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Community POTW #144

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jul 24, 2016.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

  2. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Well-Known Member


    Jumpluff @ Leftovers
    Ability: Chlorophyll / Infiltrator
    Timid Nature
    252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 Def
    -Leech Seed
    -Stun Spore
    -Encore / Sleep Powder / Memento

    SubSeed with paralysis added in. Subseed can work better against paralysed foes, as the turns your enemy is fully paralysed are free recovery and extra damage to stall Leech Seed. As Leech Seed tends to cause switches, you can also use this set as a sort-of parashuffler. The final move depends on your team. Sleep Powder can shut down a counter, but it doesn't work on Grass types. Encore is an interesting gimmick in combination with Substitute, first trowing up a Sub while your opponent tries a status move or Sucker Punch, and then locking them into it, pretty much forcing a switch (so you can nail the switch-in with Stun Spore while still behind a Substitute). Memento can help a sweeper set up that needs some support. In general I think Encore is the best option, as it can force a lot of switches, prevents Jumpluff from becoming setup bait, and allows Jumpluff to stall out Substitute users (forcing them to either switch or run out of Substitute PP).

    Infiltrator is an alternative that allows you to bypass Substitutes and Safeguard when spreading Stun Spore and Leech Seed, nailing stuff like Substitute Alakazam. If you don't use Sun Support it could be a better option than Chlorophyll.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
  3. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Speedy SubSeed
    Timid nature
    252 HP/252 Speed/4 Defense
    ~Leech Seed

    Your standard Jumpluff, really. Jumpluff is a cool concept, and I like it a lot. That Ice weakness, though, that does it no favors. But yeah- Substitute helps you live, Leech Seed heals back the Substitute damage, Toxic tacks on more damage, and Protect gives the damage more time to pile up. Not too complicated.

    Item heals Jumpluff. Ability helps bypass enemy Substitutes.

    Something Somethingn Swords Dance
    Jumpluff@Sitrus Berry/Focus Sash
    Jolly nature
    252 Attack/252 Speedf/4 HP
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Seed Bomb

    This... is waaaaay more situational than the SubSeed set. By far. This set takes advantage of Jumpluff's amazing Speed, physical STAB moves, and access to Swords Dance by turning it into a surprise sweeper. Swords Dance buffs your Attack to actually usable levels. Seed Bomb is STAB. Acrobatics is STAB. Return is coverage. U-turn is an alternate option, but considering you'll lose the Attack buff by switching out... well, it's your call, really.

    Item is meant to be consumed to trigger Acrobatics. Ability means Substitutes and Reflects are no match for you.

    Other options:
    *Jumpluff gets an interesting option in Memento. Lets it go out with a bang, crippling the enemy in the process. You think Jumpluff needs a move like that, then by all means.
    *Infestation, I suppose, is an option for the SubSeed set, make sure they can't switch out of the Leech Seed while adding on to the residual damage.
    *Jumpluff also gets Aromatherapy, if your team needs something like that.

    *Chlorophyll: Jumpluff's Speed is doubled in bright sunlight. Generally a good Ability, but Jumpluff can generally hold its own in terms of Speed.
    *Leaf Guard: During bright sunlight, Jumpluff is immune to status conditions. Unlike Hydration, this won't heal Jumpluff of status at the end of every turn- it's more like Safeguard... Jumpluff has better options.
    *Infiltrator: Jumpluff's Hidden Ability. Jumpluff's attacks are not blocked or hindered by Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, or Substitute. This is what I'd shoot for on a Jumpluff, personally. Normally a Substitute on the other side would render a SubSeed set useless, but not with Infiltrator! It's an all-around good Ability.

    You'll want stuff that can take Ice moves, because that's what Jumpluff will be drawing in. And if you opt for any Ability other than Infiltrator, it's a good idea to be packing a Ninetales.

    Cloyster's Icicle Spear destroys the SubSeed set. Ice Shard in general spells doom for Jumpluff. Basically, plan for Jumpluff like you would've planned for Dragon-types pre-Generation VI.

    I like Jumpluff. Cool design. Attacking stats disappoint, especially for in-game use, but it's quite good at what it does.

    Prediction for next week:
  4. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    Juking Jumpluff

    Jumpluff, the original Whimsicott. With access to the powders, Toxic, Leech Seed, Cotton Spore, Memento, Encore and Aromatherapy, plus a blistering base 110 Speed, Jumpluff can easily setup on most foes before it can respond. Unfortunately, that is all that is really going for it. 55/50 offenses are pretty much useless and 75/70/95 defenses are only ok on the special side and frailer than Jumpluff would like on the physical end of the spectrum. Grass types are a real thorn in Jumpluff's side, preventing it from using its best tricks like Sleep Powder, Stun Spore and Leech Seed. True, STAB flying moves can sting, but most grass types are bulky and can easily eat Jumpluff's fluff like attacks while setting up, with Tangela and Gourgeist being stand out examples. Jumpluff's reliance on status moves means it detests getting Taunted for the obvious reasons, and Magic Bounce Xatu can turn most of Jumpluff's sabotages against it. Sap Sipper Miltank can eat anything that Jumpluff throws at it, and can Heal Bell Toxic off. Vital Spirit Electivire fears neither Sleep Powder nor Stun Spore, as does Sap Sipper Zebstrika and can easily OHKO, but is frail enough that even Jumpluff's offense can be worrying. Furthermore, Stealth Rock is worrying for Jumpluff, given its inclination to hop in and out.

    Super Effective attacks, especially Ice moves are all but Guaranteed to maim or OHKO Jumpluff, so if it can't disable it's foe, it must run or die.
  5. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Well-Known Member

    Why use this over Sceptile? Sceptile does the Swords Dance grass sweeper thing way better, with better speed, attack, and physical movepool. Even after a Swords Dance Jumpluff isn't going to get much OHKO's, and its attack stat is still lower than most Life Orb sweepers without setup.
  6. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Because if you're opting for tiered play where Jumpluff would be even remotely viable then Sceptile isn't an option. Jumpluff is PU, where Sceptile isn't usable.
  7. Smokin' weedle

    Smokin' weedle Well-Known Member

    I was going to give you guys a long story with some terrible puns, but becouse of to many urls (?) here's my set:

    Item: red card
    -Poisen powder
    -sleep powder
    -Stun spore
    -leech seed/ worry seed/ synthesis
    Ability: chlorophyll
    Any nature that raises speed and drops (special) attack
    252 speed, 100hp, 100 defence, 56 special defence
  8. generic villager #5

    generic villager #5 Your ad here!

    Now you may ask yourself: what's the point of using Jumpluff if it has terrible stats outside of speed, a shallow offensive movepool, and a typing that is only situationally useful? Well, there's a perfectly good answer for that. Uhhhh....

    In all seriousness, Jumpluff has one use and one use alone: to cripple its foes with status and other support moves. This is not to say it can't do some damage in PU with boosting, but if you want to do so much as NU, you'll want to opt for a support role. The good news is that Jumpluff is fast, so barring an Ice Shard it'll probably get off a move before its opposition. Its typing isn't great defensively, but it does get a few nice resistances such as Ground and Water. And of course, Jumpluff has a lot of valuable support moves: Sleep Powder, Memento, Substitute and Leech Seed, Synthesis, Infestation, and Worry Seed to name a few. It also gets Infiltrator for bypassing Substitutes and the like, or Leaf Guard/Chlorophyll if you're running a Sun-based team.

    I don't play much PU so I'm not too familiar with Jumpluff, but I've had moderate success with a weird set in PU:

    'Pluff Daddy
    Item: Focus Sash/Yache Berry
    IVs/Nature: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def, Jolly Nature
    Ability: Infiltrator
    - Seed Bomb
    - Infestation
    - Sleep Powder
    - Swords Dance

    This is, weirdly enough, a lead set. First turn, either use Infestation if you don't fear the opposing lead or Sleep Powder / switch out if you do to come back in later. BTW, never use this set without a hazard remover, in case it wasn't obvious. Following Infestation, use Sleep Powder. Once the enemy is asleep, start boosting with Swords Dance and then you can let loose. You can use Sleep Powder again when you feel Jumpluff's run is done and keep it for later revenge killing perhaps. Or, you know, you could just replace Infestation with U-turn and run a normal set like everyone else. Up to you. Items on this set either let Jumpluff survive one strong hit or take a weaker Ice-type attack once, might be nice for the occasional Ice Shard.

    Altogether, there are too many things that threaten Jumpluff to justify its use in an offensive role outside of PU, so just run a support set if you're in NU. It has too many weaknesses and is too vulnerable to revenge killing for most other roles it could perform in. SubSeed and status spammer are examples of good ways to make use of its base 110 speed.
  9. Failteck

    Failteck Pokemon Breeder

    So I don't know whether any of you folks have seen this, but Jumpluff has actually become a relevant support pokemon in VGC due to its synergy with P-Groudon. This is the set German National champion Arash Ommati used in the National Championships earlier this year.

    EVs:120 HP/132 Def/252 Spe
    Nature: Timid
    Item: Coba Berry
    -Sleep Powder
    -Helping Hand

    The spread helps Jumpluff outspeed just about anything in the sun(I think) as well as allowing Jumpluff to srvive a Jolly Life Orb Dragon Ascent at -1.
  10. EKZ1505

    EKZ1505 VGC Master

    I'm glad someone finally brought this up! Who would have guessed that of all the Chlorophyll users, Jumpluff would be the one to win a National Championship! lol Arash deserves a lot of credit for being creative with the Coba since Focus Sash was already on his Thundurus.

    I don't think that was Arash's spread though. His Jumpluff had 179 HP, and 120 EVs in HP only gets you to 165, plus the spread is wasting EVs anyway. I'm not sure of the full spread, since max speed may be more than needed, but he should have had 228 HP EVs to reach 179.
  11. generic villager #5

    generic villager #5 Your ad here!

    You're mostly right. Whimsicott can outspeed it in the sun if it has Chlorophyll, but that's about it short of a scarfed Speed Deoxys. It will survive a -1 Dragon Ascent too, but if your opponent's got Stealth Rocks up you don't even get that. In other words, bring a hazard remover to the party.
  12. EKZ1505

    EKZ1505 VGC Master

    It's true that Whimsicott can outspeed with Chlorophyll, but over 99% of them according to the Pokemon Global Link are Prankster, and for good reason. In this meta, Prankster is just so much better for Whimsicott (unless you run into Quick Guard). Deoxys is also banned in VGC, and you're never gonna see hazards on a competitive team anyway.
  13. generic villager #5

    generic villager #5 Your ad here!

    It's just as well. The only things that outspeed it are silly/not allowed (even in a format that allowed Deoxys, who in their right mind would scarf it?), so essentially Jumpluff is perfectly viable for VGC if you've got sun and synergy. On a side note, in one-off competitions or formats where Groudon is not allowed, you might pull off a similar Jumpluff set to Failteck's alongside an MCY, albeit less effectively.
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