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Community POTW #21

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Reno's busy writing the last one so here's the next one


    This week we'll be doing Beheeyem, a new Pokémon


    Beheeyem has a beastly Special Attack, boosted even moreso by its lack of speed with its Analytic Hidden Ability

    Go nuts.
  2. Lancewest01

    Lancewest01 New Member

    Nasty Trick
    -Trick Room
    -Nasty Plot
    -Shadow Ball
    Sp Atk 252 Hp 252 Sp Def 6
  3. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Well-Known Member

    What the hell is that thing??

    Slow hard hitter. Quite cool, but the looks are just weird.

    Nasty plot sweeper:
    Beheeyem @ Life Orb
    Quiet nature (+Sp.Atk, -Speed)
    EVs: 252 Sp.Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def
    Trait: Analytic
    -Nasty Plot
    -Psychic / Psyshock
    -Shadow Ball
    -Thunderbolt / Energy Ball

    It doesn't have a really wide special movepool. Shadow ball hits psychics, psychic is STAB, and the final move is filler since it doesn't get a fighting move to cover Darks or steels.

    Choice Specs:
    Beheeyem @ Choice Specs
    Quiet nature (+Sp.Atk, -Speed)
    EVs: 252 Sp.Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def
    Trait: Analytic
    -Psychic / Psyshock
    -Shadow Ball
    -Thunderbolt / Energy Ball
    -Hidden power fighting

    pretty self-explanatory I think.

    Beyeehem that attacks first?
    Beyeehem @ Life Orb
    Quiet nature (+Sp.Atk, -Speed)
    EVs: 252 Sp.Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def
    Trait: Synchronize
    -Trick Room
    -Psychic / Psyshock
    -Shadow Ball
    -Thunderbolt / Energy Ball / Hidden power fighting

    If you have a slow team that can take advantage of Trick Room it could be worthwhile.

    Beyeehem @ Leftovers
    Calm nature (+Sp.Def, -Attack)
    Trait: Synchronize
    Not sure on EVs
    -Calm Mind
    -Psychic / Psyshock

    Calm Mind recover for defensive power on special side, while reflect covers physical side. Psychic to inflict damage and prevent you from becoming taunt bait. Taunt Tyranitar (or other darks with taunt) still walk all over this though.

    Double screens
    Beyeehem @ Light Clay
    Calm nature (+Sp.Def, -Attack)
    Trait: Synchronize
    Not sure on EVs
    -Light Screen
    -Thunder Wave
    -Psychic / Psyshock

    Thunder Wave for additional support in taking down switch-ins.

    Counters: Tyranitar fears Energy Ball and Hidden power, but is otherwise pretty safe and can use Crunch or Pursuit to destroy this crazy thing. Heatran resists everything it has apart from hidden power and is hit neutrally with Thunderbolt. Metagross is pretty much immune to Psychic attacks and can pursuit it down or hit it with Meteor Mash.

    It is a bit more bulky than Alakazam or Gengar, and it gets Thunderbolt and Analytic that Alakazam doesn't get, but it lacks the important Focus Blast that pokémon like Gengar and Alakazam get to cover Steels and Darks, and while it is more bulky than those two, it isn't a mountain. If it uses Analytic, it has to take a hit every time it attacks and that slow speed is still hindering in a hard-hitting environment.
  4. Whitelightning

    Whitelightning I am Back

    ET Go Fight
    Beheeyem@fighting gem(hp fighting)/shell bell
    Ability: Anylatic
    Shadow ball
    Recover/HP fighting
    Charge beam/energy ball
    Modest nature
    Evs: Spatk 252/Def 252/hp 4
  5. SomeoneIGuess

    SomeoneIGuess ?Hu Hsilaciryl

    This. Is all that Reno needs to write.

    This week's POTW is boring D:
  6. Pokeman Man

    Pokeman Man The Real Slim Shady

    He looks like a tree.

    Also, when Analytic says 'Attack power is boosted', does that mean the actual stat Attack, or the move's power? (Regardless of Physical/Special classification.)

    A Nasty Trick indeed..
    - Nasty Plot
    - Trick Room
    - Psychic / Psyshock
    - Hidden Power [Fighting]
    Item Attached: Leftovers / Life Orb
    Ability: Synchronize
    EVs and Nature:
    252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Def
    Modest nature [ +SpA, -Atk ] / Quiet nature [ +SpA, -Spe ]

    Pretty obvious. It's like a Reuniclus except less bulkier.. but a stronger boost move. Max HP is best here in case you need to go for extra Trick Rooms and for survivability. Nasty Plot brings your stellar attack to toppling levels, and Trick Room means you won't have to worry about that terrible speed. There's your Psychic STAB, Psychic is stronger, but Psyshock hits things like Virizion and Blissey harder. Hidden Power [Fighting] hits Darks and Steels.

    Choice Specs
    - Psychic / Psyshock
    - Shadow Ball
    - Hidden Power [Fighting]
    - Thunderbolt / Energy Ball
    Item attached: Choice Specs / Life Orb
    Ability: Analytic / Synchronize
    EVs and Nature:
    252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Def
    Modest nature [ +SpA, -Atk ]

    Same deal with Psychic / Psyshock, depends on what you wanna hit. Shadow Ball hits Ghosts and Psychics, Hidden Power [Fighting] hits Darks and Steels. Thunderbolt hits Gyarados harder, and Energy Ball hits Swampert harder. Both hit bulky waters, which always help.

    - Thunder Wave / Toxic / Reflect / Light Screen / Disable
    - Thunder Wave / Toxic / Reflect / Light Screen / Disable
    - Recover
    - Psychic / Thunderbolt
    Item Attached: Leftovers
    Ability: Synchronize
    EVs and Nature:
    252 HP / 164 Def / 92 SpD
    Bold nature [ +Def, -Atk ]

    Thunder Wave cripples fast opponents. Toxic breaks down walls. Reflect and Light Screen can turn you into a double screener. Disable.. Beheeyem's a bit slow to use it, but otherwise, that's all he gets as support. Recover heals you, which is always nice, and Psychic / Thunderbolt is so you're not Taunt bait. The EVs and nature max out your HP and even both your defenses to 249 each.
  7. bugcatchersdream

    bugcatchersdream is not a moron

    Has anyone considered using Miracle Eye as opposed to HP Fighting?
  8. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Nasty Plot Beheeyem

    Quiet nature
    252 HP/252 Sp. Atk/252 Def
    ~Nasty Plot
    ~Hidden Power (Fighting)
    ~Shadow Ball

    Takes advantage of Beheeyem's high Special Attack and ability to learn Nasty Plot. Nasty Plot for the Special Attack boost, then sweep away. Psychic and Psyshock are for STAB, and you can pick whichever one you need, based on whether your problems lay in special walls or Conkeldurr. Hidden Power (Fighting) and Shadow Ball are for the additional unresisted coverage. The item is Leftovers. Beheeyem has pretty OK defenses, and due to its low Speed, it'll be taking its fair share of hits.

    As for the ability, any one of them would work, depending on your situation. If you plan to use Beheeyem in a double or triple battle, Telepathy is your friend. If you fear status that much, go with Synchronize. Analytic is a fantastic ability for Beheeyem, but its effectiveness is hampered slightly by the fact that Beheeyem can't actually HAVE the ability just yet.

    Defensive Beheeyem

    Sassy nature
    252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Def
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Hidden Power (Fighting)

    Takes full advantage of the slight amount of bulk a Beheeyem boasts. The nature and EVs maximize Special Defense and HP, while Barrier builds up that Defense. Recover does what it does best, restoring Beheeyem's HP. Shadow Ball and Hidden Power Fighting provide unresisted coverage together, and prevent Beheeyem from becoming total Taunt bait. Leftovers usage is obvious.

    Again, any ability works here. Telepathy works if this Beheeyem is intended for double or triple battles. Synchronize makes foes think twice about trying to cripple Beheeyem with status. Analytic, while not yet released, puts some power behind those attacks.

    Defensive Beheeyem 2

    Calm nature
    252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Def
    ~Power Split
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Zen Headbutt

    Hear me out on this one. Works like the last defensive Beheeyem, but with a slight twist. When your opponent sends in a physical attacker, your means of physical defense will not be raising Beheeyem's Defense, but rather lowering the enemy's Attack by averaging it with Beheeyem's sub-par Attack. Hence the Calm nature. Once that's done, Beheeyem will probably have an actually worthwhile Attack stat, and thus be able to take advantage of its limited physical movepool. And when I say limited, I mean that its only other physical options are Return, Frustration, Thief, Giga Impact, Rock Tomb, and Astonish. Again, Leftovers usage is obvious. And again, any ability works here, based on your team's needs.

    Trick Room Beheeyem

    Beheeyem@Life Orb
    Quiet nature
    252 HP/252 Sp.Atk/4 Def
    ~Trick Room
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Hidden Power (Fighting)

    Trick Room makes Beheeyem's agonizingly low Speed into a selling point, practically ensuring that for the next five turns, it WILL go first. Add its beautiful base 125 Special Attack into the mix and... Ouch. I do NOT want to be on the recieving end of this Beheeyem. Psychic and Psyshock are STAB moves, while Shadow Ball and Hidden Power (Fighting) give the usual unresisted coverage. Life Orb helps Beheeyem put a little extra "oomph" into its attacks. Now, unlike the previous sets, Analytic WON'T work here. Analytic relies on Beheeyem moving last, which is exactly the opposite of what this set is for.
  9. slowking79

    slowking79 King of the slowbro

    Doubles and triples support
    Beheeyem@ leftovers
    Quiet/ 252 Satk/252 def/ 4hp
    -skill swap
    -trick room/thunder wave

    Designed to help pokemon crippled by their abilities in double and triple battles
    trick room for slower teams, thunder wave for status support
    attacks to avoid being taunt bait (no psyshock because slaking, it's ideal partner, would rip blissey/chansey/ other special walls to pieces) and telekinesis to help pokemon w/ moves w/ bad accuracy.
  10. KrookodilePwner

    KrookodilePwner Just go STEEL hard!

    Good special attacker but's defense and speed is terribly broken.

    Telepathy:In doubles and triple battles when your team-mates hit you it won't work.You that have many double or triple battles and your never gonna hit your Beheeyem right?
    Synchronize:When your burned, paralyzed, and poisoned the opponent does too.
    Anyway you'll have to be lucky for that.
    Analytic:Increases power 30% when last pokemon.Your might excited to use Beheeyem anyway.But don't stick with that situation.


    Beyeehem @ Light Clay/Rocky Helmet/Flame Orb/Life Orb
    EVs:126 HP / 126 Defense / 130 Special Attack / 126 Special Defense
    Lax Nature (+Defense, -Special Defense)
    -Thunderbolt/Charge Beam/Thunder Wave/Energy Ball
    -Toxic/Shadow Ball/Hidden Power[Fighting]/Facade

    A trick I used for Chandelure but some other few edits are attached.Reflect is for the weak defense but if they use an attack on you Rocky Helmet is useful and Light Clay helps for more turns for Reflect.Psychic and Psyshock is some originally basic STAB moves.Thunderbolt for to paralyze and damage that makes Beheeyem attack first.Charge Beam does damage and charging you Special Attack for ridiculous Special Attack.Thunder Wave is to paralyze making Beheeyem attack first.Energy Ball has more damage then Charge Beam and it lowers the opponent's Special Defense.Toxic poisons your opponent but don't use when you have Thunderbolt or Thunder Wave.Shadow Ball does damage to the Ghost-Types.Hidden Power[Fighting] is a counter to Dark-Types.Facade is meant to double damage for the Flame Orb and Life Orb helps for additional damage.

    Beheeyem @ Life Orb/Rocky Helmet/Normal Gem
    EVs:130 HP / 252 Special Attack / 126 Speed
    Modest Nature (+Special Attack, -Attack
    -Nasty Plot/Energy Ball/Charge Beam/Thunderbolt/Calm Mind
    -Hyper Beam/Recover/Imprison
    -Double Team/Shadow Ball/Hidden Power[Fighting]/Attract/Embargo

    This moveset cost's HP for Life Orb but your Special Attack goes up.Rocky Helmet helps defense.Nasty Plot sharply raises your brilliant Special Attack.Energy Ball does damage and lowers your opponent's Special Defense.Charge Beam charges up Special but lower damage then Energy Ball.Thunderbolt is a powerful move that probably paralyzes your opponent.Calm Mind boosts both of your Specials.Psychic and Psyshock are both good STAB moves.Hyper Beam is your cost for Normal Gem to defeat most opponents.Recover for the fact of bad defense.Imprison will do good at Psychic-Types.Double Team makes support for the weak defense.Shadow Ball is helpful for Ghost and Psychic-Types.Hidden Power[Fighting] defeats Dark-Types like Weavile.Attract is supporting defense.Embargo are traps and support defeating opponents.

    Partners for Beheeyem
    The best partner I think is Dark, Bug, and Ghost-Types.It helps to kill most opponents.

    Countering Beeheyem
    These are good counters:Dark, Bug, and Ghost-Types.They do super effective plus faster.
    Last edited: May 22, 2011
  11. Pre-Evolution Corner
    Elgyem is my favorite Pokemon so I gotta do a Pre-evolution corner for it.
    Well, unlike Beheyem, this thing can special wall with the eviolite. Outside of that, really, there's not much it can do considering Beheeyem has much better stats.
  12. ilucado

    ilucado Blaine's Style!

    ok this one is.. well you name it!

    Doubles and triples disruptor
    Calm nature
    252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Def
    ~Heal Block
    ~Simple Beam
    ~Trick Room/Psychic

    Heal Block is to prevent Leftovers and stuff... Reflect to help teammates and itself. Now, if I'm not wrong, Simple Beam!! You can use it on a teammate (like Scizor and double the effect of Swords Dance) or you can use it on foe and the then use another pkmn to Captivate/ Scare Face/ Metal Sound it to death! Trick room for the obvious... and Psychic to prevent taunt!
  13. Spacial Rend

    Spacial Rend Ultra Trainer

    Tripple Battle Support/Dual Screener@Light Clay
    EVs: 252 HP 200 Def 56 SpDef
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Telepathy
    Ally Switch
    Light Screen

    This set is simple, having only two words describe it. They are taunt bait. Basically, even though no one would ever think of using this thing in a Tripple Battle as Psychic support when there's Uxie, Cresselia, and even Reuniclus, it can set up Dual Screens. On top of that, it can Ally Switch to another teammate to help them out or get rid of a threat. Saftguard protects the party from status, which is always nice.

    Other Options: Any of these moves could be replaced with Recover to increase its time alive.
  14. Pokeman Man

    Pokeman Man The Real Slim Shady

    You can't have that many EVs.
  15. Pokeman Man

    Pokeman Man The Real Slim Shady

    Never use Hyper Beam. It's too much of a waste. Why would you want a sacrifice a great Pokemon like Beheeyem? And if you do KO with Hyper Beam, the opponent could switch in something and set up, dooming your entire team. Double Team is banned anyway due to Evasion Clause. Duh. Imprison isn't good because, who would bother to use a Psychic type move on Beheeyem anyway?
  16. TimmahX

    TimmahX Well-Known Member

    Usually I'd write a whole thing with a few sets, but I woke up later today and pretty much every critical set that works for this guy is up. I like almost all of this gen's Psychic types, so this was a nice one. I'll put some counters up there though, since we have less of those.

    Countering Beheeyem

    When it comes to countering Beheeyem, you have to keep in mind that most sets are going to run at least Nasty Plot in terms of non-attacking moves, and other moves like Dual Screens and status support are possible, as well as Trick Room. That said, Taunt is a great start for countering, and even slower carriers of the move can pull it off here. Bisharp and Absol can both down it one hit with their Sucker Punches, so on the offensive front, they're the best options. Not even HP Fighting can stop them due to priority, which still works against the Trick Room variants. If you want some variety to spice up the list, Umbreon just sets up Curses on Beheeyem like crazy. Really, not a lot of variants will run HP Fighting, so most Dark Types are safe on this one. Next up, Bug types. Escavalier ruins the Trick Room variants in particular, but can just as easily take down the other sets. Avoiding the Bug/Poisons is rather critical, unless you want to run with Venomoth, and put it to sleep and stock up Quiver Dances on it. Same for Masquerain. Spiritomb and Sableye make great choices thanks to their fantastic typing, and Sableye carries priority Taunt to use on it. Those are the typical routes due to type advantages, now here are the more interesting options: Espeon, Reuniclus, Gallade, Zangoose, Drapion, Kingler, Rapidash, Sawsbuck, Physical Samurott, Excadrill, Toxicroak, and Leafeon. I know that looks pretty wild, but all of them either have an outright or niche advantage. Toxicroak can bait a Psychic and take it down with Sucker Punch, Reuiniclus is faster in Trick Room, and the rest of them either have a Bug, Ghost or Dark move. I know that's not much more variation, but they're interesting options. Now to break the list down even more, Bulky Waters and Grass types. Milotic, Gastrodon, Vaporeon, Meganium... take out pictures of pokemon, tape them to a dart board and go nuts. Anything you hit can probably wall it. Beheeyem is more likely to run Thunderbolt than Energy Ball by the way, so Grass types and Water/Grounds make better choices.
  17. SomeoneIGuess

    SomeoneIGuess ?Hu Hsilaciryl

    Lol, Masquerain has fantastic typing. For once, Bug / Flying is fantastic?

    Anyway, you can partner this guy with...?
    - Dark Types in General, particularly Zoroark
    - Steels Types that aren't part Psychic
    - Fighting Types with Justified that recieve a Justified boost

    Etc. No really, what the hell.
    You can abuse Simple Beam in doubles, even if Beheeyem can't take Surfs, Rock Slides, Heat Waves, Earthquakes, Blizzards, or anything. Go wild. Trick Room then Simple Beam your Scizor Teammate who will SD and ruin your opponents. +4 Attack and a pretty awesome speed = cool. Or you could be random and have two Beheeyems Simple Beam each other and Nasty Plot for the +4.
  18. UsernameSayWha?

    UsernameSayWha? Hates Hidden Power

    A SubCM set?
    Beehymen @ Leftovers
    252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef
    - Substitute
    - Calm Mind
    - Psyshock
    - Focus Blast/Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt
  19. TimmahX

    TimmahX Well-Known Member

    I didn't mean the typing part, I meant the Quiver Dance sweeping gimmick. Of course Bug / Flying is horrible, even though it doesn't exactly mean much against Beheeyems that lack Thunderbolt.
  20. wunderkind

    wunderkind <- The PMG

    Beheeyem, the Extra-Terrestrial. An obvious moveset is Nasty Plot+Analytic, with a few Special moves.

    Just curious, but if you used Wonder Room, then Calm Mind, the SpD boosts would boost the stat that it supposed to be Def. So would those boosts transfer over to Def when Wonder Room ended? Or would it stick with SpD? That might help a defensive set, I guess.
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