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Competitive RMT! Improved!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Ryan7437, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    This team is generally for battling with friends, but I am also using it for Random Matchup. I kinda wanted my team to have a wall, but I am generally offensive, so any help with that would be appreciated. I am thinking about maybe Porygon2, Blissey, or Defensive Gardevoir. I would be willing too replace, but I need a Moveset, EV's, Nature and all that. I don't really care about IV's, so that itsnt necessary! All help appreciated! Also, I really don't care about tiers, they are just numbers.

    So, here it goes ( ?=What should I do here? ) :

    Gothitelle @ Choice Specs.
    Modest Nature, Frisk. ( I don't like Shadow Tag )
    252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Defense.
    ~ Trick/Energy Ball?
    ~ Psyshock
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Thunderbolt/Focus Blast?

    I can't decide between Trick or Energy Ball. Energy Ball would make for great coverage, but Trick would be great setup too lock non-Special Attack threats like Dusknoir. I do kinda want Focus Blast for Steel-Type threats, but if I have thunderbolt I can induce Paralysis and get neutral coverage against Steel, also Focus Blast has great power but terrible accuracy. Which ones should I pick? She is just pretty much my tank taker down as she has great Sp.Attack and is fast, she is a great sweeper!

    Blaziken @ Sitrus Berry?
    Rash/Adamant/Jolly? Nature, Blaze.
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4HP
    ~ Flare Blitz?
    ~ High Jump Kick
    ~ Swords Dance
    ~ Brave Bird/ Earthquake/ Rock Slide?

    The powerhouse of my team, made solely to revenge kill and sweep. He is basically my janitor, cleans up the remains of my enemies team. Swords Dance + Amazing Attack + Powerful Attacks = OHKO/2HKO. Plus, his speed is good, so he can outspeed his foes to take them out before they hurt him. But should I go for Brave Bird? I mean I have Flare Blitz, that gives me recoil. Rock Slide on the other hand takes care of Flying Types...

    Honchkrow @ Scope Lens.
    Adamant Nature, Super Luck.
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense.
    ~ Night Slash
    ~ Sucker Punch
    ~ Protect/ Ariel Ace
    ~ Superpower

    I know it is generally frowned upon to have two of the same type moves on the same pokemon, but I have Night Slash because of his great Crit. Hit. Sucker punch is for priority just incase. Superpower for Steels. But now, which do I want, Protect/Ariel Ace, Ariel Ace would be good for 100% Accuracy, but I am immune with protect. Do I need too be Protected?

    Scizor @ Occa Berry
    Adamant Nature, Technician.
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Bug Bite
    ~ Superpower
    ~ Swords Dance

    Basic Scizor set. Self-explanatory.

    Tentacruel @ Jaboca Berry
    Impish Nature, Liquid Ooze.
    252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Sp. Def
    ~ Toxic Spikes
    ~ Rapid Spin
    ~ Wrap
    ~ Dive

    Lay down the Toxic Spikes and then Rapid Spin the entry hazards on my side, switch him out and go too some one else, knock them out, then switch back and wrap them. They will get continuos damage each turn, and is a very good wall. I would like a better one maybe, nut this is it for now.

    Slaking @ Choice Band
    Adamant Nature, Truant.
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP.
    ~ Giga Impact
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Brick Break
    ~ Ice Punch

    Giga Impact is Stab, 225 damage + Choice Band= 337.5 damage! That will OHKO almost anyone! Great coverage, powerful, and fast. Truant just means Giga Impact is just another move, as you don't do anything the next turn either!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. loco1234


    I see a few problems. Mostly with Gothitelle and Slaking, so I'll focus on them.

    For Gothitelle, explain to me why you don't like one of the best abilities in competitive Pokemon. Wobbuffet was banned to Ubers last gen because of Shadow Tag. Shadow Tag Chandelure, as far as I'm aware, is banned, although that may be because it hasn't been released yet, not sure. Also, I'd recommend Trick and Focus Blast for the ability to cripple walls and for perfect neutral coverage between Ghost and Fighting. But I don't really see how Base 95 SpA is all that great when you have Latios's Base 130 to use with Specs.

    Slaking is a terrible Pokemon in general. There's a reason it's NU and that reason is Truant. It means Slaking is complete set-up fodder every other turn, and many things can switch in after a KO and set a sweep up on that turn alone. Protect users will also screw it, Chandelure being the most notable. There was a combo a while back with Entrainment Truant Durant and Chandelure that led to a guaranteed 6/6 Chandelure which would then proceed to sweep, all because of Truant. Second, never ever ever use Giga Impact or its equivalents ever on any Pokemon for any reason. The one turn of cooldown is all the opponent needs to set up and sweep you, if they've made their team well.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2013
  3. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    ^ It took me awhile to train Gothita because she was weak, and I don't know how too get a Shadow Tag one.

    That is why I said I'd be willing to change some Pokemon. What do you think I could replace him with?
  4. loco1234


    Gothitelle => Latios
    Slaking => I'd go Terrakion.

    Infernape or Heatran are also better than Blaziken in an attacking role, with Blaziken's only real advantage being Speed Boost (only viable in Ubers anyway)

    Tentacruel, I just noticed Wrap and Dive, both terrible moves. I'd suggest Scald and Ice Beam over them.

    Honchkrow should run Moxie if you're using him, which I wouldn't recommend in OU. Dark-types aren't something I'm familiar with, but I do know MoxieMence and Gyarados can also attack well, both also packing Moxie. I'm gonna leave suggestions for this slot to someone else though, I can't really think of what best goes here.
  5. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    ^ I have W2 and cannot get Latios w/o trade. But I think I'll keep Gothitelle, thank you.
    Okay, will do, I will check Smogon for that move set, I've always like Terrakion.

    I think Heatren would be good. Is Speed Boost released yet? and how do I get it?

    So should I go Bold or Impish?

    I'll have too look at this.
  6. loco1234


    Dream World, but it's illegal in OU so you couldn't use it anyway.

    If you don't want to use Latios at least use a strong Specs user. Something with a better-than-average SpA.
  7. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    ^ Okay, do you think I could find someone to trade me a Blaziken/SB?
  8. loco1234


    Dude. You do not want to use this team in Ubers. You will get destroyed. Stick to Infernape/Heatran xD
  9. Lorenzo The Comic

    Lorenzo The Comic Pokémon Maniac

    Dream World starter Pokémon are likely to be hacked, probably due to their limited distribution.
  10. loco1234


    Upon checking, it would seem ALL Blaziken are Uber. So DEFINITELY change it unless you want things like Arceus and Palkia to slaughter you.
  11. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    ^ Read my OP, I really don't care much about Tiers. I am thinking about doing this:

    Gothitelle Stays
    Scizor Stays
    Honchkrow Stays
    Blaziken ------> Heatren
    Tentacruel -----> Bold, Ice Beam/ Scald
    Slaking ---------> ??????
  12. Lorenzo The Comic

    Lorenzo The Comic Pokémon Maniac

    Team Replacements

    Terrakion over Slaking?
  13. loco1234


    If you don't care about tiers, the entire thing can be swapped for Ubers =P
  14. Lorenzo The Comic

    Lorenzo The Comic Pokémon Maniac

    No, he's not playing ubers and Blaziken can be easily countered. Trick Room, Priority, or Unaware Quagsire are a few things that come to mind.
  15. My suggestion: Don't follow the ridiculous strict competitive battling guidelines and battle how you want.

    Now to see if anyone can guess if I'm kidding or not.
    (I know I'll probably get infracted for this OT post but whatevz)
  16. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    How are these:

    Heatren @ Sitrus Berry.
    Timid Nature, Flash Fire.
    255 Speed, 255 Sp. At. The + 1 don't matter I agree SaS.
    ~ Magma Storm
    ~ Flash Cannon
    ~ Dragon Pulse
    ~ Earth Power

    Terrakion @ Choice Scarf.
    Jolly Nature, Justified.
    252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 HP.
    ~ Rock Slide
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Close Combat
    ~ X-Scissor
  17. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Well-Known Member

    @spiro and sonicYou have to be the biggest idiot ever to post something like that in the competitive section, joking or not. Seriously, use the one or two brain cells that didn't die on impact when your mother dropped you on your head as a child to learn some reading skills.
  18. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    ^ Wow. R O O D!
  19. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    Instead of insulting them, either give them constructive criticism or shut up, no offense. No reason to stoop to that level.
  20. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    ^ EXACTLY! But how are my sets? ( hEATREN, Terakkion?

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