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Compare and Contrast old & new Misty (now sexier than evah)

Is the new picture better than the old misty pic?

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Wow, that’s A LOT of work for just Paint. Nice job, and the new Misty is a lot better. Though being the Water Pokémon trainer that she is, a blue background with bubbles would be more appropriate than a flowery background.


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I think your new picture looks much better than the old one, even though it's been mentioned it doesn’t look too much like Misty, I think you've just tried to put your own personal style to it, rather than just rehash another anime looking Misty. I am not saying doesn’t have anime style it's just different from the cartoons.
Overall you look as though you put a lot work in to it, only thing think might have improved was water background, which was already mentioned.


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To all who have commented: THANK YOU SO MUCH ^-^

Now, the only reason I didn't add a watery background was because she'd of looked odd being in a cheerleading outfit and somehow be under water.
Secondly, I normally don't draw any out of the norm clothes, so Misty wearing that specific outfit was just a test to see wether I could actually draw something from the top of my head ^^;. Yeah, I've been working on that one for a while, would've probably finished it earlier if I hadn't been sooo busy...

Anybody else "dares" to comment? I swear I don't bite.


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great job

You should've put a poll option for "They're both great" or something like that.

Both of them are very well done. I seem to like the "old" Misty better. Looks more like her too. As for the new one, it seems to me as if the breasts are a bit oversized. As said in previous posts, the flowery background doesn't seem to suit her very well.
As for the old one, the hands could use a little work. Looks to me as if the thumbs are on the wrong sides.