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Comparison for School


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Okay guys, some help here, I need you to throw out which three final stage Pokemon you think look most like Digimon. I'll take the three mentioned most often and use them for my paper.

Thanks in advance.



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I don't know much about Digimon, but one of the Digimon I do remember kinda looks like Charmander. Does that help?
Bakemon -> Banette/Dusclops.
Flamedramon -> Lucario
Agumon -> Charmander

Closest I could find. You now have three.
Whaddaya think?
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Well, according to the internet, the entire 5th gen set look like digimon. I'm really getting tired of the comparisons though.


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I'd Say


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Walrein sorta looks like Ikkakumon? Birdramon looked a tiny bit like a weird moltres/fearow hybrid and then Togemon looks a little like Cacturne with some elements of Hitmonchan (the gloves hehe :) ) I only ever saw the first two seasons of digimon, so i'm afraid i don't really know anymore of them! I'm a pokemon fan at heart :p

Edit: What about megakabuterimon and heracross (cept the former was all skeletal and electric and that XD) just remembered that guy :p
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Charmander and Augumon look similar.
If I liked Digimon, I might be able to help you out a bit more.

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The only Pokémon which has ever consciously struck me as resembling a Digimon is Hydreigon, which I immediately recognized as being extremely similar to Megadramon and Gigadramon ever since I first saw it.