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Complete 4th Generation Trade Shop


So i herd you Liek..
I offer the following:
Up to ANY 4th generation breedable/catchable pokemon.
Any 4th generation "obtainable" legendary pokemon.
"Unobtainable" legendary pokemon are: Arceus, Jirachi, Celebi, and many event mew.
My only shiny besides the obvious gyrados is UT poochyena.

I seek LEGIT:
Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys, Shaymin, Jirachi, and Celebi.


I understand (in example) asking for a Arceus while you seek for kecleon would seem unfair, I will accept a combination of either regular or/and legendary for either 1 listed of those I seek.

All pokemon, except legends, will be freshly hatched unless advised otherwise upon request.

Do NOT offer any hacked pokemon, for each and every pokemon i've obtained are 100% legit. I can only speak for my obtained pokemon but the pokemon obtained through trades SHOULD be legit as well since legit pokemon trade are always my terms. I do know how to check for hacks during the wifi trade and if i find out later that your pokemon are hacked, you will be reported.
Do you have a Manaphy, to trade for my Darkrai?


So i herd you Liek..
what event darkrai? lvl?


I have TRU / MICHINA Arceus , New moon / ALAMOS Darkrai , Jirachi , Kanto Deoxys , 10 Anvi Celebi

Looking For Shiny Latios Or Shiny Latias


New Member
Do you have/can breed a male Piplup? (Any nature except Lax)

Or do you have a Shiny Piplup? (Must be Male, Jolly or Quirky nature)

Chimchar (Male, knows Double Kick)

Any level is fine, no nicknames.

Quirky male Gible (must know attract!)

I can offer the following-

Drilbur (3, All female of varying levels and natures, caught be me)
Deerling (Varying natures, all caught by me)

Timburr, male, caught and trained myself and can trade to evolve into Conkledurr

Interested in anything else 5th Gen and non-legendary, pm me and I'll see if I have it.
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