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Confirmed Info, Relevant Rumors, and Hoaxes

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by VampirateMace, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Confirmed Information:

    Pokémon SUN & Pokémon MOON
    Release Date: November 18, 2016 (JP/US) | November 23, 2016 (EU)
    Size (eShop Version): 3.2 GB (26,215 blocks)

    Game Demo now available.
    Released October 18, 2016. Takes up 400 MB (3,100 blocks)


    • New games called "Pokémon Sun and Moon" were officially announced February 26, 2016. It will be playable on the 3DS family (3DS, 2DS, N3DS) game systems.
    • The games will be released November 18, 2016 in the US, Japan, and Australia. Meanwhile it will be released November 23, 2016 in Europe.
    • The digital version of the games will take up 3.2GB, or approximately 26,215 blocks of space on your SD card. The official site advises that having a 4GB SD card and having the demo and the main game may result in not having enough space, recommending higher storage capacities.
    • The game is being directed by Shigeru Ohmori, while Junichi Masuda is the overall producer
    • In January 2017, Pokémon Bank is expected to receive an update for compatibility with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.
    • Poké Transporter is also being updated for compatibility with the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, and Pokémon Yellow. Deposit the Pokémon into Pokémon Bank, and you can send them to Pokémon Sun & Moon.
    • Pokémon from X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire transferred to Pokémon Bank and then on to Pokémon Sun & Moon cannot be transferred back to the Gen 6 games.
    • The Pokémon Bank update will also gain a new Pokédex feature.
    • The official soundtrack, Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun Moon Super Music Complete [JP] [US], will have 4 discs and contain a total of 175 tracks (15 of which are from the 'Pokemon X & Y Super Music Collection'), as well as a special bonus track that somehow corresponds with the Takara Tomy Z Ring toy. It will also include a 24-page color booklet. It will be released in Japan on November 30th. Meanwhile, it will be available for purchase in iTunes this November in the US.
    • On October 18, Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version will be available at the Nintendo eShop. The demo will be 400 MB. Ash-Greninja can only be obtained through this demo.


    • New Pokémon introduced so far (Total Count: 63):
      - Rowlet - Grass/Flying | Overgrow | Grass Quill Pokémon, owl Starter
      - Dartrix - Grass/Flying | Overgrow | Blade Quill Pokémon, owl Starter; evolves from Rowlet
      - Decidueye - Grass/Ghost | Overgrow | Arrow Quill Pokémon, owl Starter; evolves from Dartrix
      - Litten - Fire | Blaze | Fire Cat Pokémon, tiger Starter
      - Torracat - Fire | Blaze | Fire Cat Pokémon, tiger Starter; evolves from Litten
      - Incineroar - Fire/Dark | Blaze | Heel Pokémon, tiger Starter; evolves from Torracat
      - Popplio - Water | Torrent | Sea Lion Pokémon, sea lion Starter
      - Brionne - Water | Torrent | Pop Star Pokémon, sea lion Starter; evolves from Popplio
      - Primarina - Wayer/Fairy | Torrent | Soloist Pokémon, sea lion Starter, evolves from Popplio
      - Tapu Koko - Electric/Fairy | Electric Surge | Land Spirit Pokémon, Guardian deity of Melemele Island
      - Tapu Lele - Psychic/Fairy | Psychic Surge | Land Spirit Pokémon, Guardian deity of Akala Island
      - Tapu Bulu - Grass/Fairy | Grassy Surge | Land Spirit Pokémon, Guardian deity of Ula'ula Island
      - Tapu Fini - Water/Fairy | Misty Surge | Land Spirit Pokémon, Guardian deity of Poni Island
      - Cosmog - Psychic | Unaware | Nebula Pokémon, nebula, is being researched by the Aether Foundation
      - Solgaleo - Psychic/Steel | Full Metal Body | Sunne Pokémon, lion Legendary
      - Lunala - Psychic/Ghost | Shadow Shield | Moone Pokémon, bat Legendary
      - Magearna - Steel/Fairy | Sould Heart | Artificial Pokémon, artificial Mythical
      - Komala - Normal | Comatose | Drowsing Pokémon, koala
      - Rockruff - Rock | Keen Eye/Vital Spirit | Puppy Pokémon, dog
      - Lycanroc - evolves from Rockruff; forms are version-exclusive, not time-based
      - Midday Form, Rock | Keen Eye/Sand Rush | Wolf Pokémon, wolf; exclusive evolution to Pokémon Sun
      - Midnight Form, Rock | Keen Eye/Vital Spirit | Wolf Pokémon, wolf; exclusive evolution to Pokémon Moon​
      - Pikipek - Normal/Flying | Keen Eye/Skill Link | Woodpecker Pokémon, woodpecker
      - Yungoos - Normal | Stakeout/Strong Jaw | Loitering Pokémon, mongoose
      - Gumshoos - Normal | Stakeout/Strong Jaw | Stakeout Pokémon, mongoose; evolves from Yungoos
      - Grubbin - Bug | Swarm | Larva Pokémon, beetle grub
      - Charjabug - Bug/Electric | Battery | Battery Pokémon, beetle pupa; evolves from Grubbin
      - Vikavolt - Bug/Electric | Levitate | Stag Beetle Pokémon, stag beetle; evolves from Charjabug
      - Cutiefly - Bug/Fairy | Honey Gather/Shield Dust | Bee Fly Pokémon, bee fly
      - Ribombee - Bug/Fairy | Honey Gather/Shield Dust | Bee Fly Pokémon, bee fly; evolves from Cutiefly
      - Drampa - Normal/Dragon | Berserk/Sap Sipper | Placid Pokémon, elder dragon, exclusive to Pokémon Moon
      - Togedemaru - Electric/Steel | Iron Barbs/Lightning Rod | Roly-Poly Pokémon, hedgehog
      - Bruxish - Water/Psychic | Dazzling/Strong Jaw | Gnash Teeth Pokémon, triggerfish
      - Salandit - Poison/Fire | Corrosion | Toxic Lizard Pokémon, newt
      - Stufful - Normal/Fighting | Fluffy/Klutz | Flailing Pokémon, red panda
      - Bewear - Normal/Fighting | Fluffy/Klutz | Strong Arm Pokémon, red panda; evolves from Stufful
      - Mimikyu - Ghost/Fairy | Disguise | Disguise Pokémon, sheet ghost
      - Wimpod - Bug/Water | Wimp Out | Turn Tail Pokémon, wharf roach
      - Bounsweet - Grass | Leaf Guard/Oblivious | Fruit Pokémon, purple mangosteen
      - Steenee - Grass | Leaf Guard/Oblivious | Fruit Pokémon, purple mangosteen; evolves from Bounsweet
      - Tsareena - Grass | Leaf Guard/Queenly Majesty | Fruit Pokémon, purple mangosteen; evolves from Steenee
      - Comfey - Fairy | Flower Veil/Triage | Posy Picker Pokémon, Hawaiian lei
      - Mudbray - Ground | Own Tempo/Stamina | Donkey Pokémon, donkey
      - Mudsdale - Ground | Own Tempo/Stamina | Draft Horse Pokémon, draft/draught horse; evolves from Mudbray
      - Oricorio, form and type varies per island; which form belongs to which island is currently unknown; it changes its form by sipping the nectar of certain flowers
      - Pom-Pom Style, Electric/Flying | Dancer | Dancing Pokémon, honeycreeper
      - Baile Style, Fire/Flying | Dancer | Dancing Pokémon, honeycreeper
      - Pa'u Style, Psychic/Flying | Dancer | Dancing Pokémon, honeycreeper
      - Sensu Style, Ghost/Flying | Dancer | Dancing Pokémon, honeycreeper​
      - Minior - Rock/Flying | Shields Down | Meteor Pokémon, meteor; has varying colors
      - Fomantis - Grass | Leaf Guard | Sickle Grass Pokémon, orchid mantis
      - Lurantis - Grass | Leaf Guard | Bloom Sickle Pokémon, orchid mantis; evolves from Fomantis
      - Sandygast - Ghost/Ground | Water Compaction | Sand Heap Pokémon, sandcastle
      - Palossand - Ghost/Ground | Water Compaction | Sand Castle Pokémon, sandcastle; evolves from Sandygast
      - Wishiwashi - Water | Schooling | Small Fry Pokémon, herring; it can change from Solo Form to School Form once it reaches a certain level
      - Pyukumuku - Water | Innards Out | Sea Cucumber Pokémon, sea cucumber
      - Morelull - Grass/Fairy | Illuminate/Effect Spore | Illuminating Pokémon, morel mushroom
      - Turtonator - Fire/Dragon | Shell Armor | Blast Turtle Pokémon, mata-mata turtle, exclusive to Pokémon Sun
      - Crabrawler - Fighting | Hyper Cutter/Iron Fist | Boxing Pokémon, coconut crab
      - Jangmo-o - Dragon | Bulletproof/Soundproof | Scaly Pokémon, komodo dragon
      - Hakamo-o - Dragon/Fighting | Bulletproof/Soundproof | Scaly Pokémon, komodo dragon; evolves from Jangmo-o
      - Kommo-o - Dragon/Fighting | Bulletproof/Soundproof | Scaly Pokémon, komodo dragon; evolves from Hakamo-o
      - Type: Null - Normal | Battle Armor | Synthetic Pokémon, chimera
      - Silvally - Normal* | RKS System | Synthetic Pokémon, chimera, *can change type based on item; evolves from Type:Null
      - Passimian - Fighting | Receiver | Teamwork Pokémon, ruffed lemur; exclusive to Pokémon Sun
      - Oranguru - Normal/Psychic | Inner Focus/Telepathy | Sage Pokémon, orangutan; exclusive to Pokémon Moon
      - ??? - ??? | ??? | ???, crown-of-thorns (seen from a TCG package art)
      - ??? - ??? | ??? | ???, too blurry (seen as Solgaleo/Lunala prevo in TCG)
      - ??? - ??? | ??? | ???, mysterious prism Legendary
    • The change in the appearance of Solgaleo and Lunala while they do their signature moves are called Radiant Sun phase & Full Moon phase respectively.
    • Zygarde and its formes are present in the game. Its role and locations in the game are currently unknown. For more info about the Zygarde Formes, go here.
    • Several old Pokémon received different forms and new types called Regional Variants. Currently known Pokémon which received Alola forms are as follows:
      - Alolan Sandshrew - Ice/Steel, Snow Cloak, exclusive to Pokémon Moon
      - Alolan Sandslash - Ice/Steel, Snow Cloak, evolves from Alolan Sandshrew
      - Alolan Vulpix - Ice, Snow Cloak, exclusive to Pokémon Sun
      - Alolan Ninetales - Ice/Fairy, Snow Cloak, evolves from Alolan Vulpix
      - Alolan Exeggutor - Grass/Dragon, Frisk, evolves from Exeggcute
      - Alolan Meowth - Dark, Pickup/Technician
      - Alolan Persian - Dark, Fur Coat/Technician, evolves from Alolan Meowth
      - Alolan Marowak - Fire/Ghost, Cursed Body/Lightning Rod, evolves from Cubone
      - Alolan Raichu - Electric/Psychic, Surge Surfer, evolves from Pikachu
      - Alolan Rattata - Dark/Normal, Gluttony/Hustle
      - Alolan Raticate - Dark/Normal, Gluttony/Hustle, evolves from Alolan Rattata
      - Alolan Grimer - Poison/Dark, Poison Touch/Gluttony
      - Alolan Muk - Poison/Dark, Poison Touch/Gluttony, evolves from Alolan Grimer
      - Alolan Diglett - Ground/Steel, Sand Veil/Tangling Hair
      - Alolan Dugtrio - Ground/Steel, Sand Veil/Tangling Hair
    • Ash-Greninja -- Water/Dark, Battle Bond -- can be obtained by playing the Pokémon Sun & Moon demo. Its ability allows it to change form.


    • The game's region is called Alola, which is based on Hawaii. It has four main islands. According to Hala, each island has its own guardian Pokémon.
    • The starting island is called Melemele. Clockwise the next islands are Akala, Ula'ula and Poni
    • Kukui is the region's professor, whose main field of research are Pokémon moves.
    • Lillie, Kukui's assistant, is a bookworm and is not a fan of Pokemon battles. She seems to be an important character.
    • Hau, the grandson to the Melemele Island Kahuna, Hala, is a very friendly Pokémon-loving boy who likes malasada.
    • There is a festival in the next town that kicks off your journey. You battle Hau as part of the festivities.
    • There are no Gyms in Alola. Instead, you take on The Rite of the Island Challenge. To complete the island challenge, one must overcome the trial on each islands. These trials can take a variety of forms, such as battles, fetch quests or a test of knowledge.
    • Each trial has a Trial Captain that specializes on a certain type -- Ilima (Normal), Mallow (Grass), Lana (Water), Sophocles (Electric), Kiawe (Fire)
    • At the end of each trial, a mighty Pokémon known as a Totem Pokémon will be waiting. A Totem is much larger version of a Pokémon enveloped in a special aura. It can also call on other wild Pokémon for help.
    • The final trial on each island is called the Grand Trial, where you battle against the Kahuna -- Hala (Melemele Island Kahuna), Olivia (Akala Island Kahuna)
    • There is no Pokémon League in Alola, but one is being built.
    • People that have completed the Island Challenge and other strong trainers can compete in the Battle Tree, where you can fight strong trainers such as Red, Blue, Wally and Cynthia. You can also scout defeated opponents so they can partner with you in future battles.
    • The antagonist team is called Team Skull. Headed by their boss, Guzma, a female admin named Plumeria, and the Team Enforcer, Gladion. They cause a lot of trouble, steal Pokémon and mess up the sites of the Island Challenges, however their true motives are currently unclear.
    • An organization called Aether Foundation works in the region. Their goal is to care for hurt Pokémon. They have constructed an artificial island called Aether Paradise where they conduct their research as well as provide shelter for Pokémon. Headed by the President, Lusamine, branch chief Faba, and assistant branch chief Wicke.
    • You will also meet Dexio and Sina, Prof. Sycamore's assistants from Pokémon X & Y. They’ll give you an item called a Zygarde Cube and ask you to collect Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells.
    • In Alola, there are mysterious creatures known as Ultra Beasts that possess mighty powers and could pose a threat to humans and Pokémon. It is said that multiple Ultra Beasts exist and each of them called by a code name. Currently known Ultra Beasts: UB-01 ???, UB-02 Beauty, UB-02 Absorption, UB-03 Lighting, UB?? ???(origami-like), UB?? ???(bamboo-like) and UB-05 Glutton.
    • Samson Oak, Prof. Oak's cousin, discusses Regional Variants with the player.


    • Time differs in each version. Pokémon Sun operates on the same time as your Nintendo 3DS system, but time in the world of Pokémon Moon is shifted by 12 hours.
    • The Rotom Pokédex is a new gameplay feature that also acts as a map navigator aside from the typical Pokédex function.
    • Similar to the Kalos Pokédex, the Alola Pokédex is also divided into several sub-categories.
    • You can now scan QR codes to locate specific Pokémon found in Alola region. To learn more about it, go here.
    • One of features loaded into the RotomDex is called Poké Finder which allows you to take pictures of Pokémon you find. Photo spots are scattered throughout the regions. Also, as you take better pictures, more features such as zooming in will be unlocked.
    • A new Battle mode is introduced, called Battle Royale. Four players play with 3 Pokémon, each sending out one at a time. It's a Free-For-All battle but when the first trainer loses all their Pokémon, the game ends and players are tallied up by defeated Pokémon and remaining Pokémon and that determines the winner.
    • A new feature called Z-Moves is introduced. Z-Moves utilize a special bracelet, called a Z-Ring, which fits on a Trainer’s arm, and Z-Crystals that are set into it. If a Pokémon holds the same variety of Z-Crystal, the two will be able to resonate with one another. There is a crystal for each type.
    • To perform Z-Moves, a Pokémon must learn a move of the same type as a Z-Crystal, and it must be holding the corresponding Z-Crystal.
    • Currently known regular Z-Moves:
      - Electric: Gigavolt Havoc
      - Grass: Bloom Doom
      - Fire: Inferno Overdrive
      - Water: Hydro Vortex
      - Normal: Breakneck Blitz
      - Ghost: Never-Ending Nightmare
      - Fighting: All-Out Pummeling
      - Dragon: Ultimate Dragon Burn(JP)
      - Psychic: Maximum Psy Breaker(JP)
    • Currently known exclusive Z-Moves:
      - Alolan Raichu-Exclusive: Stoked SparkSurfer
      - Snorlax-Exclusive: Pulverising Pancake
      - Pikachu-Exclusive: CatastroPika
      - Eevee-Exclusive: Extreme Evoboost
      - Island Guardians-Exclusive: Guardian of Alola
      - Decidueye-Exlusive: Sinister Arrow Raid
      - Incineroar-Exclusive: Malicious Moonsault
      - Primarina-Exclusive: Oceanic Operetta
    • Mega Evolution is present. It is currently unknown if there will be new Mega Evolutions introduced.
    • To learn about the New Moves introduced, go here.
    • To learn about the New Abilities introduced, go here.
    • To learn about the Version Differences, go here.
    • The Trainer customization feature returns (including skin tone). It uses Festival Coins as a form of currency.
    • There is a new feature called Pokémon Refresh that allows you to groom your Pokémon. Grooming can cure status conditions such as Poison or Paralysis. You can also increase your Pokémon's affection through petting and by feeding them Poké Beans.
    • Riding Pokémon returns and is called PokéRide. Currently known Pokémon that can be ridden: Stoutland, Tauros, Lapras, Sharpedo, Charizard and Mudsdale.
    • A new feature is introduced called Hyper Training. Pokémon that have grown to Lv. 100 will be able to increase their individual strengths, which has never been possible before. It utilizes Bottle Caps as an item in order to boost the stats. Magearna holds one when distributed.
    • There is a new area called Festival Plaza where you can play games to collect Festival Coins to spend in various shops including ones that boost Effort Values. It is also accessed through the bottom screen to allow for battling & trade with other players, as well as change the theme of the plaza.
    • The rank of your Festival Plaza increases based on the number of Festival Coins you gather. As its rank goes up, you’ll receive rewards as well as gain the ability to host missions, where multiple players can try to complete a certain goal together.
    • Poké Pelago is a new feature that uses boxed Pokémon to attract wild Pokémon on Isle Abeens, Isle Aphun for items, and Isle Evelup for training.
    • The Player and opposing Trainer are present during battles. On some occasions, bystanders can also be seen on the background.
    • The move list can bring up full details and tell you if the move will be Effective, Super Effective, or Not Effective on the opposing Pokémon, but only after fighting the same Pokémon more than once.
    • You can now see how a stat has been altered via moves in battle.
    • It seems that the bag has 7 pockets -- Medicine, Items, TMs/HMs, Berries, Key Items, Favorites, and Z Crystals; 4 pockets during battles -- HP/PP Retore, Status Restore, Pokéballs, and Battle Items.
    • The menu is split into two pages. Page 1: Pokémon, Rotom Pokédex, Bag, Save, Quick Communication, Festival Plaza. Page 2: Trainer Pass, Poké Pelago, Pokémon Refresh, QR Codes, Battle Video, Options.


    • Pokémon Global Link will be updated on November 18 to work with Pokémon Sun/Moon.
    • Rating Battles decide who’s the strongest Trainer of all. Aside from Single, Double and Special Battle Rules, a Championship Battle Rule has been added. This uses the ruleset for Pokémon World Championships 2017.
    • There is a way to play with QR Rental teams by scanning the QR Codes from their Pokémon Global Link. This allows you to utilise other people's teams but you can't enter certain Rating Battles or Link Battles with these teams.
    • Global Missions are also to be added to the Global Link. These are shared missions on the Festival Plaza.
    • A new system being introduced to the battle time settings is Your Time. When using this method of time accounting, players will have a maximum of 60 seconds each turn to select a move or Pokémon, and they will also each be awarded 10 minutes of “Your Time.” Under these rules, if a player runs out of their 10 minutes before the battle ends, that player loses the match. This will mean matches can be decided more quickly than in the past, allowing players to enjoy thrilling battles.
    • The new Friendly Competition feature allows you to host your own friendly competitions where you set the regulations. You can hold competitions in two different styles -- Online and Live. On Online Competitions, you'll battle participants (from around the world or only pre-approved Trainers) and compete for the best rating. On Live Competitions, you compete with friends and others in the same space.
    • The Quick Communication feature is Local wireless only and has Single & Double Battle options.
    • In the Festival Plaza, you have access to Single, Double and Multi Battles as well as the Battle Royal in Local and Online options.
    • Battle Spot Free Battle has Single and Double options, as well as a Battle Royal option. Free Battle also allows you to choose between whether you want to battle Special Pokémon (Legendary & Mythical) or not.
    • Battle Spot Rating Battle only has Single and Double options, as well as the VGC ladder.

    For more information about the games, visit the following websites:
    - Serebii.net - Pokémon Sun & Moon: http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/
    - Sun & Moon Official Site (English): http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/
    - Sun & Moon Official Site (Japanese): http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sun_moon/
    - Official Pokémon YouTube Channel (English): https://www.youtube.com/user/pokemon/
    - Official Pokémon YouTube Channel (Japanese): https://www.youtube.com/user/PokemonCoJp/

    The Relevant Rumors/Leaks:

    [THIS IMAGE] showcases the three still relevant leaks that have been circulating the internet (Updated September 20th).
    Meanwhile, here's an image from the CHINESE RIDDLER. The Riddler gives out "riddles" or hints regarding the new Pokémon (Updated as of October 15th).

    They are considered "relevant" due to certain bits of information having been confirmed true and/or close to being accurate.

    Known Hoaxes:

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