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Community POTW #2

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Reno, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Reno

    Reno so adorable...

    this week we are going to be covering Tyranitar. again, I know people will be upset/annoyed it isn't a 5th gen Pokémon or anything new, but give it time. we are starting 5th gen Pokémon once the games come to america and europe. anyway, there's a lot to add since the last time tyranitar was the potw!


    easily one of the best pokemon in the game. if you don't know what it can do, you haven't played OU. anyway, go wild everyone!

    also, double and triple battle strategies are greatly appreciated!
  2. TimmahX

    TimmahX Well-Known Member

    I'm not a huge OU tier fan, so I'm hoping that we'll get to standard tier or a more mixed bag of pokemon soon. I feel like we should be starting 5th gen with pokemon that weren't given coverage in 4th gen that are perfectly usable, guys like Ninjask, Tentacruel, Cloyster, Gastrodon, Weezing, etc.

    -LO Tyranitar @ Life Orb
    Sand Stream
    Adamant: 76 HP / 252 Atk / 180 Spd
    -Stone Edge
    -Dragon Dance

    Perfect use of STAB with Stone Edge and Crunch which gives great coverage in OU/Uber tier, which has lots of Flying and Psychic types around it. Earthquake is just amazing for its coverage, and Dragon Dance boosts the set as a whole.

    Countering Tyranitar

    Machamp with a No-Guard Dynamic Punch will waste Tyranitar. In fact, most fighting types with Superpower or Cross Chop can make quick work of Tyranitar. Gastrodon can use Tyranitar's Sand Stream to trigger its Sand Power and annihilate it with Earthquake. Bulky Ground types like Donphan, Steelix, and Torterra have a great time against Tyranitar thanks to their resistances (Well not Donphan, but the new Sturdy lets him tank anyway) and access to super effective STAB moves. Politoed can cancel out Tyranitar's Sandstorm and strike it with a high powered Surf.


    - Anything with Sand Power or Sand Throw works well with Tyranitar. Rock Types get the Sandstorm SpDef boost, Ground and Steel types resist the damage.

    - Cradily benefits from Sandstorm's SpDef boost and takes down bulky ground types.

    - Kabutops handles bulky grass types with X-Scissors and ground types with Waterfall, and picks up the Sandstorm SpDef boost.

    - Nattorei handles Sandstorm just fine, and deals with Bulky Ground and Water types, as well as setting up Entry Hazards.

    - Claydol can scare aware Fighting types and can survive Sandstorm, plus avoid friendly fire from Earthquake.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2011
  3. fishyfool

    fishyfool And a nice chianti

    What's there to say about Tyranitar? Introduced in GSC, compared to it's other pseudo-legends, Tyranitar is an oddball. He retains the same monstrous attack as other pseudos, at an incredible base 134, and possesses deceptively impressive bulk, almost rivalling that of Registeel, with his ability Sand Stream effectively giving him a base 150 special defense, which comes in very handy. Tyranitar also has a very usable base 95 special attack, though this is usually ignored in honour of his ttack power, and a movepool to abuse both offenses. However, this dinosaur isn't without his flaws. Fighting attacks will crush him into dust, and with the advent of Roopushin and his mammoth 140 attack and STAB Mach Punch, Tyranitar will have some difficulty surviving in these aspects. Alongside this, he has his weaknesses to Bug, Grass and Water, that third one being much more dangerous due to Boiling Water, a base 80 water move which many pokemon learn that has a 30% chance of burning Tyranitar, though this is offset by Tyranitar's mentioned special bulk. He is also weak to Steel, a weakness Scizor is al to happy to abuse with Technician Bullet Punch, as well as Ground, which is bad on a monster as bulky as Tyranitar. Despite these flaws, however, Tyranitar is still a prominent sweeper, even with his awful base 61 Speed.

    As far as abilities go, Tyranitar will nevr want to use Tension, simply because berries aren't used often as well as Sand Stream being the superior option by a huge margin. Not only does the power to set up permanent sand help wear down his foes, it gives Tyranitar's new friend Doryuuzu the means to completely dominate the game with Sand Throw, as well as giving Tyranitar the means to take numerous Surfs. Tension also robs Tyranitar of the ability to use many key moves, such as Focus Punch, the elemental punches, Dragon Pulse, Superpower, Aqua Tail and Earth Power, which severely hurts him. In every situation, Tyranitar will want to run Sand Stream.

    So what can Tyranitar run? He is able to abuse his incredible attack on both sides of the STAB spectrum with Crunch and Stone Edge, as well as Earthquake, all of which are naturally learned. He also gets to use Fire Blast for eliminating steels like Scizor and Nattorei, or may use Superpower instead. Tyranitar also has access to Curse and Dragon Dance, though it should be noted that even with a Jolly nature, +1 Tyranitar only hits 365 speed max, which is still slower than positive nature base 120 speed pokemon or many scarfed pokemon. Pursuit will likely execute anything weak to it switching out, though Crunch is more popular. Hone Claws is interesting, as it ensures Stone Edge will hit, as well as Fire Blast, but Tyranitar already has his variety of moves with 100 accuracy regardless.

    Specially, Tyranitar's base 95 offensive stat is overlooked, yet the popularity of the infamous BOAH in 3rd gen is still an impressive option. In particular, Tyranitar learns Dark Pulse naturally, and gets the three elemental beams, allowing him to make a mess of Salamence even through Intimidate.

    Tyranitar does have his flaws, though. While he may have incredible power, bulky fighting types such as Roopushin and Machamp can shrug off his STAB combo before OHKOing with their respective STAB moves. Tyranitar is crippled by a burn, and bulky waters have always been the dinosaur's bane, even more so with Boiling Water. Grass Knot will always do a number on the heavy monster as well, hitting for the full 120 base power, and physically-based super effective moves will be a nightmare for the beast. If he lacks Fire Blast, Nattorei can sponge his physical moves all day, while a large number of pokemon outrun him.
  4. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Sand Stream/Tension
    252 Spd/252 Atk/4 HP
    *Dragon Dance
    *Stone Edge
    *Earthquake/Aqua Tail

    Your standard, basic DDtar. Hasn't really changed all that much from Generation IV, really. Set up and sweep, that's really what you do with this thing. Stone Edge and Crunch are for STAB. Earthquake is also an option, although given the popularity of the new Balloon item, it's not as reliable as it once was. Aqua Tail is a decent alternative, although since it's a Generation IV move tutor, it does force you to go with Sand Stream.

    Either ability works here, based on what kind of team you're putting Tyranitar on. If it's a Sand team, or if the rest of your team just wouldn't mind the Sandstorm damage, go ahead and go with Sand Stream. If you want to go for the element of surprise and use it on a different weather team, then go with Tension, although this will make you forgo Aqua Tail.

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Sand Stream/Tension
    252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Def
    *Sleep Talk/Fire Punch/Stone Edge

    With its lovely HP and Special Defense stats, Tyranitar can pull off a Curse set easy. Its monstrous attack is already so high that EV investment is virtually unneccessary, especially when we're talking boosting it. Curse also boosts Tyranitar's already beautiful Defense to even more obscene levels, which allows Tyranitar to last quite a while. Now then, Rest is basically Tyranitar's only means of HP recovery, so that's really quite necessary. Sleep Talk is a decent idea, but you could also run Fire Punch or Stone Edge for additional coverage, though bear in mind that it must run Sand Stream if you go with any of those options not named Stone Edge. Then we have Payback. Given the fact that Curse lowers Speed with every usage, Tyranitar's going to be going last a lot. So why not take advantage of that with Payback? Factoring in its effect of doubling the base power if Tyranitar goes last, plus STAB, we're talking 150 base power right there. Off of a 134 base Attack stat. That's getting boosted by Curse. Scary thought, no?

    Again, either ability works here, based on what role Tyranitar is to play on your team.

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band
    Sand Stream
    252 Atk/180 HP/76 Speed/Defense
    *Stone Edge
    *Aqua Tail

    403 Attack, plus a Choice Band boost, fueling a 100 base power STAB Rock move with a high critical hit ratio. Ouch. CBTar hits hard, and that's a fact. Stone Edge and Crunch are for STAB, Stone Edge in particular providing some of the power that makes this set so fearsome. Crunch can be replaced by Payback, in which case you'll need to forgo the Speed EVs. Payback relies on TTar going last, but when that's the case, it matches Stone Edge's power. Earthquake is generally reliable, but remember how popular the Balloon is these days. And Aqua Tail provides general coverage.

    Unlike my last two sets, as Aqua Tail is basically a requirement, Sand Stream is a must.

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Sand Stream
    252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Def
    *Hone Claws
    *Stone Edge
    *Aqua Tail
    *Iron Tail

    Tyranitar got a nice new tool called Hone Claws this time around. This set revolves around abusing the accuracy boost provided by Hone Claws with less-than-100%-accurate moves, such as Stone Edge, Aqua Tail, and Iron Tail. Not only do they benefit from the Accuracy boost, but also from the Attack boost. The nature, item, and EVs are laid out the same way as in the Curse set, because Tyranitar already has a good Defense stat, and let's face it, short of a Choice Scarf or Dragon Dance, it's not outspeeding anything anyway.

    Again, given that Aqua Tail is a necessity, so is Sand Stream.
  5. salaswampert

    salaswampert The guy u lost 2

    sand stream
    this makes uses of ttars ok defenses sandstream raises ttars defensive abilities, and damages your opponent,plus its other ability is pretty pathetic. toxic is to slowly kill your opponent, curse is to boost defense and earthquakes power. rest for hp. earthquake is a great move and stop ttar from getting taunted two death. sleep talk is great, idefense is for great defense but loses to sleeptalk.
    252 attack 204hp 52 speed
    dragon claw/fire punch
    stone edge
    dragon dance
    Ddance is so ttar does not always attack last. Stone edge has questionable accuracy, but gets rid of flying pokemon. dragon claw kills dragon and is only resisted by steel, fire punch kills flying steel pokemon. equake great move. Sstream raises your sp. def, leftovers allow the sweep to last longer. Grass knot is a move for ubers to hurt groundon and kyogre.
    252attack 252 speed 4 defence
    water pulse
    I was bored this set should never be used unless you hate tyranitar or you just want to lose a battle. It could be used as a sacrafice for a free switch in.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2011
  6. seth656

    seth656 Member

    nothin new

    My sets are already covered..
    Can we do a pokemon that isn't psuedo legendary next week
  7. knuckles1299

    knuckles1299 F*** yeah Seaking

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Impish/Careful Nature
    Sand Stream
    76 Hp/ 108 Atk/ 176 Def/ 148 Sp. D
    - Curse
    - Roar/Protect
    - Crunch
    - Aqua Tail/Earthquake/Stone Edge

    This set takes advantage of Tyranitar's incredible bulk, going on the defensive instead of a DD set. This set has the advantage of being a surprise allowing set up to be easier. By itself, this set is flawed however. It should be made in conjunction with Forretress for Stealth Rock, Spikes, and even Toxic Spikes if you get the time. If you manage to get only Toxic Spikes set up, protect would make more sense than Roar, allowing for stall tactics. The opponent loses health from Toxic AND Sandstorm. Nicee. Another risk is Poison/Burn. This could be halted with a baton passed safeguard (although it won't last forever, hopefully just enough to take out the threat). Speaking of Baton Pass, you could use Gorebyss to Amnesia, then Baton Pass (maybe in a substitute) it on to T-Tar to re-emphasize his Sp. D bulk.
    Threats to this set include:
    *Note this set can also be a Special Attack T-Tar, just use Iron Defense instead of Curse and switch the natures naturally.

    KYOGRE-D Well-Known Member


    Tyranitar@Muscle Band
    Adamant Nature
    252 attack evs, 252 defense, 4 health evs
    -Stone Edge
    -Ice Fang

    My Tyranitar. Crunch takes out Psychic Pokmon with Focus Blast, and has STAB. Stone Edge is STAB and coverage etc., Earthquake is just a brilliant attack and Ice Fang is for those Dragons and the Super Effective Grass Pokemon.
  9. ThePretenderXXUSA

    ThePretenderXXUSA New Member

    Though yet not really a fan favorite, a personal favorite of mine is the full on sweeper. With incredible attack and nice hp and defense, this Tyranitar is good for starting battles or simply trying to kill strong opponents.

    Lets get ready to rumble!!!!
    Nature: Adament
    Ability: Sand Stream
    EVs: 252 Spd/252 Atk/4 HP
    Items: Life Orb/ Choice Band
    *Ice Fang/ Ice Punch
    *Stone Edge

    This Tyranitar is great when it comes to fighting Fire, Ghost, pure Physic, Steel, and Electric.

    This Tyranitar has definately some key disadvantages. First, when it comes to speed, Tyranitar isnt the fastest, and there are some pokemon that can handle him pretty easily, that with one simple blow can take down this tower of a pokemon. Fighter-type pokemon, like Lucario, Medicham, Breloom, etc. can easily pull off a fighting move and with a x4 advantage knock out Tyranitar completely, even if Tyranitar can wipe them out. Bulky water pokemon, like Swampert and Whishcash can sustain all of this Tyranitars attacks, and with water and ground attacks they can send Tyranitar to its doom. Bug attacks, which have a x2 advantage, can take out this Tyranitar, pokemon who out speed him like Yanmega (which has an incredible Sp. attack stat) or Armaldo (with a nice Attack stat), so Tyranitar might have trouble there.

    Other Attack Choices:
    Outrage: Good with high attack and accuacy, but, when it comes to knocking down Steel pokemon, not your best solution. Plus, the fatigue which leads to confusion can be dangerous, unless you simply switch it out if the field.
    Thunder Fang/ Thunder Punch: Pretty nice to take out flying pokemon, but Ice Fang/ Ice Punch can already do that. It is good, however, to knock out one of his opponents, water pokemon.
    Fire Fang/ Fire Punch: can be nice to have fire attacks, but in the end result not the best attack to use when it comes to fighting Dragon, Ground, Water, Fire, or Rock types.
    Super Power: It has one kick-butt attack, 120, but still wont help clear up Fighters, plus, his attack and defense stats are lowers, which is just aweful for those are two key stats.
    Focus Punch: Nothing much to say here, very good attack, only you have to wait and pray to see if he opponent doesnt attack you
    Aqua Tail: Its good to see that ones weakness can become a strength against ground and rock types, but, with no real damage to water types and already having earthquake which can take out Fire, Steel, Electric, and Rock, this attack is maily if the user likes aqua tail or not. I personally dont like it for its accuracy 90, for even though its close, it can still miss.
    Arial Ace: Gets rid of the annoying figters and is nice for its attack never misses.
    Hone Claws: Ups attack and accuracy, greatfor if you want to assure your Stone Edge becomes a total weapon of mass destruction.

    Now this other Tyranitar is just for fun, not really recomemnded for techinically has no good use. Could be fun to use while you roam around Unova, but when it comes to competitive challenges this Tyranitar wont make a big entrance.

    The Master of Magic, TYRANITAR
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Sand Stream
    EVs: 252 Spd/252 Spa/4 HP
    Items: Life Orb/ Choice Specs
    *Flamethrower/ Fire Blast
    *Ice Beam
    *Earth power
    *Dark Pulse

    Now, this moveset isnt the greatest, but it does have good attack with good stats and with a wide range to cover.

    Other Options:
    Surf: Cool to use outside of battle and inside is good to knock out several opponents, plus good when it comes to ground pokemon.
    Dragon Pulse: There isnt much to say, knocks out dragons and has good power.
    Thunder Bolt: Not my first choice, but if you hate to face water pokemon, its a great move to knock them out.
    Ancient Power: It is a STAB move, but not really a favorite, it doesnt have that great of a attack. What we can benefit from it is if we get lucky, it can raise Tyranitars stats just a bit.
    Water Pulse: The deal here is that is doesnt have a good attack, BUT, with the possibilty to confuse your foe, it can help in several occations.
    Focus Blast: Here is an attack most people rely on and becomes a great helper. Not that much PP and low Accuracy, it can be hard to use, BUT, when and if it lands, can help you knock out some opponents.
    Hyper Beam: Very good attack stat, but with the one turn wait to recharge and with no advantage towards any pokemon type (also with no chance of hitting Ghost type pokemon) this can be the cause of Tyranitars demise.
  10. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    We're getting them out of the way. Start with good solid foundations.
  11. Rose Storm

    Rose Storm I claim your soul.

    Mention Gliscor as a good counter to sets without Ice Beam. It can switch into any physical attack Tyranitar can throw at it, and threaten an easy 2HKO with Earthquake. At +1, Tyranitar can never 2HKO Gliscor with Crunch, factoring in Leftovers recovery (Stone Edge isn't a good idea considering most Gliscor will be picking up an evasion boost thanks to Sand Veil), to which most Tyranitar users will respond by Dragon Dancing again, only to give Gliscor a free turn to either heal or use Earthquake.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2011
  12. bubi the gamer

    bubi the gamer New Member


    Tyranitar hasn´t change much in the generation shift.It continues be the boss of sandstorm teams in OU.In 5th generation it got an useless dream world ability and new moves such as..... hhmmmm....... welll...... dragon tail being the only usable 1.Anyway the OU enviroment has changed and Ttar has now got new buddies in sandstorm temas such as Doryuuzu ,Waruvial and Abagoura.Tyrantirar continues be the same Dragon dancer it been from 4th generation.

    An even safer Dragon dancer

    -stone edge
    -dragon dance
    -crunch/dragon tail
    Nature: jolly(+spe -satk)

    Pretty much same than in 4th gen.You switch in an oppenent who runs off while you start setting up.Setting up has been even harder in this gen because dragon tail has ben popular. Stone edge is your strongest stab move
    (you could just run rock slide,but the power loss is just too big)and then you have of course dragon dance filling up one slot.Ttars stab combination isn´t the best 1 in the game (dark-rock combo is resisted by both pure steel and fighting types)so i suggest to turn up to Earthquake for type coverage,hitting steel types with super effective damage.The last slot remains your choice between crunch as an strong stab move hitting psychics like slowbro and claydoll,or instantly phaze away them and many others like whirlwind skarmory with Dragon tail.

    Evs and natures
    run jolly to outrun majority of your not scarfed counters after only 1 ddance.On the ev side max speed and attack.

    "an over 50 feets lead"

    -stealth rock
    -stone egde
    nature:jolly(+spe -satk)

    Looking at tyranitar speed stat it would be hard to make it an lead.On the other hand it has sandstream and stealth rock and great bulk.This set really hates to be taunted before setting up stealth rocks,so you may be forced
    to attack on the first turn.Stone edge is your stab as always.Dark moves often work well in lead sets due to popularity of azelf as lead.I personaly like pursuit cause it is usually unexpected.Crunch Is anyway an stronger choice.Then u got three defensive moves whic are kind of filler.Taunt is an Awsome move ,but should only be used when you are 100% sure you are faster.Protect may block explosions(whic are rarely used against this rock type)or other fighting type moves like high jum kicks.Substitute works in same manner only in differense it may protect more than 1 turn and costing some hp for it.

    evs and natures
    max speed is recuired or an lead, so run jolly.In evs max speed and max attack or max hp for more survival.

    Tyranitar has some problems with fighting types like roopushin machamp and lucario.Ghosts are effective to block fighting type moves often immune to ground moves and use most of the time special moves.Desukan is an good teamate ,with amazing psychical bulk and will-o-wisp.If you want to run an unexpected face in sandstorm team use gengar as teamate.Ttar makes it easy for gengar to come in play (being immune to both groung and fighting moves and resisting grass)Staraptor can switch in steel or fighting types ttar lured in and finnish them off with brave bird or close combat.Skarmory works well too against figting types.


    fighting types always caused ttar lots of trouble.only move he has against those is aerial ace whic really isn´t worth an slot.The 3 5th gen legendary beasts work all well resisting rock and absorbing dark and OHKO it with close combat.Vizirion being best of three resisting ground,which terakion and cobalon being weak to.Lucario does an great job too only awoid earthquake.Bulky waters work all great too as long you dont take super effective damage
  13. Masteryoshimon

    Masteryoshimon PokeAnalyzer

    Hone Claws

    Physical Sweeper

    252 Attk/ 252 Def/ 4 HP
    Sand Stream
    Muscle Band
    -Hone Claws
    -Stone Edge
    -Iron Tail/ Earthquake

    Pretty Self-Explanatory. Hone Claws makes Stone Edge 100% Accuracy. Stone Edge is powerful, gets STAB, and is further boosted by Hone Claws. Crunch also gets STAB, and is further boosted. Iron Tail gets boosted accuracy by Hone Claws and has a chance of lowering your opponent's Defence, but Earthquake gets better coverage. Adamant makes him insanely powerful, while Impish can help extend his survivability. Muscle Band to boost Attack even further.

    Physical Wall

    252 Attk/ 252 Def/ 4 HP
    Sand Stream
    -Curse/ Iron Defense
    -Hone Claws
    -Stone Edge

    Curse boosts both Attack and Defence. Hone Claws boost Attack and Accuracy again. Iron Defense is gives better Defence boost and loses the Speed drop, but doesn't give an Attack boost. Stone Edge and Crunch benefit from STAB, dual Attack boosts, and Stone Edge benefits from increase Accuracy. Leftovers and Impish nature to improve survivability.

    Mix-Sweeper Tyranitar

    252 Attk/ 252 SAttk/ 4 HP
    Sand Stream
    -Hone Claws
    -Stone Edge
    -Dark Pulse/ Fire Blast/ Thunder/ Blizzard/ Earthquake/ Surf
    -Dark Pulse/ Fire Blast/ Thunder/ Blizzard/ Earthquake/ Surf

    Hone Claws, Stone Edge, you get the idea. Dark Pulse you get STAB, but with the Accuracy boost, Fire Blast is 100%, while Thunder and Blizzard get 95% Accuracy. They're all more powerful than Dark Pulse and all can inflict status conditions on your opponent (Blizzard also destroys Dragons). Earthquake benefits from the attack boost and gets pretty good coverage. Surf, great attack, good coverage, but isn't as powerful as Fire Blast/ Thunder/ Blizzard. Leftovers to extend life, and Naive nature to boost Speed.
  14. dark fire 6

    dark fire 6 Pokemon 3D Developer

    Tyranitar@leftovers/expert belt/rugged helmet
    (252 atk, 252 def)
    ariel ace
    Dragon tail
    stone edge

    so i went and calculated with roowhatever...and a mach punch full power will not one shot tyranitar(it will hurt but not ohko) and tyranitar is faster no mater what...if they switch in a fighting type either use ariel ace and die or switch out a ghost type
    dragon tail can be used if your oponent is expecting ariel ace and uses mach punch instead of a high power move.....
    tyranitar's speed is not going to be very good so put the extra evs in def
    the item depends on what ur expecting.....
    expert if ur expecting to die quickly....
    leftovers if ur expecting to live
    rugged helmet if ur expecting to die quick and don't want the atk boost

    when i play i think less about these situations and do alot of switching....so my normal set looks like this:
    252 atk, 252 def
    stone edge
    dragon claw/tail

    just switch in a ghost type or something resistant to fighting(ur bound to have one...) and bater everything else
  15. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    Tyranitar. Noted for his battle long Sandstorm. Has multiple uses in OU and many more in Ubers. Tyranitar also has many powerful moves at his disposal, including, but not limited to, Superpower, Stone Edge, and Crunch.

    My favorite set is as follows:

    Fighting Killer
    Tyranitar@Focus Sash
    Sand Stream
    252 Att/252 Def/4 SDef
    Aerial Ace
    Stone Edge
    Superpower/Earthquake/Brick Break

    This set is pretty simple. Aerial Ace is there to kill Roopushin, after a STAB Mach Punch from Roopushin. Crunch is for STAB and against Gengar. Stone Edge is to take out Pokemon on the switch like Gyarados and Gliscor. Superpower OHKO all steels not named Bronzong, Jirachi, or Metagross, but it can 2HKO those 3. Earthquake is an option for Metagross, and Jirachi, or non-Levitate Bronzong, but getting rid of Bronzong's possible Balloon first will help. Brick Break destroys all Screen's and Reflects, while dealing damage.

    Double's and Triple's
    Tyranitar can be partnered with numerous Pokemon, from ScaftChomp and Sand Strength Scarf Doryuuzu to Bandlos and ExpertScor.
  16. MUSE+.+

    MUSE+.+ Member

    I'm not too sure about it, but I don't think that one, or even two Hone Claws are going to give Stone Edge 100 % accuracy you know, but I guess it wouldn't hurt do raise accuracy AND attack in one turn, since he might just be too slow to fully benefit from Dragon Dance>

    P.S. could you guys use a little less short words, I happen to not understand all of them, thanks..

    Also, in my opinion Breloom is a pretty counter, it is way faster than Tyranitar and resists his three main attacks, being Crunch, Stone Edge and Earthquake.. Only to 2HKO it with STAB fighting moves..
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2011
  17. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Well-Known Member

    Ahh, Tyranitar. Not really much has changed, although I just noticed it has access to Outrage, and it can even get it together with Dragon Dance through Charizard, never knew it got that. Lets go

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band
    Sand Stream
    Adamant: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Stone Edge
    -Ice Punch / Outrage / Superpower / Low Kick

    Choice Band Tyranitar. Earthquake and Stone edge are well known combo, and Crunch is a reliable STAB move with 100% accuracy, since Stone Edge has only 80% accuracy.

    Outrage has a neat surprise factor coming from non-dragons, although even without STAB, it'll hit hard thanks to Tyranitars massive attack stat and choice band boost. Needless to say, the likes of Kingdra, Sazandora, and Ononokusu certainly will be surprised if they switch in expecting to take an attack like Ice Punch or Stone Edge and getting an Outrage, although it doesn't shine as much as it does on Rayquaza or Salamence because it lacks STAB.

    In Ubers, there isn't much that it can't cover with it's other moves. Zekrom only takes a bit more damage from it than from Earthquake, against Rayquaza and Reshiram Stone Edge works better, against Dialga Earthquake is better, and against the Lati twins and Giratina Crunch works just as good. It does show a good superiority against Palkia though. In OU it's the same story. Ice Punch covers Garchomp, Flygon, Dragonite, and Salamence better, Stone Edge covers Salamence, Dragonite, and Kyurem better, and Sazandora is hit just as hard with Superpower and almost as hard with Low Kick (base 100 power against Sazandora), and only a few pokémon (Kingdra and Ononokusu) that Outrage hits harder against than it's reliable options

    Outrage is worth a mention and worth considering, but whether it's worth actually adding to a moveset is questionable when it lacks STAB and a large hit list that it can't cover just as good with it's other moves, and surprise is good, but only when it is also effective. I guess it's a reliable move to go for when on a choice item because so few resists it so, meaning less pokémon forcing you to switch out, but if you get locked in outrage against defensively strong steels like Aggron, Skarmory, or Metagross, you have a problem.

    Tyranitar @ Life Orb
    Sand Stream
    Brave (+attack, -Speed): 252 Atk / 96 SpAtk / 160 Hitpoints
    -Stone Edge
    -Fire Blast

    Mixed Tyranitar. With the given EV investments and a neutral nature in SpAtk Tyranitar can pull off a 2KO with Fire Blast on a Skarmory with no SpDef EV's, max HP, and a neutral nature in SpDef, assuming perfect IV's on both sides. Since Skarmory walls all other moves of Tyranitar, it's good to have something to threaten the bird with. And if it roosts, you can go Earthquaking it down. Fire Blast also threatens the likes of Nattorei, Forretress, Scizor, Genosect, and Bronzong, although Bronzong has enough bulk to take it, but Nattorei, Forretress, Genosect, and Scizor become toast, and even if they survive, none of them like the burn chance. For the rest it's pretty standard. It could also be adapted to get less bulk or attack and more speed, depending on what you want to outrun, but Tyranitar isn't fast anyway and a lot of Tyranitars counters are already aiming to be just above Tyranitars max, so it won't be outrunning much, and if you also have to sacrifice a defence stat with a nature whilst not investing in EV's in bulk it's tough to fight while still being slow. In other words, invest a lot in speed and you may outrun a few things more, but still a lot will be outrunning you, and if you then have a lot less defence because your ev's and nature went into speed you are dead.
    Fire Blast is chosen over Flamethrower because Fire Blast has an increased expected damage (accuracy multiplied by base power), which is the average base power over a long period of time. Since you won't use it that much since this isn't really a number one Bronzong counter, Fire Blasts low PP isn't really that much of a problem. It's also better than an electrical attack because Thunder is worthless on Tyranitar with only 50% accuracy in Sandstorm, Thunderbolt is weaker than Fire Blast against Skarmory, whilst Gyarados, Ho-Oh, (and pretty much any other flier) are already covered by Stone Edge, and Nattorei and Bronzong fear fire attacks more. Thunderbolt may be viable on pure special attacking sets to deal with waters, but not really on mixed sets where fliers are better hit with STAB Stone Edge coming from it's superior attacking stat and Tyranitar fears Surf and Hydro Pump too much to take on waters with Thunderbolt without STAB if it lacks the EV and nature investments of a pure special set.

    Partners. I guess Zapdos is a decent partner, resisting 5 of the 6 weaknesses of Tyranitar. It isn't immune to Sandstorm, but it can slaughter waters that threaten Tyranitar with Thunderbolt, it also slaughters Skarmory, it can use flying moves against fighting, bug, or grass types like Torterra or Heracross, and it gets Heat Wave to burn down Nattorei if Tyranitar lacks fire or fighting moves, although Heat Wave is not compatible with Lightningrod unfortunately, whilst Tyranitar can Earthquake down any rocks that threat Zapdos with the added advantage that Zapdos is immune to Earthquake.

    Genosect might become Uber, not sure, but I think it's a good partner. It has a wide special movepool to kill physical walls with and gets Psychic to deal with fighting types (less of a concern in Ubers), and Genosect is also immune to Sandstorm. It also doesn't share any weaknesses with Tyranitar, and it's only weakness (Fire) gets destroyed by Tyranitars Stone Edge, although it doesn't resist Earthquake unfortunately

    Nattorei is also immune to Sandstorm, it can take hits and it gets Power Whip to deal with waters, although you end up with a double fighting weakness, and it isn't resistant to Earthquake.

    Tyranitar remains what it was. It didn't get anything new (apart from Dragon Tail and Tension, to which it has better alternatives). It causes Sandstorm, it is bulky, it is slow, it has an amazing physical movepool and access to Dragon Dance to hit pretty much anything, a good special movepool and workable special attack for killing physical walls that try to stop it, has various supporting moves like Thunder Wave, Stealth Rock, Knock Off, and Dragon Tail, gets destroyed by fighting moves, and is simply a dangerous beast that, unlike Salamence, also has viability in Ubers thanks to it's collection of moves that hit a lot of the pokémon there for super effective damage combined with its massive stats, whilst Salamence will never break into Ubers because it's completely outclassed by Rayquaza. Tyranitar has always been an extremely dangerous pokémon, and it'll continue to be an extremely dangerous pokémon that everyone should be prepared for
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  18. Whereabouts Unknown

    Whereabouts Unknown New Member

    Sassy Nature (+Sdef -Spe)
    252 HP / 200 Sdef / 56 Atk
    -Dragon Tail / Roar / Flamethrower
    -Sleep Talk / Flamethrower

    Specially defensive Tyranitar. While most hard hitters in the BW Metagame are physical, Tyranitar can stop just about all special attackers. Espeon, Genosekuto, Heatran, Starmie, Politoed, Zapdos, Shandera, Latios, Ninetales, and Raikou are just some stopped well by this set. If you're feeling ADVish run Rest and Three Attacks, but because the new metagames are so fast paced you probably want Sleep Talk. Definitely pair this with a stury physical wall that can take Dory and other brutal attacks (I recommend good old Skarms). Also, giving said physically defended a Shed Shell is a good idea because Shandera can hardly touch Tyranitar without Trick or Hidden Power [Fighting] (the latter won't even OHKO). If you're going to make Tyrantitar part of a stall team, Physically Defensive, Roost / Taunt Gliscor is an excellent partner, despite the common weakness. Gliscor can cripple an opponent's Vaporeon as it switches in with Toxic, meaning Tyranitar can beat it one vs one later on. Among that, Gliscor can take some monsters (like Dory) that give Tyranitar trouble. Most Dory hold balloons, in which case they win 41% of the time, as their Stone Edge would need to hit through Sand Veil twice. Other good partners for this Tyranitar are RestTalk DD Gyarados, RestTalk DD Salamence, and the water-ghost balloon thingy. Good luck with this awesome set :3

    edit: I also have to point out that for all of you using Aerial Ace to beat Roopushin - Superpower does the same damage. 2 x 60 = 120. Don't bother with Aerial Ace on any sets. =/
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  19. Eon8000

    Eon8000 New Member

    Tyranitar@Life Orb/Babiri Berry
    Jolly nature
    Sand Stream
    EVs: 252Atk 244Spe 12SpD
    Dragon Dance
    Stone Edge
    Earthquake/Aqua Tail/Fire Punch

    Basic DDTar. Dragon Dance is a given to boost Attack and Speed. Stone Edge and Crunch for STAB and overall punishment to stuff that doesn't resist it. Earthquake blasts Grounded Steels while Aqua Tail can deal with Ground types. Fire Punch can be used to instantly KO Scizor. Life Orb increases damage output while Babiri Berry can be used with Fire Punch to ensure the OHKO on Scizor.

    Tyranitar@Choice Specs
    Modest nature
    Sand Stream
    EVs: 252SpA 180HP 76Spe
    Dark Pulse/Ice Beam
    Fire Blast/Flamethrower
    Earth Power/Surf
    Thunderbolt/Ice Beam

    Tyranitar has the movepool and Special Attack to pull this set off. Dark Pulse is Tyranitar's best Special STAB, but due to the poor coverage, Ice Beam can be used to replace it. Fire Blasts roasts Steel types not named Heatran. Flamethrower is viable for a sure hit. Earth Power takes out Rock and Steel types while Surf handles Heatran and Ground types. Thunderbolt handles the bulky Waters while Ice Beam can still be used if it wasn't used in the first slot. Max Special Attack and high HP EVs since Tyranitar can't outpace tons of things anyway. 76 Speed EVs allow Tyranitar to outpace 0 Speed Skarmory.

    Tyranitar@Choice Scarf
    Jolly nature
    Sand Stream
    EVs: 252Atk 252Spe 4HP
    Stone Edge

    Standard ScarfTar from Gen IV and it still works well. Stone Edge and Crunch can dent things that don't resist it. Earthquake takes out grounded Steels while Superpower is viable if Blissey is of major concern for your team. Pursuit traps and KOs weakened opponents and top threats like Azelf, Gengar, and Starmie. Unfortunately, Tyranitar is unable to safely counter Lucario anymore as a +2 Nasty Plot Lucario with Vacuum Wave will KO Tyranitar before it can EQ Lucario to death.

    As for the Tension discussion, Tyranitar should only use it if Sandstorm conditions will drag the rest of its team down.
  20. windsong

    windsong WEST SIDE

    I'd just like to say that any defensive set that lacks a Fire move or Superpower is complete setup bait for Nattorei, and thus a fire/fighting move should be listed as an option.

    Also, MixTar is arguably the best TTar this gen.
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