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Community POTW #148

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Sep 15, 2019.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

  2. XaelOstigian

    XaelOstigian Competitive...kinda

    Everybody is going to do a doubles set, so I'm going to try a few singles sets instead.

    Calm and Composed Wins the Fight
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Item: Leftovers/Chesto Berry
    Nature: Bold (+Def. -Attack)
    EV's: HP: 252. Def: 252. SpDef: 4

    Calm Minc
    Stored Power
    Focus Blast/Hidden Power (Bug)

    Set Details:
    A Stored Power build. Boost your special attack and special defense a few times with Calm Mind which also directly affects Stored Power's base damage. I recommend at least two boosts to get it up to 100 base power, but any extra if you get the opportunity will go a long way. Focus Blast takes care of Dark types that block you, but if the accuracy issues are a deal breaker than just use Hidden Power (Bug) instead. Rest is the only recovery move unfortunately, so you may want to use a Chesto Berry instead of Leftovers until you get enough boosts. EV's are poured into HP and Defense since Calm Mind will cover your special defense needs.

    Slow and Steady Wins the Fight:
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Item: Life Orb
    Nature: Quiet (+Sp. Attack. -Speed)
    EV's: HP: 252. Sp.Def: 4 Sp.Attack: 252.
    IV's: Speed: 0

    Trick Room
    Nasty Plot
    Focus Blast/Hidden Power (Bug)

    Set Details:
    A tad fast for a Trick Room set, but still worth a shot. Reduced speed as much as possible with nature and IV and set up Trick Room followed by Nasty Plot to have yourself covered in terms of offense and inverse speed. Psychic is your strongest STAB, but Psyshock gives you an edge against specially defensive targets, and Focus Blast hits Dark types that block your STAB, though Hidden Power (Bug) is a less powerful and more accurate option if you prefer.

    Also, am I the only one who thought Oranguru should have been able to talk in the anime? Not that I didn't love the idea of it being a bartender in the middle of the jungle:
    With an intelligence that rivals humans and the fact that the Dex entry alludes to it being able to learn how to use Pokeballs, it would have been an interesting episode idea for a wild Oranguru to take up interest in becoming a Pokemon Trainer itself.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  3. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    Yes yes yes. Finally. Ever since it's introduction Oranguru has been a monster in doubles. Solid bulk, excellent doubles abilities, Trick Room setting, excellent supporting moves, just enough special attack to not be completely helpless on its own, and most importantly Instruct. And as something that primarily plays like a Psychic type that Normal typing giving it a Ghost immunity is amazing, it allows it to face the likes of Mega Gengar a lot more easily. Doubles Oranguru should always have Instruct simply because that move is that good. Partner having a lot of offensive power and launching attacks? Good, now you can do it twice in the same turn.

    Oranguru @ Mental Herb
    Ability: Inner Focus / Telepathy
    Sassy / Relaxed nature
    252 HP, rest in defences
    Speed IV: 0 or 1
    - Trick Room
    - Instruct
    - Psychic
    - Protect / Reflect / Safeguard / Light Screen / Psychic Terrain / Gravity

    Oranguru is one of the best Trick Room setters in the doubles game due to both its abilities and Instruct. The ability choice depends on your team. Use Telepathy if you have partners with spread damage moves that also hit the partner (like Earthquake Belly Drum Snorlax, Earthquake Z-Power Trick Shuckle, or Discharge Vikavolt [but don't try Discharge Mega Ampharos, it ignores Telepathy]), use Inner Focus if not to prevent Fake Outs from stopping Trick Room from going up. The idea is simple, you set up Trick Room while your partner either sets up (like a Z-Power Trick or a Belly Drum), uses Protect, or covers you with a Fake Out (like Hariyama). Then let your slow partner attack the enemy and Instruct it so they can do it again. With partners that have sufficient offensive power like Alolan Marowak it can devastate teams.

    The last move is something that can be one of many things. Protect is most common, but I find that in practice I don't really need it as much. A screen can help for those turns where your partner already clears the enemy field in a single attack and Instruct wouldn't do anything, just to have a bit more safety in the future. Safeguard is quite nice if the enemy opens with Amoonguss as you deny them their Spore (and you generally wouldn't want to use Instruct with Rage Powder potentially diverting it). Psychic Terrain is primarily an option if you have partners using Psychic attacks or if you are particularly vulnerable to priority, like Z-Power Trick Shuckle. Gravity is a very viable option if you combine this with Primal Groudon in those environments where it's allowed like VGC, because Groudon loves Gravity support to fix Precipice Blades' poor accuracy and those annoying levitators and Flying types avoiding it. It also works quite well as support for Mega Camerupt which likes the accuracy fix to Heat Wave and Earth Power hitting the likes of Rotom. Fire + Ground is unresisted in Gravity conditions outside of Water Bubble Araquanid, which is quite neat.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  4. Mestorn

    Mestorn Wandering Battler

    I love Oranguru and had used it to great effect in both online doubles and the battle tree. I find Protect to be useful, as Oranguru tends to be focus fired due to how terrifying it's support capabilities are. Having a Vikavolt or Tapu Koko Discharge twice, have a Mega Salamence Hyper Voice twice, etc. can wipe out any pairing lacking Wide Guard frighteningly quick. Single target moves also work great, cause the first use can KO one pokémon, while the 2nd can maim its partner. However, Instruct comes with a deal of risk, as a well predicted Protect or Wide Guard can negate your side's entire turn.

    Other Options
    After You -interesting Gimmick with Trick Room Oranguru, enabling otherwise "slow" Pokémon in Trick Room move rather quickly. In practice, Instruct tends to perform a similar function though.
    Taunt -another interesting support option that prevents other pokémon from using Protect/Wide Guard/Tailwind, etc. However, Oranguru is a rather slow user and requires Trick Room
    Quash -good for dealing with other Trick Room good pokémon, forcing them to move last. Again reliant on Trick Room being up, as Oranguru is too slow otherwise.
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