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Complete Sinnoh Shiny Trade

Forsaken Soul

New Member
Me and my friend have gotten pretty much all of the Sinnoh pokemon in Shiny and we are willing to trade them, (except starters and legendaries as we spent alot of time soft resetting for them) we also have a few older gen pokemons also. just leave your offer and friend code


Shiny for shiny

If you dont get a reply, it is a no. It sounds harsh but otherwise we get a bit overwhelmed
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Dragon trainer
Do you have a shiny trapinch?


Dragon trainer
cool, these are what i have to trade.
Shiny shinx, lvl 3, female, adamant
shiny treecko, lvl 14, female, impish
lvl 100 garchomp, {vera}, female, mild, 17 ribbons, max coolness
lvl 100 flygon, female, bashful
azelf, lvl 50, Impish
mesprit, lvl 50, Rash
uxie, lvl 50, careful
Dialga {diamond}, lvl 59, Sassy
Heatran, lvl 70, female, Brave
Giratina, lvl 70, docile
Groudon, lvl 71, lonely
Kyogre, lvl 52, calm
Rayquaza, lvl 71, relaxed
Milotic, female, lvl 2, Hasty, PKRS
Torterra, female, lvl 62, modest
Articuno, lvl 50, Impish
Zapdos, Lvl 50, Quiet
Moltres, Lvl 50, Jolly
LAtios, Male, lvl 100, relaxed
WISHMKR Jirachi, lvl 5, Calm


Still Dirrty
I got a shiny Adamant Metagross.


These are my wants all in shiny form: milotic/feebas, eevee, eeveelutions, vulpix, houndoom/houndour, abra/alakazam, shinx/luxray, steelix/onix, cranidos/rampardos, shieldon/bastiodon, and mothim. My initial offer is shiny golem for any of these. I have many other shinies though. Post back soon plz.

Forsaken Soul

New Member
Sorry shiny for shiny and we have both of those.

Trading over the houndoom now.

It is modest and what name would you like?

ill give a shiny 10th anniv celbi + shiny Uxie + Shiny zubat and other shinies i get all for it.

Sounds good.
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Dragon trainer
the only two shinies i have are shinx and treecko and a shiny charizard but i think its hacked, i got it from GTS so

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Shiny Spoink or shiny Electrike for shiny Tauros or Vulpix or female Snorunt, if you have them?


Still Dirrty
Do you have a shiny Drifloon or its evolution?