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Community POTW #46

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Aquaholic

    Aquaholic Well-Known Member

    Escavalier plays the role of a knight perfectly: standing firm against the onslaught of its' opponents with the defensive power it wields, and returning fire with that massive 135 Base Attack stat. But a knight is nothing without a pawn to prepare the battlefield for it. It needs Trick Room to really give the enemy what for. Obviously, if the cavalier is in a TR situation, go with Iron Head for some flinch hax and Toxic for added annoyance.

    Typing match up-wise, it has only one glaring chink in its' armour: good old Fire-types. The UU furnace is burning with the likes of Chandelure with that huge Sp. Atk stat and the Intimidating Arcanine to watch out for. After an Intimidate and Will-o-Wisp, you can kiss that sweet Attack prowess goodbye.

    A [very] gimmicky set for the jousting jitterbug would be running Toxic, Swagger, Iron Defense (offsetting Swagger's Attack boost), Knock Off. But that's only an option if you are insane. Like me :)
  2. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    It should be noted that Base 80 or less HP (Base 80 is "average HP" by my definition) is a common trait of Bug Types. Bug Types that actually have a higher-than-80 Base HP are:
    -Arceus (120)
    -Yanmega (86)
    -Heracross (85)
    -Volcarona (85)

    Only 70 Pokemon have higher Defense and 58 have higher Sp.Def (considering all Rotom and Deoxys forms, but not Arceus Types, as being different Pokemon). However, as a dual-defender, only 25 Pokemon have both defenses higher (same caveat as before, plus Cofagrigus has higher Defense with a Sp.Def tie, and vice versa for Claydol).

    With HP considered among those 27 (the 25 with higher plus Clay' and Cof'), only 12 have superior durability. Of those 12, only Umbreon and Ferrothorn are non-legendary Pokemon.

    Now, considering offense compared to Umbreon and Ferrothorn:
    -Neither has better Attack than Escav'
    -Umbreon has better Speed and Ferro' ties Escav'
    -Umbreon ties Esca' in Sp.Atk, but it's a useless stat for Escav', Ferro', and Physical Umbreon sets.

    Escav's Attack Stat is tied for 7th place with Salamence, Metagross, Gigalith, and Excadrill. Only 13 Pokemon have better Attack...without Archeops and Regigigas's Abilities being active at the time...

    Overall, Escav' is a true force to be reckoned with. Short of an incredibly strong Fire-Type Move (or two), you'll be taking a lot of hits and dishing out a load of pain.

    Trick Room cranks your threat rating up to 11 as the only final-stage Pokemon with lower Speed is Shuckle. You tie Ferrothorn, making it friend and foe alike in Trick Room situations.
  3. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    IDK wanted to post some gimmick sets :/ if it had a better movepool I would post other sets but he doesn't get sacred sword (he have a sword doesn't he?) or something or close combat IDK wait till "grey" he should get more moves to work with.

    think that POTW with pokemons that have lacking move pool (like the starters) is a bad idea better put some pokemons who have good move pools and then when the move tutors come make POTW on them.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2011
  4. 10speed12

    10speed12 Member

    Ability:Shell armor
    EVs: 252 attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
    Moves:Swords Dance
    Iron Head
    Aerial Ace/Poison Jab
    Item:Life Orb/Expert Belt
  5. sticktendo

    sticktendo Member

    Escavalier is quite possibly my favorite Pokemon from Gen 5. I use him all the time. Sure, he's slow, but he's bulky enough to take hits first. His low Speed makes him almost built for Trick Room, where he truly shines. Mostly due to his 135 Attack. After a single Swords Dance, Escavalier can really dent or even OHKO just about anything, even neutrally. With only one (albeit quadruple) weakness to Fire, resistance to Spikes and immunity to Toxic Spikes, Escavalier has no trouble entering battles.

    However, Escavalier does have his flaws. The biggest being his rather shallow movepool. You don't have too many options when running Escavalier. The other prominent flaw he has is the existence a certain upper-tier Bug/Steel: Scizor. They both attack physically, but do so in entirely different ways. Scizor rushes in and punches you to death. Escavalier charges and then sweeps. While some may consider Scizor's Speed (and priority) is what makes him better, Escavalier can definitely work as an amazing Bug/Steel.

    Swarm: While Scizor has his overpowered priority Steel STAB to abuse, Escavalier has his Megahorn. Swarm boosts it even more when he's getting weak. Use Swarm.
    Shell Armor: Prevents critical hits. Not as useful as Swarm.
    Overcoat: Prevents damage from Hail...oh wait, just Hail. Not very useful.

    Swarm, Timid/Modest, 252 Atk/252 HP/4 SDef
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Iron Head

    This is probably the most common set you will find. Use Swords Dance, sweep with Megahorn. Iron Head is there for STAB and in case something resists Megahorn. I personally run Substitute, but Pursuit is popular for priority and catching Pokemon on the switch. Substitute is there for stall, as well as getting your HP low safely for Swarm.

    Other Options: You could run a CB set, but Escavalier doesn't really have much to use on it outside of the above and Double Edge. But it's there.

    Partners: Any Trick Room user is suggested. In upper tiers, I've found Reuniclus to be a great partner.

    Counters: Heatran resists everything Escavalier has and can counter with Fire attacks. Skarmory is another choice to wall him to death, then proceed to set up and Brave Bird him. Cobalion is also pretty effective, being resistant to both of Escavalier's STABs and Stealth Rock.
  6. Wire

    Wire Banned

    Escavalier, a great example of a mon that can overcome its move pool with brute force.
    Choice Band Bug
    Adamant nature, 252 attack, 248 HP, 8 speed
    Choice band
    -iron head
    Description later (never)
  7. Wire

    Wire Banned

    Choice band is standard. Although he could SD, the opponent can use that turn to switch into something like victini and force you out every single time. He does best just hitting hard immediately. Substitute? No. What do you do to something like registeel? Nothing. He lacks the coverage and speed to sweep so it best to kill what you can quickly and efficiently. With a ****ton of power
  8. Haha, Shedinja POTW is funny. XP

    When it comes to Escavalier, it's pretty much Choice Band or bust for me. Seriously, CB + Swarm Megahorn kills EVERYTHING. That thing even has a chance to 3HKO 252/252 Relaxed Steelix. Not that Steelix is the most common thing in UU, but still. That's pretty good.
  9. Wire

    Wire Banned

    Thank you someone isn't dumb
  10. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    I've loved using Escaliver in my VGC Trick Room teams! Never lets me down unless the opponent is a Chandelure!

    Born For Trick Room
    @Leftovers/Occa Berry
    Swarm/Shell Armour, Brave, 252 Atk/252 HP/4 SDef
    ~Protect/Swords Dance
    ~Iron Head
    ~Faint Attack

    Protect is a must on all non-bulky Pokemon in VGC. You can opt for Swords Dance in single battles too, where Escaliver will work better. The choice of Megahorn vs. X-Scissor is power vs. accuracy. Iron Head is a reliable STAB move, which can get some useful flinches under Trick Room. Faint Attack deals with the horribly annoying Chandelure, among other Ghosts.
  11. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    No, we can make it great!.. well we can if Reno would try a little harder.

    It has to do with the POTW, good enough for me.

    Yeah except unlike Salamence vs Dragonite who actually outclass each other in different areas Scizor outclasses Escavalier in literally every way. Escavalier is garbage sadly, because its a really cool Pokemon (and its cry rocks). A little more special bulk + Megahorn is not enough to beat Scizor's infinite utility with Bullet Punch / Quick Attack, powerful Pursuits, tide turning U-turns and *not raped as bad by Heatran / Magnezone* Superpowers. 65 speed outruns a TON of stuff with minimal or heavy investment like Tyranitar, Skarmory, defensive Heatran and virtually all other walls. Escavalier's Special bulk is wasted due to the fact that it is outrun by everything and it has no priority.

    Anyone who thinks Escavalier is even remotely usable compared to Scizor has no idea how this game is played :(
  12. Wire

    Wire Banned

    Not to mention scizor gets roost
  13. TrollFreak

    TrollFreak Pit is Awesome :P

    this post made me chuckle, im not gonna lie

    but seriously, u do know that timid and modest lower attack right, that and timid makes him no faster

    protect is useless(unless using in doubles) and after laughing my *** off (again, im serious) for 5 mins, i laughed some more @ 20 base speed pokemon using sub

    oh serebii, how i <3 u so
  14. PhilosophicalPsychologica

    PhilosophicalPsychologica Well-Known Member

    Basically, this is a better versoin of Scizor...given Trick Room. Also, it may not have Roost, but it is considerably more bulky, yet being able to hit just as hard. If you think you can protect against Fire moves moreso than the average team, screw Scizor and try Escavalier instead!

    A Rest set is plausible with either Leftovers or Chesto Berry, but the main point here to use Escavalier over someone like Scizor or Genesect is Megahorn while still having access to iron Head (advatanges over Scizor) and the super-powerful Megahorn and pure power. It also has Swords Dance to put over Genesect's head.

    Scizor and Genesect are the more tricky Pokemon. Escavalier is what you want with pure brawn and invincible bulk.

    Now for actual moves...
    Megahorn/Iron Head and their pure brute force is really all the coverage Escavalier needs. It gets walled by Keldeo and most Steel-Types. With that in mind, you can throw in a bunch of random support moves such as Toxic, Knock Off, perhaps a random Hidden Power. (60 SpAtk isn't THAT bad...on par with...Spinda.)

    This is especially important if not running Swords Dance. Aerial Ace can help against the random Keldeo, but offers little else. The bad movepool makes way for an interesting move such as Scary Face (perhaps to help setup a teammate?).

    Pursuit is another viable move, but unless you're trying to shoot down a Gengar locked into Shadow Ball, it won't help much. Due to such open space, expect Protect and Substitute to be popular moves.

    As a final note, you may complain about Megahorn's bad Accuracy. It is perfectly plausible to run both Megahorn and X-Scissor. Escavalier doesn't have much of a movepool to boast about anyway. so don't think it's counterproductive. There are just times you want a Bug STAB with perfect Accuracy and don't need the strength of Megahorn.

    As a final note:
    Karrablast + Little Cup + No Guard + Megahorn

    Good day.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2011
  15. menametlg

    menametlg Well-Known Member

    Swarm: Best ability. Abuse X-Scissor and Megahorn.
    Shell Armor: Not good not bad. Blocked critical hit.
    Hidden Ability (Not Available):
    Overcoat: Oink... oink! Useless. Only hail affects him.

    @Life Orb/Left-overs
    Swarm/Shell Armour
    Brave/Adamant [252 Def/ 252 Atk/ 4 HP]
    -Iron Head
    -Swords Dance

    Megahorn and X-Scissor are STAB. Just choose. Iron head does the same. Swords Dance raises its Atk like insane. Reversal hit Steel types that otherwise will counter him.

    @Choice Band
    Swarm/Shell Armor
    Brave [252 Def, 252 Atk, 4 HP]
    -Iron Head
    -Slash/Double Edge

    Choice Band double its insane attack, which is good. Megahorn, X-Scissor and Iron Head explain itselves. Slash damage alot while Double Edge also do the same, only taking recoil. Reversal are for Forretress, Ferrothorn and Bisharp that will try to wall you.

    Other options...

    Knock Off. Since Escavalier is a powerhouse, F.E.A.R would ruin him. Knock off knocks the Focus Sash.
    Occa Berry. Reduce the damage from Fire type moves.

    Trick Room and Rain Dance Team would help him. I believe Slowbro, Slowking and Jellicent would be the best choice, as they cover the only weakness of Escavalier.

    Heatran resist the STAB of Escavalier. Droughtales is also a good choice.
  16. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    Rest is not seen as much as it should. Plus, with both of Escav's defenses at Base 105, people need to look at all Bug/Steel Types' defenses:
    -Forretress - Base 75 HP, Base 200 Defense, Base 65 Sp.Def, Sturdy Ability gives you a free Focus Sash effect
    -Scizor - Base 70 HP, Base 100 Defense, Base 85 Sp.Def, Technician-Bullet Punch makes you more offensive than defensive
    -Wormadam - Base 60 HP, Base 95 Defense & Sp.Def, Anticipation Ability allows you to know if there's a Fire-Type Move
    -Escavalier - Base 70 HP, Base 105 Defense & Sp.Def, Shell Armor blocks Critical Hits, able to survive long enough to actually use Swarm
    -Durant - Base 58 HP, Base 112 Defense, Base 48 Sp.Def, colossal Speed advantage makes you more offensive than defensive
    -Genesect - Base 71 HP, Base 95 Defense & Sp.Def, Water-Type Techno Blast makes Fire Types think twice

    Scizor and Escav' don't compare. Same Type, HP, and near-identical Attack, but Escav' is a defensive Pokemon, Scizor is an offensive one. It's much like comparing New York- and Chicago-style pizza:
    -New York-style is designed for people constantly on the go in their routine (like Scizor on rapid offense)
    -Chicago-style is designed for people able to sit down and relax for a while (like Escav' on drawn-out defense)
    ...you can't compare Escav' and Scizor just because of their classifications. Apples and oranges are both fruit, but beyond that, not at all alike.

    However, when Trick Room is active, all bets are off. Scizor still has Technician-Bullet Punch to go first, but Escav's Iron Head beats it on damage output. Same with Megahorn, even without Swarm, VS Technician-Bug Bite.
  17. Crusina

    Crusina Your In Bad Company

    First of all, this is supposed to be about POTW, but since you insist on being a hypocrite and I suck at backing down I feel like I have to point out a few things.

    1. you only said "it's good enough for me" to save face for the fact that you posted in the wrong thread, about the wrong pokemon, trash talking about someone...in the wrong thread. Which I find funny.

    2. let me quote you on a few things

    So saying he sucks, if you don't know he sucks you don't know pokemon etc, is directly contradicting what you said earlier. Which I'm guessing you only said to make yourself look better when everyone was trashing Granbull and you wanted to act like a leader of the lost or something, now when everyone likes the pokemon in question, you're downplaying everything it can do because it makes you look intelligent because you aren't following the masses in their "it's a fantastic pokemon111!!"

    We all know it's outclassed in most area's, but as YOU said, focus on what it can do well, not what's better.

    ((see? I can attack you to! It's fun to mock people isn't it? (That's sarcasm btw))

    3. Regardless, it's obvious that you are an intelligent person, but you're starting fights, attacking people, and acting like a douche. Why don't you prove you're the better person in every area, starting with how you act, before attempting to gain any position of power?

    Now, that I've brought up all relevant points if you have a problem, PM me, PM the webmaster, but stop bringing your grievances onto these threads, and unlike me, stay on topic please. This thread is about a specific pokemon, keep the discussion on that pokemon.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2011
  18. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    Scizor is better in that it can ACTUALLY hit steels and fire types with brick break and superpower (chandelure can beat both) (toxic don't hurt steels)
    so what if he have more Special attack still he doesn't compare to scizor as an offfensive pokemon with 20 speed and his main problem-m limited move pool.

    what he needs is a better movepool then there should be a POTW cause with iron head and megahorn he have really bad coverage.

    there are 5 steel/bug types

    Durant=Hustle+ hone claws = offence
    genesect=mostly scarfed= revenge killer but can work with his 99 speed too as a Life orb user boltbeam,flamethrower,bugbuzz something like nidoking.

    excavalier.. have bad move pool he can't be a supporter his main use is trick room offence.
  19. Crusina

    Crusina Your In Bad Company

    You can basically use him to scare the crap out of any psychic, or on a trick room team, or just to simply punch holes.

    But he doesn't set up hazards, can only revenge kill with pursuit really, and his weakness to fire isn't unlike any other pokemon (tyrannitar obviously is X4 weak to fighting and that doesn't stop him) but his speed and lack of means to boost it regardless means he can't handle anything with a fire attack unless it's in rain.

    Plus he can't U-turn, which would be great to save him for later if you predict a fire switch, but he doesn't get it...

    It's stupid how gamefreak makes a pokemon based on a Knight, and doesn't give it flame charge, close combat, flare blitz, anything related to charging/combat beyond megahorn basically.

    Although my excavalier once did 2HKO a bold zapdos.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2011
  20. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    huh. Excavalier sucks butt. Its virtually 100% outclassed by Scizor even though Exca takes hits better / hits harder.

    If you want to use Exca in OU you need to capitalize on what its good at that nothing else can do.. which is very little.

    Excavalier @ Leftovers
    Sassy (0 speed IVs)
    Shell Armor
    252 HP / 248 Special Defense / 8 Attack

    Iron Head
    Protect / Knock Off

    If I was to ever be crazy enough to use Exca in OU I would use this (IN THE RAIN). Special Defense is great enough to never be 2HKOed by LO Latios HP Fire and only take ~34% from +1 Reuniclus Focus Blast. Megahorn easily 2HKOs defensive Reuniclus while OHKOing Trick Room Reun (8 attack guarantees this) and all Latios / Latias. Special Bulk takes 40% max from Gengar's LO Focus Blast letting you usually beat it. Shell Armor prevents annoying crits. LO Starmie Hydro Pump 2HKOs in the rain but even then you always survive Thunderbolt + Hydro Pump. Without Rain Hydro Pump is a 3HKO. Knock Off is good in the last slot to cripple Pokemon like Skarmory, Infernape and Heatran but Protect lets Exca live a bit longer and scout choiced opponents.
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