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Community POTW #109

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Time for the next Pokémon of the Week. This time we're doing a major classic, to pseudo tie in with the new saga of the anime, Episode N.

    It's Charizard!


    Charizard is an awesome Pokémon, despite being crippled by Stealth Rock now.


    Go nuts
  2. Lucario Fan

    Lucario Fan Well-Known Member

    Ability: Blaze
    Moves: Air Slash, Flamethrower, ThunderPunch, Dragon Pulse/Dragon Claw
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  3. StreetFlare

    StreetFlare Master of Flame

    Ah, Charizard. We've had a good run, haven't we? Sure, you've been outclassed in the standard battling tier, but oh well, what can we do?

    The Dragon's Nest
    252 Hp/252 Sp. Attack/4 Spd OR 252 Spd/252 Sp. Att/4 HP
    Item:Leftovers/Sitrus Berry
    -Flamethrower/Fire Blast
    -Solarbeam/Dragon Pulse/Hidden Power (Grass)

    Ok, this set I've been running on a Sun-team. Standard Sub-roost sort of thing, although I run Flamethrower over Fire Blast for the extra consistency. Bolded EV set is the one I've been running. Solarbeam is again, the move of choice for me, due to the Charizard being in a sun team with another Fire type running Dragon Pulse. HP Grass gives Charizard the means to lay the hurt on any Rock, Ground or Water type that decides to try to KO, while not requiring the aspect of Sun. Dragon Pulse is for those of you who are paralyzed in fear of the Dragons in Charizard's tier (I play with mixed tiers, and so my Charizard has managed to KO against teams of the three other kinds of Weather, and both Garchomp and Kingdra were annoying, but not unstoppable).

    Well, derp. Rock. Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Smack Down, any offensive Rock move will slay Charizard. Also, while it may be immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes, losing half of his health on switching is a big issue, so Stealth Rocks is the big killer.

    Depending on it's role, Charizard loves Sun support, especially with Special sets, or those running Solar Power (Which I personally don't recommend, it's too risky and hard to switch in). However, even more vital than Ninetails is a Spinner, in order to keep Stealth Rocks out of the equation.
  4. Aura Flare Riolu

    Aura Flare Riolu Cutest Riolu around!

    There is a Charmander event with Acrobatics. I guess it's an option for a gimmick Flying Gem + Acrobatics set or some other gimmicky sets. It can only have Blaze but you wouldn't be using Solar Power on Physical sets anyways. Just wanted to mention that.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  5. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    Alright. Sun Set.

    Charizard @ Choice Specs
    Timid Nature
    Ability: Solar Power
    EVs: 252 Spd/252 SAtk/4 HP
    -Fire Blast
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Focus Blast
    -Hidden Power (Grass)/Air Slash

    When in the sun, Charizard has some immense power. It won't last many hits, but it will destroy things in its way. Fire Blast is the best move on the set. With the Sun Boost, the Solar Power boost, the Choice Specs boost, and the STAB boost, its power is almost unmatchable. It can 2HKO Chansey and Blissey with Leftovers recovery. The last three moves are filler, as Fire Blast will outpower all other moves in most cases. Dragon Pulse has neutral coverage, and hits the omnipresent dragons for super effective damage. Focus Blast hits rock types that aren't steel type too. It does have a downside of low accuracy, though. HP (Grass) covers water types, and Air Slash is if you can't get the right HP.
  6. MatchMaster

    MatchMaster Member

    Ah yes. The original Fire-type starter is largely neglected by the competitive community, due to it's 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, relative frailty, and competition with other faster or more powerful Fire-types. However, it gained a new ability, giving it even more power: Solar Power. Not only are Charizard's special Fire-type moves boosted by the sun, but they are also boosted by 50%. Even though Solar Power decreases Charizard's health, it can hold leftovers, canceling out this side-effect. If you can keep Stealth Rock off the field and play it to its strengths, then it can wreck havoc on your opponent's team easily.

    Blaze: Increases the power of Fire-type moves in a pinch. Not really that useful, but might see some use on a Substitute set or a physical set, but then again, you might as well be using Emboar for a physical Fire-type attacker.
    Solar Power: Gives a 50% boost to Special Attacks and loses 1/8 health every turn in the sun. This allows it to spam one of the most powerful Fire Blasts in the game.
  7. Jazz™

    Jazz™ Not exactly Orthodox

    Hello, Volcorona has 4x rocks weakness, and where is that? Yeah, thats right, OU.I guess it has access to QD, but you know. Charizard is severely underrated.
  8. Amaretto

    Amaretto Active Member

    Oooh one of my favs :D


    Charizard @ Salac Berry
    Adamant Nature
    Ability: Blaze
    EVs: 252 Spd/252 Atk/4 HP
    -Fire Punch
    -Belly Drum

    It should have 280 HP to work, Sub to get 25% lost, then Bellydrum to get the max atk, and ofcourse 25% for Salac berry, then wreck everything havoc o-o
  9. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Finally something I can relate with for Pokémon of the week :D

    Timid / Modest
    252 Sp.atk, 252 speed 4 HP
    Item @ Life Orb / Choice Scarf
    Ability: Solar Power
    Fire Blast / Heat Wave / Flamethrower
    Air Slash
    Dragon Pulse
    Solarbeam / HP grass / Focus Blast

    Only use it on a sun team, if you don't you won't get the special attack boost from Solar Power and Solarbeam (if you use it) will be pointless, Fire Blast for extreme power, Heat Wave for doubles and triples, or flamethrower if you don't want the accuracy drop but less power, either way this is a devastating Pokémon in the sun Air Slash is for coverage, Dragon Pulse takes out hard to beat dragons that Charizard may have a hard time beating like kingdra, Solarbeam takes even more advantage from the sun HP grass incase the sun is changed to rain or something so you won't be a sitting dragon with 1/2 damage build up, or focus blast to take care of those nasty rock Pokémon that will always destroy Charizard like Aggron or Rampardos
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  10. LC-Vulpix

    LC-Vulpix anti-weather trainer

    as some1 has previously said, theres a charmander event that has acrobatic. since you will be losing the berry, acrobatic would be 110 base power, without factoring in stab... pretty dangerous in that combo.
    shame u would have to remove earthquake......
  11. LC-Vulpix

    LC-Vulpix anti-weather trainer


    EV: 252 atk, 252 spd, 4 hp
    item:sitrus/salac/liechi berry
    firepunch/flare blitz

    DD to boost the attack and speed, firepunch/flare blitz and acrobatics for stab, earthquake for the annoying rocks that aren't part steel that will resist its stabs.
  12. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Oh, we have Charizard this wekk, well this is wonderful. Charizard is really overrated by fans, I mean, sure it does look awesome but it gets a little too much hype, it's not really usable, or is it?

    I can only drum my belly
    Charizard (M) @ Salac Berry
    Trait: Blaze
    EVs: 12 HP / 244 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk), Or Jolly Nature (+Spe, -SAtk)
    - Belly Drum
    - Substitute
    - Flare Blitz/Fire Punch
    - Outrage/ThunderPunch/Earthquake

    THis is an interested set for Charizard, the good ol' classic BellyZard. At 12 HP EVs, it can make 75 HP substutes, it's not great but it certainly is an even number. THis set it self is very gimmicky, but if an idiot who let's you set up on him, this can prove the be vary deadly. With a Jolly Nature, your Bas e seed will be at 328, the same as a Jolly/Timid Rachi. THis means a speed tie with one of the most annoying pokemon on the face of the planet, and, unless in the rain, will get you a free switch in to sue BellyDrum. Since most people will most likely switch in Tran or Something, you can most likely get in a sub, activating your Salac, and procede to desttroy evrything bar FlashFire Heatran, well, depending on what you run.

    Flare Blitz is a very powerful move, and with a Blaze boost it's around the same power as NukeTini (My numbers may be off), or even stronger, making it vrey feared move if BellyZard is set up correctly, but due to it's recoil cost, it's not likely the wisest option, unless your feeling ballsy or want to hit hart and be a Staraptor, but Staraptor sticks to the recoil game better. Fire Punch isn't as powerful, but it still hits like a truck after BellyZard is set up. THe Brun Chance is also nice, so it can cripple usual counters like Terrakion, if you have luck on your side. THe last moveslot is depending on what you want to do. Outrage just pretty much destroys everything but steels, but unless it's Air Balloon Heatran, they're going to have to fear Flare Blitz/Fire Punch. ThunderPunch hits hard, and will decimate most waters and flying, but you do have to fear Gastrodon, who, with raind support will be able to 2HKO you with surf. Earthquake is for hitting Rock types hard, and will destroy non Air-Balloon Heatran, but it leaves you susceptable to Latios and Latias.

    Though, not everything is love and roses with this set. If your opponent's smart you'll never bwe able to set up your Salac Berry, and if rocks is up then Charizard is a dead weigth on your team. So it's suggested you switch him onto something that he scares off, and set up. Also, He has to be wary of Extremespeed, Sucker Punch, and Ice Shard, as they all stop him cold in his tracks, but a immunity to Scizor is really helpful.

    My Love/Hate Relationship with the Sun
    Charizard (M) @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Solar Power
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk), or Modest Nature(+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Fire Blast/ Flamethrower
    - SolarBeam
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Hidden Power [Flying]/[Ground]

    This set is build around the Sun, so Ninetales is a must on your team. The EV Spread for this Charizard is that of a Special Sweeper, and it's designed t ohit like a Truck. Solar power is a blessing to charizard, but also a Curse. With Recoil at each move made, it would be hard for him to stay in long and sweep, but if he can stay in, the opponents will be in for a world of hurt.

    Fire Blast is the Main STAB, playing of the advantages of Specs, Solar Power, and The Sun. Anything that's name isn't screaming Politoed or Heatran, will most likely die a horrible, painful death in Charizard's fiery rage. If you don't like the accuracy of the all-destroying Fire Blast, you could run Flamethrower, while it's weaker, it does have a nice burn chance, which is nice. Solarbeam is a must, as anywater that thinks they can switch into it will soon meet the sun's wrath in there face, making them cry to thier moms. I guess Hidden Power Grass could be run instead, but the Base Power's to weak, and is only reliable in killing Politoed. Dragon Pulse takes care of Dragon Types, the only thing that really resists the beautiful covreage of Fire/Grass type moves, which hits everything bar Heatran for nuetral or better damage. Now the last move is really up to the Person, Hidden Power Flying can be used to hit Fighting types that think they can switch onto Charizard, like Conkeldurr or a Ballsy Terrakion, while Ground is there to destroy Heatran.

    This set can easily be countered, though. Scarf Terrakion can switch in safely to Charizard and OHKO with Sone Edge, but it has to fear switching directly in to SolarBeam. Chandelure and Heatran can come in and laugh as Charizard if forced out due do being locked into Fire Blast, but they have to worry about HP Ground, well, besides BalloonTran. Politoed can come in and just shut this down. Bliss can come in, sponge everything bare a Crit Fire Blast, and can either Toxic or Kill with the Rare T-Bolt varient. Rocks also makes switching in and out hard, making Charizard useless.

    Checks and Counters:

    I think I mentioned BalloonTran is the best counter to this thing. It can switch in onto both sets, laugh as Charizard pitifully tries to attack it, and Set up rocks as it switches. ScarfKion can also switch in, but not directly, as it will need a teamate to die first, and can hope to OHKO with Stone Edge, if it misses itr's screwed. Politoed can come in, set up rain, and procede to make everythin bar ThunderPunch Charizard useless. Also, FocusSash SS Gorebyss can switch in and proceed to kill,but it's risky and not recomended. Chandelure can also switch in, but besides scaring the Specs set of, it really can't so much in retun unless trying to kill it with HP rock.


    Ninetales is an excellent teamate on both sets. It can set up the sun, sorta annoy Politoed, and then forth. Donphan would be your best bet. It's immune to Electric attacks, and rock type moves makes it laugh, though it does have to be wary of water-types, it also can spin. Gliscor and Blissey can also make good teammates, if played out right. Also Breloom, if Thunderpunch BellyZard or Solar Power isn't being used, and use Venusaur if your making a sun team, it generally will be better.

    Other Options

    Dragon Dance- Sure it gives a speed boost, but the power boost isn't desriable, but it's a good option if you want charizard to live longer.
    Overheat- It hits like a truck, but the Special Attack drop really ruins CHarizard, as it can't play the switching game much at all.
    Acrobatics- Sure, it can run an AcroGem set, but it's way to gimmicky, and it's Illegal to run with BellyDrum, so it's not a smart option
    Roost- Pfft, a Defensive Charizard? Alright, this can work, but it's not the best option, as loosing a Ground immunity is not taken lightly.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  13. Buuz

    Buuz Smash Trainer

    Screw tiers and competitive battling, you'll always be my #1 Charizard. :)

    Timid Charizard
    @ Wide Lens/ Life Orb
    - Fire Blast/Flamethrower
    - Air Slash
    - Focus Blast
    - Dragon Pulse/HP Grass
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  14. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    Best PKMN EVEERRRR Charizard!

    Timid nature
    Ev's 252 sp.atk 252 speed, 4hp
    Item:leftovers/life orb/heat rock, any of those 3 would work
    ability:solar power
    Moves: fire blast/sunny day/solar beam/roost

    Charizard is very underated despite being weak to stealth rocks, this set allows Charizard to set up sunny day and spam fire blast and soloar beam for days and with solar power makes it hard to beat, while using roost to last longer in battle

    Choice Specs set
    Ev's:252 sp.atk 252 speed 4hp
    item:choice specs
    ability:blaze or solar power
    moves: fire blast, air slash, focus blast, hp grass

    My prefered set for my Beast in Charizard, fire blast for pure power, air slash for any fire type, focus blast for rock types n HP grass for more coverage to battle water types
  15. philzone

    philzone Ready for trumpets

    Am afraid to say that you have an illegal set there. Acrobatics and dragon dance/belly drum are incompatible, since the distribution didn't give it dd/belly drum .
    aside that, the epic fire dragon has seen better days. belly zard is strong, but use fire punch>flare blitz for survivability. Focus punch is an option. standard special zards are seen often in sun, with solar power.
  16. Swoobat

    Swoobat Well-Known Member

    If you see someone using a Charizard in the higher tiers, in most cases, that person is a noob. I guess you could use this for your advantage, feinting you are a noob since Team Preview, and beating your opponent. In NU, however, Charizard can be quite a threat if used properly. Give it Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin support, and Charizard can do plenty of damage with a Swords Dance or a Solar Power set, being quite unpredictable (you don't know if it's going physical or special until it attacks, so the first switch in can be complicated). Also, Charizard is quite fast, which helps it sweeping. Also, be sure to carry a Pokémon that beats Rock-types and fast Electric-types if you are using Charizard.

    All in all, Charizard can be a threat, but it needs A LOT of support.
  17. Star Champion AJ

    Star Champion AJ Well-Known Member


    This week we have everybody's favourite (including me of course) Kanto Starter...
    All hail Charizard!

    Ability Compendium:
    Blaze: When HP is below 1/3rd, Fire’s power increases to 1.5 times.
    If you have played ANY Pokémon game with a Fire-type starter, you already know what to expect from this ability. It boosts Charizard's Fire-type moves when its HP is critical. Well, Charizard's DW Ability is better.
    Solar Power: During sunshine, the Pokémon’s Special Attack raises to 1.5 times but HP decreases by 1/8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.
    A two-edged sword like Ability, this ability is like a sun-based Life Orb with a slightly worse recoil and limited to Special Attacks, however that ability is extremely useful since Charizard has a decently high Special Attack stat.

    High Sp. Atk (109) and Speed (100) stats.
    Decent Attack (84) stat.
    Resists Fire, Fight and Steel (two of them are pretty common offensive types).
    4x resists Bug and Grass.
    Immune to the ever common Ground-type moves, though many Ground-type users have Power Gem, Rock Slide and Stone Edge.
    Destructive power in sunshine.
    Sun alleviates Charizard's weakness to Water-type moves.

    Lower than average defences (78/78/85).
    Weak to common types like Electric, Water and ROCK.
    Stealth Rock halves Charizard's max HP on each switch in.
    Takes damage from Sandstorm, Hail and to a lesser extent (with Solar Power) Sun.
    Rain basically destroys Charizard.

    Because Chlorophyll Venusaur is too mainstream
    [​IMG]@<insert a useful item here>
    Ability: Solar Power
    Nature: Modest/Timid
    EVs: 252 Sp Atk/4 Sp Def/252 Spd
    Fire Blast/Heat Wave/Flamethrower
    Air Slash/Focus Blast
    Dragon Pulse
    VERY IMPORTANT notes about this set:
    1) Due to the Stealth Rock weakness, make sure your Max HP is not an even number.
    2) Sun support is a must have in this set, we have DW Ninetales and Groudon as self Sun inducers or any Pokémon with Sunny Day except Charizard since it's too frail to set up sunny weather.

    This moveset under sunshine has destructive powers, even more devastating than a Head Smash+252 Atk EVs+Max Atk IVs+Rock Gem Rampardos.
    About the Fire STAB, we have three options depending of your battle style...
    Fire Blast for PURE destructive power, but shaky accuracy and low PP
    Heat Wave for Double/Triple Battles (not very reccomended due to Charizard's weaknesses to Discharge, Surf and... ROCK SLIDE
    Flamethrower if you don't want to risk a miss from Fire Blast or Heat Wave.
    Air Slash is the other STAB move for Charizard and has a flinch effect if the fire dragon is faster than the opponents, however you can put Focus Blast instead for extra power and coverage and if you REALLY hate Heatran with the power of one thousand suns, but the low accuracy and PP can ruin your day.
    Solarbeam is a MUST HAVE and USE in any Sunny based moveset. That move wrecks Ground, Water and ROCK-type Pokémon if the sun is present.
    Dragon Pulse just because Fire+Dragon coverage is awesome.

    Now for the items...
    Choice Band to outspeed most opponents and ruin Chlorophyll users.
    Choice Specs to add a spicy boost to Charizard's Special Attacks under the sun.
    Leftovers partially mitigates Solar Power's second effect.
    Life Orb for MOAR POWAH, however Solar Power+Life Orb will destroy Charizard faster than Head Smash Rampardos.
    Shell Bell can be used over Leftovers because of Charizard's powerful moves under the sun.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2013
  18. Furret Master

    Furret Master Champion Seeker


    Fan favorite? You bet. Charizard is one of the most popular Pokemon by veteran trainers who played Red/Blue when it first came out (and other people as well). Competitively speaking, Charizard isn't as powerful as he is hyped up to be. His biggest problem is a Fire/Flying type that gives a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, meaning he loses 50% of his max HP when he switches in. This combined with his average 78/78/85 defenses means that Charizard cannot survive long without a Rapid Spin user and a Wish user on his team. Offensively, 84/109/100 is pretty solid, and Charizard gets Belly Drum and Dragon Dance to boost himself. Charizard's biggest saving grace, however, is his Dream World ability: Solar Power. In the sun, Charizard gets a 1.5 multiplier to his Sp. Attack at the cost of HP. This lets Charizard spam some devistating attacks, although this further decreases his survivability. Overall, Charizard can have his downfalls, but that won't stop those who are die-hard fans.


    Blaze: Boosts the power of Charizard's Fire-type moves by 1.5x when his HP is below 1/3. Considering his survivability, this is not a terrible ability. Considering his other ability, however, this should only be used by those of us who don't have a DW Charmander.
    Solar Power: Boosts Cahrizard's Sp. Attack by 1.5x when in the sun at the cost of 1/8 max HP every turn. If you have it, use this ability, as it makes Charizard powerful.


    Choice Set
    -Fire Blast
    -Air Slash/Focus Miss (Blast)
    -Hidden Power Ground/ HP Ice/ Dragon Pulse
    Item: Choice Specs/ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Solar Power
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 4 Defense, 252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed

    Under the sun, this set is ridiculously powerful. With Choice Specs, Charizard reaches a 713 Sp. Attack, which is terrifying. Fire Blast is Charizard's Fire same-type-attack-bonus (STAB) move, and it will leave a huge dent in things that might even resist Fire. Air Slash is the Flying STAB, and the 30% flinch chance is good combined with Charizard's Speed, especially with the Choice Scarf. However, Focus Miss has superior coverage and can be used if the accuracy does not bother you. Solarbeam gives coverage against Rock-types and does not require charging under the sun (which should be up if this set is being used). The last move is about coverage. HP Ground should only be used if Focus Miss is not being used, as it covers Steel-types like Probopass and Bastiodon who take Fire Blast neutrally. HP Ice is great against Altaria and has great coverage overall. Dargon Pulse also hits Altaria (weaker than HP Ice, though) and has great neutral coverage overall.

    The Timid nature boosts Charizard's Speed, while the EVs max out Charizard's Sp. Attack and Speed with the leftover 4 going into Defense.

    Belly Drum
    -Belly Drum
    -Fire Punch
    -Rock Slide/ Crunch
    Item: Salac Berry
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 252 Attack, 4 Defense, 252 Speed

    This set is much more gimmicky than the last because it is hard to use this set effectively. However, with a lot of team support, this set can be devistating. Belly Drum causes Charizard to lose 50% of his max HP to boost his Attack by 6 stages, giving him an Attack stat of 1068! Fire Punch is STAB. Although Flare Blitz could be used for power, the recoil with Belly Drum is a disaster waiting to happen. Earthquake is for great coverage and hits hard. Finally, Rock Slide or Crunch can be used for additional coverage. Once Charizard gets within 25% HP remaining, Salac Berry boosts his Speed by one stage, allowing for a slightly easier sweep.

    The EVs and nature are the same as the other set, just substituting Attack-oriented EVs and nature for the Sp. Attack.

    Other Options:
    -A Choice Band set could be used, but a Solar Power-boosted Choice Specs set is a lot more useful.
    -A set with Sunny Day and Heat Rock with Solar Power can be used so Charizard can keep the sun going for himself, which can take the pressure off to switch him.

    Checks and Counters:
    Stealth Rock. Keeping up Stealth Rock will ensure that Charizard will be very hard-pressed to survive. Since Charizard does not have priority moves and isn't that defensive, powerful priority can hurt Charizard before it gets the chance. Other Choice Scarf-users that can outpace Charizard, like Rotom-S, can also take it out quickly. Rock-types who can avoid Charizard's coverage moves can scare out or KO Charizard.

    Final Thoughts:
    Honestly, I'm a Blastoise guy, so Charizard is not as appealing to me. Solar Power does make him very powerful, however, and that can't be neglected. If you don't have Solar Power or aren't an obsessed fan of Charizard, using a different Fire-type is a much safer option in most cases.
  19. Meowmeow

    Meowmeow selfproclaimed guru

    Charizard is a Pokemon that is considered unstoppable. At least, according to five-year-old kids and their little brothers. Unfortunately, those kids are not the best source of competitive info.
    Charizard is a major glass cannon, carrying a double Stealth Rock weakness, and weaknesses to rock, electric, and water. It's new Solar Power ability makes Charizard one of the most powerful special attackers on a sun team. If you desperately need power on your sun team, Charizard can be worth considering over Volcarona and Chandelure.
    Abilities: Blaze - Blaze is a pretty good ability. Charizard can easily capitalize on this ability with Belly Drum and Substitute with a Salac Berry. However, Charizard won't last long.
    Solar Power - One suicide tactic to another. With sunlight, Charizard's special attack gets a 1.5 multiplier at the cost of constant HP loss. BW2 granted Charizard Roost, so this tactic is not so suicidal.

    A Solar Powered Nuclear Bomb
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Solar Power
    EVs: standard special attacker: 252 sp attack and speed, 4 hp
    @: Life Orb

    Fire Blast
    Air Slash
    Focus Blast

    Charizard's standard set. Smash and heal when necessary (which will be often).

    The Toddler's Choice
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Solar Power
    EVs: standard special attacker
    @: Choice Specs/Choice Scarf

    Air Slash
    Focus Blast

    This can be dangerous because Charizard is not a Pokemon that likes to switch due to SR. If you can keep a Rapid Spinner around, Charizard can crush any foe under the sun, so long as there is sun.

    Nature: Timid/Modest
    Ability: Solar Power
    EVs: standard special attacker
    @: Life Orb

    Flame Charge
    Fire Blast
    Air Slash

    Charizard not fast enough? No problem! Charizard has Flame Charge!

    The Classic Kamikaze
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 252 attack and speed, 4 hp
    Ability: Blaze
    @: Salac Berry

    Belly Drum
    Fire Punch

    Don't use this. You won't get very far. But it can't go unmentioned. This IS Charizard's classic set. If you do use it, I wish you luck in making it successful.

    Other stuff:
    Solarbeam is great with fire and sun, but what happens when the sun goes down? Charizard is screwed if you try using this.
    Physical sets (including Swords Dance) are better left to Darmanitan, Emboar, Arcanine, Entei, and even Rapidash.
    Dragon Pulse is another special attack Charizard can use on Dragons, but Air Slash will do fine.
    If accuracy is an issue, you can use Flamethrower over Fire Blast. Flamethrower with Solar Power will still do heavy damage, but Fire Blast's accuracy isn't absolute crap like Thunder or Blizzard.

    Not hard. Change the weather or have something immune to fire. Or try stalling it. Ensure the kill with Stealth Rock.
  20. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    Didn't comment for a while oh well.. LoL is too addictive but maybe I will be back :p

    I wouldn't call everyone who uses charizard in OU a noob.. solar power have terrifing power if used right it can bea a huge late game cleaner just feed him (LoL term..) just weaken the team a bit beat some counters and you get a sweep with choice scarf in the sun. (beat politoed mainly).
    I am not updated with the last 3 months metagame but I guess it's the same since gen 6 is close.

    My opinion: charizard is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated but, also kinda underrated in OU since it can be powerful with ninetales (but actually most people prefer volcarona for better type and stats)
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