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Competitive OU Offensive Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Kosuke, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Kosuke

    Kosuke New Member

    Azelf w Leftovers
    252SpAtk, 252Spd, 4HP
    Nasty Plot
    Fire Blast

    My anti-lead, or better said, the set-up lead. Usually people with balanced or stall cores lead with spikers or stealth rockers, and so they usually waste a turn switching out or stealth rocking and then switching out, and allows me to set up one or two Nasty Plots, and then taking out what I can, which is mostly everything that isn't super bulky or resists my attack. However, I have problems with focus sash pokemon, especially Gengar, as it can live an attack with focus sash and then 1HKO me with a shadow ball.

    Metagross w Air Balloon
    Clear Body
    252Atk, 252Spd, 4HP
    Meteor Mash
    Zen Headbutt

    The powerhouse, and also has a nice synergy with Azelf. Usually, it sets up with Agility, which raises speed to which is higher than any non-Choice Scarf user in OU except Ninjask. Then, it sweeps with the three other attacks. However, Meteor Mash's low accuracy ends up costing me matches.

    Latios w Life Orb
    252SpAtk, 252Spd, 4HP
    Draco Meteor
    Hidden Power [Fire]

    The special attacker. Draco Meteor 1HKO's or severely dents anything that isn't a pink blob, and the other attacks are coverage. HP Fire is for Ferrothorn and Scizor. Often, this pokemon comes in, wrecks with Draco Meteor, and then switches out to the only wall in the team...

    Bronzong w Leftovers
    188HP, 100Def, 220SpDef
    Light Screen
    Gyro Ball

    The dual screener. With this, it eases setup for other pokemon. So that the coming pokemon does not have to take damage, I often use Explosion even towards Ghost types for a free switch in.

    Raikou w Life Orb
    252SpAtk, 252Spd, 4HP
    Aura Sphere
    Weather Ball
    Shadow Ball

    The answer to Slowbro, who can otherwise completely wall my team. Thunderbolt for STAB, Aura Sphere for coverage, Weather Ball for countering weather teams, and Shadow Ball for Chandelure and Gengar.

    Salamence w Leftovers
    252Atk, 252Spd, 4HP
    Dragon Claw
    Fire Fang
    Dragon Dance

    The focus of this team. Dragon Claw for a good STAB that does not lock it into an attack, as sweeping the whole team is the strategy, Fire Fang for coverage so that it hits almost every pokemon in OU for neutral damage, Dragon Dance for set up, and Substitute for blocking troublesome Will o Wisps and Thunder Waves which can cripple this. The only counter is Sableye, who can burn it before it creates a sub.

    The strategy is as follows. Azelf comes out as a lead, and while the other lead is SRing or switching it sets up as many Nasty Plots as possible. Then it takes out 1, or maybe 2 or even 3 pokemon. Ironically, it's death is usually by a Focus Sash Gengar.
    Then, Metagross comes out if there is no Fire Blast or Earthquake users, sets up an agility and sweeps as many pokemon as possible.
    Latios then comes out, if it has a super effective move use that, and kill a pokemon, otherwise Draco Meteor and hand it to Bronzong. Who then in turn sets up two screens, and Explodes. Salamence comes in if it is free of ice moves and enemy dragons, then sets up a substitute, hopefully blocking a status move or such, and most neutral attacks wont break it, hopefully. Then it uses substitute and Dragon Dance to boost up as much as possible, then sweeps. If there is no Focus Sash or Ice Shards, it can sweep a whole team. During that time, even if it could only do one DD, Moxie boosts up attack to unimaginable levels, while one Speed boost outspeed all non-Scarfed pokemon in the metagame.

    However, this team has problems with SlowBro after Raikou is gone, or bulky ghosts or pain split Rotom-W, which can wall the team. Also, Ninetails is not a good match up for Azelf, as it's Flamethrower hits about 90% off, and a +2 Psyshock only does about 80% on it.

    Any advice, pokemon replacements, strategy changes, anything will be welcome. Thanks!
  2. Manectrifier

    Manectrifier AKA Treecko

    You have two steel/psychic types on your team. The type itself is not bad, but Bronzong seems to be outclassed as a dual screener, while any attack it has to take can also be taken by your Metagross. As your team seems to focus on offense, you could try to use Deoxys-D, which is often seen on HO teams to set up spikes and stealth rock, which sweepers appreciate to turn 2HKOs into OHKOs. You already have a lead, though, where both Azelf and Deoxys-D like to lead. They also share the same type. That makes it either one, basically.

    If you want to keep Azelf, another option to replace Bronzong is a revenge killer. You lack any priority moves or Scarf pokemon, which are needed on offensive teams. The best revenge killer at the moment is Technician Breloom. Its immensely powerful mach punch will dent everything not resisting it, especially with a choice band or life orb. It also learns spore, which is always handy. Don't use it on a choice band set though. Breloom also has nice synergy with the team. It deals with flame charge Heatran very nicely, which threatens your whole team. Other common priority users are Scizor, Conkeldurr and Mamoswine.

    Lastly, I'd suggest replacing substitute on Salamence for Earthquake to deal with common threats such as the aforementioned Heatran, and hits most steel types such as Jirachi harder than fire fang. To avoid status from ruining its sweep, give it a lum berry to heal your burn or paralysis. Lastly, I personally prefer Outrage over Dragon Claw on Salamence, as switching moves isn't that much of a problem when you're already on +2/+3 attack through Dragon dance and Moxie boosts. When your attack is that high, Outrage will even remove steel types in one or two hits. the lum berry heals your confusion afterwards, too, when it hasn't been consumed yet.

    I hope this helped, and success with the team! If you have questions, feel free to ask
  3. Kosuke

    Kosuke New Member

    Thanks treeckotrainer! After trying it out, I found that Breloom sometimes gives Salamence a free DD as well if sleep lasts long enough, and it in itself is a set-up sweeper as well. With a good dual screener, I think that a Memento User is better, as if it is used on an offensive pokemon without Toxic or Will o Wisp, it is forced to attack with meagre damage or to switch out, giving Salamence a free DD. Anybody have any suggestions?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013

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