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Competitive/Shoddy RMT


Do The Tevez!
Hello! I built this team on Shoddy so i haven't finished it yet but i'm training them for wi-fi but i wanted to know what you thought!

Heatran@Focus Sash
EV'S: 252 SPD, 252 SPATK, 6 HP
Stealth Rock
Earth Power
Fire Blast

Foucs Sash means i can set up SR at the very least and with 252 SPD EV'S i can outron a few things meaning i can expode on them if i'm down to 1HP. EP and FB there for type coverage + STAB

Salamence@Focus Sash
EV'S: 252 ATK, 152, SPD, 100 SPATK, 6 HP (Ino the Ev's are a bit wierd)
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Fire Blast

Focus Sash so i can take a hit if i'm facing any Ice Types then fire back with a Fire Blast. I'll DD on the switch if i scare anything off and then go for STAB'D Dragon Claws on anything that doesn't resist it.

EV'S: 252 ATK, 108 HP, 150 SPD
Bullet Punch
Sword Dance

Classic Scizor. SD then BP!

EV'S: 252 HP, 252 SPDEF, 6 SPD
Calm Mind
Ice Beam
HP (Electric)

This is the one i'm not sure about any comments VERY appreciated on this one. I'm thinking of changin him so advice would be welcome on that to.

Crobat@Focus Sash
EV'S: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 6 HP
Brave Bird
Cross Poison

This guy doesn't really have a job. He mainly just comes in whenever i'm against Psychic Pokes or any Focus Sash users with U-Turn to clean up the crumbs. Item advice appreciated please!

Electivre@Expert Belt
EV'S: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
Ice Punch
Cross Chop

This is why i'm thinking of getting a Gyarados. Switch Vire into an electric attack, activate Motor Drive and try for a sweep simple as that.

So please give me any advice you can think of especially on items. BYE!


Breaking the Habit

Ok your team has a really big problem. Specially the sets, and some pokes.

First of all, Heatran lead should use a Shuca Berry. Why? Well Heatran is exceptionally bulky anyways, so not a lot of attacks barring ground or extremely powerful water ones will take it down. Shuca lets you survive with 30%~ so you can switch out and come back to take a Bullet Punch from Scizor or to do a little sweep, since SR wont stop Heatran. Starmie leads will be a pain, but Sash isnt doing anything anyways. Since they can Hydro Pump while you SR and then Rapid Spin which lets you do... nothing.
Oh yeah, and change the Nature to Naive, since Rash makes you way too slow.

Salamence with Focus Sash? You have to be kidding me. SR is everywhere, and most teams set it up in the lead position, so sash wont be helping you at all with salamence. Change the Focus Sash to a Life Orb, and omg the EVs are a total mess. Change the EV spread to: 232 Att/252 Spe/24 SpA. This gives you enough SpA to beat most Skarmorys and always OHKOs Forretress and Scizor, which is a plus. Change the nature to Naive, since tieing with Scarfgon and Jirachi after a DD is something every DD Mence should try to do. Oh i was forgetting, change Dragon Claw with Outrage so you can annihilate offensive teams.

Another mess in the Scizor's set. Change the ability to Adamant. Also, SD Scizor seems pretty wacky in your team, and as of now opposing DD Mences 6-0 you, so lets change that by making Scizor a CB variant. Adamant and 252 Att/ 200 HP/ 56 Spe is a good set to use. The moveset needs to be changed as well. U-turn lets you scout while hiting with insane power, Bullet Punch is your weapon to revenge kill, while Pursuit is for trapping things like Scarf Latias and Scarf Starmie. Superpower is a filler that gives you pretty good coverage since it hits Steel types very hard.

What in hell is that suicune? I know the CM + 3 moves set is amazing, but cmon, the spread is horrible. If you really want to keep Suicune, change the spread to 252 HP/ 196 Spe/ 60 Def while keeping the Bold Nature. The speed lets you beat all adamant lucarios and max speed non-scarf heatrans. It also has a lot of bulk, which means you can bring this into Salamence or Gyarados and hti hard with the respective 4X move.

Crobat and Electivire HAVE to go. May seem good in paper, but in reality those 2 pokemon suck in OU. Mixvire is acceptable but its not doing anything for you, so lets start from scratch.

Instead of Crobat, since we have Scizor to U-turn all the game, lets place a scarf pokemon. As of now your team is pretty slow, so having a scarfer will do a lot of good for your team. Either Scarfed Rotom or Scarfed Latias can work on your team delightfully. I would say Scarfed Rotom, so ill leave you the set.

Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf
252 SpA/ 252 Spe/ 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Overheat
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow Ball
- Trick

Heres the deal, Thunderbolt and Shadow ball are great STAB moves that let you revenge things like Gyarados, Starmie or Latias. Overheat is your move to deal with Lucario and Scizors, yes, your team was very SD Lucario weak, so this totally fixes that weakness. Trick is just to dispatch something like a Blissey in stall teams or just a pesky Crocune/Cropert that are giving you problems.

For the last spot I suggest you get a stallbreaker. Something like Lucario can help you tremendously. Rotom will attract pursuiters like Scizor and Tyranitar, which means you can get an easy SD and start to sweep. SD Lucario with crunch is the set i recommend for you.

Well thats pretty much it, good luck.