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Community POTW #141

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jul 28, 2019.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

  2. ericgall23

    ericgall23 Pokémon Fan

    As seen with Drapion and Skuntank, Alolan Muk is really great, coz it only has one wekaness: Ground! And being immune to Psychic is amazing as well, as it's Dark-typing completely remove it's weakness. (Unless the foe uses Miracle Eye on it, which is rare!)

    No need to write a roman, Alolan Muk is just superior to regular Muk! They both have the same base stats, but Alolan Muk has better offensive thanks to double STAB. But Regular Muk is good as well if you're not in Alola, or you can't go there if you have other games...

    Have a good week eveyone! ;)
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  3. XaelOstigian

    XaelOstigian Competitive...kinda

    Every RPG since time immortal has always had a "slime" monster, and it seems Grimer and Muk fit that mold quite well. Though unlike the soft, squishy, starter gelatin from other games, this Poison type is actually quite sturdy has held up as a reliable party member over the generations despite being under-utilized. It also got an Alolan variant which offers different typing, abilities, and moves which makes it unique from its gen 1 cousin despite having identical stats.

    Stench (Kanto): Chance of inflicting flinch with any of its offensive moves. Muk is too slow to even give it a chance flinch the opponent. Outside of using Shadow Sneak, Muk has much better options.
    Sticky Hold (Kanto): Held item cannot be removed by opponent. Useful if only to make sure Muk does not lose its Black Sludge to the enemy's Knock Off.
    Poison Touch (Both): Direct attack moves have a 30% chance to inflict Poison. A nifty option that effectively turns all of Muk's attacks into Poison Jab.
    Gluttony (Alola): All consumable berries are now eaten at 50% health. Alolan Muk's best ability when used in tangent with Recycle and the now 50% heal berries that could cause confusion.
    Power of Alchemy (Alola): In doubles, copies the ability of a teammate when the teammate faints. Has some niche use if doubles, but unfortunately it can't copy some of the more OP abilities such as Shedinja's Wonder Guard (Wonder Guard with Alolan Muk's typing combined with an Air Balloon would have made it near invincible).

    Accursed Scourge of Celadon City's Pond (Kanto)
    Ability: Sticky Hold/Poison Touch
    Item: Black Sludge
    Nature: Careful (+Sp. Def. -Sp. Att.)
    EV's: HP: 252 Def: 4 Sp. Def: 252

    Poison Jab
    Fire Punch
    Shadow Sneak

    Set Details:
    I still remember that one pond in Celadon City that only had wild Grimer living in it in G/S/C, which is a cool and concerning little nod to city pollution and the devastation it can cause. Anyways, this is a Curse set that makes Muk a surprisingly sturdy tank after a little set up. Use Curse to boost defense and offense at the cost of speed, though Muk was never fast to begin with. Poison Jab is the main STAB and offensive attack that has the added 30% to Poison the opposition which is always a nifty option that can ruin Sturdy and Focus Sash users, Fire Punch has good coverage against the Steel types that like to come in and block Poison Jab, and Shadow Sneak serves two functions with one being a means to bypass Muk's lowered speed and the other offering a nasty surprise for fast and frail Psychic types that think they can easily KO Muk without issues (It also takes out fast Ghost types like Gengar as well). Black Sludge is Leftovers for Poison types and was practically made for Muk's usability (Wild Grimer even have it as a wild held item). Ability choice is up to preference with Sticky Hold keeping the Knock Off user at bay and Poison Touch practically insuring the opponent gets poisoned.

    Rainbow Barf (Alola)
    Ability: Gluttony
    Item: Aguav Berry
    Nature: Impish (+Def. -Sp.Att.)
    EV's: HP: 252 Def: 156 Sp.Def: 100

    Knock Off
    Poison Fang
    Fire Punch/Haze or Clear Smog/Stockpile/Venom Drench

    Set Details:
    Ever wondered what happens when anime characters puke that rainbow colored barf? It becomes sentient and becomes a Pokemon of course!
    Okay, all jokes aside, Alolan Muk's ability Gluttony is what really sets it apart from its pure Poison counterpart. Regular Muk lacked reliable recovery outside of Black Sludge, but when Gluttony is used in tangent with the improved Aguav Berry and Recycle, Alolan Muk essetially has access to a 50% recovery move that auto-activates at half health. Alolan Muk can run a Curse set same as Kanto Muk if you want to drop Fire Punch/Shadow Sneak for Recycle, but Alolan Muk can opt to run a more utility based set that Kanto Muk cannot, and the new Poison/Dark typing allows it to wall a lot more threats. Knock Off now has STAB and is as spamable as ever to disrupt item usage for your opponent, and Poison Fang is an Alolan exclusive that, while weaker than Poison Jab, has a 50% chance of badly poisoning your opponent, effectively making it an offensive Toxic that cannot be blocked by Taunt. The last move slot can be used for a wide variety of roles. Curse is an option as mentioned before, as is Fire Punch for coverage, but you could also add Haze or Clear Smog to undermine your opponent's efforts to set up on you. Stockpile boosts your defenses allowing you to stand your ground for longer, and Venom Drench, while gimmicky, can be run with Poison Fang to sharply lower your poisoned opponent's offenses and speed until the poison takes it out or at the very least force a switch allowing you to Knock Off more items or sink your toxic teeth into the opponent's other teammates.

    In summation, Muk is more than just a pile of crap or the subject of a VERY immature joke:
    Because this pile of slime can ruin your whole day if you don't take it seriously enough, as a certain Bellsprout will tell you:
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
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  4. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Muk, everyone's favorite glomping pile of sludge. Muk has had its ups and downs throughout the years, being utter garbage in Gen I due to the dominance of Psychic types and lack of viable STAB (and horrible 65 Special), getting better in Gen II due to having a solid STAB and SDEF, before settling down as a solid choice in the lower tiers until Alolan Muk came about and wrecked everyone's expectations.

    SWAT Sludge
    Abilty: Sticky Hold
    Item: Assault Vest
    -Gunk Shot
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Fire Punch
    -Ice Punch
    Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -SATK) or Brave (+ATK, -SPE)
    EVs: 252 HP/252 ATK/4 DEF

    Assualt Vest Muk is meant as a counter to any special Fairy, Grass or Bug type (as well as a large number of other special threats), being able to absorb any of their attacks with ease, while striking back hard on their normally weaker DEF. Gunk Shot is the star of the show, being a power, albeit unreliable STAB. Shadow Sneak is ideal for picking off foes hanging on at low HP, while Fire Punch dispatches any Steels who think that the Gunk Shot is the only thing they have to worry about while Ice Punch takes care of any opposing Ground types on the switch.

    Note that Muk does not pull this off as well as Alolan Muk for a few reasons -Alolan Muk gets both a Dark STAB and Knock Off for more reliable power, as well as STAB Pursuit, which is great on a tank that forces a lot of switches. Additionally Muk has an additional weakness to worry about, making its tanking job even more difficult.
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  5. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Muk featured in Pokemon Adventures & the Anime

    Muk! The Pokemon that shows it's love by suffocating you.
    Muk! The smelly suffocating toxic sludge of Pokemon you'd ever meet!... Why would anyone want this Pokemon? The most famous one of course is Ash's Muk of the anime and I think the best reason he caught one outside of necessity is that Muk's simply a powerful battler and by powerful battler I mean defeating Pokemon with it's hugs, as in I'm pretty sure that Bellsprout should be dead right now. The funny thing about this joke is that this is actually Muk's battle style, to wrap itself around the opponent and drown them in it's sludge and we can see this in Koga's Muk of Pokemon Adventures who proves to be a slow but dangerous trap itself for any Pokemon who gets caught in it's body. However my favorite of the Muk line is none other than Moon's Alolan Muk from the Pokemon Adventures manga. Now why would any girl want herself a Muk you ask? It's because some girls love the poison-types that we all find terrifying is why! A quirk about Moon is that she just loves poison-types and unlike Ash or Oak, she actually likes hugging her Muk along with her spiky Mareanie despite the dangerous consequences and the funny thing is, her love of poison-types scares her friends lol, even Gladion finds this very unsettling which is just hilarious.

    Power of Alchemy Muk

    Alolan Muk
    Item: Black Sludge
    Ability: Power of Alchemy
    Nature: Adamant Nature (+Atk, - Sp. Atk)
    EVs: 252 Atk/252 HP
    Poison Jab/Gunk Shot/Clear Smog
    Knock Off/Shadow Sneak

    So I think most of us understand that even without the abilities, Alolan Muk is still pretty good thanks to it's typing, stats and moveset altogether which is why you shouldn't underestimate Power of Alchemy Muk in Doubles even when it's ability fails. This Pokemon is consistent without it's signature ability and if you play your cards right with it's ability, this Pokemon can also be very dangerous. Some Pokemon you may want to consider as a partner or a team build around this Muk are those who have access to Trick Room and possibly a move that plays around with it's HP like Destiny Bond, Substitute or Explosion. There are a lot of Pokemon that fit this who have access to the ability Levitate which will provide a nice ground-type immunity to Alolan Muk. Some Pokemon who don't have access to moves like Destiny Bond or Explosion that one may still want to consider are some defensive abilities like Fluffy and Fur Coat. For offense, Pure Power, Huge Power or Adaptability are good. Simple's also a good ability and Bibarel isn't a Pokemon people expect to stay long on the field however keep in mind this is a set that you want to use only if you really want to use it. Power of Alchemy Muk is not a bad set, in fact it is competitively viable regardless if Muk activates or doesn't activate Power of Alchemy but the simple problem is that it is an outclassed set where Poison Touch and Gluttony are seen as better than Power of Alchemy due to being not as dependent on other Pokemon in doubles. Basically, it's good but it could be better.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  6. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    Alolan Muk is a massive improvement over regular Muk. Although it loses some moves, none of them are all that relevant (like Thunderbolt or Lick), or Alolan Muk gets different options to achieve similar results (getting Clear Smog instead of Haze). Alolan Muk gets a bunch of useful moves regular Muk doesn't get, like Crunch and Knock Off, and that Dark typing grants it a useful Psychic immunity as long as enemies don't carry Miracle Eye. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon blessed Alolan Muk even further by giving it access to Recycle through move tutors, granting it reliable recovery in combination with the Figy Berry and its Gluttony ability. All three of Alolan Muk's abilities are quite useful in different circumstances, and together with its solid stats and movepool it is quite simply a reliable and versatile pokémon that can do a lot of different things both in doubles and singles formats. Although never the top contender, its bulk, solid offensive presence, only one weakness, and wide supportive movepool makes it a pokémon that is by no means bad. It can run defensive support, it can be a tank, it can wall. Let's be real, there's little to no reason to run regular Muk when Alolan Muk is better than it in almost every way.

    Since the singles tanking sets will probably already be covered by others (they typically run Recycle with berries like Figy or Iapapa with Gluttony, and can run other moves like Curse to turn it into a sort-of Curselax clone, Acid Armor for quicker defence boosting, Minimize for the unreliable trolling that gets smacked by Celesteela's Heavy Slam, Snarl for lowering special attack, or Stockpile to boost both sides), I'll just give a more atypical doubles approach

    Muk @ Figy Berry
    Ability: Gluttony
    252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Special Defence
    - Recycle
    - Venom Drench
    - Poison Gas / Toxic
    - Knock Off

    It's a very defensive support pokémon for when you want to put up a wall and slow down enemy momentum, works well with other pokémon that can also spread poison status around like Poison Gas Salazzle, Toxic Spikes setters, and so on. Recycle keeps you alive. Venom Drench drops enemy offensive stats as long as the enemy is poisoned, and affects both enemies. One thing to note is that despite being a poison-type move, Venom Drench also affects Steel types as long as those Steel types are poisoned (can happen due to Salazzle's Corrosion). What makes Venom Drench so deadly is that it drops three stats at once so it hinders both special attackers and physical attackers, and also slows them down, and also affects both enemies as long as you have some good poison spreading going on in your team, it greatly helps the longevity of your team. Poison Gas and Toxic both inflict poison to enemies, Poison Gas being less accurate but affecting both enemies, while Toxic never misses and inflicts ever-increasing damaging poison but only affecting a single target. Knock Off is your direct damage source and also removes items that opponents could use to increase their offensive might like Life Orbs or Choice items.

    This is just a basic approach, there are other options as well. Power of Alchemy is an interesting approach with Black Sludge (or still a berry) if you run this in combination with Salazzle, as copying Corrosion makes Muk even more dangerous to enemies carrying steel types. If you run the Black Sludge, you should run something else in the first slot like Protect (to stall for more poison damage).

    There are also other ways to run it, like having Power of Alchemy copy an ability like Prankster or Levitate can be quite deadly if played well.
    I wouldn't really go with sacrificing Bibarel just to get Simple on Muk to be honest. Don't get me wrong, Simple can potentially be amazing with Muk, it can set up stuff like Acid Armor, Curse, Stockpile, or even Minimize (if Celesteela and its Heavy Slam or the Tectonic Rage users aren't around) quite easily on it, but Simple Beam is a much easier option to spread it that doesn't require a sacrifice. Plus, do note that Simple is a bit of a double-edged sword in doubles for physical pokémon, they become very vulnerable to Intimidate and Intimidate is everywhere. One thing I might consider is Memento Whimsicott or Memento Uxie. Both Prankster and Levitate are very viable abilities on Muk, although note that Prankster won't give Muk's moves priority on the turn it acquires Prankster.

    Bibarel can have fun (but niche and admittedly gimmicky) uses in doubles (like crazy Endure + Weakness Policy + Aqua Jet/Quick Attack plays, potentially with a Psych Up partner), but sacrificing itself for Muk just isn't really the right way to play it.
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  7. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    I wasn't thinking of sacrificing Pokemon, I was thinking more like a backup plan for Pokemon who have useful abilities but are taken down including Pokemon who do have Self-Destruct. Specifically moves like Self-Destruct are a last resort in the same way that people use Destiny Bond when they realize their Pokemon have low health.
  8. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Actually Alola Muk is pretty terrible in doubles, especially VGC. The omnipresence of Intimidate users and powerful ground types (ironically Lando-T covering both of those categories), in combination with Muk's poor physical bulk and speed, make it an extremely lackluster pick. It offers very little in the way of doubles utility and most of what makes it good in Singles is trolled by Protect in Doubles (Knock Off + Poison Touch, for example). Power of Alchemy is a gimmick ability because most Pokemon with good abilities in Doubles use them better than Muk does, and even for something like Bibarel as you suggest, then you're stuck using two Pokemon who are poor in Doubles to try and make one of them slightly less poor.
  9. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Master of the freak show

    Ever wish you could check all 4 Tapus in one team slot, Pursuit trap annoying Psychics like Mega Alakazam and Mega Latias, and check a myriad of special attackers like Greninja and Volcarona, all in the same teamslot? Alolan Muk has you covered! As arguably the most improved Alolan form, Alolan Muk gets the honor of being probably the best Poison/Dark type in the game, a fantastic type combination that unfortunately was previously only given to very mediocre Pokemon. Alolan Muk carves itself a solid niche in the OU metagame as a blanket check to nearly all Fairies, a Pursuit trapper, and a pinch check to many threatening special attackers to boot.

    Alolan Muk @ [​IMG]Assault Vest
    Careful - Poison Touch
    248 HP, 36 Attack, 28 Def, 192 Sp. Def, 4 Speed
    -Knock Off
    -Poison Jab
    -Rock Slide

    This is Alolan Muk's most common set in OU, finding its home on teams that want a Pursuit trapper that can deal with the likes of Tapu Lele and Mega Alakazam while not particularly fearing any of their common coverage moves. It also serves as a nice blanket check to a lot of common threats in the metagame, such as all 4 Tapus, Volcarona, Mega Charizard Y, Blacephalon, and Greninja. The EV spread may be a bit much to get a grasp on at first, but what it specifically does is allow Muk to avoid 2HKOs from Blacephalon and Mega Charizard Y on the special side, avoid a 2HKO from Choice Band Hoopa-U on the physical side, and speed creep Chansey (and 0 Speed Mega Mawile, which isn't particularly useful if you're not running Fire Punch), with the leftovers being placed in Attack. Poison Touch is chosen as the ability of choice as Power of Alchemy is useless in Singles and Gluttony is only useful on Recycle + Figy Berry sets, meaning Poison Touch is the only ability that actually really does anything at all on this set. That being said, the chance for some extra chip damage can be really nice in many scenarios. Knock Off is the primary Dark STAB, boasting good power and the ability to remove opponent's items, discouraging otherwise solid switchins like Heatran or Celesteela from coming in lest they lose their precious Leftovers. Pursuit allows him to trap Psychic types like Mega Alakazam and Tapu Lele, and unlike other Pursuit trappers such as Tyranitar, he doesn't fear coverage moves like Focus Blast nearly as much thanks to his Poison typing and good special bulk. Poison Jab is used to deal solid damage to Fairies, such as the Tapus and Clefable. Finally, the last slot usually goes to Rock Slide, as it allows him to defeat Mega Charizard Y and Volcarona 1v1, but Fire Punch and Ice Punch are both alternatives to consider, with Fire Punch dealing solid damage to Steel-types such as Kartana, Magearna, and Celesteela, while Ice Punch notably smacks Gliscor and Landorus-Therian, who otherwise fear very little from him.​
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
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