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competitive sandstorm team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by thatjeremykid, May 23, 2011.

  1. thatjeremykid

    thatjeremykid .Memento.Mori.

    -causes 1/16th opponents HP/turn
    -Rock-type Sp.Def*1.5
    -Sand Rush Speed*2
    -Sand Veil Evasion*1.2(?)
    Hippowdon @ Rocky Helmet/Sitrus Berry
    -Stealth Rock
    -Fire Fang

    Hippowdon mainly to bring in sandstorm and SR. Roar to counter StatUps, Substitutes, and cause SR damage. I like Fire Fang because it has chance to burn->cut opponents atk in half. Earthquake is good STAB.

    Aerodactyl @ Power Herb
    Rock Head
    252/hp 252spe
    -Sky Attack
    -Rock Slide
    -Fly(?) suggestions?

    Aerodactyl is fast and hard-hitting with STAB Sky Attack with Power Herb. STAB Rock Slide that can also flinch. I have tailwind in there to throw in there maybe right before Aerodactyl is about to get KO'd.

    Excadrill @ Life Orb
    Sand Rush
    252atk/ 252 spe* *edit:ev's were in atk, NOT hp, as stated in initial post.
    -Swords Dance
    -Rock Slide

    Here for obvious reasons.

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    -Curse/Iron Defense
    -Stone Edge
    -Fire Punch/Focus Punch

    Sandstream in case opponent changes the weather. Since it's rock type it gets the SpD boost, Substitutes get hard to break after turn or 2 of Curseing. STAB Stone Edge, Fire Punch is super effective on Steels and Grass types, and has a chance to burn. Leftovers.
    Garchomp @ Brightpowder(?)
    Sand Veil
    -Swords Dance

    Stoutland @ Silk Scarf
    Sand Rush
    -Thunder Wave

    Sand Rush makes it a great revenge killer, especially with STAB Retaliate. Thunder Wave is also awesome because of Sand Rush. STAB Return, and Crunch to deal with Ghosts

    I feel like there's something missing.
    Last edited: May 27, 2011
  2. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    you need Descriptions for all your pokemon and more moves for Stoutland. You should get rid of either tyranitar or hippowdon since you don't need two pokemon with sandstream.
    i would put a ferrothorn in there as well. for your excadrill put those HP ev's in attack instead. i think bright powder might be illegal to use, so put a choice scarf on chomp. take fly off aerodactyl as it is a bad move.
  3. AromaFlora

    AromaFlora floofy

    If you can edit those descriptions into the OP, that would be great!

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