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Hasty Ho Oh
am i the only person on this whole damn thread who doesn't care that gf havent changed the gym rosters? y'know, sometimes nostalgia can be a good thing. just be grateful they even made a f***ing remake in the first place...

also carlisle, some of the more tolerant people on the forum don't really mind if there's a few things wrong. complaining about it won't change anything.
I don't care what the levels are. It's only people who grind levels who care. Pokemon isn't supposed to be rock hard difficult, if you want a hard game go play I Wanna Be The Guy. Johto levels were naturally low, I dont know why but they just where. For me it made more sense as you got your final forms later in the game, which is what should happen rather than powerhousing in like 5 hours >_<

I just want to play one the most epic games of my childhood again and actually get new stuff and use new pokemon/stuff I've never trained before. For one, I'm glad they are changing them around a bit, but there was a lack of trainers is Johto that had reasonably strong pokemon to get EXP off. Unless you grind LOADS, you'll be just about right :)


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And since when did our enjoyment of the original G/S come from the gym battles anyway. I thought I had more fun exploring and finding the legendary pokemon.

I thought gym battles were just formality fights for shiny badges.


the Blue trainer
since japan is asleep (right?)

If Whitney's levels did decrease, I'll live. OMG 1 LEVEL!! GEEZERS PEEPLZ NOW THE GAME IS SUDDENLY EASY!!

Besides, the distance between Bugsy and Whitney is pretty short. I'm not gonna let Whitney's tiny level decrease erode Falkner's huge level increase.
am I the only one who had trouble with her back then? I welcome this change

Oh, well.
the ghost sprited thoug hI miss the blackness they had
My only complaint of the G/S was the butchered Kanto we got but that looks like it will be fixed this time around if Serebii is accurate.

I'm surprise we don't have more discussion on this, Seafoam Islands and Cerulean cave are back, near all Hoenn legendaries catchable or did I miss all that after 10 pages of discussion over a decrease in ONE level?

I'm more in intrigued whether Blaine will still be in Seafoam or he'll be somewhere on Cinnabar. Which may easily have been expanded.


Iron Islander
since japan is asleep (right?)

am I the only one who had trouble with her back then? I welcome this change

the ghost sprited thoug hI miss the blackness they had
What exactly are you trying to say here?

water trainer

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Its currently 7:26am in Japan, so something could be coming soon.

I actually like the new sprites for Haunter and Gengar, Gastly, looks a little like its D/P/Pt one, I thinko f Bubblegum when I see Gengar for some reason.

I haven't voiced my opinion about the Gyms yet so, Rosters, I would have liked a little change in some of them, I mean, gyms get new puzzles, Gym leaders get new outfits, so why not throw in some new pokemon?, Levels, don't really mind either, at least some are higher than the previous games (G/S/C).


A wandering spriter
Scyther's new sprite certainly looks different :D

I'm very excited for this game. It looks to take everything wonderful about GS and improved it.

We may be seeing the highest rated and best selling Pokemon game of all time.

Missingno. Master

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I've said it before and I'll repeat myself; we have to wait for Pryce. He's the key to everything. If we can battle him right before Morty, then all hopes of a higher-leveled E4 are gone. If you have to battle Jasmine before him, then the E4 is "saved".

Do not expect anything from the rosters anymore, though. Four out of eight gym leaders didn't have a change, so it's best to keep your hopes down to not get disappointed.
You mean "right after Morty", right? Because you couldn't even enter Mahogany Gym until after you beat Team Rocket in their hideout. Which first required battling the Red Gyarados. Which required Surf. Which required the Fog Badge. Still, it comes to almost the same thing.\

Either way, I'm fairly optimistic that Gamefreak learned from their mistake and had the sense to block off Mahogany and/or Lake of Rage until you had the Mineral and Storm badges. The simplest and most sensible way I can think of is having the RageCandybar salesman block the entrance to Mahogany Town until you have 6 badges, then he takes his usual post at the other end of town. But I won't go off onto that now. This is neither the time nor the thread.

Anyway, to those who are complaining about the rosters, although I was coming close to being one of them, especially on the subject of Morty, it's not a big deal. First, we only got confirmation on four out of SIXTEEN Gym Leaders. And then there's the Elite 4, and Serebii's confirmed that Red's roster's changed somewhat. And even so, what's the worst that can come of all the gym leaders' rosters being unchanged in species?

Jasmine: Magnemite, Magnemite, Steelix.

This wouldn't be too bad. Granted, I'm hoping that Magnemite #2 is evolved in this, but I'm not betting on it. There's also room for Skarmory, but I just can't see it somehow.

Chuck: Primeape, Poliwrath.

Using Poliwrath in a fighting gym isn't just good, it's genius. And Primeape is still cool. In fact, if memory serves, GSC didn't introduce too much in the way of new fighting types, save for Tyrogue and Hitmontop.

Pryce: Seel, Dewgong, Piloswine.

OK, here I had a bit of a problem. Seel not only reeks of repetitiveness, given Pryce's Dewgong, but isn't even an Ice-type. And there was plenty of room for Lapras, Sneasel, or even Delibird. But even so, if this doesn't change, I won't complain. Why? Because it is one of three Pokemon belonging to one Gym Leader out of SIXTEEN. It isn't even his main Pokemon. It is insignificant.

Clair: 3 Dragonair and a Kingdra.

The Dragonair trio is repetitive, but this is excusable given GSC's lack of Dragon-types. THe only other Dragon-types Clair didn't use were Dratini (too weak for the last gym before the E4), and Dragonite (and Lance's were underleveled as it is!). I won't complain at all if they don't change this- in fact, I'll be very surprised if they DO find a good way to change this.

So you see? Even if the rest of the gym leaders in Johto have unchanged rosters, it's really no reason to complain. In fact, they only made ONE roster change in FR/LG, and that was turning Giovanni's Rhydon into a second Rhyhorn.

Now, if the KANTO gym leaders have the same rosters, on the other hand, that'll give me a bit to grumble over. That's assuming you get the National Dex BEFORE fighting the Kanto Gym Leaders, that is. If you don't, then, well, there's nothing much what that can be done.
He is male.It doesn't matter if his pokemon are female.

About the english names for Gold/Kotone/Silver,I think they're ok.
It's good that the trainers have Pokemon that have the opposite gender they do now. Males having only male Pokemon and females having only female Pokemon was boring.
yayyy good to see the calm happy carlisle back :D
Same the Rematch capability is VERY important if its in itsgreat if its not it will be a problem to everyone (which i believe the rematch capabilty will be in)
Them removing rematches would seem very out of place. The games are going off Platinum, so I don't seem them removing it.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
I'm really curious about Red; we know his roster is different, but we don't know how? That doesn't make any sense to me...
Serebii's the one who confirmed that Red had a change in his roster, but he didn't say how the roster was changed, he just said that it was slightly different. Probably wasn't at liberty to divulge any more than that. I mean, the games haven't even been officially released. All we're going on here is the information given by some random japanese girl who was lucky enough to get her game really early.


I love how you can actually see the Magnet Train rails. All I'm wondering now is if you can ever see the train go by above you. That would be cool.


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Kotone = sound of the harp
Hibiki = sound, or echo
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