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Community POTW #141


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Time for the next Pokémon and this week we return to Galar, and what a massive noggin it has


It's Calyrex!



Soul Sweeper
Ability: As One
Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Timid
EVs: (HP 4) (Sp. Attack 252) (Speed 252)

Nasty Plot
Astral Barrage
Pollen Puff/Draining Kiss

Set Details:
A devastating dark horse set that can steamroll opponents once you get momentum. Boost special attack with Nasty Plot to gain initial offensive presence, sweep and spam with Astral Barrage, Psychic for back up STAB though Psyshock is excellent Chansey repellent, and Pollen Puff/Draining Kiss are your best options for countering Dark types that can withstand your STAB with Pollen Puff having more power and Draining Kiss being weaker but with recovery potential. Thanks to netting an extra special attack boost with each KO, this set is difficult to stop unless you are packing priority or a faster counter.
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As insane as Urshifu was with Unseen Fist, Game Freak decided to top themselves in the Crown Tundra. After escorting the amnesiac Calyrex around the tundra you are rewarded with two of the outright strongest Pokémon in the game (excluding Zacian). With both Rider Forms having Calyrex's decent support movepool alongside utterly busted STABs and Moxie for their STAB of choice, Calyrex's rider forms reign over both singles and doubles.

Riderless Calyrex on the other hand... 100 HP and straight 80s across the board otherwise is extremely unimpressive and with the utterly weakness laden Grass Psychic typing, many, many other Pokémon can do what Calyrex can do but better.

The Frozen King
Calyrex-Ice Rider
As-One (Chilling Neigh + Unnerve)
Item: Weakness Policy
-Trick Room
-Glacial Lance
-High Horsepower
-Heavy Slam/Protect
Nature: Brave (+ATK, -SPE)
EVs: 252 HP / 252 ATK / 4 SDEF

Doubles Calyrex is just insane. Trick Room is very potent Speed control in doubles formats, punishing Max Airstream, Tailwind, and most weather sweepers. And with its pitiful Speed, Ice Rider easily outslows the competition. Glacial Lance is a fantastic Spread STAB move that most physical Ice types would kill for. Thanks to being a Spread Ice move, it can easily pick up KOs from the many Flying, Dragon, Ground and Rillaboom types running around, easily getting one or even two Chilling Neigh boosts enabling Calyrex to quickly snowball out of control. High Horsepower covers most Fire and Steel types that resist Glacial Lance. Heavy Slam is a niche pick, punishing opposing Ice Riders and Xerneas, but its true value comes when Dynamaxed. Max Quake and Max Steelspike enable Calyrex to scale defensively, making it an immovable bulwark if it accrues enough boosts while not losing out on offense thanks to Chilling Neigh. To further escalate matters, thanks to its insane natural bulk and myriad of weaknesses, it is very easy for Ice Rider to get a Weakness Policy boost even outside of Dynamax, enabling Calyrex to ignore an Intimidate or two and quickly escalate to an unmanageable point.

If not running Heavy Slam, Protect is preferred thanks to the ability to scout, stall and gather information at minimal risk.

Other Options
Helping Hand -If out of Trick Room and you know Calyrex is going to be KO'd, have it support its partner, enabling it to go down swinging.
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Don’t know if there is any reason to use base form Calyrex. Only coverage moves it has are Pollen Puff and Draining Kiss. It is basically a worse Celebi.