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CONFIRMED Info Discussion Topic-- CoroCoro/Famitsu/Pokemon Sunday

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what in the world.

is that some exclusive Pokemon game for McDonalds there?
it looks like a DS version of that Wiiware game coming soon


Seems McDonald will be distributing the Jirachi. Not sure though. Someone care to translate?


Jirachi will be given away at McDonalds from 6/19-7/17

From the looks of it, this giveaway WILL happen again though. It is marked in the top left hand corner as 第一弾. There were 2 releases of the secret key as well, which on the website are respectively labeled 第一弾 and 第二弾.

Also, these downloads are for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum


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"Pokémon Scrabble Collection"? A download game or something like the fishing thing from Poképark by the looks of it. I don't speak Japanese though; I can just read katakana.

Anyway, whoa mama, I want that chartreuse green DSi. That thing'd better be available to buy at a reasonable price.

Edit: LOL I didn't see the 'n' kana. So yeah, as CharZard says, it's Pokémon Scramble, the game mentioned a while back.
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Seems McDonald will be distributing the Jirachi. Not sure though. Someone care to translate?


It’s primarily an advertisement for the game available over DS Download Play at Macdonald’s in Japan, called “Pokemon Scramble” (Collection Rally). In terms of the Jirachi announcement, which is what we’re really interested in, the ad indicates that it’ll be a selectable Mystery Gift option for DPPt while at Macdonald’s locations dates 6/19 to 7/17. The ad also confirms that transferring Jirachi to HeartGold and SoulSilver will trigger a special event. No "NEW" information, per se.
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Ooh, the box arts look awesome, and by the looks of things the art for Ho-Oh and Lugia are different to the ones previously showcased. In my opinion, Lugia's art here looks far easier on the eye due to the fact that it doesn't look like it wants to unleash its Aeroblast in anger lol.

The attention to detail also has to be commended, with the map of Johto. Box arts may not be the be-all and end-all but they are certainly appealing and definitely create enough hype for fans like me to go out and buy it :D.


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Good point...had a brain fart there.
That's okay, sometimes us webmasters make mistakes when there is a huge rush of news. Little insignificant mistakes like that surely aren't cause to imply to others that entire sites are unreliable. Lesson learned I hope. ;)

Anyways. The box art is absolutely beautiful! It'll probably be holographic too like Pokemon cards. I just want to get the games for the sparkly boxes!


Whoa. Whirl islands and tin tower awesome sauce backrounds. With awesome Pokemon on top of it. Best boxarts ever. So classy and artsy..


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I so hope they keep the boxes the same for US. Those are amazing. and YAY Jirachi n.n


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So, I went and read for an hour. Didn't expect anything ... and come back to those pretty pretty box arts. Serves me right for being so impatient, I suppose.

They look cool. And nostalgic, in a way that FRLG never really managed. Or even tried. I really think GF's realised what they did wrong with that game (it was 98% the same as the orignals, except for the graphics), and it sort of felt like ... "here ya go. Sorry we didn't' put these pokemon in R/S/E" These games feel like they might actually care to redo, improve on and expand the orignals.


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I wonder If the english versons will have the little symbols?

(Did FR/LGs japaniese versons have any symbols?) LOL stupid qestons.
I doubt they will, cause FireRed/LeafGreen had a flame and leaf symbol for their titles respectively, but the English versions just had the white text with the black border. Gah, boring.

Here's FR/LG's Japanese Box Art

Anyways, loving the new box art! The backgrounds look as though they will be legitimately holo-foil, not just shiny is certain parts like past box arts. I also like that they used unique drawings of Ho-Oh and Lugia instead of just using the Sugimori art like they do with all other box art.


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Does anyone else notice that new design of your Rival makes him look like the red-headed step child of Mars? Must be the hair.
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