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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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Icing Sugar

Well-Known Member
Arghh, I really hate those dog pokemon, including yooterii, but its evos are definitely worse x(
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you amaze me.
I am not impressed with Mamepato's final evo, though it does look like it will be fast...it isn't my favorite bird design.


Water Pokémon lover
I bet it'll look extremely awesome with the mask on.
Right now it looks kind of boring.

Cecil Omega

Well-Known Member
Oh god I'm so catching that dog and naming it "Mustachio"

Free Internet Cookie that can guess where that's from o3o

And Mamepato's final evo...I'll just wait for Wooguru -___-


Goth Teen. Cute.

Fat dog. Hideous.

And seriously, what's with the giant sprites? That fat dog looks like a walrus.

Well since the camera can move around they're doing the sprites so the pokemon are aprox the size they are supposed to be. So things like Onix arent the same size as Blastoise.


Active Member
Tell me this isn´t real, I don´t like any of them , some are ok, but all of these last one¿ The clown , the tiny cloud that looks ... well I won´t say it.
Really , where are the dragonites, the Evee´s cool evos, the Tiranitars THE COOL POKEMON not cute. This isn´t a tamagotchi.

They're all real. Best to accept it.


I'm actually liking the Mamepato line's final form due to it's simplistic design. It seems it's excel in Speed and not so much Attack as people had expected at first. I'm cool with that though since I had a few strategies in place for a Speed-based Pokemon anyway. I'm actually going to still go ahead and add a Mamepato to my team despite what other people believe.
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