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I really love how some of you are baaaawing about these little changes in the game your gonna buy the dang things anyways and your gonna love them anyways what's a small level change gonna change? Nothing at all you should be happy your even getting a G/S remake I mean i can't wait the only one problem i have is that my favorite track might not sound that good but if it's not oh well i'll move on you just need to learn to suck it up it's just a game

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People need to stop complaining about this game
Gym rosters not being changed isn't the end of the world
Atleast they made the game


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Wow, I go away for four hours and you guys finally showed your true colours:

- WHINE cos we ain't getting anyone info from someone who doesn't need to show / tell us anything at all, they have to stay up and play on HG/SS ALL DAY long till its beat!

- WAH cos Whitney's pokemon level decreased by ONE.

-MAHA I'm a cocky tit and he knows it.

What a selfish lot you are.

Oh, and I also liked Scyther's sprite, Zalman, I think its quite dynamic looking.


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People are only giving their opinions...how is that complaining? the real whiners are the ones complaining about "people complaining".
Was about to post that.

Anyone translate the text? I want to know how we get Eevee in HGSS.
Interestingly enough, it resembles to DPt's biography page on your Pokemon info. Lets see if I can get any of that right because if it's like DPt, then I know for sure it'll be identical or not!

>September 10, 2009
>Apparently hatched? Encountered at some place? Met at level 5?
>Nature right here
>Vivid description of behavior.


And about Whitney's team it level down it's not gonna change... with thick fat rest and a lum berry that thing might be HARDER much more so if you chose Cyndaquil


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Woot lvl 5 Eevee that'll make choosing which evolution path I want alot easier.


as of right now i wish they didn't remake these games.

they've failed so hard


Hasty Ho Oh
I hope so, Jasmine was tough back then (when you didnt realise what was good against steel, and starting with chikorita). Pryce should have a pretty hefty buff as he was really easy after Jasmine.

Everything is looking awesome atm, loving the new foward sprites for Hauter and Gengar, and fair play for whoever is playing for using Beedrill :p


Lol scary candle lady person. I love it. But morty being the same is not a surprise. I now see they are balancing. Possibly going to get pretty high if they go for higher levels onwards.
I think I'll have Scyther added to my team if I can find one. If not, I'll just transfer one from my Platinum.....or just wait till Fuchsia City and put it in Pal Park! Problem solved! Or Safari Zone!


they probably lowered the level of eevee so the eeveelution can actually learn a stab move by level up early... right? that's what i think anyway, it kinda sucked having the eevee at lv20 because the evos learn a decent attack at lv15

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Cool I like the sprit summoning women sprite very nice sprite work is going into this game
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