Why didn't you consider LC Corphish or Special Crawdaunt? And my old, old suggestion is AGING. Whatever... And remember, Spiritomb is next.
    I can't think about a pun.
    Trick Room
    -Psychic/Psyshock/Trick Room
    -Focus Blast/Signal Beam
    -Shadow Ball
    Iron Ball, Choice Specs (if not Trick Room), Expert Belt or Wise Glasses
    Magic Guard
    Quiet, Sassy or Relaxed
    Help with EV's please
    The classic Psychic-Ghost-Fight set, now in Slow Mode. Focus Blast for Dark and Steel. If you care on accuracy and PP, Signal Beam, but then Steels shut you down. Psyshock hits Special Walls, Psychic all other things. Swadow Ball for Ghosts and other Psychic-types. If this is not your lead, you don't need to run Trick Room.

    You can also run Calm Mind for a wall with special moves, but for the main job as wall, I think Eviolite Duosion may end up being better. And you could run Dual Screens (resists Brick Break, so...). And Choice Trick is always usable.

    Little Cup
    A pun there: "Han Solosis"
    105 Base Special Attack is a lot for an unevolved Pokémon, so Solosis can abuse that on Scarf or Specs. Trick is usable, yes. Eviolite for walls. Signal Beam replaces Focus Blast. Dual Screens, maybe. And Trick Room will always the greatest ally for Solosis, who outslows lots of Pokémon.
  20. Miror

    Miror Seeker of the Blood Staff Member Moderator

    First off, Shadow Ball will always do more damage to whatever Reuniclus is hitting over Night Shade, there is no good reason to use Night Shade over Shadow Ball on Reuniclus. Secondly, an all out attacker set is easy to wall, as switch ins other the Ferrothorn will all be faster than it, so it should be running Trick Room on this sort of set (which, to be fair, you did put in the about five slashed options, but it really should take precedence.) Partners for it, I agree on the Trick Room users, but Reuniclus will be needing Light Screen just as much if not a CM set, so it's probably not worth mentioning either, as Reuniclus' bulk generally allows it to survive a few hits anyhow.

    Moving onto the counters, most of these are terrible ideas, high special defense won't matter if Psyshock is used (which it commonly is), and just because something has a super effective move doesn't mean that it'll be effective at all. Here are some calculaitons for the things you listed (the sets for Reuniclus I'm listing are the most commonly used sets):

    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Flareon: 273-321 (81.73 - 96.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock (This is Offensive TR vs SDef Flareon)
    0 SpA Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Flareon: 157-186 (47 - 55.68%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (This is CM set vs SDef Flareon)
    0- Atk Flareon Bite vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 114-136 (27.87 - 33.25%) -- guaranteed 4HKO (Same sets in reverse, SDef Flareon against OTR Reuniclus)
    0 SpA Flareon Flamethrower vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Reuniclus: 112-133 (26.41 - 31.36%) -- possible 4HKO (SDef Flareon vs CM Reuniclus, Bite does even less)

    So as we can see, Flareon can't switch in on Reuniclus at all, being OHKO'd or 2HKO'd even when Reuniclus has no boosts, and Flareon can't even 4HKO it in most cases in return (as it's highly unlikely to survive more than 1-2 turns itself), and Bite is a terrible option. Moving on to the next counter:

    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 56 HP / 0 Def Gyarados: 220-261 (63.76 - 75.65%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs SubDD Gyarados)
    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Gyarados: 153-181 (38.83 - 45.93%) -- 92.58% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs Resttalk Gyarados)
    0 SpA Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 56 HP / 0 Def Gyarados: 127-151 (36.81 - 43.76%) -- 58.98% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock (+0 CM vs SubDD)
    +1 0 SpA Reuniclus Psychic vs. 56 HP / 0 SpD Gyarados: 177-208 (51.3 - 60.28%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (+1 CM vs SubDD)
    0 SpA Reuniclus Psychic vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Gyarados: 118-139 (29.94 - 35.27%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock (+0 CM vs Resttalk)
    +1 0 SpA Reuniclus Psychic vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Gyarados: 175-207 (44.41 - 52.53%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (+1 CM vs Resttalk)
    248+ Atk Gyarados Bounce vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 174-205 (42.54 - 50.12%) -- 0.39% chance to 2HKO (+0 SubDD vs OTR, Bite does less)
    0 Atk Gyarados Bite vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 124-146 (30.31 - 35.69%) -- 33.72% chance to 3HKO (Resttalk vs OTR)
    248+ Atk Gyarados Bounce vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 127-151 (29.95 - 35.61%) -- guaranteed 4HKO (+0 SubDD vs CM, Bite does less)
    0 Atk Gyarados Waterfall vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 91-108 (21.46 - 25.47%) -- possible 5HKO (Resttalk vs CM, Bite does less)

    I chose these two sets for Gyarados as they are actually the ones that fared best against Reuniclus' attacks, and it is still pretty sad. Bite is not usable on Gyarados except in one instance, where sacrificing other coverage for Bite would be extremely detrimental, and in all other cases there was a move that did more than Bite. Gyarados is not a good counter due to the fact that Reuniclus generally has a good chance of 2HKOing, whereas Gyarados has a very minimalistic chance to 2HKO, more likely a 3HKO, so Reuniclus would end up KOing Gyarados before it could finish off Reuniclus. I had the SubDD set for Gyara at +0 as it is supposed to be countering Reuniclus, meaning it is likely trying to switch in on Reuniclus and thus hasn't had opportunity to set up yet. And if it takes said opportunity, it is in danger of being KO'd that same turn or the next turn, meaning it will only get one hit in, which will not ever KO Reuniclus unless it crits. Next counter:

    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Shadow Ball vs. 172 HP / 0 SpD Spiritomb: 114-135 (40.14 - 47.53%) -- 49.22% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs All-Out Attacker)
    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Shadow Ball vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Spiritomb: 113-134 (37.17 - 44.07%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs +0 CM)
    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Shadow Ball vs. 252 HP / 64 SpD Spiritomb: 108-127 (35.52 - 41.77%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs Defensive)
    252+ Atk Choice Band Spiritomb Sucker Punch vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 398-470 (97.31 - 114.91%) -- 81.25% chance to OHKO (All-Out Attacker vs OTR, other moves will 2HKO)
    0 SpA Spiritomb Dark Pulse vs. 192 HP / 0 SpD Reuniclus: 186-218 (45.47 - 53.3%) -- 32.03% chance to 2HKO (+0 CM vs OTR)
    0 Atk Spiritomb Sucker Punch vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 188-224 (45.96 - 54.76%) -- 61.33% chance to 2HKO (Defensive vs OTR, other moves will 4HKO)
    252+ Atk Choice Band Spiritomb Sucker Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 294-348 (69.33 - 82.07%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (CB vs CM, other moves 3HKO)
    0 SpA Spiritomb Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Reuniclus: 186-218 (43.86 - 51.41%) -- guaranteed 3HKO (CM vs CM)
    0 Atk Spiritomb Sucker Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 140-168 (33.01 - 39.62%) -- 19.04% chance to 3HKO (Defensive vs CM, other moves will 5HKO at best)

    OK, Spiritomb may be one of the few things you listed that has a possibility of countering Reuniclus. A Reuniclus CM set without Shadow Ball cannot hit Spiritomb (or Sableye for that matter), thus they can be considered counters. Though the problem with Spiritomb is that it depends on Sucker Punch for its reliable KOing, meaning the CM set can just Recover off previous damage or damage caused by a different move from Spiritomb, none of which would KO Reuniclus. OTR would likely have to switch out as it cant just spam Trick Room forever to avoid Sucker Punch and it has no way to heal off the damage caused by Spiritomb. Onto Escavalier:

    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Escavalier: 173-204 (50.43 - 59.47%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs CB)
    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Escavalier: 126-149 (36.73 - 43.44%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs SDEf Esca)
    0 SpA Reuniclus Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Escavalier: 100-118 (29.15 - 34.4%) -- 100% chance to 3HKO after Stealth Rock (+0 CM vs CB)
    +1 0 SpA Reuniclus Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Escavalier: 149-176 (43.44 - 51.31%) -- 98.83% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock (+1 CM vs CB)
    0 SpA Reuniclus Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Escavalier: 73-87 (21.28 - 25.36%) -- possible 5HKO after Stealth Rock (+0 CM vs SDef)
    +1 0 SpA Reuniclus Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Escavalier: 109-129 (31.77 - 37.6%) -- 98.12% chance to 3HKO after Stealth Rock (+1 CM vs SDef)
    252+ Atk Choice Band Escavalier Megahorn vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 774-912 (189.24 - 222.98%) -- guaranteed OHKO (CB vs OTR, X-Scissor does much less)
    252+ Atk Choice Band Escavalier Megahorn vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 576-678 (135.84 - 159.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO (CB vs CM, X-Scissor doesn't even OHKO the majority of the time)
    8 Atk Escavalier Megahorn vs. 192 HP / 64 Def Reuniclus: 392-464 (95.84 - 113.44%) -- 75% chance to OHKO (SDef vs OTR, X-Scissor 2HKOs)
    8 Atk Escavalier Megahorn vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 290-344 (68.39 - 81.13%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (SDef vs CM, X-Scissor 3HKOs)

    Escavalier does have a good chance of countering Reuniclus. CB has to be wary of switching in as it could be taken out by the OTR set before it even gets a chance to attack, but otherwise will have no trouble with Reuniclus. SDef Escavalier has nothing to fear from Reuniclus and can kill it at its leisure. The main problems with Escavalier was the move you suggested using with it, X-Scissor. Albeit more reliable than Megahorn, it's damage is pretty pitiful in comparison, having trouble 2HKOing Reuniclus even with Choice Band. Megahorn is the superior choice, and X-Scissor should not be used. Another thing to note is that Escavalier is outclassed severely in OU by Scizor, who fulfills the same role and does it better, meaning Scizor would be a better choice to counter Reuniclus. So, even though Escavalier counters Reuniclus, Scizor does it better. Moving onto Togekiss:

    252+ SpA Life Orb Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Togekiss: 188-224 (50.26 - 59.89%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (OTR vs Paraflinch)
    0 SpA Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Togekiss: 109-129 (29.14 - 34.49%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock (+0 CM vs Paraflinch)
    +1 0 SpA Reuniclus Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Togekiss: 162-192 (43.31 - 51.33%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (+1 CM vs Paraflinch)
    0 SpA Togekiss Shadow Ball vs. 192 HP / 0 SpD Reuniclus: 156-184 (38.14 - 44.98%) -- guaranteed 3HKO (Paraflinch vs OTR)
    0 SpA Togekiss Shadow Ball vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Reuniclus: 154-182 (36.32 - 42.92%) -- 97.85% chance to 3HKO (Paraflinch vs +0 CM)
    0 SpA Togekiss Shadow Ball vs. +1 252 HP / 4 SpD Reuniclus: 102-122 (24.05 - 28.77%) -- possible 5HKO (Paraflinch vs +1 CM)

    K, Togekiss isn't that great of a counter either. OTR and +1 CM will beat Shadow Ball Togekiss in all cases, and +0 CM will beat it if it hits Togekiss on the switch in. If Togekiss 1) carries Shadow Ball at all and 2) if CM Reuniclus never uses Recover and 3) if CM Reuniclus doesn't use CM, then it has a chance of beating it. Otherwise, Togekiss gets beaten. Not a good counter.

    So essentially, for you tl;dr people, Reuniclus is only countered by two things that you listed, one of those being severely outclassed in the tier Reuniclus is in, so not a very good counters list at all really. The high special defense users have trouble with Psyshock, with even Chansey and Blissey getting 2-3HKO'd, and not able to do much in return as Magic Guard protects Reuniclus from debilitating status, and Seismic Toss can usually only 4HKO Reuniclus at best.
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