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Completely Incomplete [MultiShipping, PG-13, Christmas OneShot]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by shadow_shipper, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    My Christmas OneShot, yay ! :D

    I am going to be hated by the die-hard PokéShippers for this one, but I couldn’t resist…Inspiration just came :p
    And here are the various ships present here : AdvanceShipping, BelleShipping, CavalierShipping, ContestShipping, EgoShipping, PokéShipping. Hope I didn’t forget any…but you’ll see lol

    My gift to all the Shippers who read this ^_^

    Completely Incomplete

    “Ok, I know it’s Christmas in two days, I know Ash and I are getting along together, but please tell me again why I have to come down to Pallet on a day’s notice for some party !?” asked a mildly furious Gary Oak through the phone, expecting an answer from his grandfather.

    “Because, my boy…” came the calm voice of Samuel Oak from the plastic object in Gary’s hand “…not only will it be a chance for you to see some old friends and meet some interesting people, but this party Ash is hosting will have some very influential people from researching community attending, it could be good for your career.”

    Gary paused for a moment, while still flipping through some papers on his desk with his free hand. “That still doesn’t explain why I have to be there tomorrow…” he asked while leaning back in his black leather armchair. “Besides, I’m going a steady way here in Sinnoh. Professor Rowan has been very pleased and impressed with my workflow, and…”

    “Listen Gary.” He was cut short this time by the near-menacing tone he was hearing “Your childhood friend has a party going, with every single person you have grown to appreciate over the years invited. Top researchers will be there as well. I would be pleased and delighted to see you again and if you still don’t show up here on time, Professor Rowan will learn from an unknown source that your latest works on the evolutions of Eevee and the crucial factor of environment, were not brilliantly done all by yourself, but with help of certain people you didn’t mention…”

    “Gramps, did you just blackmail me ?” asked the spike-haired researcher in a perplexed voice.

    “Yes, I did, but I have to go now, so I’ll see you soon I guess ? Just give me a call when you arrive in Kanto, I’ll come and pick you up. Until then Gary !” he then hung up, leaving the young man to his thoughts.

    Gary listened to the engaged tone for a moment before eventually closing his cell phone and putting it back in his blouse pocket. He passed his hand through his sepia coloured hair before resting his head in his hands, with his elbows pressed on the magnificent mahogany table on which were his laptop and files he was currently working on. Gary then heavily sighed, as he looked up from his desk towards the window directly in front of him. It was raining, though it wasn’t a day filled with dark clouds, it was raining nonetheless and it was very close to snowing. He glanced quickly towards the clock displayed on his laptop. It read 9:43 a.m.

    “Why is he so bent on making me come to that party ? He knows I’m not that kind of person…he literally blackmailed me into going…” Thought the young Oak as he got up from his chair and walked around his ‘office’, one might call it ; the mahogany desk, a beige linoleum floor, a commode with tons of paperwork, a coffee-table with four chairs and one window. All this in a rather small space.

    But he quickly came back to the pending decision he had to take, and after a few seconds of intense intellectual effort, judging the consequences of his actions if he decides to go or not to that party in Pallet, Gary had made a decision. ”He surely must have a good reason after all.”

    “Samantha !!” he yelled, as he opened the door of his office and went to the room that he used as a bedroom and place to keep his clothes. A research facility wasn’t exactly a five-star hotel.

    “Yes Gary ?” came a concerned voice from afar.

    “Can you please come to my bedroom, I need to talk to you about a few things.”

    “Of course, just a sec…” said the same voice, which was followed by some footsteps.

    As Samantha arrived in front of the door, she leaned on the frame and observed the young researcher, franticly going from his drawers to his bed, carrying piles of clothes in order to decide what to take with him.

    “Er…what are you doing ?” she asked while still looking at his back.

    “Oh, good, you’re here…” he said while turning his head to look at her. She was an innocent looking girl, with long ash-honey blond hair that was curly at some times, but was straight now, a small fringe of her hair was falling over her face, while the rest of it was tucked back with a black clip. Underneath the white researcher’s blouse, she was wearing very fancy clothes to say the least ; a white Dolce and Gabbana shirt and a pair of light blue jeans, completed with white and pink Nike Air trainers. She seemed forever worrying about her appearance, and at the same time, very girly.

    “Listen, I’m going to a Christmas party organised by one of my friends back in Pallet. It’s to be held tomorrow night, and since I’m already there, I plan on staying an extra few days, see some old friends and help my granddad with some stuff around his lab, and maybe…just maybe dig up some info for myself and work…” he started explaining while still packing some clothes in his backpack, not looking at her.
    “Anyway, since you would be here alone for two to three days, and I’d feel kind of bad for leaving you here, I was thinking if you’d like to come with me ?” he turned around and looked into her cerulean blue eyes.

    She was surprised to say the least. “What, me come with you to that party ? I don’t know anyone there, do I ? Who’s going to be attending ?” she asked while tilting her head into an upright position.

    “It’s nothing big, just the who’s-who in the pokémon world. Top trainers, coordinators, researchers…man, Ash did make a lot of good friends along the way.” He suddenly thought out loud and turned back to find some decent clothes to wear for the evening. “So ? wanna come ?”

    “Of course ! Besides, I’ll surely meet some interesting people !” the golden-haired assistant shifted her head from the doorframe with an enthusiastic reaction.

    “Good, just pick something nice and classy for the dance, or evening, or party, or…whatever he plans on doing” he sighed while gently and neatly placing his Armani suit on top of his other clothes in his bag. He heard Samantha giggle a bit “I’ll take my black Ralph Lauren dress then”, Gary proceeded with the packing. “Well, I’ll iron it when I get there in any case…” he thought.

    “Ok Sammy, go get yourself ready, because we’re leaving as soon as possible.” He had not finished his sentence, that the young assistant had already made her way towards her room.

    “I’m packing Gary, don’t worry !” came an echo through the halls.

    The chocolate-haired teen smiled and turned around towards his bed, zipping his bag shut for the future trip, and throwing himself on the mattress for a few minutes, waiting on Samantha to finish packing. And knowing her, from the collection of designer clothes she had, it could take some time for her to decide what to take…

    “Meh, what am I worried about ? It will be fun, it will be some vacation, I’ll do some lobbying with eminent researchers from various regions, and who knows who I might meet ? Yeah, this is going to go nicely…”

    Gary let a sly smile creep upon his lips, thinking about the possible scenarios that could happen, and also thought in some corner of his mind : “Maybe even see if my dashing good looks and playboy charm can still come up with some results ?” then he burst out laughing.


    When they arrived in Kanto a few hours later, around 6 p.m. the sight was completely different from what they had recently seen in Sinnoh. While the first snowflakes were making their appearance in there, strangely, Kanto, which was much more south, was covered in snow.

    Celadon was no exception.

    “Thank God we packed some boots.” Said the young blond assistant, as she and Gary stepped out from the airport in the outskirts of the city, and looked at the magnificent scenery in front of them.

    The airport was located on a higher piece of land then the majority of the continent, thus granting every passenger exiting through the glass doors and stepping outside a first glimpse of Kanto they shall forever remember, especially with this kind of fantasy scenery.
    A panoramic sight from here allowed everyone to see Celadon city right underneath them, its shining lights creating an aura in the mist covering the Kanto bay, just like Saffron city behind it, and Lavender town in the background near the coast with its tower being very distinguishable. The haze was the most impressive in the port of Vermillion, the lights and small lighthouse merely allowing the human eye to locate it on the shore with ships coming and going, guided by those lights. If they turned their sight right, they could see the passionate pink glow of Fuchsia city, nearly completely hidden by this winter haze, and if they looked left, they could see Cerulean city, spared by the looming mist, just merely covered, like the rest of the continent, in a layer of snow.
    This was precisely what gave the view it’s breathtaking allure, the green land, covered in white snow, the delicate white crystals still falling from the heavens, an overcast grey sky with haze and mist, gently pierced by the sun. A mystic, impressive, yet soothing aura.

    “It’s beautiful…” sighed Samantha, examining the scenery in awe, as it was the first time she came to Kanto. She seemed to want to observe every inch of it, as if she was trying to memorise and photograph everything.

    “Yes it is…” Gary admitted, as he dragged her towards the street, pulling both their bags behind him. “Now let’s hurry up and find a taxi before all these rabid tourists beat us to it, and we end up freezing here !”

    “Oh, right !” she snapped from her day-dreaming and began walking in a hasty pace behind the blouse-wearing teenager.

    “Why are you still wearing that ?” she asked him, as she had decided to travel in a white shirt with a black and white Dolce & Gabbana vest.

    “Call it a trademark.” he smirked before whistling and hailing a cab. Samantha just shook her head and smiled before entering the taxi, Gary still holding the rear door open until she got in, closed it behind her and sat himself next to her on the other side, having already put the bags in the trunk.

    “So, where to you lovebirds ?” asked the cab driver, turning around to face them.

    “Classic assumption.” Gary smiled, as he told him that they were going to the Celadon Mansion. He turned to look at Samantha, who turned away and looked through the window with a small blush. Our young researcher stiffed a laughter, embraced her with his right arm, and asked in a feigned hurt voice : “Aww, Sammy, am I not good enough for you ?”

    She started laughing a bit nervously and merely repeated the word “no” a few times.

    “It’s just that, since I’ve met you, I’ve never, ever, thought of us in that way, so it was a bit overwhelming.” She looked at him and smiled.

    Gary took him arm off her shoulders, and leaned on the door and window his side of the car, thought for a few moments, grinned and asked her again.

    “Well, now that the emotion settled down, am I really not good enough for you ?”

    “Don’t push your luck Mr. Oak, we’ll see later on.” she smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.

    “Why not use the headrest ?” he asked her in a puzzled tone ?

    “To keep you guessing.” He laughed and shook his head, and started looking through the window.

    “She’s sweet. Hyper at some times, but sweet.”


    “Tell me again why you’re going shopping now ?” asked an irritated Gary while walking in the snow covered streets of Celadon.

    “Gary, how can you be in Celadon, and not go shopping ?” she retorted as if it were obvious. “It’s like the shopping capital of Kanto, even bigger than Veilstone I’ve heard.”

    “Yeah, but, we have little time ! My grandfather is coming to pick us up in about two hours !”

    “Gary, you haven’t seen me shop, I get this sudden rush of energy from being in my element, I can be done in a second, and still cover so much ground, and…”

    Gary sweatdropped and asked himself “Why did I pick a shopaholic as an assistant ?”

    “…besides…” Samantha went on, ignoring Gary’s mood “since he’s coming in such a short time, we should hurry.”

    “I’m not going, I’m going to wait at that nice café and drink a nice hot espresso.” He said, already starting to walk towards the building he had pointed a few seconds ago.

    “Oh well, let me know what Christmas gifts you’ll find in that café.” She turned as well, heading towards the Department Store. Gary froze.

    “…Damn it…” he turned around yet again and started walking towards his golden haired assistant.

    “I knew I forgot something…” He mumbled as they both neared the Store.

    “This is going to be painful…” the man concluded, as he resigned himself to going.


    And it was painful, at some level.
    After finding a gift for his grandfather, Ash, Delia and Tracey, his purpose come down to carrying Samantha’s numerous shopping bags and following her whenever she needed him for advice or opinion.

    “Why am I doing this ? I’m not her boyfriend, I’m her boss !!

    He then sat down in some nearby sofa, watching her run around picking and putting back various pieces of clothing.

    “She was right though, it’s only been half an hour, and I could swear it seemed more like four hours of shopping…and counting.”

    He rested his head, put the bags on the ground and stopped thinking. But when you stop thinking, you forget why you were trying to relax, so sat upright again, and merely placed his head in his hand, his elbow being supported by the armrest. Then, something extremely strange happened.

    A passing figure caught his eye.

    “It” was a “she” he noticed the second time he looked at her, and “she” had the most unmistakable fiery tangerine hair, and an even more unmistakable side ponytail. “She” was also wearing a black tracksuit, with a red shirt underneath it, and possibly something else to keep the warmth, but Gary couldn’t tell for sure, now could he ?
    Gary, after another few looks, started examining the curves, and to his inner pleasure, she had his back turned to him.

    “Man, if I were still in my player days, I’d have imagined a lot more than I am now, but damn, she always had luscious long legs…”

    He had of course recognised her, and had deemed that she had nicely developed, but he wanted to see her face. Badly.

    “Hey Misty !!” He yelled from the sofa he was sitting in, towards the counter she was standing at, trying some samples of perfume.

    As human nature would have it, curiosity got the better of her, and so Misty turned around to seek where the voice came from. She was a man waving at her from some distance, standing in front of a couch whit three shopping bag full of clothes and accessories at his feet. She couldn’t see his face well, but she did notice brown spiky hair on his head, and a white lab blouse covering his black shirt and purple trousers.

    “Gary ? No way…” she hesitantly thought, and even more hesitantly started walking towards him.

    “Wow, she’s definitely become much prettier, and less tomboyish…” Gary thought while smiling, as he watched her come to him and observed her face. She had what some people might say a pale tone, but her face was undoubtedly radiant. Her turquoise eyes could captivate any soul looking at them, and her soft skin would almost make her look fragile, yet whoever knew her could tell that was not the case. And Gary had heard of that. He had finished his examination, looked at Samantha who was still running around with her shopping spree, and turned back to see Misty right in front of him, which caused him to gasp, as he noticed she was observing him as well. But in an awkward silence.

    “Misty Waterflower, young leader of the Cerulean City gym, aspiring Water pokémon master, and used to travel with that loser of an Ashy-boy.” He tried to lighten the mood with an obvious sarcastic tone.

    “Yep, that’s me !” She smiled, playing along.

    “And you must be Gary Oak, young researcher on evolution in the Sinnoh region, aspiring top researcher, and used to travel with those hot cheerleaders.” Her grin widened, as she stiffed a laughter.

    Gary playfully raised his right hand to the height of his head and said “Yep, that’s me, but only until Johto were those cheerleaders there if you recall…”

    “Oh yeah, you stopped being a prick after that loss in the Indigo League…have you changed again for the worst since the last time I saw you ?”

    “Nah, I’m still cool.” He replied, making Misty roll her eyes with a faint smile.

    “Anyway, what are you doing here ? Don’t you have a department store in Veilstone ?” she asked him.

    “Actually, I’m here for the Christmas party Ash is organising in Pallet, so I stopped by to buy some gifts, and…well, my assistant, Samantha, loves to shop, so I’m waiting for her to finish her.” He said while looking at his assistant, trying on some clothes.

    “So, you’re going as well ?” the young gym leader asked him.

    “Yeah, you too it seems…” he stopped and came up with a plan “I suppose it’s only fair that he invites you, after all, you two are in love, right ?” As expected, she blushed.

    “We never dated Gary…” she replied sadly, looking at the floor.

    “I know we haven’t, and it’s such a shame…” he grinned while looking at her, but seeing that he had hit a sore spot, he wanted to hug her and try to apologise for mentioning that.

    “Well, I’ll try to make up for us not dating, and I’ll buy you some coffee while my gramps gets here to pick us up…” he said, while bending down to pick up the bags.

    “What ?”

    “Sure, it’s on me, it’ll give us some time to catch up, and even give us the possibility to properly meet, now come on.”

    Truly, they had never been acquainted. Both were fuelled by rumours and prejudice about each other, and that was a long time ago, the situation had changed, and Misty liked how it had changed.

    “Ok, sure, why not ?” she said, shrugging.

    “Great, I’ll go tell Samantha where we’ll be.”

    “Fine…” the redhead sighed and smiled, starting to be interested in what will happen.

    Gary then rushed towards the blond haired girl, who was now looking at some, seemingly expensive, velvet boots.

    “Hey Sammy, I’m going to…” he was cut short by the young girl.

    “I know. I’ve seen, and I’ve heard…” came the reply, Samantha was still observing those boots.

    “Great, my granddad will be in front of the store in about an hour and a half, and just because I’m a gentleman, I’ll carry with me what you already bought.”

    “You’re a darling.” She said in an exceedingly sweet voice, turning to look at his expression.

    “I know, and it will cost me dearly sometime soon…” the young man sighed.

    “Oh, and by the way, I think she likes you, well, might be soon for that, but at least you left her a good impression !” Samantha squealed excitedly.

    “Yeah, as if…” replied the man, and started walking towards the exit and the young Waterflower.

    Indeed, but what if ?


    The day after…
    Christmas Eve…
    Pallet Town.
    After that meeting in Celadon, Gary and Misty went to that small café, and enjoyed some hot chocolate and coffee while looking at the snow coated streets of the city. The conversation was interesting, the themes were traditional for two people who hadn’t seen each other in God knows how many years. As well as the fact that they had never really met, barely acknowledged the other’s existence. In fact, an hour and a half was barely enough to cover the magnitude of their discussion. Misty had learned that Gary had become much more polite and respectful, and less self-centred, very hard-working, and was pouring every ounce of his energy in his work, and thus, had never been on a date since they met. Gary had learned about Misty’s life, that she had become much more caring, much more responsible and very mature, and, just like he was, she poured every ounce of her energy in the gym, and, just like him, she didn’t have room for romance. When Gary concluded that she didn’t have time for love, there was a very awkward silence between them, as they both reflected on their situation.

    She said that she didn’t regret it, that she’ll be able to tell Ash that she loves him eventually. Gary then wished her luck with that, before he had to meet with his grandfather. They wished each other a merry Christmas, but then remembered they’ll see each other the next day at the party.

    Once arrived in Pallet, only Ash, Delia and Brock were there to greet them, as Dawn, May and Drew and their families would arrive only a few hours before it starts. Tracey had flown back to the Orange Archipelago to spend the holidays with his family.
    On a side note, Brock remained sceptical, and asked Ash why he had invited Drew, and he regretted ever asking that question, when he heard him answer “Well, ya know, I kinda like the guy after all…”
    Delia looked baffled, as did Professor Oak, Gary and Samantha laughed, and Ash was left asking what was so funny…

    It was snowing today in Pallet.
    The first guests started arriving, and the first ones to come were May, Max, Norman and Caroline.
    Only Ash was outside to do the welcoming, as all the others were helping decorate the lab and transforming the auditorium into a hall. He was dressed very simply, black jeans with his Sinnoh sleeveless vest and a white shirt underneath it, but he wasn’t wearing his hat for the occasion. Pikachu was also not on his shoulder, he was with the other pokémon, having a party of their own.

    “Hello Mrs. Maple, Mr. Maple.” Ventured Ash, a bit uneasy about how to address them.

    “Ash, I think we told you not to call us like that, we’re practically family, you did look after May and Max when they pretty much didn’t know anything.” The scolded him in a playful manner. They were both dressed very nicely, yet casually, Norman wearing a dark blue vest, instead of his traditional one, and Caroline wearing a scarlet nightgown, with a white vest on her shoulders, stylish, but nothing fancy.

    “Yeah, right, sorry, it’s just, I’m always a bit uneasy when it comes to that.” admitted Ash while scratching his head and smiling.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Smiled Norman, as he and Caroline entered the lab, going up the stone stairs. Soon after, Ash saw Max appear in front of him, dressed in jeans and a green, long-sleeved vest to kill the cold. He learned that Max had already obtained three badges in Hoenn, which was pretty much his own level, and could have continued on about his adventure, had he not spotted Tracey waving at him from the entrance to the lab.

    Then, came May.

    She was dressed in a beautiful scarlet nightgown, one could mistake her for her mother, except she was wearing an orange jacket over it. But Ash admitted it looked better on her, which cased May to lunge forward and hug him.

    “Thanks Ash.” She smiled and let go of him.

    He replied in a flabbergasted voice, and letting a blush appear on his face and swallowing once before “Er…no problem May”.

    Of course, she had taken off her bandana for the occasion and let her hair flow down naturally to her shoulders. The snowy night and dim light created a romantic atmosphere and made her look very beautiful, Ash felt uneasy when he looked in her sapphire eyes, which only seemed to captivate him more than usual. To stop it from getting any worse for him, he merely told her to get in, not to catch a cold. And they went inside, May feeling happy that Ash cared so much for her, as he always did, but Ash was thinking something completely different…

    “What in the world was I thinking of inviting every girl who has a crush on me at some point, knowing perfectly well that my mom was planning for a dance…hope this doesn’t degenerate too quickly, and too violently…”

    The next group of people who mattered to Ash arrived mostly at the same time, Dawn, Misty and Drew showed up together a few minutes after, as if they had planned it out.

    Dawn was wearing a slim white dress, with her hair held in a ponytail, like for one of her contests, and white ankle boots. Drew was ever so stylish, having arrived in a black tuxedo with his trademark rose in his chest pocket, but what surprised Ash the most, was Misty.

    She simply wore some jeans, a yellow tank top, and he noticed she wasn’t wearing any high heels or such, but simply her normal travelling shoes. She had an azure vest keeping her warm.

    “Well, I can see you haven’t spent hours on choosing your clothes Mist…” her received a smack on his head for that.

    “Idiot, just cause I’m not dressed like a doll like May or Dawn, doesn’t mean I didn’t care. Besides, foremost, I came here at my friend’s party, rather than a formal occasion.”

    Ash quickly realised he was careless.

    “Yeah, sorry about that. Did I mention that you look great nonetheless ?” He smiled whole heartedly and looked at her reaction, because she had her arms crossed and was pouting as a protest.
    She soon opened her eyes and slightly blushed.

    “Thanks Ash.” She smiled and hugged him. “I know it’s early, but Merry Christmas.”

    “Déja vu” thought Ash. “Thanks Mist, Merry Christmas to you too. Come on, let’s get inside.”

    And both young people made their way up the stairs to enter the warmth of Professor Oak’s lab, turned into a reception hall for the night.

    “I am definitely not going to leave this evening unscathed…” sighed the young trainer.


    Dinner was superb, Delia had outdone herself, as she does each time. The atmosphere was very pleasnt, jokes were cracked, experiences were told, achievements were recited, past and present, in total, about twenty people were laughing and enjoying themselves.

    Then came the part all were waiting for.

    “Now, if you would all be so kind and step into the next room, where we have set up a buffet, and where you could all dance all night, if you wish.” Instructed Professor Oak. “Oh, and, one last thing : watch out for the randomly placed mistletoe.” He warned with a grin, causing the parents to laugh, and the young teens to look at each other, not innocently, but seeking either the prey, or the competition.

    And so they did, all entered the auditorium, which was superbly arranged for the occasion, a magnificent fifteen foot tall Christmas tree was standing in the middle of the room, tables with food and drinks were arranged in a circle all around it. Tinsels were hanging from its branches and from the ceiling, lighting the room up like a thousand miniature suns. But aside from all that, very soon, people from all Pallet had come to join the party, as only the dinner was planned for friends. And very soon, came the first slow songs.

    A melodious electric guitar riff filled the room, and after the first three seconds, the trained ear could very easily distinguish which song it was. Drew and Misty were part of those.

    The emerald haired coordinator nonchalantly walked over to Dawn, who was talking with Samantha about, surprisingly, fashion. Samantha was wearing black ankle boots and the Ralph Lauren dress she had brought, which had a black veil on the back that was longer than the dress itself, the actual dress only reaching the middle of her thighs.

    “Oh my God, look at that Prada dress she’s wearing !” whispered Dawn while pointing to one of the guests.

    “I know, looks crap on her…” replied Samantha, taking a sip of punch.

    “Totally…” agreed the young coordinator, when she saw Drew approach them.

    “Look, Dawn, that’s Drew ! He’s, like, one of the best and hottest coordinators out there, he’s so cute, he’s…coming our way !” Samantha began to panic.

    “Hello ladies, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Drew.” said the chartreuse haired man.

    “Man, he really is cute…” was Dawn’s first impression “Nice to meet you, I’m Dawn, and this is…”

    “I’m Samantha, and I’m very excited to meet you !” replied the blond haired girl.

    “Charmed.” Said Drew while flicking his hair “Now, would you care to dance Dawn ?”

    The girls both glanced at each other before Dawn eventually replied.

    “Sure, I’d be glad to.”

    He then extended his arm, which Dawn took and smiled, as they began walking, leaving Samantha to her daydream.

    “Are you always such a gentleman, or is it just for the first impression ?” she asked him.

    “Well, if you decide to stay with me, you’ll find out, obviously.” he told her while turning to face her, and put his hands on her waist, as she embraced him around the shoulders, him being slightly taller.

    As the lyrics started a soft and soothing male voice could be heard.
    “Sitting here wasted and wounded, at this old piano. Trying hard, to capture the moment, this morning I don’t know…”

    “Well, in anyway, I’ll go for the gentleman attitude. So, Samantha tells me you’re a top coordinator, I’m actually a coordinator myself you know.” She told him proudly.

    “Really now ?” he asked teasingly, as if he were already completely in control. “Is this your first year ?”

    “Yes it is, I’m from Sinnoh, so I travel around with Ash and Brock and compete there.” She beamed at him.

    “And, how many ribbons did you win ?” he asked.

    “One, actually…I failed to get through the appeal…twice…” the azure haired girl was brought back to reality, but then she felt him hold her more tightly and whisper something to her.

    “Let’s not talk about our every day life, and let’s enjoy this song.”

    “Ok…” agreed Dawn, as she rested her head on his shoulder, and they continued dancing.

    Meanwhile, rather simultaneously, Misty had reacted to the music as fast as Drew did, she had only set out to find one specific person, and she found him talking with some familiar faces, which includes Professors Oak, Elm and two other man she didn’t know.
    She had arrived in front of them, behind Gary’s back who kept on talking, making gestures with the hand in which he was holding his glass of punch, but was distracted when his grandfather nodded towards a person behind him. Gary was curious and turned around to come face to face with Misty.

    “Whoa, what are you doing here ?” he asked.

    “Want to dance ?” she asked him.

    “Wha-” he seemed to be processing the information.

    “Oh come on, half the song will be over by the time you say yes, besides, we both know you want to, so hurry up !” she grabbed his arm and dragged him away from his discussion, which, in turn, caused the three other researchers to laugh quietly amongst themselves.

    “While we're talking…about all of the things that I long to believe, about love and the truth, and what you mean to me, and the truth is, baby you're all that I need…”

    She placed her arms around his neck and started staring in his eyes, oblivious to the fact that all the people around her looked at her like she was madly in love, but which made Gary a bit uneasy as he put his glass down on a nearby table, and hesitantly put his hands on her waist.

    “Go on, I won’t bite.” the redhead mischievously told him with a sly smile, which made Gary literally sweat.

    “What is her deal ?” the young man franticly asked himself, while looking at her as well, a fake smile plastered on his face to cover the issues he was facing.

    As both Drew and Dawn, and Gary and Misty waltzed around the hall, May had first noticed Dawn, with her arms wrapped around Drew, a near-exalted look on her face, and did not like the idea at first. But she had calmed down a bit, and started looking for someone to dance with.

    Ash, who was sitting on a chair drinking his glass of punch, and patiently waiting for this to end without any bloodshed, could only faintly see Misty, cuddled up against…Gary’s chest, which at first made him laugh, but eventually, deep down inside and for reasons unknown, it began to anger him, so he, in turn, got up and decided to find someone to dance with.

    He then bumped into May.

    “Hey, do you want to dance ?” they both asked simultaneously, and after a brief look of surprise and a small nervous laugh, they both replied, again, at the same time “Sure !” and they both went on to dance for the remainder of the song.

    Meanwhile, Samantha was getting bored. She then noticed something hanging from a branch of the huge Christmas tree, but couldn’t very well see what it was. She walked towards it, and as she got closer to it, she noticed it was in fact, the mistletoe Professor Oak had mentioned earlier. She merely shrugged, curiosity had gotten the better of her, but as she turned around, she saw a man standing within an inch of her. He was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with some sewn designs on the right side, dark, navy-blue coloured jeans and some brown shoes. He had brown, near black hair, which was falling over his forehead to his nose, over the nearly transparent glasses he wore, otherwise falling freely on his sides and on the back of his head.

    “Merry Christmas dear.” She heard him say in a voice she simply loved the first time she heard it, but the next moment, she felt his lips pressed slightly on her own for about a second before he pulled back, pointing above her head as if he were explaining his action.

    She did feel like slapping him, but then just played along and giggled and came up with an idea, and turned around to see where her boss and his friends were, and by the time she had turned back, he man was already gone.

    “Creep…” she thought while grabbing a chair, standing on it, and untying the mistletoe from its branch.
    Right after that, she discretely went to where May and Ash were dancing, and tied the mistletoe to a new branch, right next to the dancing couple, and exited the scene swiftly, silently, and giggling.

    As they both moved, they eventually landed right under it, much to May’s delight.

    “Ash, look up will you.” The brunette told him.

    “Uh ?” Said the young raven haired man, before gazing up with his mouth open. “Oh crap…”

    But May was already leaning in, which both Misty from her side, and Drew from his own had noticed.

    “Don’t do it May, I know it’s just to piss me off, and it’s working !” thought the young coordinator.

    “Don’t do it Ash, I know she’s just doing it to piss Drew off, but don’t go for a passionate kiss, it’ll piss me off as well !” thought the feisty gym leader.

    But then, the inevitable happened, both exchanged a, rather long, kiss under the mistletoe, which grew from simple peck, to something much more significant, much to Drew and Misty’s dismay and anger.

    “Wow…this was nice Ash.” whispered the young Maple.

    “Yeah…Yeah it was…Merry Christmas then May.

    “Merry Christmas Ash.” She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. “Oh, I’ll give you your present later, I left it in my jacket.”

    “Sure, no problem.”


    A few dances later and a few more glasses of punch consumed, Drew was literally groggy.
    Nevertheless, he wanted to keep on dancing, and went to the young blond woman he saw Dawn earlier with. She was sitting on a chair near the wall, away from the mistletoe, and chatting with some people.

    “Hey, you’re Samantha right ?” He asked when he came right beside her. The young woman blushed at the sound of his voice, before shakily replying with an affirmative nod.

    “Wanna dance ?” he casually asked her.

    The young assistant blushed deeply and started laughing breathlessly to take away the tension.

    “...really ? wow. I...wow. You. Me. Dance…”

    “What, you’re not one of my fangirls, are you ?” he asked while backing away. Eventually, she smiled happily and said yes, hugging him. “This is my Christmas gift !” the young girl thought.

    Meanwhile, Ash was outside, looking at the snow-laden pokémon reserve from the covered part of the garden. He sighed heavily, reminding himself that this was going fine until now. That’s when he heard the door open behind him, and out came, as luck would have it, Misty.

    “Hey Mist.”


    There was an awkward silence between them. Ash tried guessing why, but soon came to the conclusion that it was the only possible reason.

    “Look, that kiss with May meant nothing, it was just under the mistletoe tradition.” He had anticipated her reaction.

    “Yeah, well, it sure seemed much longer and intense than your average kiss.” She complained while stepping beside him. Ash remained silent merely waiting for her to say something.

    “I’ve got your Christmas gift here Ash.”

    “Oh please Misty, you being here with me tonight, that’s one of the most valuable things you could give me.” He said rather hastily while turning to look at her, only to see that she had been crying.

    She looked up towards him “Are you serious ?”

    “Of course Mist, you’re one of the rare people on the world I care for more than anything else…” he hugged her tightly and went on “…and that’s why I really want you to know that that kiss meant nothing, because actually…”

    “Oh man…could this be happening ?” thought Misty on the verge of tears.

    “…because actually, you’re the one I love.” The raven haired trainer leaned forward, very close to the sobbing young gym leader, stopping his motion barely an inch from her face.

    “Those better be tears of joy…” he suddenly asked her. Misty laughed softly in between sobs, and made the last inch separating them from enjoying their first kiss.

    “Merry Christmas Misty…” he said, parting after an eternity of bliss.

    “Merry Christmas Ash, so what did you get me ?” she asked the young man.

    “This isn’t enough for you ?” He tried to escape that way.

    “Fine, I’ll settle for this, but don’t expect getting off without buying me a present next year.” She scolded while putting her head on his chest and hugging him.

    “I love you…” he told her sweetly.

    “You know I love you too Ash…” she replied and kissed him again.

    Yet, in this moment of joy, one very special person was crying tears of sorrow, watching behind the glass doors that lead to the garden where those two were holding each other.
    A young brunette in a scarlet robe was crying her heart out, supporting herself on the nearby wall, and wishing either that she had never witnessed this, or that she had never kissed him in the first place. Either way, she wouldn’t be hurt now…

    That’s when she saw a red rose appear in front of her, and a warm and comforting arm grab her around the waist. She took the rose carefully, and stopped crying, her emotions merely shown by the regular sobs escaping her mouth.

    “I’m sorry it didn’t work out the first time between us May…” the chartreuse haired coordinator whispered in her ear. “But it’s exactly to prevent you from being in this state, and to prevent me from seeing you like this that I wanted to be with you…” he gently kissed the top of her head.
    May simply turned around and grabbed him by his vest, crying her heart out in a muffled voice, Drew holding her and slightly cradling her. All this in a dimly-lit hallway, echoed a young man’s words “I love you…” mixed with a young girls uncontrolled sobs…

    “Give us a second chance May…” the young coordinator pleaded. “But not out of sorrow, pity or spite…out of love…”


    Gary was dancing with Samantha, who kept on talking about Drew, as the party drew to a close. Guest were leaving, thanking Professor Oak and Delia for the great evening, and the hall was getting slowly empty. In fact, Samantha and Gary were the only ones left dancing, alongside Norman and Caroline, with Dawn still in the room. The Professors had left long ago, telling that they had much work to do anyway, Brock had left with his parents, his siblings nearly all sleeping or falling asleep.

    “What would you say if I told you I’m tired, and I want to go to sleep ?” Gary asked his young assistant.

    “I’d say I’m exhausted as well.” She replied, yawning.

    “Good, then go ask my grandpa where you’ll be sleeping, and I’ll be with you in a sec.”

    “Ok…” she began walking slowly towards Professor Oak, who had just started dancing with Delia for the night’s last song. Gary on the other hand, went over to Dawn, and sat next to her.

    “So Dawn, how’ve you been since last time ?” he asked her, absently looking at the other side of the hall.

    “I’ve kinda missed you I guess…” the young coordinator told him, in the same absent tone he had.

    “Oh well, I’m glad you didn’t end up being too jealous over the night, at least you took it better than Misty did.”

    “So, you saw it ?”

    “Please, I noticed it from the moment we were dancing, she was constantly glancing towards Ash and May…but I played along…” He sighed and laughed, as did Dawn.

    “Well, in any case, I’m going to bed now Dawn, so Merry Christmas.” He got up and kissed her on the cheek, and Dawn hugged him tightly before he left.

    “Merry Christmas Gary.” She looked as he left the hall, into the hallway, before eventually, going to sit next to Delia, as she would be sleeping at Ash’s house for the night.

    Gary had gone in the garden, waiting for Samantha to join him. He observed the peaceful scenery ; snow, cold, white…all very blurry to him now as he was tired…
    He started wondering about Christmas, about this day. Why he was thinking about it at all right now. Then he noticed that the answer to that question, was something that he had just noticed. That on this oh so special day, his best friend had finally told the girl of his dreams that he loved her. He had noticed that when he saw them laced together, walking by the frozen lake, enjoying the other’s company.
    But what made him think even more, is that while that may have been a thing to remember, two perfect strangers to him, could also be seen in each other’s arms.
    The girl was wearing a scarlet dress, and had brown hair, and was kissing passionately a young emerald-haired boy.

    “So, what did you get me this Christmas Gary ?” he was suddenly interrupted in his thoughts by his hyper blond assistant.
    He then answered her sincerely by kissing her on the cheek, which made her blush rather deeply.

    “I’ve got love to give Sammy…and that should be what everyone gives at Christmas…to those around them, and to those they care for…”

    And when that complicated love sometimes works, you're tempted to call it a Christmas miracle.

    The End

    There, it’s done…now I can go to sleep, and I can take a break from writing :)

    Reviews are always appreciated, as is a proper rating, though I am aware that this one is slightly butchered and random at some points ^_^’
    The major difficulty was sorta to tie everything up. Meh, maybe I should have stuck to only a few characters for a one-shot, but I like how it turned out anyway, but it’s far from perfect lol

    Merry Christmas to you all !!

    P.S. : Samz, don't kill me if I portrayed you a bit out of character, I tried my best ! :D


    Thank you...
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  2. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    I loved it and I am very, very flattered that you put me into the story. Samantha - me - is everything she should be...ditzy, blonde and hyper xD.

    Aah, here is something I do in real life that isn't utterly brainless or retarded, I so observe things in that way. Thank you Mark ily

    OMG!!!! I say "you're a darling" about ten times a day xDDD. it was so surreal to see one of my very own well-known sayings to be written by someone else hehe. Mark...you're a darlin'

    oh no...I'm a biatch xD. lol I said that once and you remembered? xD the event where I said that was when this nasty girl was wearing a really nice dress that was a knock-off Vera Wang and I said "Love the dress. Looks ew on her though" or something like that lol. I'm not mean about random people xD. Me and Dawn get on well ^^

    Oh good grief....yes I am the type of person who goes raving mad about celebrities so you got that one right. I am not sure if I ever told you about the time in London when I saw Tom Felton [actor who plays Draco Malfoy] at the other end of Oxford Street so I ran and ran down towards where I saw him - leaving the other three people I was with behind without a word of explanation - and he had gone by the time I got there so I carried on running until eventually I wasn't on Oxford Street anymore and I didn't have a clue where I was. I never did meet Tom Felton that day....lmao. There is my mini-story for you Mark XD

    awww I loved this part. If Samantha wasn't me, let's just call her Samantha for a bit as a fictional character who is Gary's assistant; then I would really like the Sammy/Gary pairing because you wrote it really nicely. Too bad I'm Samantha and Gary is a cartoon guy xD.
    The hyper bit of speech at the beginning of this quote is so me too, and the ending was overall really sweet.

    I loved this story. I liked the Gary/Misty & Ash/May & Dawn/Drew to Ash/Misty & May/Drew & Gary/Samantha. It was written well, if not a teeniest bit rushed storyline wise.

    Fab job Mark, and I think you portrayed me very well considering we have never met =] ily xxx
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  3. TheKickerOfElves

    TheKickerOfElves Chikity Check Urself

    Jealousy..it sucks. This story can be seen from different view points that can all be justified by that character and thats what I like about this story. Ive already read this story about 4 times and just finally decided to post about how good it is. I really like it and it would be cool to see another seasonal fanfic around december time.
  4. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    wow...your review, after all this time, was very unexpected o.o

    Thank you very much for leaving a review, and if you managed to read it four times, I must have done something right lol

    Yes, jealousy sucks, but that way, it gives us plenty of writing material, and plenty of situations where everyone can be self-righteous, and that's interessting :)
    Don't bank on another seasonal or special occasion fic, but who knows ? :rolleyes:

    Thank you for leaving a reply ^^

    And Samantha, as I've already told you the day after you reviewed, I'm glad I've made you...you ^^'
  5. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    I should have reviewed to this before. hah, bad Uza-chan

    You know, half way in to the fanfic, I thought Samantha was you. XD

    Awww, how cute~!

    Well, in the end, I kind of wanted it to be egoshipping and advanceshipping. But that doesn't always happen, oh well. :p But the fanfic was written neatly or neatly written- whatever works! I enjoyed reading it and there was great description.

    And this is why I think you should write full chaptered fanfics Mark! :D
  6. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Don't worry about it, you left a review, it's all that counts ;)

    Thank you :D and yeah, well, what can I say ? :rolleyes:
    I did want it at some point myself, but I felt a twist was more deserved...

    And that is why I am working on it, with some other author from these forums :D
    We'll see when we will be able to write stuff down :p

    By the way, I actually read the fic again, and I spotted a few mistakes, one of which is typical of finishing a piece of work at 1 am, which is, I messed up two ideas in my head, and written them down, so there's something rather...strange in a part of this ^^'
  7. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    Yeah, it's funny how the writer themselves always seem to find flaws in their writing where no one else can find it.

    Anyways, can't wait for you to write a full chaptered story! XD
  8. I-Heart-Richie

    I-Heart-Richie Well-Known Member

    I found this story and was interested in what multishipping was and how someone was going to be able to write something like that, and after reading it, I can completely say that your did a wonderful job at creating a complex sort-of 'love triangle type' thing. :~) The characters all seemed to say in character and how/who got with who was very touching. I also specially liked that it had a Christmas theme, (in my opinion Christmas Eve/Christmas Day is even more romantic than Valentine's Day: guess it has to do with the snow and stuff, dunno) But all-in-all great fic, I really enjoyed it!! :~)
  9. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

    Thank you.
    As it was the main challenge in my mind, to entangle everybody in some sort of trap in which they have little or no control ^^'

    Thanks again xD

    Yeah, a snowing scenery makes for excellent atmosphere, very soothing, as you can see when I described Gary and Samantha's arrival in Kanto :)

    I'm really glad I was able to bring you that satisfaction :D
    Thanks for posting ;)
  10. Drew'sBaby

    Drew'sBaby Coordinator

    awww! It was really cute! There are a few grammatical mistakes but who doesn't make them? ^^ Great job! Gary is such a sweetheart.

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