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Community POTW #95

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Seems the last two didn't get much love. Let's hope this week's does. As Halloween falls within the week following next Sunday, it's a Halloween special!


    It's everyone's favourite Ghost Pokémon, Gengar. It's capable of quite alot.


    Go nuts.
  2. Lucario Fan

    Lucario Fan Well-Known Member

    Ability: Levitate
    Item: Wise Glasses/Focus Sash
    Moves: Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Focus Blast, Giga Drain
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  3. Ttar's stone edge

    Ttar's stone edge League Legend

    Oh my god. Gengar as POTW. Thank god. This thing has been one of two pokemon too be in OU since it started in gen 1. Initially a pain as it had to be traded to evolve, it soon found a variety of sets that could work well and exploit the enemies weaknesses. Sadly, the term paper thin was made with him in mind, and sub is pretty much a necessity, as otherwise you could be down a pokemon

    My favourite set
    Gengar@Black sludge/leftovers
    Evs:252 speed 252 S atk 4 hp
    Nature: Timid
    Moves: Shadow ball
    Focus miss
    Standard subdisable gengar. Swap into things like choiced terrak or similar, sub up and unleash hell. Disable to troll choiced mons or to stop healing for a certain pokemon
    Ability was not mentioned as it only has levitate, which does nullify a weakness. A good ability for it as well, as any attacks it isnt taking are good.
  4. HRRlion

    HRRlion 2795 4358 7025

    Being one of 2 Pokemon to be OU in all generations so far is nothing to scoff at, and indeed, above average 110 Speed, a very powerful 130 Special Attack and an extensive move-pool justifies Gengar s positioning. However, a low hp, att and def stats mean you can't take hits very will, if at all. The low HP stat makes Gengar s close to passable SpDefence stat redundunt. Thunder Wave is also a problem as is no reliable recovery (although Gengars low HP stat makes him a great user of Pain Split), priority moves also hurt like hell and you are completely hopeless against Pursuit users. His typing is unique but I feel like the Poison sub-typing is rather bad as their are better ways to hurt Grass Types. Gengar also gets an unwelcome Psychic weakness as well as Ground, had it not been thanks to Levitate. Despite these flaws, Gengar is very versatile and will find a place on your team if you need something fast that also hits hard.


    Levitate: Only ability and a good one. You now have an immunity to ground instead of a weakness although you'd be KO by Earthquake anyway.


    Choice Specs

    Gengar@Choice Specs
    -Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball
    -Icy Wind/Ice Beam
    -Focus Blast
    -Destiny Bond

    A unique set but is pretty simple. DP and SB are powerful options. DP has a small flinch chance but you could choose SB for more power. IcyWind takes care of the many dragons and genies flying around nowadays with that speed drop but Ice Beam hits a lot harder. Focus Blast is very powerful and takes care of Dark Types who may have pursuited you but the accuracy is meh. Destiny Bond is for if you know theres nothhing you can do and somewhat rectifies a bad switch in.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
  5. Umbilical Noose

    Umbilical Noose Bonzo Nut

    Who's the other one, Starmie? Or maybe Vaporeon?

    I am not good with making sets but one of my opponent recently used one set which was really annoying.

    Item: Life Orb
    Shadow Ball
    Pain Split
    Focus Blast

    I don't know the EVs and nature. I am not sure about Substitute too. I just added it myself. The opponent didn't got to use the fourth move.

    Edit: Forgot the Counters.

    Counters: Anything physical will most likely take out Gengar. The problem is its fast. So priority moves like Scizor's Bullet Punch or Mamoswine's Ice Shard are best against it. Tyranitar's Pursuit kills it too cause it will most likely want to switch out against the likes of Tyranitar who boast tremendous Physical Attack. Sucker Punch Users also do nice against it.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  6. StreetFlare

    StreetFlare Master of Flame

    Ah, Gengar. The first Ghost...which proved no counter for Alakazam because of it's partial Poison-typing. However, don't let that write it off. A base-stat total of 500, with most of that in Sp. Attack and Speed gives this spirit a fair bit to work with, and thanks to that speed, can allow it to either revenge kill or, if set up, sweep. In addition, it gets access to Drain Punch via. BW2 tutors, so a physical set isn't 100% out of the question.

    Gengar w. Choice Scarf/Specs
    EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Sp. Att, 4 HP
    Nature: Timid/Modest
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Giga Drain/Energy Ball
    Sludge Bomb

    Set's basic premise is a special revenge-killer. Gengar's movepool for this type of thing is pretty narrow, so I've done my best (expect a second post from me after I consult a ghost-master I typically discuss sets with). Nature and item depend on which you'd rather focus on, speed or power. Shadow Ball and Focus Blast have perfect coverage, although the lack of accuracy on Focus Blast is an issue. Shadow Ball hits the psychic types that need to be removed, while Focus Blast can deal with Dark types and/or Heatran. Giga Drain gives Gengar some form of recovery, and a decent hit against Gastrodon and other Water/Ground types that might survive a Shadow Ball. Energy Ball performs the same purpose, although it lacks the recovery element. Sludge Bomb...eh, it was either Sludge Bomb or Thunderbolt to fill a slot, and Sludge Bomb has STAB and the ability to remove the more annoying Grass types...that would be better dealt with via a Fire-type, while the only purpose for T-bolt would be to do the same as Giga Drain or Energy Ball.

    As I said before, should have more sets later, I'm tired, it's 12am on Monday morning here, and I've got my last three days of school this year coming up...I gotta sleep. Maybe I'll come up with a sweeper set or a physical set (I.e. Drain Punch, Shadow Punch/Sucker Punch, Elemental Punches or something...) while I do that.
  7. Sala-imence

    Sala-imence Rock type trainer

    Item: Life Orb
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 252 Spe / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
    Ability: Levitate
    - Shadow Ball
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Energy Ball
    - Focus Blast

  8. ClefairyRox

    ClefairyRox Nintendo Fan

    Gengar and Starmie are the only two Pokemon that have been OU since Gen 1. It's not hard to see why: these two have fantastic typings, movepools, stats, and abilities. But we're focusing on Gengar here, so...

    Gengar is the original ghost and has always been popular. I still remember how goofy the Gengar in the first season of the Pokemon anime was, and I always got a laugh out of its Stadium animations. On the battlefield, though, Gengar is terrifying. It has a huge base 130 Sp. Attack and an excellent base 110 Speed. In fact, Gengar is so quick that it can even outrun some Choice Scarf Pokemon.

    Gengar's typing and Levitate ability give it three great immunities: Normal, Fighting, and Ground, all of which are common. Of course, it must tread carefully when Mold Breaker is involved, but otherwise, Gengar is free to abuse these immunities in order to switch in many times. And that's a good thing, since with 60/60/75 defenses, it can't take too many direct hits.

    Gengar's movepool is full of all sorts of tricks and treats. Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, and Thunderbolt are very popular on this specter. It can also abuse the Substitute/Pain Split combo to great effect, making Chansey and Blissey think twice about switching in. Disable has gained huge popularity on Gengar since its accuracy boost in the generation shift, and for good reason. With Disable, Gengar can force Choiced Pokemon into Struggling or stop the only offensive move on a defensive Pokemon. I've seen many Gengar with Hypnosis on PBR Wifi, but if it misses, Gengar is in a heap of trouble. Finally, if Gengar is about to bite the dust, Destiny Bond can be used as a last-ditch effort to take a foe down, and Gengar can use it quite well thanks to its high Speed.

    Countering Gengar: If it doesn't have Substitute, Thunder Wave works very well. Gengar just can't be at the top of its game without its Speed. Chansey, Blissey, and Ferrothorn can all do this, but beware of Focus Blast.

    Pursuit is very effective, especially considering Gengar's poor Defense. Scizor won't like Focus Blast much, but it can easily pick off a weakened Gengar. Metagross is in a similar boat. Priority works quite well on Gengar, as does revenge killing. Any Pokemon that reach 351 or more Speed is what you want, since 99% of Gengar are Timid, from what I know.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  9. Kraleck

    Kraleck Well-Known Member

    Levitate + Posion Type is an invitation to Mold Breakers with Earthquake. Ghost Type gives you lots of potential against Fighting, Normal, Psychic, and Ghost Types, especially with that lovely Base 110 Speed, but being so fragile makes Speed and offense so much more valuable to Gengar. Base 60 HP & Defense and Base 75 Sp.Def won't wall much at all if they actually hit, making Priority an option, but since many Priority Moves are Normal or Fighting Type, it's a less accessible option since only Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak, Bullet Punch, Aqua Jet, and Ice Shard can affect Gengar.

    Other options are Tank-n-Spank or Hit Fast & Hit Hard Tactics. Special Walling Gengar is the best option for Slower-Than-Base 110 Pokemon, but with as many Move-Type Options as it has, it's less desirable. Weavile, Alakazam, and Starmie are the best bets for hitting Gengar hard and fast where it hurts...
  10. TimmahX

    TimmahX Well-Known Member

    Countering Gengar

    In past generations, Gengar was mainly countered by Special Walls and faster Pokemon that can just beat it down. With the advent of 5th Generation and the ever popular Sub-Disable set, Gengar's list of counters was hit a bit, and he needs to be handled differently. Pranksters all shut down Gengar with Taunt. Cloyster and Cinccino both OHKO Gengar through his Substitutes thanks to Skill Link with Icicle Spear and Rock Blast. Espeon and Xatu can switch on Disable to stop its game plan and kill it if it lacks a Substitute, but Gengar can kill them both off easily otherwise with Shadow Ball. Playing defensively against Gengar, avoid using Choice Pokemon to fight Gengar. You'll be stuck in the water if it hits with Disable before you can kill it.
  11. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 Just bought a Switch :D

    As great as this pokemon is, it doesn't get as many movesets as others. It certainly ain't no Clefable, I'll say that! But, here's one:

    Gengar with Wise Glasses
    max sp atk and speed
    timid or modest

    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Wave/Sludge Bomb
    Focus Blast

    Simple. Sub+3 attacks. It's fast enough to pull it off. It's your choice in the second moveslot, sludge wave for higher power, sludge bomb if you want a better chance to poison the opponent. Together, Shadow Ball and Focus Blast have amazing coverage.

    Other options:

    energy ball

    together, these moves get pretty good coverage. But, it all depends on what your team needs.
  12. Del Mundo

    Del Mundo Ghost Fan

    YAAAAAAS! Finally! After two years! It's finally my favorite Pokemon!

    Anyways, Disable Gengar is great and Pain Split is nifty, but let's not forget his offensive capabilities!

    Gengar@Choice Scarf/Choice Specs
    Evs: 4 HP 252 SAtk 252 Spd
    Nature: Timid
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Hidden Power Fire
    ~Thunderbolt/Energy Ball/Trick

    Yeah, it may not as useful as a substitute set, but Gengar can still be a revenge killer, probably a sort of late game guy. Trick can also potentially ruin an opponent.
  13. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    Gengar is annoying when I see him in team preview I just wish I have my scarfer with good health before he shows up .
    Subtitute and many immunities are his biggest sell points but a scarf set can work cause no one expect it and being immune to spikes and only neutral to stealth rock is a good thing for choiced sets.
    When looking at gengar in gen 1.. with his high special stat. and being the only ghost.. why was ghost type physical?

    Trick or threat
    @choice Scarf
    252 sp.attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast

    Shadow ball is STAB 120 BP just like focus miss which both have perfect coverage when combined, thunderbolt beat those water types that are everywhere with rain teams and with rain teams in mind just use thunder. Trick is there to screw walls like eviolite chansey and vaporeon who can be annoying otherwise Timid is recomended to outspeed scarf base 108s (like terrakion and keldeo)
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  14. Meowmeow

    Meowmeow selfproclaimed guru

    I have found very few Ghost-types that truly stand out, and Gengar is actually no exception. I'm not a fan of Ghost-types. The only ghost I use is Chandelure, who I appreciate more for its Fire-typing.
    I'm not saying Gengar is bad. Oh no, Gengar is an excellent Pokemon. The problem is is that Pursuit users will leave Gengar completely helpless, especially Scizor and Tyranitar. While Gengar has immunity to priority moves Quick Attack, Extremespeed, Mach Punch, and Vacuum Wave, it's still hit by Sucker Punch, Bullet Punch, Shadow Sneak (though this is a little less common), Ice Shard, and Aqua Jet. Gengar will get weathered down by strong STAB moves fairly quickly because of its poor bulk. These factors make Gengar heavily reliant on Substitute.
    Now, let's talk positive. Gengar has a wonderful base 130 special attack stat, backed by a very nice base 110 speed. Gengar's movepool is also quite colorful, and those colors have merit. Gengar is able to function as a straightforward attacker, or as a status platform. As a status platform, STAB Hex will put big holes in enemies. As an attacker, Gengar's STAB Shadow Ball is backed by Focus Blast, Hidden Power, Thunderbolt, and Giga Drain.
    Time for movesets!

    Status Platform
    Nature: Timid (not very Gengar-ish, but whatever)
    EVs: 252 speed and HP, 4 special attack
    @: Black Sludge

    Thunder Wave/Substitute

    Usually, Gengar will want to fire on all spiritual cylinders with that base 130 special attack, but not here. Will-o-Wisp is the status move of choice, crippling any physical attacker that lacks Guts, especially Gengar's exorcists: Tyranitar and Scizor. Thunder Wave will cripple practically anything that is not a ground type, while Hypnosis MIGHT cripple one foe for good. Substitute can help Gengar leave the field without dying to any Pursuit. Hex not only rips statused things apart, but offers something to use if Gengar gets hit by Taunt.

    Nature: Timid (not very Gengar-ish, but whatever)
    EVs: 252 speed and special attack, 4 HP
    @: Black Sludge

    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast/Taunt

    Disable can be a lot of fun. That's all you need to know. On things like Ferrothorn or Blissey, combining it with Taunt can be destructive.

    Substitute and 3 ways of breaking things
    Nature: Timid (not very Gengar-ish, but whatever)
    EVs: 252 speed and special attack, 4 HP
    @: Black Sludge/Life Orb

    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Hidden Power Fire/Thunderbolt/Giga Drain

    Sub and destroy. Giga Drain can help with making new subs.

    Song of DEATH!!!!
    Nature: Timid (not very Gengar-ish, but whatever)
    EVs: 252 speed and HP, 4 special attack
    @: Black Sludge/Focus Sash

    Mean Look
    Perish Song
    Grudge/Shadow Ball

    PerishTrapping has not been one of those tactics that make people run in fear. Gengar can make it work. Mean Look and Perish Song make the core of the set. Protect lets you stall for Perish Song's countdown. Grudge sets Gengar apart from other PerishTrappers. In between Protects, Gengar can throw this move up to drain the PP of any move that kills it, making it a great fallback plan if PerishTrapping won't work. If you used Grudge BEFORE PerishTrapping, it will make your opponent think twice about saving what's staring down Gengar. If Grudge doesn't suit you, or you fear Taunt, you can opt for Shadow Ball instead.

    Who didn't see THIS coming?
    Nature: Timid (not very Gengar-ish, but whatever)
    EVs: 252 speed and special attack, 4 HP
    @: Choice Specs

    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Hidden Power Fire
    Sludge Bomb/Thunderbolt

    I only realized the pun after I wrote it. Whatever. We've all seen Choice sets before. This is nothing new.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
  15. jeffdavid102

    jeffdavid102 TSS Forever

    For counters, the biggest will Pursuit Pokemon. Gengar can handle them with the right moves though. Tyranitar is hit by Focus Blast hard, even with its SpDef under the sand. Scizor hates the somewhat rarer HP Fire(except all of them use it when I play).

    Conkeldurr can counter Gengar when played correctly. If you are predicting a SubDisable set and you are running a Bulk Up set with Drain Punch, Mach Punch, and Payback, naturally Gengar wants to disable Payback. So use Payback once for the lure, then Mach Punch the next turn. Gengar will then be unable to disable any other moves.

    Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Gengar, but that is not because I do not think it is good.
  16. philzone

    philzone Ready for trumpets

    Espeon and xatu can retaliate with stored power or psychic

    Ok. Here is a set that pains me.

    Item leftovers
    Evs 252 speed, 252 sp att, 4 hp
    Destiny bond
    Shadow ball
    Focus blast
    Psychic/will o wisp

    This set is quite good. This is useful vs stuff like tyranitar. It is a suicide lead. Is the foe seems like it can really be a pain, it can destiny bond and bring it crashing down. Shadow ball and focus blast are to stop taunters. Psychic is for coverage, whereas will o wisp breaks physical threats.

    Another, gimmick one is

    252 spd,252 spatt,4hp
    Perish song
    Mean look
    Shadow ball
    Focus blast

    Tjis one is a pain,. Perish song and mean look need no explanation. Shadow ball and focus blast are for if taunted
  17. Ghosts of the Forums

    Ghosts of the Forums Who Ya Gonna Call?

    best set:

    Gengar @Lefties
    252Sp.Atk 252Spe 4Sp.Def
    -Shadow Ball
    -Disable/Destiney Bond
    -Focus Miss

    old school:

    Gengar @Focus Sash
    252Sp.Atk 252Spe
    iv's: 0 Def
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast
    -Destiney Bond

    can surprise kill people woith counter, then take down another with destiney bond.

    all in all, gengar is absolutely great. and starmie was the other poke who was ou since gen 1.
  18. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    Espeon and xatu are both 0HKOed by gengar.. a timid espeon only speed ties with gengar so 50/50 chance to beat when facing 1 vs. 1 (none can switch into the other though) what does psychic hits? why not use subtitute instead?

    I wonder if blue harvest really wrote celebis' POTW there were some off points.. magical leaf? why not tackle then really.. just no.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  19. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Nope, my computer has been acting up. Serebii wrote the Celebi one and Kyurem's alt forms. My computer will be down for a while, so we may need to find someone else to write it for now, or permanently (or just make Serebii do it).
  20. matgonor

    matgonor Too cool for SSB4

    Gengar is a cool pokemon.Pretty much the biggest definition of glass cannon in the whole OU, as its offensive stats are great, but almost any hit(bar fighting, normal or ground) will likely take it down in 2-3 hits MAX.Also he is stopped cold by the blobs.Being resistant to entry hazards and poison is great for him.A good partner to him would be zoroark, as they both have look-alike movesets(focus blasts, for example) and zoroark can trick others to use a psychic attack on it, while gengar can make em think its zoroark and use figting attacks on him.Enjoy mindgaming the opponent.

    A smile in the dark
    @life orb/leftovers
    252 sp. atk, 252 speed, 4 hp
    Shadow ball
    Focus Blast
    Thunderbolt/dark pulse

    As gengar has technically no defenses, investing in them is almost pointless.A good idea might be to start with a substitute when possible.Dunno, switch tyranitar out and send in gengar when a choice-locked breloom mach punches, for example.Then, substitue to cover and go for the sweep.Shadow ball is for stab, and goes great with focus blast for coverage.Thunderbolt to finish the coverage(and being able to make skarmory take damage) or dark pulse to trick the enemy into thinking its zoroark.The item choice is simple, Life orb for raw power, or leftovers for survability, but the drop in power is noticeable.
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