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Community POTW #137


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Time for the nxet Pokémon of the Week and now we're going to Unova!


It's Beheeyem!



Quite the cosmic coincidence that we go from a Pokemon that looks like a UFO to a literal alien the following week! You would think coming from another planet would give Beheeyem a lot of cool extraterrestrial power, but sadly it gets outdone by many other Psychic types no thanks to low speed, lackluster defenses, and less than stellar abilities. But if you want an alien themed team, I can still give it a go.

Ability: Synchronize
Item: Life Orb/Twisted Spoon
Nature: Quiet
EVs: (HP 252) (Def 4) (Sp. Att 252)
IVs: (Speed 0)

Trick Room
Nasty Plot

Set Details:
In truth Reuiniclus does this set better no thanks to lower speed, better bulk, and better abilities. Use Beheeyem's low base 40 Speed to its advantage by lowering it as much as possible with a Quiet nature and 0 speed IVs and setting up Trick Room. With the room now under your control, proceed to set up Nasty Plot (The one move it has over Reuniclus) and then proceed to sweep with your Psychic STAB of choice and Thunderbolt as coverage. Life Orb offers additional power, as does Twisted Spoon only with slightly less power and no recoil for your STAB.

Although if you want to cause REAL damage, you may want to employ the Beheeyem from the anime:


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Love how its SwSh Dex entry mentions that they kidnap Wooloo/sheep. Also, anyone have an explanation for how it learns Steel Wing? Yes, Gastly can learn punch moves and Primeape learns Iron Tail, but they at least have members of their line to explain it. Beheeyem, just doesn’t


Prince of the Sea
Beheeyem is a Pokemon that has a great concept behind it and seems like it has potential, but falls flat in the face of competition. The positives include a great movepool and solid Sp. Attack stat. Unfortunately, It is completely outclassed by Reniculus, who has the same Sp. Attack stat but more favorable abilities and better stats in general. While its low speed favors Trick Room and Analytic ability, Beheeyem has average bulk (at best) and cannot survive long enough to do much. In light of that, a wallbreaking set is probably your best bet with Beheeyem.

Ability: Analytic
Item: Choice Specs
Nature: Quiet
IVs: 0 Att, 0 Spe
EVs: 252 HP/252 SpA
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball/Flash Cannon

You want to be as slow as possible so as to activate Analytic. Click the best move for you’re target and/or whatever you expect to switch in and watch them drop.

Set-Up Sweeper
Ability: Analytic
Item: Life Orb/Power Herb
Nature: Quiet
IVs: 0 Att, 0 Spe
EVs: 252 HP/252 SpA
-Trick Room
-Nasty Plot/Meteor Beam
-Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt

Analytic is the prefered ability, since it still activates on Pokemon switching in or when priority moves are used. Meteor Beam + Power Herb works pretty well and separates Beheeyem from other Trick Room users a bit to give it more a niche, but Nasty Plot enables you to do more damage in the long run at the cost of Trick Room turns and risk of extra damage.
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Few pokémon have suffered such indignities as Beheeyem. Sure, its normal to be completely outclassed by another pokémon that does everything you do but better. But to have it happen in the same generation that you were introduced?! Beheeyem has long labored in Reuniclus's shadow. Despite Reuniclus only having a mere 5 BST over Beheeyem, its stats are much more optimized (taking a hit in Attack, Speed, and Special Defense for much better HP), in addition to far superior abilities (Overcoat, Magic Guard and Regenerator vs Analytic, Telepathy and Syncronize). And Reuniclus wasn't even Beheeyem's only competition. Musharna also fills many of the same roles as Beheeyem and Reuniclus.

Oh wait, what about Doubles you say? Surely Telepathy gives Beheeyem a niche there. Again outclassed by Reuniclus, whose far superior bulk makes it a much more reliable Trick Room setter.

Truly the most interesting thing about Beheeyem is its persistent ability to Learn Steel Wing despite its lack of wings.

Admittedly, the generation shift was kind to Beheeyem, giving it Teleport and removing Pursuit (though the strengthening of Knock Off was not welcome), which thanks to its average bulk and access to Teleport enables Beheeyem to act as a reliable pivot, able to Safely bring checks and counters in repeatedly thanks to Recover. But really, just use Reuniclus instead.